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Nation Revisited # 107

Nation Revisited # 107, September 2013


 Dropping Clause 4
Political parties need to update their policies to suit changing circumstances. When policies become set in stone they act as an anchor. That happened to the Labour Party with their infamous Clause 4 which demanded the nationalization of industry. It made the Labour Party unelectable until Tony Blair brought about the New Labour revolution that put them in power from 1997 to 2010.

The Tories have got a similar problem. It was a Conservative prime minister, Ted Heath, who took us into the Common Market in 1973, but the right wing of the Tory Party has always been opposed to Europe. Dave Cameron knows that there is no economic alternative to the EU but the rise of Ukip has forced him to promise a referendum. He is trying to appease the “bastard faction” without panicking the Confederation of British Industry. If he gets it right he might win the next general election but if he gets it wrong he will be thrown out of office.
Britain has kept her identity for 40 years in the EU but an “independent” Britain would be swallowed up by America. The go-it-alone option is a myth for a country that depends on imported food and oil. The real choice is between Europe and the North American Free Trade Agreement. That was Conrad Black’s policy when he owned The Daily Telegraph and it was the objective of the shadowy Atlantic Bridge movement which included Liam Fox, William Hague and most of the Tory front bench. It was shut down by the Charity Commission in 2011 but its malign influence lingers on.

The anti-EU campaign is the Tory Clause 4; a bitter division within the party. They should remember that we had millions of Afro-Asian immigrants long before we joined the EU. And that the US has got a black president, a multi-racial immigration policy and a worldview based on perpetual warfare. The idea of British independence is an illusion and the prospect of American domination is a nightmare. The rise of European consciousness is our only hope of salvation.
Parliamentary Democracy

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has recommended that MPs get a £10,000 pay rise on top of their existing £66,396. This would give them almost three times the average UK wage of £26,000. That’s an awful lot of money at a time budget cuts and pay freezes.

Since Prime Minister’s Question Time has been televised we have seen the asinine behavior of some of our MPs. Senseless jeering and cheering fills the chamber of the House of Commons as the Speaker tries to keep order like a schoolteacher with a class of naughty children. Parliament is proud of its ancient traditions but the behavior of some MPs is disgraceful. The House of Lords is more sedate because most of them are asleep. The European Parliament also needs reforming but it doesn’t have the same level of hooliganism as Westminster.
As power is devolved to Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast we will not need 635 MPs to represent us. And with modern communications we could slash the number of MPs. We need a smaller, more efficient parliament governed by strict conditions of employment. Those who go missing without producing a medical certificate should be sacked, and so should those who report for work under the influence of drink or drugs. Jeering and booing should not be allowed and the highest standards of civility should be maintained. Representing the people should be a full time job and second jobs, consultancies and directorships should not be allowed.

The practice of shuffling ministers between departments is wasteful. They should have a background in their field of responsibility and receive on the job training. The Minister of Defence should be an ex-serviceman, the Minister of Health should be a medical man, and the Minister of Education should have teaching qualifications - and so on. When Selwyn Lloyd was appointed Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in 1951 he protested that he: “had never been abroad, spoke no foreign languages and didn’t like foreigners.” Winston Churchill replied: “Then you are just the man for the job.” Such perversity might be amusing but it has no place in the modern world.
The House of Lords is a comfortable billet for 754 worn out party donors and camp followers. It should be transformed into a Senate charged with approving bills from the House of Commons and empowered to throw out bad legislation. Senators should be drawn from all walks of life. They should be British nationals with outstanding records of achievement. Their number should be limited to 100 men and women appointed by IPSA; or a similar independent body. Their pay and conditions should be the same as MPs, and their conduct should be exemplary at all times.

The growing importance of the European Parliament, the Scottish referendum on independence and the ongoing debate on House of Lords reform will force us to re-examine our parliamentary system. Scandals involving party funding, cash for questions, drunken brawls, sexual shenanigans and fiddled expenses have destroyed the public’s faith in Parliament.  And this has been exacerbated by undeserved demands for more money. Guy Fawkes was in no doubt that Parliament was irredeemably corrupt but with a determined effort it can be reformed. We should give it one last chance before resorting to gunpowder.

