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Nation Revisited # 129, July 2017

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The Norwegian Option

Keeping the UK in the single market and the customs union has been ruled out by Theresa May. She is banking on a trade deal with the EU to save our financial services and our automotive and aerospace industries. But if all else fails there is another option. Norway is a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) together with Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The EFTA states have access to the single market but they have more independence.

If we joined EFTA we would not need a trade deal with the EU and our subscription would be less than we are currently paying. We need to stay in the single market for the sake of our economy. The immigration argument is a red herring because half of our immigrants come from outside Europe.
The Brexiteers used the refugee crisis to frighten the electorate but in 2015 the government set a target of 20,000 Syrians over the next five years. And there was nothing stopping us from keeping out the 164,000 non-EU immigrants who came to the UK in 2016.

A lame duck Tory government propped up by demanding Ulster Unionist is in no position to dictate terms. But the Norwegian option would satisfy everybody, except the anti-European fanatics, known in Westminster as the 'Bomb Berlin Brigade'. It should also be noted that the EFTA states enjoy the highest standards of living in Europe.

The goal of European unity remains, but it's more than twelve hundred years since the Emperor Charlemagne was crowned by Pope Leo 111, a few more years will not make much difference.

Eddy Morrison on David Myatt

(This article was posted by Eddy Morrison back in March in response to my premature obituary of Davis Myatt; who is very much alive) 

Myatt was and is a strange character which is an understatement of the first order. I knew him from 1970 to 1974 when we worked closely together in British Movement and together we co-founded the National Democratic Freedom Movement. Why I picked that name is obscure but it was based on my studies of the NSDAP whilst Hitler was imprisoned in Landsberg after the 1923 Munich putsch.

I was close to David and we each knew the others limitations and conversely the positive sides of our respective nature.
Many found David hard to like and I often had to excert my personal authority to prevent some of the more physical members of the National Democratic Freedom Movement from extracting a revenge for some of his outlandish actions.
We parted company after Myatt's attraction to Satanism became a serious political problem.

We kept in touch but he finally left Leeds in I think 1975 to live the life of an intellectual hermit. Before he wandered off to seek for himself in some sad yet also brave journey- I had mixed feelings. We had been extremely close Comrades and accomplished much that later made Leeds into a stronghold of White Nationalism. If he had kept away from Satanism, I believe he would have stuck to his commitment to National Socialism as I have. He would not have gone through the appalling stupidity of becoming a Muslim.

I knew he was like me an atheist. And, like myself a pantheist who believed that National Socialism is the political expression of Nature and follows Nature's iron laws from out of which grew National Socialism.

I am forever grateful to him for giving me his impressive collection of Nationalist books before, like the Zarathustra he loved- went into the desert to 'find his inner self'. Contrary to what he has written and said I believe these are all wayward paths from his core belief in the philosophy and ethos of the National Socialist world view.

The Dogma of the Far Right

AK Chesterton split with Oswald Mosley before the war. He founded the League of Empire Loyalists in the fifties in an 
attempt to save the British Empire, but it was already too late; India achieved independence and the African colonies soon followed. This extract from Candour of March 1957 sums up his worldview:

"This periodical, in pursuit of its declared aim, conducts an intensive research into the organisation of power in the modern world, and never deterred from publishing the results, however displeasing their publication may be to the masters of international policy. What needs to be known before all else is that which meets with most scepticism from the uniformed - that the fact that the organisation of power rarely derives from governmental initiative, but owes its inspiration to groups who deliberate and plan far from the public gaze. International affairs, despite the ballyhoo of "summit" conferences and the flitting across the earth's surface of self-important Ministers, are at their fount and origin the affairs of a small body of instigators whose true motives are not proclaimed. In other words, our fate for all practical purposes is in the hands of a secret society."

Conspiracy theory is the dogma of the far-right. Those who subscribe to it think that leaving the EU will be our salvation, but an isolated Britain would still import cheap goods and labour and export jobs because that's what we have been doing since the days of the East India Company. 

