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Nation Revisited # 104, June 2013


Ukip: an unnecessary distraction
The UK has an annual deficit of £120 bn and a national debt approaching £1.2 trillion. We would not owe one penny less by leaving the EU. We are facing years of hardship and desperately need a Government of National Unity that’s above party politics and empowered to act. But Ukip got 25% of the votes in the local elections.

They are spreading alarmist propaganda about a Romanian invasion but most immigrants are from outside the EU. The largest groups of people coming to the UK are from Ireland, India, Pakistan, and the Caribbean. By conflating immigration with the EU they are threatening to cast us adrift in a global recession.
When interest rates inevitably go up Britain’s debt will become unsustainable and we will run out of credit. But we are not a peripheral economy like Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Greece or Cyprus that can be bailed out by the IMF or the ECB. We are a major economy dependant on imported food and oil with 63 million mouths to feed.

Ukip is an unnecessary distraction at a time of unprecedented national danger. They are trying to push the Tories further to the right but by stealing votes they will guarantee a Labour Party victory in 2015. They are currently obsessed with the EU but their roots go back to the 17th century.
The Great Fire of London in 1666 destroyed most of the city and a scapegoat was quickly found. Robert Hubert was a French watchmaker who admitted, under “interrogation”, to starting the fire on the orders of the Pope. He was hanged at Tyburn on 28th September 1666 and the fact that he only arrived in London two days after the fire started was not allowed to interfere with British justice. The evidence was conclusive; he was not only a foreigner but also a Catholic. There was much celebrating at Robert’s hanging. Londoners expressed their patriotism by getting drunk, screaming sectarian abuse and throwing rotten fruit at the scaffold. The execution of a foreigner has always been a crowd pleaser.

Today’s outraged patriots are more sophisticated. Their leader Nigel Farage is married to a German woman; many of them enjoy a glass of Burgundy, and some of them have retired to Spain. They insist that they are not anti-European but their protests are as unconvincing as the figures they pluck out of thin air. Their real motivation is good old-fashioned xenophobia – a fear and loathing of foreigners. They are not as violent as the mindless thugs that shout obscenities at football matches but they share some of the same attitudes.

Their hostility is founded on ignorance and fanned by prejudice. If they knew that we are Europeans by race and culture they might understand how the United Kingdom came about and realize that federation with our neighbours is mutually beneficial. They would see the possibilities of unity and stop worrying unnecessarily about losing their nationality. But instead of trying to educate them the popular press encourages tribalism and unscrupulous politicians compete with each other in displays of gratuitous flag waving. Dr Samuel Johnson was right when he said: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”
Ukip call the EU a capitalist racket but their progenitor was Jimmy Goldsmith, a cousin of the Rothschilds; and they are promoted by the billionaire press barons Rupert Murdoch, Richard Desmond, Jonathan Harmsworth and the Barclay Brothers. They are as confused about capitalism as they are about immigration. Dave Cameron’s promise to limit immigration is reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher’s 1979 statement that she understood people’s fears of “being swamped”. But soon after she said it she let in the Vietnamese boat people. Only a few weeks ago Dave Cameron was in India on a recruitment drive but now he is promising immigration controls. There is no difference between the “mad swivel-eyed loons” of the Tory Party and the “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” of Ukip; they are the massed ranks of reaction that we are pledged to fight against.

Peter Ferguson RIP
We regret to announce the death of our comrade Peter Ferguson. He was a former officer in the Royal Navy, a lifelong supporter of Union Movement and a dedicated Mosley man. He was born on 26th January 1930 and died in Brighton on 19th April 2013. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

The victims of the Boston bombers were not yet buried when the cloak and dagger enthusiasts accused the security forces of their murders. This is not the first time they have blamed the American authorities for mass murder. In his 1997 book “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton” Ambrose Evans-Pritchard the imaginative business editor of the Daily Telegraph claimed that the Oklahoma City bombing was the work of the FBI: an allegation that was quickly accepted by the conspiracy theorists.

The 9/11 atrocity competes with the JFK assassination and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as the mother of all conspiracy theories. They have spawned an industry and produced enough books and videos to stock a library.
Not to be outdone an American called Bill Kaysing has written a book called “We Never Went to the Moon.” According to him the Apollo programme was a hoax to bamboozle the American public into accepting higher taxes. This insane drivel has been aired on several right wing websites on both sides of the Atlantic. Bill Kaysing and his supporters maintain that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and the other nine Astronauts who went to the Moon are all telling lies.