Striking a Balance
“Dictators lose any sense of balance as they pursue their obsessive ambition into a world of unreality.” Benito Mussolini

Libertarians warn of the dangers of the surveillance state and whistle blowers reveal the extent of spying. But governments blame terrorism for the need to snoop on our telephone conversations and e-mails. The trouble is that they are both right. If governments are not restrained by an independent judiciary they become dictatorial, and if terrorists are not apprehended we suffer further atrocities. The trick is to strike a balance.
Every state has the right to control its borders and implement immigration policies. The UK has made little or no effort over the years to control immigration. We had customs and immigration officers at airports and ferry terminals but everybody knew that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants were entering the country. From time to time the police would round up a few illegals but they were usually released without charge. Big business needed workers and the cheaper the better. The Establishment parties pretended to be concerned but they effectively turned a blind eye to the influx.

All the time that the economy was booming nobody worried about immigration. The whites had the money to buy houses far away from the inner city ghettoes. And the government was collecting sufficient tax revenue to keep millions of people on the dole. But in 2008 the banks suffered a Minsky moment and had to be bailed out by the taxpayer. This was just after we admitted a million East Europeans who immediately found work, mostly in construction and agriculture. Because Poles and Lithuanians are white our newspapers were allowed to object to them. Blacks and Asians have been pouring in for the last half century but our gutless newspapers said nothing for fear of prosecution under the Race Act. Now populist movements like Ukip are demanding a total ban on immigration. We have gone from one extreme to another without achieving a sense of balance. The fact is that with an ageing population we may need immigrants in the future but we should choose them from kindred nations that can be easily assimilated.
And it’s the same with economics. The Labour Party believes in spending money to promote full employment and provide decent public services. The Tories, on the other hand, spend less but leave the taxpayers with more money in their pockets.  We all love the National Health Service. It’s one of the finest things this country ever did. But it must be managed like any other industry. There’s no limit to the money we could spend on the health service. We could forget about education, defence, transport and all our other commitments and spend our entire national income on the NHS. Once again, a sense of balance is needed.

Defence is another department in danger of running away with our money. The government expects the Trident update to cost £20 billion but Greenpeace puts it at £100 billion. The Tories want to spend the money but their Liberal Democrat coalition partners are looking for a cheaper option.
Every aspect of politics requires a sense of balance. When politicians lose it we end up with a Margaret Thatcher or a Gordon Brown; fanatics who pursued their doctrinaire policies to the bitter end.

In the name of Tradition
The Traditional Britain Group recently gained publicity by inviting Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg to address them. They describe themselves as traditional conservatives but many of the traditions they cherish serve no useful purpose. We will not save our race and nation by wallowing in the past; and certainly not be listening to Tory MPs.
The Amish and the Orthodox Jews have become trapped in the 18th century as far as their clothes are concerned. They think that God likes black hats so they will not wear anything else. That’s what happens when tradition takes over. Apparently sane people start flapping around in gowns like a superfluity of demented nuns.

The Church and the Law are noble institutions but they can save our souls and empty our bank accounts without resorting to fancy dress. The splendid regalia of the Archbishop of Canterbury may have impressed medieval peasants but today it looks ridiculous. And a courtroom with its judge and lawyers in powdered wigs could be straight out of Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera “Trial by Jury.”
At the State Opening of Parliament an MP is held hostage by the Crown against the Queen’s safe return. This dates back to the Civil War but it’s no way to run a modern industrial nation. Presumably, if Parliament refused to let her go the unfortunate hostage’s head would be chopped off and impaled on the railings of Buckingham Palace?

Some traditions have served us well and are worth keeping but many of them are instant traditions invented by Victorian PR gurus to promote the British Royal Family.

Joseph Goebbels performed much the same service for Adolf Hitler. The Germans enjoyed the brilliant choreography of the Nazi era; the flags, banners, drums and flaming torches. But the present generation is managing very well without them. They have given up goose stepping across borders and are enthusiastically making BMWs and generating a trillion dollar surplus without so much as a “Sieg Heil” to keep them going. These industrious and irrepressible people have achieved all of the Fuhrer’s economic objectives without firing a shot.
Five Questions Answered by Jane Edwards

We asked our readers the following five questions. Who are you? What do you believe in? If you could direct government policy what would you do? What are you proud of and what do you regret? How would you like to be remembered?
So far we have had replies from John Bean of the British Democrats # 76, Robert Edwards of European Action # 77, Bill Baillie of Nation Revisited # 78, Michael Woodbrige of Western Springs # 96, Eddy Morrison of the Nationalist Sentinel 97, Robert Best of the League of St George # 98, Arlette Baldacchino of Viva Malta # 99, Alex Morana from North America # 100, Rufus of News from Atlantis # 101, Pete Williamson of The White Way Home # 103, Claire Khaw of Voice of Reason 106.