Capitalists are powerful but they often fall out amongst themselves. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both fabulously wealthy but they have very different policies, and there is no consensus between Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, China, India, North Korea, Russia, the EU, the US, and the UK. Nations have their own agendas.

Global capitalism and mass migration will only be controlled when Europe defends her external borders and uses her vast economic power to relieve poverty in Africa. The Tories will never stop importing cheap labour from the 'Commonwealth', and nor will the Labour Party, or the Lib Dems. It's a cruel deception to pretend that leaving the EU will do anything to protect our heritage.

Life After Brexit

Theresa May's kamikaze election has resulted in chaos.
Shambolic David Davis is wasting his time. If we want access to the single market we must abide by the rules of the Lisbon Treaty which guarantee free movement of labour, goods and services. But first we must pay the divorce bill, accept EU workers in the UK, and sort out the border with Ireland. It 
would be easier to stay as we are, or explore the Norwegian option already outlined.

Our problems will not go away if we leave the EU. The skills shortage throughout industry will take years to put right. We need to train thousands of doctors, nurses, vets, technicians, engineers, scientists, and construction workers. Of course, we can train our own people but it will take time and we will not be able to stop immigration straight away.

We also need to re-balance our economy. There is too much activity in the South East and not enough in the North and the West. 

Law and Order is directly related to education. Our booming prison population is mostly illiterate and many of them are unemployable. Our universities are centres of excellence but far too many pupils leave school with no qualifications.

Our power plants are worn out and the nuclear option is looking increasingly unlikely after the Fukushima disaster in Japan and the Westinghouse bankruptcy in America. Nuclear power is too dangerous both financially and ecologically. We need a new generation of gas-fired power plants but our subsidised power companies are reluctant to build them.

Our armed forces are desperately short of money and the MOD is planning further cuts. Our half-hearted interventions in the Middle East, and our replacement of the American Trident missile system, have depleted the defence budget. 

But perhaps the most pressing problem is the housing crisis. Our young people can't afford to buy or rent houses, and despite repeated government promises, the situation is getting worse instead of better.

None of these problems depend on Brexit. The entire anti-European campaign was a pointless diversion based on fantasies of 'independence' and dreams of imperial glory. Leaving the EU will not stop immigration, it will not make more money available to the NHS, and it will not wipe out our crippling national debt. The Leavers have been blaming all our troubles on Europe for more than forty years but they are about to discover the truth.

Brexit will not enable us to control Chinese steel production, or Saudi oil production. We will still depend on foreign trade and we will have to abide by the rules of the World Trade Organisation.  

We will eventually take our place in Europe but we are 
following tradition. We were the last country in Western Europe to adopt the Gregorian Calendar, the last to use decimal currency, the last to adopt metric weights and measures, and one of the last to have capital punishment. We will get there in the end but first we will have to go through a period of indecision. It's what we always do.


Cars have long been managed by computers and mechanics rely on their diagnosis, We now have machines that can find out what's wrong with us, decide on a course of treatment, and carry out surgery as required. At present we still need mechanics and doctors but the time is coming when cars and people will be maintained by computers.

The Parliamentary TV channel is a revelation. When a Bill has been discussed in The House of Commons the Speaker takes a headcount but if the result is not clear he orders his MPs into separate lobbies to be counted. Electronic counting is used all over the world  but we are still living in the past. In fact, if all the arguments for and against a proposal were fed into a computer it would make an informed decision and post the result immediately. We could do without the infantile behaviour of men and women who abandon common sense when they enter the House of Commons. 

But just as the public are reluctant to ride automatic trains, so they are wary of government by computer. They have to be 
persuaded to accept new ideas. When Selfriges installed the first escalators in their Oxford Street department store they hired a man with a wooden leg to ride up and down all day to prove how safe it was. We need a similar gimmick to persuade the punters that we don't need 650 overpaid and underworked MPs to run the country. 

When Theresa May informed President Tusk of her decision to quit the EU she was pictured writing with a fountain pen on embossed writing paper. The letter was then sent be hand to Brussels. What was wrong with sending an email? Why do we insist on using outdated methods? If the Tories believe their own propaganda about Britain being open for business they should dump their old-fashioned ways and join the 21st century.

