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Issue 74, December 2010

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.
Nation Revisited     
# 74, December 2010. 

Fantasy and Reality
Conspiracy theorists believe that a secret cabal is running the world. This ‘hidden hand’ is usually described as Masonic or Jewish, or both. It meets behind closed doors to plot global domination and fix the price of gold. This has allegedly been going on for hundreds of years but half the member states of the United Nations regularly vote against Israel. The media in the UK and America used to be totally pro-Israel but journalists are becoming increasingly objective about the Middle East. The Anglo-Zionist lobby is not as powerful as it used to be.
We live in a changing world. The 1940s were a time of war and suffering; the 1950s were a little better but we were rationed, called up for military service, restricted by censorship and confined to Britain by exchange control regulations. The 1960s brought prosperity for the masses but we lost our empire and our sense of direction. The 1970s was a decade of economic chaos. The 1980s was the era of Margaret Thatcher when we fought a colonial war in the South Atlantic as our industries were stripped and sold off to China. The 1990s brought us back to reality with a recession that wiped out more of our industry. The 2000s were dominated by Tony Blair; a mendacious warmonger who borrowed billions from his banker buddies to buy popularity at home and wage war abroad.

Today life has improved for most people but we are being overwhelmed by Third World immigration. White people have avoided the invasion by moving out of the inner cities, but that’s getting harder to do. Unfortunately wishing that ten percent of our population would go back where they came from will not make it happen. A programme of resettlement is certainly possible but it would have to be tied to foreign aid and trade deals. We would have to defy the United States and face commercial reprisals. We would need the approval of the British taxpayers, the agreement of our trading partners and the cooperation of the countries involved. We could start by sending back illegal immigrants, overstayed students, failed asylum seekers, criminals, and volunteers, but it would take a revolution to uproot immigrants who have settled here. Those who advocate rounding up immigrants and sending them home must realise what is involved.

About a third of our immigrants are Muslims from Asia, Africa and southeast Europe. Their birth-rate is generally much higher than the national average but this is expected to fall as they become westernised. The public is justifiably outraged at terrorist atrocities and anti-British demonstrations by Muslim fanatics, but their anger is being exploited by newspapers such as Richard Desmond’s Daily Express and Rupert Murdoch’s Sun. There are criminals and psychopaths in every community but the majority of Muslims do not plant bombs. Africans and West Indians make up 15% of our prison population but Asians only constitute 6%. Terrorism must be fought at all levels but the anti-Muslim campaign has more to do with the Zionist agenda of the press barons than concern for our national security.

Their selective racism also applies to East Europeans. The sudden arrival of a million Poles following their accession to the EU gave the popular press a chance to revel in xenophobia. In over fifty years of mass migration from the Third World these cowardly rags have kept silent, but as soon as our fellow Europeans arrived they started waving Union Jacks and calling for “British jobs for British workers.” The Poles did us a huge favour by opening up the immigration debate.  It’s politically incorrect to call for a halt to non-European immigration but if white people are involved it’s OK.

Right-wingers dream of an independent Britain living in splendid isolation behind protective tariffs. But we are not self-sufficient in gas and oil and we haven’t fed ourselves since the 18th century. We are not Norway with less than five million people and abundant supplies of oil. We have over sixty million mouths to feed and diminishing oil reserves. We must have access to world markets and that is only granted on the basis of reciprocity. No country is truly independent; even the United States depends on trade with China. We can keep our monarchy, our legal system and all the paraphernalia of sovereignty but we cannot survive on our own. Those who think we would be better off out of the EU are mistaken.

Last year our net contribution to the EU was £4.6 billion. But the Euro-sceptics arrived at a figure of £65.6 billion. They reached this fairy tale total by conflating the cost of health and safety, food and drugs administration, insurance, carbon assessment and compliance with international standards. They then added a figure plucked out of thin air that was supposed to represent trade that we might do if we were not in the EU. This creative accounting was the work of ‘experts’ from the Tory Bruges Group.

But if we quit the EU tomorrow we would still have to comply with international standards. The days of sticking a Union Jack label on a shipment and sending a gunboat escort are over. The Bruges Group preach ‘independence’ but they are staunch supporters of NATO and our ‘special relationship’ with America. Their heroine is Margaret Thatcher who made her famous Euro-sceptic speech in Bruges in 1988.  She stood up to Jacques Delors but went weak at the knees at the sight of Ronald Reagan in his flying jacket.

