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Issue 31, May 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends. # 31, May 2007

A Tale of Two Cities

The French have elected Nicolas Sarkozy to be their President. They have entrusted their country to a man from the political tradition that pioneered the importation of cheap labour from Africa and Asia.

Only 11% of them voted for Jean-Marie Le Pen. His Front National is an old-fashioned Poujadist party that is still defending the empire. Their vision is pre- Gaulist and in urgent need of modernization but their hearts are in the right place. The FN has fought non-European immigration for over thirty years and they can trace their roots back to Charles Maurras’ Action Francaise and the epic street battles of the Thirties. They are slowly updating their policies; they have stopped campaigning against the euro and their MEPs are now working with the ITS bloc to develop reformist policies within the EU.

All is not lost; 11% is a solid foundation on which to build. The FN control local authorities all over France and they are a mass movement with impressive communications. Their publications are well produced and their website is excellent. Le Pen has done his best but he can’t go on forever and a younger leader might have greater appeal.

The United Kingdom has also been to the polls. Half of the participating Scottish electorate voted for a party that calls itself nationalist but welcomes Afro-Asian immigrants, like their new MSP Bashir Ahmed. The Welsh have also flirted with separatism but not so boldly as their Celtic cousins north of the border. They too can boast an Asian Plaid Cymru AM, Mohammed Asghar, who spouts multiracist propaganda, but not in Welsh.

The English have divided into Tory Southerners and Labour Northerners. The gritty, beer-swilling North has gone for Gordon Brown who believes in more Afro-Asian immigration. But the soft, Chianti-sipping South has opted for Dave Cameron who believes in more Afro-Asian immigration. A visitor from Mars might not understand the subtle difference between these two great leaders.

The BNP’s moderate stance did not result in a breakthrough this time but they increased their council representation by two seats. They remain the biggest anti-immigration party in the UK. Like their French counterparts in the FN they lack a credible political philosophy but they are keeping the Old Gang on their toes. When Charles Dickens wrote “A Tale of Two Cities” it was only the future of monarchy that was at stake; now it’s the very existence of Europe.

Money Makes The World Go Round

There is a tendency on the part of political idealists to waffle about economics.  The reality is that the population of the world can only be fed and looked after by capitalism. Affordable food from all over the world on the supermarket shelves is a logical evolution of commerce and a triumph of agriculture and marketing.

The idealists would have the local butcher selling meat from a local farmer, fed on grass from a field next to the village green. Some distributists even talk about giving everyone an acre and a cow. But the farmer and the butcher would both go bankrupt, the customer would go hungry, and where would residents of an inner city tower block keep a cow?

The Social Credit movement would simply print enough money for everyone to live on but they never explained how we would pay for imported gas and oil with worthless assignats backed by nothing more than good intentions.

The co-operative system was tried in Israel for years but today the experiment has largely been abandoned. The kibutzniks were refugees from persecution who were inspired by Zionism and desperate to succeed. But times have changed and today the average Israeli shops in the supermarket for internationally produced goods just like consumers in Europe.

There is no substitute for capitalism driven by profit. The Russians tried for eighty years to construct an alternative economic system but eventually returned to a market economy. Capitalism doesn’t have to be unfair; it can be an honest exchange of goods for money that benefits both parties. It is the responsibility of national governments to enforce fair trade.

Money is just a means of exchange. We have gone beyond trading a bale of hay for a horseshoe or a basket of apples for a pint of ale. The confusion in a busy pub would be unacceptable. We have got to have capitalism that uses money issued by banks. And just as there is nothing inherently evil about capitalism, or money, there is nothing wrong with banks. They are merely shops that buy and sell credit, and just like the butcher and the baker they do it for a profit.

Before the National Socialists came to power in Germany they talked a lot about dismantling the great corporations and nationalizing industry. But when the war started they soon dropped their Strasserite theories and resurrected Krupps, Daimler-Benz, IG Faben and Deutsche Bank. Fantasy gave way to reality.

There is nothing wrong with capitalism that a representative government with a social conscience cannot put right.  At present the global capitalists ignore governments but there is no reason why we shouldn’t bring them back into line.
Money really does make the world go round.

Revealed: how the far-Right targets suburbs by stealth

Andrew Gilligan writing in the London Evening Standard (23-04-07) did a pre-election hatchet job on the BNP. He wrote: “And even in areas where they are elected BNP candidates’ performance is often lamentable. Many have criminal records, giving new meaning to the term conviction politics; the chances of their appealing to middle England remain quite limited. At least as worrying, perhaps, is the growth of another political species: former members of the far-Right who are re-entering politics under new, respectable and community friendly banners that middle-class voters might support.”

He then turned his attention to Ian Anderson the leader of the Epping Forest Community Action Group. He is a former NF activists and chairman of the National Democrats who produces a paper called The Flag. Tory leader of the Epping Forest District Council, Di Collins, describes him as an extreme right candidate and appealed to the people of Epping to: “vote for hope not hate”.

In a 1997 election leaflet Ian Anderson wrote: “We believe it will never be possible for the large non-white population currently resident in Britain to retain their culture and identity and to live harmoniously with the white population. Their presence, through no fault of their own, is detrimental to the unity and cohesion of the nation and threatens our traditions and way of life.”