For the record: the Second World War was a direct result of the unfair terms and conditions imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. It resulted in the deaths of 60 million people worldwide including the European Jews.
The Oklahoma City bombing which killed 168 people and injured over 800 was the work of Tim McVeigh a 33 year-old decorated Gulf War veteran who was rejected by the US Special Forces on psychological grounds. He was found guilty and executed.

In 1963 President John F Kennedy was shot dead and Texas Governor John Connelly was wounded by Lee Harvey Oswald who was himself shot dead by Jack Ruby. The Warren Commission found that both assassins had acted alone.
The Apollo programme employed thousands of operatives, cost over $30 billion from 1961 to 1972 ($200 billion in today’s money) and brought back 382 kg of moon rock.

The 9/11 atrocity of 2001 was carried out by 19 Arab terrorists led by Mohammed Atta a 43 year-old Egyptian. All of them were killed along with 3,000 innocent victims. Osama Bin Laden who allegedly planned the operation was reportedly killed in Pakistan by American Navy Seal commandos in 2011.
We can’t completely rule out conspiracies but most things have simple explanations and a suspect holding a smoking gun at a crime scene is often the guilty party.

The Mad Major
The popular author Alan Sillitoe was one of the “Angry Young Men” who wrote kitchen sink dramas like “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning” and “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.” But his 1972 book “Raw Material” plumbed new depths of class-war propaganda when he accused Lt Colonel Graham Seton-Hutchinson of murdering deserters during WW1.

All of the British fascist leaders had distinguished military careers in WW1. Oswald Mosley served in the Lancers and the Royal Flying Corps on the Western Front. Arnold Leese served in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps in France and the Middle East. And Rotha Lintorn-Orman drove ambulances under fire and was decorated for her part in the Serbian campaign. But Graham Seton-Hutchinson captured the imagination of his readers with glowing accounts of his wartime exploits.
He was born in 1890. After serving with the King’s Own Scottish Borderers in Africa he joined the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in 1914 and rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in command of the Machine Gun Corps. He was opposed to retreat under any circumstances and was linked to an incident in March 1918. In his published memoir “I Was There” he explained his actions:

“We discovered at the Belle Croix estaminet a crown of stragglers, fighting drunk. We routed them out and with a machine gun trained on them we sent them back towards the enemy. They perished to a man.”

He was mentioned four times in dispatches and awarded the MC and the DSO. In 1921 Kenneth Alford penned his stirring march “The Mad Major” in his honour.   
He stood unsuccessfully as a Liberal Party candidate in Uxbridge in 1923 but soon became disillusioned with democracy. He flirted with Rotha Lintorn-Orman’s British Fascists, Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists and Arnold Leese’s Imperial Fascist League before founding the British Empire Fascist Party in 1933. This was renamed the National Socialist Workers’ Party and modeled on the German Nazi Party.

In 1936 he accused Labour Party leader Clement Attlee of being a Jewish warmonger. Attlee sued for libel but withdrew the action when Seton-Hutchison apologized.
He was given privileged access to the Nuremburg rallies and his sympathetic articles were published in German and Austrian newspapers.

The NSWP was a tiny movement compared to the BUF but it was active in the East End of London and joined Maule Ramsay MP and the other fascist parties in the peace campaign co-ordinated by the Nordic League. That ended in 1940 when Winston Churchill used the threat of invasion to round up most of the leading fascists under the infamous Defence Regulation 18B. Graham Seton-Hutchinson wrote to Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden volunteering for active service and offering to reorganize the Machine Gun Corps, but his offer was not taken up. He survived the war and died in 1946 at the age of 56.
The fascist leaders can’t be dismissed as traitors because they fought bravely for the British Empire in the First World War. In 1939 Oswald Mosley ordered his followers to fight for King and Country, and so did Arnold Leese. AK Chesterton and Graham Seton-Hutchinson volunteered for military service but William Joyce and John Amery actively supported the Axis cause and paid with their lives.

