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Nation Revisited # 120 October 2016

Loved Ones - Diana Mosley

This book review by Father Brocard Sewell was published in Lodestar in 1985. Father Brocard Sewell (1912-2000) was a Carmelite friar, a literary figure, and a supporter of Union Movement. Diana Mosley (1910-2003) was the wife of Oswald Mosley, a gifted writer and a dedicated European. Loved Ones is available from Amazon.

Both supporters and opponents of Sir Oswald Mosley who read this book - and I hope they will all read it - will probably turn first to Lady Mosley's fifty-page memoir of her husband, although it appears as the last of the seven biographical studies which make up this volume. It goes without saying that this is an especially valuable coda, so to say, to Mosley's My Life and Robert Skidelsky's Oswald Mosley. It is also a valuable corrective, if such were needed to a recent denigratory biography of Mosley; but happily this damp squib seems to have done little damage, and to be already forgotten. In her important study Lady Mosley is not concerned with her subjects political views and activities, save indirectly, but in a ten-page appendix she corrects a number of still current errors and distortions in this context, and places on record some facts which it would not be easy to find elsewhere.

Everyone who has read Lady Mosley's A Life of Contrasts and Sir Harold Acton's Nancy Mitford: A Memoir will be glad to encounter again some of the people who appear in these two earlier books, and are here written of more fully. I much enjoyed the full-length study of the remarkable Mrs Hammersley who might have stepped from the pages of the delightful but now forgotten, catholic novels of Mrs Wilfred Ward and John Ayscough (Monsignor Bickerstaff-Drew). And surely everybody of a European outlook must appreciate the study of Prince and Princess Clary. (It is sad that A European Past - the English edition of Prince Alfons Clary-Aldringen's valuable book Geshichten eines alten Oesterreichers - though recently published is out of print.

The highly sympathetic and appreciative essay on Lytton Strachey and Carrington is in part a defence of Strachey’s literary achievements – now perhaps rather underestimated by the cognoscenti. It would be hard to imagine anyone writing unsympathetically of that fine painter and good woman Carrington, whose life ended so sadly, but there is a rare quality of loving perceptiveness in what is said about her in these pages.

Professor Derek Jackson FRS, Lady Mosley's brother-in-law. (d 1982), is little known to the general public. A distinguished physicist, daring steeplechase rider, and gallant aviator in the wartime RAF, he received substantial obituary notices in The Times and is the subject of a lengthy entry in Biographical Memoirs of fellows of the Royal Society. One presumes that he will be recorded in the Dictionary of National Biography, but one can one be sure? The editorial policy of that national pantheon is erratic to say the least. For that reason alone Diana Mosley's skilful pen-portrait of this outstanding man is greatly to be welcomed.

Lord Berners, aesthete, writer and composer, would surely be pleased with the elegant tribute that he here receives; and I think that Evelyn Waugh would enjoy his too.

I could wish that Lady Mosley had included in her portrait gallery her friend the Polish-French Dominican, Pere Alex-Ceslas Rzewuski (1883-1982), whose autobiography, A Travers L'invisible cristal, must surely one day appear in English translation; but perhaps he is being held in reserve for a possible companion to the present volume?

It only remains to say that the design of this book and its presentation are admirable, and that its fascinating contents are enhanced by the very large number of illustrations, clearly reproduced from photographs. A book to treasure.

Trial of the Viking Finger - John Bean

John Bean is an author best known for his earlier works. Ten Miles from Anywhere chronicled village life in Wickhambrook, Suffolk, from 1973 to 1994. Many Shades of Black was an insightful account of the British far-right movements. And Blood in the Square was a political novel inspired by actual events. All of them were partly biographical and contained more than a hint of social commentary. His latest book Trail of the Viking Finger is no exception.  It traces the history of the Byrne family from the brothers Bjorne and Ragnar Dagson retreating from the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, to the Byrne family living in Swanley, Kent in 1931. He calls upon his knowledge of history and anthropology to describe generations of struggle and survival.  This is dramatic account of ordinary people who suffered the passions and changing fortunes of nine hundred years; a sympathetic study of the Byrne family that is well worth reading.