Another fantasy is that nationality depends on political arrangements. The English, Irish, Scots and Welsh have been united in various degrees throughout history. England united with Wales and Cornwall in the 16th century, with Scotland in 1707 and with Ireland in 1800 – amended in 1922.  We have been a United Kingdom for over two hundred years but each nation is still distinctly different and so are the regions of those nations. We still recognise people from; Yorkshire, Cornwall, the Highlands and Island of Scotland, North and South Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. But despite our long tradition of national and regional identities within a federal structure some people are still worried that Europe will somehow steal away our nationality. They shouldn’t worry; Irish eyes will still be smiling, the Welsh will still be singing hymns and arias, the Scots will still be moaning and the English will still be apologising, so long as they are not replaced.

We will survive the loose federation of the EU but the Bank of England may not survive ‘quantitative easing.’ Issuing money not backed by production resulted in disaster in Weimar Germany and in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.  We cannot get out of trouble by printing money and we cannot return to the Gold Standard or the Bretton Woods system that collapsed in 1971. We must improve productivity and stop living beyond our means. Our space-related businesses are now worth £7.5 billion and are growing at 10% per annum. That shows what can be done.

And the same commonsense principles apply to the banks. If they have sufficient deposits to cover lending there is no problem. But if they lend beyond their capacity they will collapse. It’s the duty of government to regulate the banks just as it regulates the railways and the roads. It was the deregulation of the banks, started by Margaret Thatcher and continued by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown that resulted in the near collapse of our economy. Banks cannot be trusted to behave themselves; they have to be controlled by legislation

The democratic system is stacked against us but we can still influence events by harnessing public opinion. With the support of the people we can stop Third World immigration, dump the emotional baggage of Empire and become an advanced European country.  We can break away from NATO; bring our soldiers home from Afghanistan and support international efforts to stop the occupation of Palestine by a bloodthirsty Israeli regime. There are things that we can change and things that we must accept. Please God give us the wisdom to know the difference.

Fighting for Britain
The leaked list of BNP members in 2008 contained the names of 11,811 members.  But following their poor performance in the 2010 general election they are reported to be haemorrhaging members. They still have two Euro MPs but they have expelled their London Assemblyman Richard Barnbrook and they have lost all but twenty of their local councillors. They are also believed to be insolvent.

The National Front was a mass movement in the 1970s. Martin Walker in his 1977 book The National Front estimated their peak membership at 20,000. It began to decline with the landslide Tory election victory of 1979 and went into freefall following Martin Webster’s dismissal in 1983. But it has recently been revived and is trying to recruit refugees from the BNP.

The British Union of Fascists was a mass movement in the 1930s. Martin Pugh in his 2005 book Hurrah for the Blackshirts puts their peak membership at 40 to 50,000. Mosley’s movement never had their own MPs but they could call on the support of parliamentarians such as; Sir Thomas Moore, JTC Moore-Brabazon, Patrick Donner, Earl Winterton, Viscount Lymington and AHM Ramsey. The government suppressed the BUF with the Public Order Act of 1936, outlawing political uniforms, and finally banned the movement under Defence Regulation 18B in 1940. Mosley and over a thousand assorted fascists were detained without charge during the war. 

The BNP was never as big as the BUF or the NF but they did manage to get two Euro MPs elected. Since Nick Griffin ousted John Tyndall as leader he has used slick marketing methods to raise funds and he has kept himself in the limelight with a series of prosecutions and often disastrous TV appearances. But now the party has split into several competing factions. They are all anti-Muslim and anti-EU but they lack ideology and leadership. Instead of developing viable policies they cling to pre-war nationalism. 

Kenneth Lunn and Richard Thurlow describe NF policies in their 1980 book British Fascism: their words can equally be applied to the BNP.

In the economic field, policies are a watered-down and amended version of Mosley’s anti-financial, corporatist and autarkic ideas. Any direct influence is strongly denied by NF leaders and there is of course a marked divergence of views on European integration, but the essentials are in fact much the same. Behind a ‘non-doctrinaire attitude’ lie a host of familiar demands in which the core is a reordered capitalism where productive effort is channelled towards the national good. For a party which ‘seeks the full unity of the nation, above divisions of class, faction and vested interest’ the ‘national good’ has a clear meaning and this includes severe restriction on divisive and subversive elements – to which a liberal definition is given. If proposals stop short of the construction of a fully developed corporate state they nevertheless display many classic ‘Mosleyite’ positions. 

The party that replaces the BNP should break with the past and accept geopolitical reality. It should stand for British interests and sell itself as the party that fights for Britain in Europe. The public might take that seriously but they will not support a party living in the past. Many Britons have friends and family living in Spain and all around the Mediterranean. They do not hate Europe; they take their holidays there, they enjoy the food and the culture, and they simply do not believe all that paranoid nonsense about a Franco-German plot.