When the German lawyer Horst Mahler was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for Holocaust denial in 2009 he was asked why he changed from supporting the Baader Meinhoff terrorists in the 1970s to trying to revive National Socialism. He replied that his politics had changed but he still had the same enemies.
The same is true of the pre-war British nationalist movements. There was a world of difference between the interventionist policies of Oswald Mosley and the obsessive racism of Arnold Leese - but they had the same enemies.

Comments on NR # 103

Dear Bill, Thank you once again for an interesting NR. It was refreshing to hear the views of Sid Williamson who I met once on a “Free Ernst Zundel,” demo. I say “refreshing” because there was no polish or pretence; not that pretence characterises your Blog of course.

I would take issue with you about the German M.P.s during Hitler’s time. It’s worth remembering that the National Socialist government was established in a completely different era and, although there’re bound to be exceptions, can’t be viewed with the same cynicism as we view our own.

Kind regards, Michael Woodbridge –
Hi Bill, Many thanks for the latest NR, very well written and thought through as usual.
But I have at last found something to disagree with you on and it’s in the first article.
I don’t believe that our large welfare budget is caused by a large percentage of the British unemployed being work shy. I think that the answer is far simpler than that – there are 2,500,000 unemployed and only 250,000 vacancies. This is thanks to the way recent Governments were too busy fiddling their expenses to notice the bankers had their fingers in the till.

The overwhelming majority of British people would jump at the chance of a job: their aspirations go far beyond the £70 a week Jobseekers plus Housing Benefit. But 2,500,000 into 250,000 simply won’t go.

In order to get the welfare budget down, the Tories have started a snide campaign of demonization of all people on benefits. They’d like to shame genuinely unemployed and disabled people who can’t find a job into forgoing their rights to benefits, either voluntarily or by force.

The very small number of real scroungers who refuse to work but take benefits should be hunted down by the Police and punished like the criminals and thieves they clearly are. So why hasn’t the Government done this already?

Deliberately throwing people out of work and then stigmatising them when they apply for benefits to feed themselves and their family is dishonest and reprehensible. But gradually people are coming to accept the scrounger line.
Regards, Jeff Wallder –

The Open Eye of Paul Collins (From Action No 81, October 1992)
This is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Mosley movement. For all but sixteen of those years – eight if one includes the war years and their immediate aftermath – its policies have been built around the political union of Europe.

Mosley was the first British leader of prominence to beckon his countrymen towards their European inheritance, a corollary of having been the first to have concluded that the war had destroyed the British Empire and with it any prospect of an independent Britain.
If it is the drama, emotion, pageantry and mass appeal of British Union which commands the most attention, the courage, tenacity and vision of all those who fought the post-war cause of Union Movement deserves a special place in our esteem.

For while British Union was a mass movement of the “Now”, Union Movement was a mass movement in embryo, advancing imperceptibly across a complacent, inhospitable terrain, broken here and there by sudden rushes. It was a long hard slog performed against an uncompromising backcloth of full employment, frustrated by the legacy of wartime propaganda, and an almost total Establishment smother on meetings and marches. Perhaps never was that quality so admired by Mosley, the power to endure, more tested or more proven.
The great policies for which Union Movement stood – British leadership in the union of Europe a Nation, a massive rehousing programme, government partnership with industry, worker participation, no coloured immigration, and the encouragement of separate white and black nations in Africa south of the Sahara – stand in starkest possible contrast with what has come to pass at the hands of the old parties. As for the awakening of the great national spirit of brotherhood and endeavour for which Union Movement, like British Union, stood, and for which they were a microcosm, the reality of contemporary Britain provides a counterpoint of degradation and shame.

I do not believe this decline is limitless or irreversible. The spirit lives, the rest will follow.

Editor: Oswald Mosley died in 1980 and Action Society was wound up in 1994 but its policies are as vital as ever. The world has changed in the last twenty years; the threat of Soviet Communism has gone away and Africa has exchanged European for Chinese colonialism. The crisis of capitalism predicted by Oswald Mosley has come to pass and the first steps have been taken towards geopolitical union. At present the reactionary right is capturing the headlines and the Tory coalition government is in trouble. As WB Yeats wrote: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.” But we still fight for “Europe a Nation” and an end to non-European immigration.

