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Issue 9, June 2006

Nation Revisited

# 9, June 2006

An occasional email to friends

The Occupation of Iraq

By the time that General Khalil Pasha surrendered the Turkish 6th Army to General Sir William Marshal in October 1918 Britain had lost 92,000 men in Iraq. But the killing continued for another 14 years of military occupation. In 1920 Winston Churchill the Minister for War estimated that it would take 25,000 British troops, reinforced with 80,000 Indian troops, to occupy Iraq, but by using the Royal Air Force this could be reduced to 4,000 British and 10,000 Indians. Churchill said: “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes to spread a lively terror.” The RAF under Squadron Leader Arthur “Bomber” Harris, dropped 97 tonnes of bombs, including gas and delayed action, on insurgent Arab villages resulting in 9,000 deaths. When Air Commodore Lionel Charlton saw mutilated civilian survivors in an Iraqi hospital he promptly resigned, but Squadron Leader Arthur Harris justified his actions by saying:

“The only thing the Arab understands is the heavy hand.”

The 8,000 British troops currently in Iraq have had 113 killed and 2,200 wounded policing the Shiite part of the country. The 132,000 Americans have had 2,400 killed and 20,000 wounded fighting the Sunni insurgents since President George Bush made the infantile statement “bring ‘em on.” But if Iran is attacked our troops will have to engage the Mahdi Army of Shiite cleric Muqtada al Sadr who has pledged to defend his Iranian coreligionists. To occupy the country under these conditions we would need to treble our forces and be prepared for heavy losses.

In 1918-1932 there was no pretence about weapons of mass destruction or introducing democracy. We blatantly detached Iraq’s most oil-rich province and set it up as the client state of Kuwait. Britain occupied Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq and South Arabia to expand the Empire and to neutralize Arab hostility to the Balfour Declaration that promised Palestine to the Jews. This situation is still much the same except that it is the American Empire that we are now defending and it is the British Army acting as colonial auxiliaries instead of the Indians.

Iran is developing nuclear weapons in response to Israel’s nuclear arsenal and to keep up with Pakistan and India. America has isolated President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and is threatening military action. But Iran is not a bankrupt and almost defenceless state, as was Iraq before the invasion, she is a nation of 68 million with vast resources. Tony Blair and Germany’s Angela Merkel are slavishly following American foreign policy but Russia and China are refusing to go along with George Bush’s threats. The  Middle East situation must be the subject of international agreement. The independence of these states should be guaranteed by the great powers working together. The days of America dictating to the world are over.

Action Francaise and the Front National                                                                   

On the night of February 6th 1934 French nationalists mustered at the Place de la Concorde to demonstrate against the Stavisky affair – the death of a Russian-born swindler who conspired with Cabinet Ministers to trade hundreds of millions of francs worth of worthless bonds. The demonstrators included the Camelots du Roy, the youth wing of the fascist-monarchist movement Action Francaise, and the ex-serviceman’s movement Croix-de-feu led by decorated war veteran Colonel Francoise de la Rocque. The police defending the National Assembly opened fire on the demonstrators killing sixteen and wounding thousands, but the nationalists immobilized Paris and brought down the corrupt Cartel des Gauches government.

The principle ideologue of Action Francaise was the writer and poet Charles Maurras born 1868, a dedicated monarchist who personally despised the Bourbon-Orleans dynasty, and an agnostic who supported the Catholic Church as the guardian of French tradition and culture. He was sentenced to death in 1944 for supporting the Vichy regime and confined to prison where he survived until his death in 1952

French nationalists were deeply divided between those who supported General Charles de Gaulle and the Free French and those who rallied to Marshal Philippe Petain and L’Etat Francaise. Thousands joined the Legion des Volontaires Francais and the SS Division Charlemagne were amongst the last troops fighting for Hitler when they were wiped out at the Battle of Berlin. Thousands more were slaughtered during the “Liberation” as the Reds took their revenge. From 1947 two rival newspapers “ Aspects de la France” and “La Nation Francaise” kept alive the nationalist philosophy. In 1972 Jean Marie le Pen succeeded in uniting various factions under the umbrella of the Front National.

But Action Francaise still exists as a separate entity and campaigns for the restoration of the monarchy and a return to traditional Catholicism.

