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Issue 1, September 2005

Nation Revisited

September 2005, # 1

We apologize for the long wait for this issue, this was due to production difficulties.

In 1975 we reported a split in the National Front involving a hard-line faction led by John Tyndall. Now thirty years later the Nationalist Alliance, formerly the Spearhead Group, has broken away from the British National party. John Bean told us in ‘Many Shades of Black’ that JT was descended from the English reformer William Tyndale who led a faction against the Pope and was burnt at the stake. But JT’s character was more in keeping with his Irish grandparents. He never used one word when ten would do and he was unable to resist an argument. Roy Chester used to say that he could start a row in an empty house; it seems that he can also lead a faction from beyond the grave.
John Tyndall had a profound influence on the nationalist movement but he was thrown out of almost every party including those that he had founded; it could even be said that he expelled himself from the Greater Britain Movement.

Fragmentation of the leading party should be avoided but what really matters is the continuity of effort. In real terms election results over 5% are worthwhile, so those achieved by Sir Oswald Mosley, John Bean and Martin Webster between 1959 and 1973 were good results. They did not happen because the punters had studied Union Movement’s wage price mechanism, or the subtle difference between the original BNP’s Europe of Nations as against Europe a Nation. Nor was it because they agreed with the National Front’s all-purpose conspiracy theory. These results were all about immigration, as was Richard Barnbrook’s splendid result in Barking for the BNP.

According to the British National Party Muslims in the UK are evangelical, intolerant of other faiths, form no-go areas and support terrorism. Certainly some Muslims have supported or even engaged in terrorism but most are here to enjoy the benefits of a Western social economy. As for the no-go areas these are entirely the fault of the police and their political masters. It is the duty of the police to keep the Queen’s peace without fear or favour instead of wasting their time pontificating about racism and homophobia.

The real threat to our national survival is the suicidal syndrome that makes politicians, pundits and public officials bend over backwards to meet unreasonable immigrant demands. The Madrid and London bombings were the work of fanatics who were refugees or the children of refugees. All criminals, welfare-scroungers, religious fanatics or political agitators from amongst the immigrant population should be deported.
Our prisons are swollen with imported felons who are costing millions to keep. We should hand all of these undesirables over to the judicial systems of their own countries. What happens to them back home is not our affair.
The European population of Zimbabwe is now down to 30,000 from a peak of 300,000.
Almost everyone who could get out has left the country. It was always on the cards that the settlers had no future under Mugabe but some hung on to protect their property. Now the last remnants of legality have been dispensed with and the Rhodesians have followed the long list of Europeans who have fled Africa. This is accepted as part of the process of de-colonization. That’s fair enough, the Africans are entitled to Africa and we are entitled to Europe. Tony Blair has called for more money for Africa. We should insist that any handouts are tied to repatriation of the millions of Africans now in Europe.

The bra war with China shows that New Labour does not understand what United Europe is all about. The whole idea is for a protected market that does not allow dumping by cheap labour economies like China. There should not be any quotas for anything that Europe is capable of producing. The EU is emphatically not about free trade. There is no point in putting European textile workers on the dole for the sake of cheap bras and pants.

Turkey’s determination to join the European Union has caused alarm across the continent. This huge nation of nearly seventy millions has been secular since Kemal Ataturk’s social revolution of 1923. They have knocked six zeros off the Lira, modernized the economy and tried to silence the Mullahs. The Turks are considered to be Asian because they speak an Asian language but the Finns, Estonians and Hungarians also speak non-European languages.
Turkey is situated between Europe and Asia and her population reflect this. Most Turks look more like Eastern Europeans than Arabs, and very few of them look like the Mongols who drove their ancestors west in the fourteenth century.
Most EU member states are opposed to Turkish entry so some sort of associated status now looks likely.

Now that an American-dictated constitution has been forced on Iraq and a provisional government installed there is no reason for Iraqi refugees to stay in the UK.
If the invasion has been the success that Tony Blair claims we can expect thousands of Iraqis to go home. According to George Bush and his best buddy the situation is now under control and anybody who thinks differently is guilty of disloyalty.

More than 1000 people have been killed in fighting this year including 49 US soldiers. Since the American invasion of 2001 Afghanistan has been ravaged by war between forces loyal to the ousted Taliban regime and American and allied forces. Special forces, including British SAS troops are still looking for Osama bin Laden the mastermind of the 9/11 attack on America.
United States   
The devastating hurricane Katrina has destroyed the city of New Orleans and the myth of American invincibility. In the wake of this terrible disaster the poor and lawless black underclass has embarked on an orgy of looting and mayhem.
George Bush and his lunatic regime are convinced that God has given them the right to run the World. They think it is their prerogative to invade and occupy any country that does not do exactly as they are told. They justify this incredible arrogance by pointing to America’s power and wealth. America is known as the home of the brave and the land of the free. Katrina has revealed that she is also the land of anarchy and social division.
We will never know how many innocent people were raped and killed by the rampaging mob in New Orleans. The politically correct US news media will be selective with their reporting but the World will form its own conclusions.