Here is Jane Edwards of the British Democrats -
I am a middle-aged divorcee living with a 19-year-old son in Leicestershire. My former husband was hard-working Polish, but his nationality had nothing to do with our marriage break up.

Until the start of this century I had always voted Labour and in fact at one time was a convinced Socialist. Probably the main reason why I held this view was that Labour had always seemed to recognise women’s rights more than the Conservatives and although the Liberal Democrats paid lip-service to this view, it was lost in the general mish-mash of opinions that they held as a party. 

Having first had no objections to immigrants who came to this country to carry out useful work and were no more involved in crime than the average native-born Briton, like many, my views began to change in the Blair years, when I realised that in Leicester, like London and Birmingham the original Brits and other Europeans were becoming a minority.

I looked at BNP literature and its website but its leadership in general did not – and still doesn’t – appear to be genuine to me. However, I agreed with much of what John Bean said in his articles he wrote for them, particularly as he was more European-minded than Griffin and company. Obviously, this meant that I was not attracted to the insular Toryism of UKIP.

I corresponded with John Bean – but have never met him as yet – and he drew my attention to Nation Revisited and your support for the views of Sir Oswald Mosley. Reading some of Mosley’s life story and policies was certainly an eye-opener and from the image of him being a thug of the nobility, as the media would have us believe, I found he was a man of great intellect. Being a feminist, I was impressed by photos and reports of the importance of the women’s section of the British Union and the intelligence of his wife, Lady Diana Mosley.

If I could direct government policy I would apply the British Democratic Party’s belief that all further mass immigration should be halted and illegal immigrants deported as they had broken the law to get here. Secondly, although the present EU regime is too Marxist orientated in its practice, I would strengthen inter-European ties for the simple reason that there is no alternative for a white future.

I am most proud of the fact that my son has reached 19, actually has a reasonable job without going to University, and rejects drugs.

I would like to be remembered as somebody who realised before it was too late that we have been lied to time and again by the old party system. If the ‘wicked’ Oswald Mosley once used that expression, so what.
European Socialist Action –

The front page of European Socialist Action No 47 demands a Nuremburg Trial for the Americans. Robert Edwards lists some of the crimes committed by NATO forces around the world in pursuit world domination. And he offers an explanation for their permanent hostility.

 “United States foreign policy is based on permanent war. It is the neo-con strategy for imposing “freedom and democracy” on the rest of the world. Dreamed up by a gang of Jewish former Trotskyites, they took their global/internationalist perspective onto a different level. From the permanent revolution of their student days to permanent war as US policy.”
The Editorial implicates the Americans once again; in the military coup that removed the elected President of Egypt from power. In fact the Egyptian army has been running the show since General Neguib overthrew King Farouk in 1952. Morsi’s year in power was only a temporary aberration. My Egyptian barber welcomed the coup because the Egyptian economy is in trouble and tourism has collapsed. But I have no doubt that the Americans and Israelis are happy with the result.

On page three Robert Edwards looks at the origins of the left-right labels applied to politics. They have never been fit for purpose but since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the coming together of the Old Gang parties they are now meaningless. He also dismisses the notion that “nationalism” is necessarily anti-communist and points out that Stalin fought the Great Patriotic War as a nationalist crusade. He quotes from Stalin’s Marxism and the National Question:
“The right of self-determination means that only the nation itself has the right to determine its destiny, that no one has the right to forcibly interfere in the life of the
nation, to violate its habits and customs, to repress its language or curtail its rights.”

John Roberts describes his return to the Elbe after thirty years and marvels at the rebuilding of the Frauenkirche after the wanton destruction of Dresden in 1945. He mentions the similarity between the local Saxon people and the English and describes a German woman who, he said: “could have been my Mother.”
Scott Ullah looks at the environmental damage caused by unrestrained capitalism and calls for a united European approach to conservation.