Jean Marie le Pen was born in 1928. He saw active service as a paratrooper in Vietnam and North Africa and became France’s youngest MP when he was one of 53 candidates elected for Pierre Poujade’s Union de Defense Commercants et Artisans in 1956.

In 1965 he directed the Presidential campaign of Jean-Louis Tixier Vignancourt. In the 2002 Presidential Election Le Pen came second with 4.5 million votes – 15%. The nationalist vote was split with Philippe de Villiers, candidate of the New Right who got 4.7%. The Front National controls local authorities all over France and is represented in the European Parliament.

Le Pen’s movement boasted 60,000 members before the ethnic riots but they are now overwhelmed with applications. They campaign against immigration and call for mass repatriation. They are critical of the EU but have dropped their opposition to the Euro. The Front National is in the tradition of French nationalism since the 1920s. They maintain friendly relations with the BNP and with similar movements throughout Europe. They are currently campaigning for the Presidential Elections due in 2007. As the ethnic situation continues to deteriorate they have every chance of victory.

Views on the News                                                                                         

Only weeks after the British National Party’s stunning success at the local elections we have Labour Party spokespersons talking about the need to control immigration and deport alien criminals. The party that promoted the multicultural nightmare has now done an about face and is posing as the guardian of Britain. Let nobody forget that it was the Labour Party who passed the 1948 Nationality Act that started the non-European invasion. It was the Labour Party behind every bit of repressive legislation designed to silence the British people whenever they tried to protest against mass immigration. It was the Labour Party who forced “black studies” on British children and who campaigned against all things British and for all things multicultural and multiracial. The Tories have been spineless and inept but it was Labour who really believed in destroying the White Race by forcibly intermixing humanity. The race traitors of the Labour Party must never be forgiven for the hideous crimes that they have committed. One day they must be brought before the Courts and charged with attempting to destroy the British nation.

We do not really know what is causing global warming but there is no doubt that weather patterns are changing all over the world. This is yet another reason for the benighted people of Africa to head towards Europe in ever increasing numbers. Failed harvests in sub-Saharan Africa have made the plight of millions even worse. Drought and famine are driving people towards water and survival. But depopulation is not the answer to Africa’s problems; boreholes can be sunk and irrigation projects can be built. Water engineering has made the desert bloom in Egypt and Israel. According to the Black Britain website 7% of UK graduates are Afro-Caribbean; instead of working in Britain they should go to Africa to construct the dams and waterways that could transform their ancestral continent. The millions spent on welfare payouts to immigrants would be better invested in African agriculture and irrigation.

The inflation rate in Zimbabwe has now reached 1000%. At the time of Ian Smith and UDI the Rhodesian dollar was on par with the US dollar. Now it takes 100,000 Zim dollars to buy 1 US dollar. Under the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe – the darling of the British establishment not long ago – the country has all but collapsed. 80% of Zimbabwe people are unemployed and living in poverty. By nationalizing the commercial farms Mugabe has destroyed 400,000 jobs and reduced the European population to 30,000. In a recent military operation the government destroyed shanties and unauthorized camps making 700,000 people homeless. In a continent known for chaos Zimbabwe is an example of how not to run a country. Mugabe has taken Marxist dogma designed for 19th Century Europe and imposed it on 21st Century Africa. The result is starvation and the lowest expectation of life in the world. But still the Bush-Blair axis of arrogance ignores the fate of Zimbabwe whilst bringing “democracy” to Iraq and Afghanistan. When Tony Blair sent British troops to help America invade Iraq in 2003 he said: “We the British are a people that stand by their friends in time of need, trial and tragedy, and we do so without hesitation now.” Does the Prime Minister know that Rhodesia contributed more personnel per capita to the imperial war effort than any other country?


The way that multicultural regimes are cracking down on nationalists it is only a matter of time before they try to stop us from publishing anything. The Police and the Courts will use The Public Order Act and The Race Relations Act to silence any movement that dares to oppose government policy. It is difficult for them to ban parties outright and almost impossible if they have elected councilors, but they will use any pretext to close down websites or newspapers if they think that they can get away with it. This censorship has already started and nationalists have been prosecuted all over Europe. But we can still spread the word by publishing what we can and by the use of symbolism.

When the government banned cigarette advertising the tobacco companies used subterfuge to get their message across. Silk Cut used pictures of a piece of silk slashed with a knife to represent the words “Silk Cut.” Benson & Hedges used their familiar golden packet to convey the idea of their product with slogans like “solid gold.” These ads said nothing about the quality of the tobacco but still sold the product to the public.