As Louisiana suffers natural and man-made disaster Americans further west are being rocked by mass migration. Bill Richardson the Governor of New Mexico has declared a state of emergency ‘due to the chaotic situation involving illegal alien smuggling and illegal drug shipments.’ Janet Napolitano the Governor of Arizona has now joined him.
The steady influx of mestizo immigrants is now out of control and many Americans think that their troops would be better employed on the Mexican border than in Iraq or Afghanistan.

George Bush has enjoyed high popularity ratings since he was seen by the American public to be fighting terrorism by bombing the supposed terrorist bases. But as casualties continue to rise public opinion is turning against the war on terror. The cost in lives and taxpayer’s money has eroded support and the tragic fiasco of New Orleans will finally tip the balance. Americans must consider their options.

The first part of Ariel Sharon’s unilateral disengagement plan has been completed, the Israeli settlers have been removed from Gaza and their townships demolished.
This was prompted by the intifada but the real reason is the amazing Palestinian birthrate of 4% per year, or an average of 5.9 children per woman. With a dwindling supply of migrants to bolster their population Jerusalem has had to rethink strategy. American financial and logistic support is guaranteed but the Israelis do not have enough manpower to hold onto all of their settlements.
The Palestinian’s demographic bomb has proven to be more powerful than Israel’s atomic bomb. Nuclear weapons are not very useful for riot control and even the notoriously unsentimental Israeli Defence Force would think twice about using them inside the occupied territories. Sharon has promised that some of the West Bank settlements will remain but some Israelis will see the withdrawals as the thin end of the wedge. Even if Sharon is ousted at the next election it would be almost impossible for Israel to reoccupy the liberated areas.
William Joyce

Next year – 2006 – will mark several anniversaries connected with William Joyce.
He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1906, one hundred years ago. He was executed in Wandsworth Prison in 1946, sixty years ago, and his body was returned to his ancestral home in Galway for burial in 1976, thirty years ago.
In an age where honour counts for nothing it is difficult to appreciate the sacrifice made by men like Joyce. The brave and dignified way that he went to his execution will always be remembered.

Much has been written about William Joyce from Rebecca West’s spiteful biography ‘The Meaning of treason’ to Mary Kenny’s more sympathetic study ‘Germany Calling”.
These books tell the story but the best account was his own remarkable statement that he made to an MI5 agent as he lay wounded in Lunenburg military hospital in May 1945. Joyce explained his troubled boyhood in Ireland during the civil war; his political activities in the BUF and his own National Socialist League; his reasons for going to Germany and his decision to broadcast. He apologized for nothing and he regretted nothing.

His broadcasts are credited by radio enthusiasts with being instrumental in changing the very formal style of the BBC. He was the first broadcaster, certainly in the English language, to attack politicians in a personal and disrespectful way. He was the original shock jock and the public loved it. Bill Barnes, who knew Joyce well, always thought that he had been encouraged to go to Germany by the MI5 agent Maxwell Knight on the promise that he would be protected by his American nationality.
But in the grim political climate of 1945 with most of Europe in ruins, points of law were not considered. Joyce had opposed the war and the warmongers. He still opposed them and was totally unrepentant. So a naturalized German born in the USA of an Irish father became the last man to be hanged for treason to Britain. His wife was deported to Germany because the Court accepted that she was German by naturalization. Margaret Joyce was detained for two years but never charged with any crime.

Mary Kenny said of him ‘And William did have good qualities, and interesting ideas, which have been annulled or overlooked by the flare of his violent hatreds. His political ideas were not all loathsome: some of his precepts about education could be endorsed, without alteration, by the most liberal-minded progressives of our day. He favoured much more equality in education: and much more emphasis on making children happy. His economic ideas about Ireland’s woes were very sensible: he thought that what Ireland needed was lots of money invested in it, which has turned out to be exact.’

AK Chesterton his former comrade in the BUF and the NSL said of him ‘when he put aside his jackboots he could emerge as a humble person, not without charm and with a delicate sense of irony’.                                                                                          
The (1960) BNP Old Comrades Association.

We are pleased to announce a reunion of the (1960) British National Party Old Comrades Association. This will take place soon. The exact location is being kept secret to deter any old anti- fascists or superannuated Special Branch coppers. Most of the old comrades have known each other for forty years or even longer. Some have passed away but those still with us are trying to make a difference. John Bean the editor of ‘Identity” has been campaigning for over fifty years and many of his friends can claim similar service.
There is no set agenda but the day will probably consist of lunch, followed by drinks, followed by a drunken brawl. We might even have a zimmer-frame race around the car park. We look forward to meeting old and trusted friends.

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Most of these websites have links to others. There are nationalist websites from all over the World, in English or with translation available. They range through almost every shade of opinion from just right of the Tory party to virtually socialist but all are trying to defend European civilization in their own way.
We recommend the open forums on the National Front and Stormfront, these will keep you up to date on what’s happening.
You can find John Bean under BNP – Columnist – Nationalist Notebook.
Some of the ultra sites are almost certainly controlled by Special Branch so be careful.

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