A lively letters page rounds off an interesting and informative newspaper. ESA carries on its masthead the words: “We are performing the role of those who prepare.” And its mission statement begins: “No less than the creation of a European Nation State in the spirit of brotherhood and European kinship. That this Europe a Nation be embraced by all Europeans and to supersede and replace the EU and all such arrangements.”

The Meaning of an Enemy
First published in serial format in Combat magazine, the writings of Andrew Fountaine, the National Front’s first parliamentary candidate and later deputy leader, detail the causes of Europe’s slide into World War 11 and the effects on post-war Britain.

This book discusses the origins of World Wars 1 and 11, the rise of Nazi Germany, a highly critical evaluation of Winston Churchill (who, Fountaine points out started the terror bombing of civilians), the destruction of the British Empire, the effect of Christianity on modern society, and Third World immigration into Britain. This is an incisive overview, written in the no-holds barred style for which Fountaine became famous. With an introduction by Combat editor John Bean, and an appendix by Bill Baillie “Ten Years of Combat.”
Andrew Fountaine (1918-1997) was the son of Vice Admiral Charles Fountaine who had been naval ADC to King George V. He fought on Franco’s side during the Spanish Civil War against the Communists and served as a naval Lieutenant-Commander in the Pacific during World War 11.

Fountaine was also leader of two 1960s-era groups, the National Labour Party and the (then) British National Party. In 1979 he split with Tyndall and unsuccessfully challenged him for the leadership of the NF. Defeated, he formed the short-lived NF Constitutional Movement, later called the National Party. Within a short time, Fountaine became disillusioned with the in-fighting in British nationalist politics, and in 1981 retired to farm on his property near Swaffham.
The Meaning of an Enemy by Andrew Fountaine is available from Ostara Publications at £7.45 plus postage:

Views on the News
The crackdown on illegal immigrants was reported but it will be interesting to see how many are actually deported. Doreen Lawrence thinks that it’s a racist campaign but pictures published so far show white people being detained. It looks like a cynical propaganda stunt to persuade the punters not to vote for Ukip because everything is under control. They used the same tactics against the National Front in 1979.

Nobody wants to see drilling rigs and pipelines all over the countryside but shale gas will be exploited and the environment will be protected from the effects of fracking by existing rules governing gas production and distribution. When gas was made from coal we had tips, gasworks and gasholders, often in the centre of town. They were unsightly but they provided employment and power for over a hundred years.
Our newspapers have suffered a 25% fall in circulation since 2007. If this continues some of them are bound to cease publication. The Sun is fighting back with a website subscription linked to Sky Broadcasting. But there are too many newspapers chasing too few readers. This is a shame for those who earn their living from newspapers but it can only be good news for the nation. Our newspapers are mendacious rags totally subservient to the Money Power. We would be better off without them.

The Metropolitan Police have paid an undisclosed sum to the widow of Ian Tomlinson, a non-political bystander who was “accidently” killed by PC Simon Harwood at the London G20 demonstration in 2009. The police have accepted full responsibility but refuse to tell the taxpayers how much of their money they are paying out. We welcome their apology but their secrecy shows that they have not abandoned their culture of impunity.

Critics of foreign aid will be outraged by Britain’s support for Nigeria’s space programme, and the theft of £480,000 by the Somali terror group al-Shabaab. In 2012 UK foreign aid was behind Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium, but ahead of Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and France. We gave 0.48% of GDP but have now raised it to 0.7%. This might seem over generous at a time of austerity but most foreign aid is tied to trade deals. It also provides a bargaining chip when it comes to repatriating economic refugees.
Ukip chief executive Will Gilpin has given up trying to organize Ukip which he describes as “a bunch of enthusiastic amateurs.” His resignation follows the “bongo bongo” outburst by Godfrey Bloom, Stuart Wheeler’s dismissal of women in the boardroom, and Dean Perks’ support for cutting off the hands of thieves. All of this went down well with Nigel Farage who has decided to take direct control of the party. He leads a gang of populists who will say anything to please the mob. Cato the Elder ended ever speech with the words “Carthago delende est”; Nigel Farage ends his speeches with “Get Britain out of Europe.”