Gilligan moved on to west London where former National Front activist Phil Andrews runs the Isleworth Community Group. He once served a six months sentence for fighting with a black policeman. The ICG’s six councilors run the council in coalition with the Tories and Councilor Phil Andrews is in charge of community safety.

Gilligan concluded with an attack on the Third Way group who have been campaigning on local issues in the east London borough of Havering for many years. Their leader Graham Williamson is yet another ex-National Front senior member who has gravitated towards community politics.

The BNP are bound to have a few duds amongst their 800 candidates, but they will also have some very good councilors who will establish themselves with the electorate and build a tradition of voting just as the Old Gang did. Independents and smaller groups can also play their part - many of them in areas where the BNP has got a limited following or where people will vote for a particular individual or party but not necessarily for the BNP.

These tactics are working. Candidates should fight on local issues and successful councilors must serve the community but always with the ultimate goal of reversing non-European colonization, starting with the deportation of criminals, illegal immigrants, bogus asylum seekers and dole scroungers.

European Consciousness

Ten years of unremitting Labour propaganda have produced a generation with no sense of identity. Britain has been undermined by devolution and the rise of petty nationalism. Britons have been brainwashed into believing that we are an immigrant nation and that the Third World invasion is just another wave of incomers like the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. The Blair generation doesn’t know that our little island nations together conquered half the world and many of them think that the non-Europeans in the UK were brought here as slaves.

The liberal death-wish media has promoted alien culture so successfully that our youngsters are hero-worshipping pimps and gangsters and glorifying drugs and violence. Immigrant and British kids are mugging old ladies to get money for drugs. They have been brought up to believe that the world owes them a living by perverse schoolteachers who have discarded commonsense in pursuit of egalitarianism. In the insane world of multiculturalism there are no such things as good and bad, first and last or black and white; everything is equal.

A survey of 3,000 adults conducted by UKTV has revealed a shocking ignorance of Britain. Adrian Wills, head of the History Channel said: “This research reveals just how little we actually know about Britain, from traditions and places of interest to geographical landmarks.” (Metro 30-04-07)

Those who cherish our heritage face the daunting task of educating an ignorant and brainwashed population without falling foul of repressive legislation. We can stress that it was Europe that gave the world most of its art and science. But first we must acknowledge that we are Europeans. UKIP and the BNP have made spiteful and divisive attacks on Polish workers and some of their xenophobic supporters don’t know the difference between black and white.

Labour’s much-shuffled minister Jack Straw has stated that nationality is not about “Blood and Soil.” But that’s exactly what it is - an organic ethnic consciousness that is not dependent on passports or naturalization papers. After 300 years of British political union the four constituent nations the UK are still manifestly English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh. And after 50 years of European Union the founding nations retain their distinctive identities. Nationality transcends political arrangements but it cannot survive being overwhelmed by unlimited numbers of resolutely separatist racial aliens.

Experimental education is being replaced by responsible teaching. The loony left produced a workforce so badly equipped to serve industry that even the Labour Party was forced to reconsider its education policy. Modern Britain needs literate and numerate youngsters with multiple skills. Knowledge of Black Studies or Gangsta Rap will not equip them to compete with properly educated students from the booming economies of Asia.

But as well as education our kids need motivation. This must start with self-respect based on the knowledge of who they are and where they come from.
Our second rate schoolteachers will not teach objective history or instill pride in race and nation. Tony Blair’s promise of education, education, education turned out to mean indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination. Now the system is collapsing and West Indian parents are sending their children back home to be educated. The multiracist experiment has been a disaster that has resulted in guns and knives in the playground. Now we must fight back and demand a return to decent standards and teachers who are fit to teach.

A Warning From History

It’s thirty-four years this month since Martin Webster achieved 16% for the National Front in the 1973 West Bromwich by-election. This was an exceptional result for a far right candidate and it paved the way for the National Front’s impressive performance in the 1974 general election.

Martin Walker wrote:
It was precisely the breakthrough the NF had needed; the publicity they received, and the aura of success and growth which now surrounded them, paid off handsomely in the local elections of 7th June. The vote rose dramatically – but so intense was the attention of the media in the wake of West Bromwich that the NF grew alarmed. “We were depicted as having election targets which we knew we could never reach.” Spearhead complained, “just so it could be publicized as a failure and a defeat.”
Whatever targets the NF may have had, and whatever the press may have attributed to them, their results in the June elections were by far the best they had ever achieved.
(The National Front, Fontana 1977)

Six years later Margaret Thatcher won her landslide election victory and the National Front were eclipsed. The BNP are now in a good position to influence the government and stop the madness of importing cheap labour and exporting British jobs. Let’s hope that they have learned from the mistakes of the past and can take advantage of recent development across the English Channel.

The new French President has stolen Jean-Marie Le Pen’s clothes in order to get elected. He is an Old Gang politician who believes in multiracism but if he wants to stay in power he will have to apply immigration controls. This will establish a precedent that can be followed by Britain and all the afflicted states of Europe.

No doubt they will present their new policy as a means to ensure racial harmony. They will still denounce the far right and preach democracy and talk about protecting those immigrants who are already here who are making such a vital contribution to our economy. No matter, so long as they listen to the people and stop our continent from being overrun with Third World economic refugees.

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