Notice to Readers

Some readers send me links to websites promoting causes dear to their hearts but few of them interest me. I was raised in the Church of England and I believe in European unity and social justice. I am not interested in alternative religions or petty nationalism. I don't care if the Jews are the real Jews. I am not interested in the Freemasons, or The Illuminati. And I don't believe that the world has been taken over by shape-shifting reptilians. In my na├»ve and simple 
way I believe that the world is driven by economics and that education is the key to progress.

Some nationalists believe in a 'Confederation of European States', but history is not on their side. One of the first things the German National Socialists did when they came to power was to invade Austria, kill their Chancellor and take over the country. Not to be outdone, the Italian Fascists 
invaded Albania and Greece. Nationalist are usually hostile to their neighbours and their leaders seldom get on together.

Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness. Belfast Telegraph

The Good Friday Agreement was an exception. Ian Paisley of the Ulster Unionists and Martin McGuinness of Sinn Fein  discovered that they had much in common. In fact, they got on so well that they were dubbed the 'Chuckle Brothers'. But both men are now dead and who knows what the future holds. By flirting with the DUP Theresa May has
endangered the peace process. 

Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland should both be part of united Europe; nobody wants to go back to barbed wire and watchtowers on the border. But we must drop romantic notions of sovereignty. We have not fed ourselves since the eighteenth century and we had to rely on American financial and military help in two world wars. The idea of Britain standing alone against the world is nonsense. We are Europeans by every measure and our place is in Europe.

Right Wing Paranoia

Western Spring warns us to beware of Facebook and Twitter and to use private email and Internet servers. They believe that 'Cultural Marxists' trained by the Frankfurt School are
implementing the Kalergi Plan to destroy the White Race. They describe the EU as a 'genocidal tyranny', and they are
deeply suspicious of the State. 

We rely on the State to protect us from terrorism. The police made a fatal mistake when they assassinated Jean Charles Menezes at Stockwell Station in 2005, but they usually get the right man, as they did at London Bridge. People who make bombs, carry weapons, or promote violence should be locked up. The Norwegian 'patriot' Anders Breivik killed 77 young people and injured 319 in order to promote his demented 'manifesto' in 2011. He is just as wicked as the terrorists who struck in Manchester and London.

            Anders Breivik (picture by Counter Currents)

Nationalists and jihadists share a hatred of foreigners, an intolerance of diversity, and a suspicion of authority that can lead to murder. They dehumanise their victims by calling them 'aliens' or 'unbelievers', and they attempt to justify the planting of bombs in public places, or the dropping of bombs on crowded cities. When the Rwanda genocide of 1994 took the lives of a million Tutsis members of the Hutu government went on Radio Television Libre to incite rape and murder. 
And when General Curtiss Le May firebombed the city of Tokyo in 1945 he said "we are frying tonight."  

I sometimes receive mail in envelopes that have been sealed with Sellotape. This is meant to stop Special Branch from knowing the contents, but the strip of tape probably alerts them. I also get comments from anonymous, or bashful,
people who call themselves "Nordic Warrior" or something just as dramatic. They are suspicious of "The State" but I am suspicious of people who hide behind false names.  

All states spy on their citizens. The Inland Revenue needs to know how much you earn in order to tax you fairly, the Police need to know what websites you are visiting, in case you are a suicide bomber or a child-molester, and your insurance company needs your medical records. Unless you live on a desert island you are bound to be on file. But if you are a law-abiding citizen you have nothing to fear; it's called civilisation.

Avril Walters

                 Avril Walters photo AK Chesterton Trust

I recently received an email from Colin Todd the editor of Candour magazine. He had been contacted by Jeremy Oliver, Avril Walters' son, who was born in South Africa in 1963. I was pleased to put Jeremy in touch with Martin Webster, John Bean, Aidan Mackey, and Dennis Whiting. All surviving Empire Loyalists who knew his mother in the old days. And all of them still active more than half a century later. Jeremy never met his mother who died in 2010 but we were able to share with him some of our memories of a remarkable woman.

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