Julius Evola – The Mad Monarchist -
It was on this day (May 19) in 1892 that the thinker and writer Julius Evola was born; a staunch monarchist, ultra-traditionalist, anti-egalitarian and an ardent believer in a great deal of hocus pocus. He is often credited with introducing the concept of the “radical traditionalist” or (contradictory as this may sound) the “conservative revolutionary.” However he is not so controversial because of any of that, most people having never read his books and those who have, few have probably been able to grasp their meaning – especially when he started getting into all of his mystical mumbo-jumbo. No, what makes Evola controversial is his association with Fascism and even National Socialism (especially the dreaded SS). That however is unfair and could probably have been put to rest long ago were it not for the neo-Fascists and neo-Nazis constantly quoting and citing Evola to try to provide something that sounds intellectual for their political agenda which usually lacks any real agenda anyway besides “we want what we want” and can never be consistent. The fact is that Evola was never a member of the National Fascist Party nor the Nazi Party with whom he had some major disagreements. In fact he often described himself as an anti-Fascist at a time when this was not popular.

Evola was a very complex and somewhat odd man but if one were to label him one thing more than any other in political terms it would have been “monarchist.” In fact, one of his problems was the division created between the Duce and the King. Eventually, of course, the King was ejected by the Italian Social Republic. Evola wrote that, “We can reasonably affirm that a true Right without the monarchy ends up deprived of its natural centre of gravity and crystallization, because in almost all traditional states the principle reference point for realizing the independent and stable principle of pure political authority has been the crown.”
Despite his name being used these days by people calling themselves the advocates of a “third way” or “third position” Evola was nothing of the sort. He was never trying to be something other than “left” or “right” but rather more “right” than most people had become used to in the post-revolutionary world.

Both the Fascists and the National Socialists were originally republican. The Fascists dropped republicanism (only to re-embrace it in their twilight) while the Nazis remained devoted to it. Evola had a big problem, not only with the mentality that brought it about. His idea of leadership was based on a spiritual sort of authority, not the leadership of a champion of the great mass of the public, advanced by popularity. He said, concerning his idea of leadership that. “This ideal implies the affirmation not only of the concept and right of the nobility, but also of the monarchy. It must be renewed, strengthened and dynamized as an organic, central absolution function that embodies the might of power and the light of the spirit in a single being; then the monarchy is truly the act of a whole race, and leads beyond all that is bound by blood and soil. Only then is one justified to speak of an Imperium.” This was, of course, contrary to what ultimately came about with the efforts to compartmentalize and diminish the monarchy whenever the higher, ancient, sacred institution became inconvenient for the government. At most Evola can be said to have viewed the Fascists as the least objectionable alternative and a movement which could be purified and adjusted to become something better than it started out as. He was never happy with is as it was nor did he ever even view it as complete.

Parrot Fashion
Years ago the Jolly Gardeners pub had a parrot that shouted “time gentlemen please” all day long. This was disconcerting for visitors but the regulars took no notice of him; he was just a brainless parrot who didn’t know what he was saying. Some people remind me of that old bird because they constantly shout “Marxist” - just like a parrot.

Karl Marx was a baptized Lutheran who despised Jews and famously accused his fellow countryman Ferdinand Lassalle of being “part nigger.” But despite Marx’s bigotry any sign of multi-racialism is met with cries of “Marxist,” and advertisements featuring people of different races are frequently denounced as “Marxist”.
The academics of the notorious Frankfurt School may have been colour blind but so are the account executives and sales managers of Coca Cola and Benetton who want people of all races to buy their products.

It’s nonsense to blame Marxism for race mixing when the mulatto populations of the world were established hundreds of years before the birth of Karl Marx. Multiracialism may be approved by left-wing academics but few of the white mothers pushing black babies have ever read Das Kapital.
It is perfectly legitimate to want to preserve the white race and to encourage the resettlement of non-Europeans. But it’s ridiculous to keep shouting “Marxist” at people who have never heard of Karl Marx. The best way to defend our race and culture is to promote European consciousness. Racial hatred is cruel and destructive but the study of our history is entirely positive. Sensible people can take a pride in their race and nation without denigrating others.

Marxism called for nationalization and central planning. Infrastructure services lend themselves to this solution but most industries benefit from competition. Marxism was a failed experiment. It did not depend on multi-racialism; that’s essentially a modern phenomenon linked to liberal democracy and global capitalism. Immigration is driven by the supply and demand for labour. It will be controlled by dialogue between nations but not by using outdated political abuse.