For an autographed copy of Trail of the Viking Finger send £10.00 to John Bean, East Cottage, Wickhambrook, Newmarket CB8 8YA.

The National Health Service

The cost of the NHS is rising by 4% every year. The government will have to find an additional £10 billion to keep it going but they are reluctant to increase taxation. Much of the service is already privatised; GPs, opticians, dentists, 
care home providers, pharmacists, medical suppliers, building and maintenance contractors are all private companies. Mobs of angry demonstrators shouting abuse at the Health Minister cannot dismantle a system that has evolved over the years.

The government has to strike a balance between public spending and taxation. If they get it wrong they are thrown out of office and a new government takes over. The National Health Service is a victim of its own success. Every new operation, and every new drug costs more money. The NHS is probably the best thing that this country ever did. Nobody has to worry about the cost of medical treatment or the competence of the doctors and nurses. We have one of the best health care services in the world and we are justifiably proud of it.

But things have changed since the NHS was set up in the 1940s. Many firms now offer medical care as part of their salary package. This is anathema to the doctrinaire Left but some people are prepared to pay for private medical care and education. If we banned private schools and hospitals we would lose the services that they provide as well as the taxes they pay.

The noisy demonstrators waving placards outside our great teaching hospitals are driven by dogma. They believe that the NHS should be run by the trade unions. When Lambeth Council fell under the control of the Militant Tendency in the seventies, cleaners and maintenance staff were put in charge. It all ended in chaos when the money ran out and the government was forced to intervene. But this exercise in 'democracy' shows what can happen when empty-headed political agitators get their own way.


The democratic system all over the world has degenerated into a voluntary dictatorship where the political parties are almost identical and real power is in the hands of big business. In Europe and North America immigration is a major concern. All sorts of arguments in favour of immigration are used by unscrupulous politicians but the subject is seldom viewed objectively.

The fact is that the United States is a massive economy with a voracious appetite for labour. On her southern border lies Mexico, an emerging country with a teeming population of 120 millions. Labour and capital will always seek employment, so it’s inevitable that poor Mexicans will head north to work in the fields and factories of America.

The European Union is in the same position. Britain, France and Germany employ vast numbers of Africans and Asians who are prepared to risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean in flimsy boats to get to the Promised Land.

On both sides of the Atlantic populist politicians are shouting slogans, waving flags and making promises. In America presidential hopeful Donald Trump talks about building a wall on the Mexican border. In France Marine le Pen threatens deportation for any immigrant who resists assimilation. And in the UK Boris Johnson is the champion of the discontented. These flamboyant characters may be unprincipled charlatans but they say the right things.

Donald Trump is up against Hilary Clinton who is accused of corruption. Marine Le Pen is faced either with Francois Holland, the most unpopular president in French history, or Nicolas Sarkozy who runs him a close second. And if Boris Johnson ever manages to unseat Theresa May he would face Jeremy Corbin, an eternal student who leads the Labour Party.

Whoever the punters vote for they will still get more Third World immigrants because the big businesses that run the world are addicted to cheap labour. What a wonderful system the Greeks came up with when they invented democracy - and what a pity they didn’t keep it to themselves.

The State

None of the great leaders of nations set out to give their people a hard time and go down in history as tyrants. Most of them started out with good intentions but were overtaken by events. Vladimir Lenin 1870-1924 was such a man. He was the son of a Russian Orthodox father and a Lutheran mother. There no evidence that he was Jewish or that he ever identified with Judaism. Lenin was the man of action who tried to build the egalitarian socialist state imagined by Karl Marx, who was an anti-Semitic German of Jewish descent. It is one of the great ironies of history that Lenin presided over one of the bloodiest regimes in history. Nobody reads him anymore, which is a pity because he knew a thing or two about history. In 1919 he gave a lecture to Sverdlov University on The State. The following passage gives his views on parliamentary democracy:

“I have already advised you to turn for help to Engels’ book, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State. This book says that every state in which private ownership of the land and means of production exists, in which capital dominates, however democratic it may be, is a capitalist state, a machine used by the capitalists to keep the working class and the poor peasants in subjection; while universal suffrage, a Constituent Assembly, parliament are merely a form, a sort of promissory note, which does not alter the essence of the matter.”