Those who voted Tory in the general election should remember the words of William Joyce who was executed for exercising his democratic right of free speech. He described a typical capitalist as: “a mean, narrow-souled, pig-eyed, comfortable employer of labour, who sees in Conservatism the hope of conserving the wealth which he has amassed.” And he eloquently described the Conservative Party as: “one loathsome, fetid, purulent, tumid mass of hypocrisy.” William Joyce was hanged by a Labour government but all the Old Gang parties are the same; they all take their orders from Wall Street. We desperately need a modern political party that offers a viable and achievable alternative to global capitalism; a party that will fight for social justice, ethnic survival and national pride.

The right to vote
The government is being forced to let prisoners vote to comply with the European Declaration of Human Rights. But letting convicted criminals vote will not do the Tories any harm. 

Criminals are by nature entrepreneurs. Drug dealers are commodity brokers, pimps are social workers and bank robbers are One Nation Tories trying to redistribute the wealth of the nation. Most prisoners are natural conservatives who vote Tory or UKIP. If you doubt this have a look at the excellent website of reformed criminal Frankie Fraser at
Frankie Fraser’s views are measured and patriotic. He is in favour of justice and critical of an underachieving police force. Whilst advocating civil liberty he supports social responsibility. His life of crime and punishment has equipped him to understand human nature. If Home Secretary Theresa May needs help with law and order, or Lord Chancellor Ken Clarke with prison reform, they should talk to Frankie Fraser. He learned his criminology and psychology on the frontline and is he is not confused by liberalism.

He was an associate of Albert Dimes, a bookmaker, philanthropist and Union Movement supporter who was savagely attacked by the lowlife gangster Jack Spot in 1955. Albert Dimes disarmed his assailant and left him in a bloody heap in a Soho gutter. The police arrested him but all charges were dismissed.

Jack (Spot) Comer, born Jacob Comacho, survived but he was finished as a loan shark and criminal enforcer. He boasted that he had led the gang of thugs that attacked the police at the so-called Battle of Cable Street in 1936. Nineteen years later the ‘hero of Cable Street’ got what he deserved.

Winston Churchill remarked that men are sent to prison as punishment – not for punishment. Prison is supposed to rehabilitate criminals but 75% of them reoffend. Democracy is a waste of time so we might as well let our own prisoners put their illiterate crosses on ballot papers along with the rest of us. But non-European prisoners should be deported to serve their sentences at home.

Gloom & Doom
Reading some right-wing publications or visiting their websites can to lead to depression and suicide. They preach an apocalyptic message that offers no hope for the future. According to them the white race is dying out and the non-white races are booming. They have a point about declining white birth rates but that could easily be improved by encouraging white women to stay at home and have kids. The Russians have already started this. Instead of paying universal child benefit we should give tax allowances for each child born to British or EU couples with provable employment records. This would discourage scroungers and encourage hard working parents. The Labour Party would scream “racism” but who cares? If immigrants with large families feel disadvantaged by this system they can always go home.

Alarmist demographic forecasts take no account of non-white deaths resulting from AIDS, sickle cell anaemia, drugs, stabbing, gunshot wounds, police brutality, genetic complications of inbreeding and living on fried chicken and fizzy drinks. Third World immigrants and their children have benefited from ‘positive discrimination’ and many of them have become middle class. But in the inner cities their horizons are limited by crime, addiction, poverty, ignorance and despair. Far from taking over the country many of them are struggling to survive.
Social developments such as desegregation in America, the end of Apartheid in South Africa and the Race Relations Act in the UK have been described as dangerous.  But pessimists spreading alarm and despondency are just as dangerous because they make people think that nothing can be done to save our heritage. If they really believe that there’s no hope for white civilization they should forget about running political parties and websites and take up glue sniffing.

When post-war governments granted independence to the colonies the pessimists refused to see it as a logical conclusion. Instead they called our politicians ‘traitors’ and the colonial leaders ‘communists.’ But prime ministers like Clement Atlee and Harold Macmillan were only bowing to the inevitable. Colonial independence was unavoidable and the so-called communists were really nationalists.  When the Empire was at its peak most British working people lived in poverty but since we lost it things have got steadily better. Sweden and Switzerland are the richest countries in Europe but they never had colonial empires. Portugal was the last European country to have an empire and she is one of the poorest. Imperialism made a lot of money for the ruling class but it never did much for those who fought and died for it.

The pessimists predicted a fate worse than death for Britain in the European Union.   AK Chesterton wrote his last book about it called Facing the Abyss. He imagined Britain stripped of her identity and reduced to slavery by the Money Power. But over thirty five years later we are still drinking tea, driving on the left, eating fish and chips and doing more or less as we please. And AK Chesterton’s beloved monarchy is still functioning as our longest running soap opera.