By using symbols the nationalist movement can continue to sell their product, even if the multicultural enforcers impose a ban.

In Britain, under the Labour Party, any show of patriotism is viewed as suspect so people have come to identify national flags with the nationalist movement. We must continue to exploit and reinforce this idea by always using the Union Jack and the flag of St George. The Celtic cross is used by nationalists all over the world as the symbol of white consciousness. It decorates walls in Australia, The United States, Russia, Argentina and Europe. Some of the current leaders of the so-called far right associate symbols with the old days, but they are instantly recognizable and can say at a glance what it takes a whole leaflet to say.

If you stand on a street corner with a poster saying Keep Britain White the chances are that you will be arrested and charged. But if you stand there with a poster bearing the Celtic cross and just the name of the party, the police will have nothing to charge you with and the public will know exactly what you mean. Symbols are powerful ideograms that convey unwritten messages. The big companies use logos to identify their products. Everybody knows the Coca Cola icon even people who cannot read and write can recognize the distinctive lettering. The same goes for MacDonald’s, Heineken, Shell, Nescafe and many more global brands.

The Tories have their outstretched torch, the Labour Party has hijacked the English rose and the Liberal Democrats have a half-plucked bird. The old gang parties recognize the importance of symbols for conveying messages to the public. The fight for the survival of the White Race is worldwide and requires a symbol that is internationally recognized.

Other symbols in other times have changed history. The Christian message was carried around the world under the cross of Jesus Christ, a symbol of hope and resurrection. When future historians remember the resurrection of European civilization they may record that the symbol of hope throughout the great revolution was the Celtic cross.


People react to propaganda according to their opinions and attitudes, just as they do to music or comedy. Different people laugh or cry at different things. Many find attacks on religion distasteful but most nationalists take a hard line against Islam in particular.

The drive for respectability has resulted in race taking second place to religion. This development has been influenced by repressive legislation that can have writers locked up for telling the truth. But the general public would welcome an honest approach to race that simply stated that Britain is a European country with every right to remain so.

The BNP advocates a protectionist fishing policy that would restrict British waters to our own fishermen. That’s fair enough but the way they describe it is very alarming: “After a few foreign trawlers operating in set aside British waters had been sent to the bottom of the ocean by a salvo or two of Royal Navy cannon, then the message would go out to the rest of the world that we mean business.” Words reminiscent of the extremist attitude of the old days rather than the measured approach of a respectable party.

When Enoch Powell made his “Rivers of Blood” speech in 1968 the liberal establishment reacted with horror. An intellectual who spoke several Indian languages and studied philosophy and anthropology was dismissed as a “racist” for making a demographic prediction. Powell was one of the first MPs to question the mass immigration of millions of non-Europeans. Mosley, Chesterton, Fountaine, Bean, Tyndall, Jordan, Webster and others had been campaigning against the invasion for years but they were political outcasts. As an elected old gang politician Enoch Powell was one of their own. By speaking out he had defied the liberal consensus and was blackballed from the club.

Even today ordinary people who never embraced the multicultural obsession are saying that Enoch was right. Tory newspapers like The Daily Mail and The Telegraph dodge the issue and launch petty attacks on East Europeans, but they never say what most of their readers want them to say. Instead they drone on about the alleged benefits of cultural enrichment -  journalese for being overrun with Blacks and Asians. The editors of Canary Wharf are the products of private schools and prominent universities who have been insulated from the real world by generations of social apartheid. They think that it’s terribly common to say “Britain for the British,” and their editorials hinted that the recent BNP gains in East London were only to be expected from the rednecks living there.

When HMS Conqueror sank the ARA General Belgrano at the start of the 1982 Falklands conflict The Sun ran the banner headline “Gotcha” and lost all claim to be a responsible newspaper. This action was a legitimate act of war but its necessity was questioned at the time and the loss of 323 young sailors was the first indication of Margaret Thatcher’s cruel arrogance. The “ Falklands factor” temporarily boosted the Tories but their inhumanity coupled with their economic incompetence eventually destroyed them. The British people were ready to fight in two world wars but they do not glorify militarism or gloat over the slaughter of our perceived enemies. Tony Blair is discovering this at the moment as the war in Iraq spirals out of control.

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