There has been much foreboding about the decline of the aristocracy and the rise of the lower orders. We were told that this would lead to the collapse of religion and civilization. But nearly a hundred years after the Bolshevik Revolution the Orthodox Church is back in action in Russia, and Britain has an old-Etonian prime minister and a cabinet full of millionaires. The Duke of Wellington would not feel out of place in Dave Cameron’s government and Tsar Nicholas would be happy sitting around the samovar with Patriarch Kirill and Oleg Deripaska at the court of Vladimir Putin.

Oswald Spengler believed in the cyclical theory of history but the pessimists hailed him as their prophet. Francis Parker Yockey, who was a visionary optimist, interpreted Spengler’s ideas in his book Imperium. The Nazis were initially impressed by Spengler’s Decline of the West but they dropped him for dimissing their racial theories. By way of reply he predicted just before he died in 1936 that the Third Reich would not last another ten years. When GK Chesterton (cousin to AK) reviewed Spengler’s work for the Illustrated London News in 1920 he wrote:

The pessimists believe that the cosmos is a clock that is running down; the progressives believe it is a clock that they themselves are winding up. But I happen to believe that the world is what we chose to make it, and we are what we chose to make ourselves; and that our renascence or our ruin will alike, ultimately and equally, testify with a trumpet to our liberty.

Francis Parker Yockey wrote Imperium in devastated Europe just after the last war. But he looked beyond the rubble and destruction to a brighter future.

It was tragic that England held so long to the isolationist doctrine, for that made possible Washington’s policy of a second fratricidal war. The isolationist idea thus contributed its part to the loss of Europe’s world hegemony. However this idea survives only in the sclerotic brains of old men. What is decisive is the fact of England’s passing, together with all other European countries and peoples, into the common status of subjection to America, not the feigning of unimpaired English sovereignty by a certain stratum left over from the past. England’s community of destiny with the rest of Europe is now patent to everybody in the world, is everywhere binding, and can be denied neither in the individual nor for one moment.

Most pessimistic predictions have been wrong or overstated. The Times in 1894 predicted that due to increasing traffic London would be buried under three metres of horse manure by 1944  Of course they hadn’t reckoned with the internal combustion engine; just as the pessimists have not reckoned with the liberating power of science and technology. We will not depend on cheap labour in the future because we will have machines to do manual work. We survived the Ice Age and the sabre-toothed tiger by using our brains and we will overcome future problems in the same way. Let the pessimists sink into despair while the rest of us get on with building a better world. The challenges will be formidable but we have the mental, spiritual and physical resources to overcome all obstacles.

The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own.

Blacks in the Blitz
Observations by John Bean
I was 13 when the London Blitz began and together with my immediate family was bombed out one February night in 1941 near Eltham, South East London. In consequence I was interested in the media articles and re-runs of wartime newsreels that recently marked the commemoration of the Blitz and the Battle of Britain. This included attention being given by the media to a recently discovered colour movie of the results of the Blitz in London’s West End.

Going to the website,, the home page begins with five alternating mono photos – four of blitz scenes and the fifth showing a group of air raid wardens, with a black male warden in the central position. Prominently below this group there is a photo of a white and a black lady air raid warden. Prominently top right of the page is the only book being promoted. Its title is “Mother Country: Britain’s black community on the Home Front 1939-45.”
Opening up the colour movie of the previously unseen film of the Blitz in the West End, there was, - surprise, surprise – no sign of any black or other non-white people.

I am not denying for one moment that there were not any black people in London in 1940 suffering the ravages of the Blitz. There were, and they were predominantly in the docks area. There were in fact 60,000 black people in Britain at that time living mainly in the dock areas of London, Liverpool, Hull, Cardiff and Southampton. This meant that one person in a thousand was non-white.

Yet on this Westendatwar website we have a Camilla Bergman (reviewer of the “Mother Country” book)  informing us of the events organised by the City of Westminster Archives in running a series of Lottery-funded events, including in  schools, on the Blitz. She writes: “The Archives team will also reveal the life stories of previously-unsung participants of the Blitz, such as the courageous civil defence service of Nigerian-born Ita Ekpenyon”.
This would be yet another example of organisations, frequently funded either directly or indirectly by us and favoured by the BBC and most media, in brainwashing younger generations into believing that we have always had large non-European communities amongst us.

I cannot recall seeing one black person in the Eltham-Bexley-Sidcup area as I was growing up. In fact the first person “of colour” that I met was when I was accepted for RAF aircrew reserve in April 1945. I have a photo of some of us young reservists taken at RAF Halton, near Wendover. Next to me is that person “of colour”. Perhaps aptly enough his name was John Black (I believe he said that his mother was Indian). We were pals at the time.

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