Lenin believed that the Bolshevik Revolution would liberate the working class but millions perished as a result of it.

“The proletariat casts aside the machine which was called the state and before which people bowed in superstitious awe, believing the old tales that it means popular rule – the proletariat casts aside this machine and declares that it is a bourgeois lie. We have deprived the capitalists of this machine and have taken it over. With this machine, or bludgeon, we shall destroy all exploitation. And when the possibility of exploitation no longer exists anywhere in the world, when there are no longer owners of land and owners of factories, and when there is no longer a situation in which some gorge while others starves – only when the possibility of this no longer exists shall we consign this machine to scrap heap. Then there will be no state and no exploitation. Such is the view of our Communist Party. I hope that we shall return to this subject in subsequent lectures, and return to it again and again.”

The Soviet Union survived the Civil War, the Second World War, and the Cold War but it collapsed in 1991. Conditions for most Soviet citizens have improved greatly since the days of the Romanovs, but the same could be said for Europeans and Americans. It is science and technology that advances mankind not politics.

American Foreign Policy

George Orwell's designation of Britain as 'Airstrip One' has come true. The USAF bombs the Middle East from British bases and 10,000 American troops are stationed in the UK. In 1944 we were bankrupt and forced to sign the Bretton Woods Agreement to get a lifesaving loan from the US. We tied the pound to the dollar and put our armed forces under American command. After the war NATO was founded to protect Europe from a potential Soviet invasion but that threat no longer exists. Britain and Europe need to rethink their foreign policies. We are linked to America by ties of kinship but we do not share their frontier mentality. They fought the British Empire for their independence; they added to their territory by fighting Mexico and Spain; they almost exterminated the native Americans; and they intervened twice in Europe to help defeat the Germans. After the war they took on the Soviets in the Cold War and now they are involved in the Middle East. 

The defence industry is a major player in America. The US armed forces and their suppliers employ millions of people and their taxes are vital to the American economy. That's why they are constantly 'defending freedom' all over the world. The patriotic American taxpayers grumble about spending money on health or education but the don't mind if it's for defence.

We don't know what Brexit means but whatever happens we will have to co-ordinate our defence and security policies with our near neighbours and reach a sensible agreement with the Russians. Britain and Russia are both part of Europe and must be included in any plan for the future. It's time to thank the Americans for their help in the past and wave farewell to their departing armed forces. Nato should be replaced with a peace treaty between Europe and Russia. And if America needs an enemy they should make war on poverty.


Brewers are respectable makers of beer who provide a valuable service to their customers and keep alive traditional crafts. They employ thousands of workers and pay their rates and taxes. But some people accuse the brewers of being responsible for the nation's drinking problem. This is totally unfair. There is nothing wrong with drinking in moderation and they are not to blame for the weak-mindedness of some of their customers.

The same logic applies to banking. The majority of people use banks to manage their money, pay their bills, invest their savings, and provide their mortgages. People who have been made bankrupt due to their own mismanagement often blame the banks for their troubles but most of us are perfectly happy with the service they provide. It's not the bank's fault that people overspend, any more than it's the bookmaker's fault that people gamble, or the pharmacists that they abuse drugs.

We should all be responsible for our own actions and not blame others for our mistakes. The Greeks did not go broke because of an evil plot by the EU but because they borrowed too much money on an unaffordable pension scheme. The fault is with their incompetent politicians. Much has been made of a financial report prepared by Goldman Sachs, but that was before the Greeks borrowed 360 billion euros. Blaming the EU for the Greek deficit is just like blaming the brewers for drunkenness.

My mother used to have jam jars containing dedicated sums of money for the rent, the coalman, and the milkman. That was her banking system in the days before computers. She managed to feed and clothe us and keep a roof over our heads by working hard. Nowadays she would probably expect the state to keep her. 

Now that we have 'got our country back' we must take responsibility for our own actions. We will not be able to blame the EU for low productivity, rising inequality, inadequate housing, and uncontrolled Third World immigration. It will be interesting to see if Theresa May's government can balance the books, service the National Debt, fund the National Health Service, equip two massive aircraft carriers, and replace the Trident missile system. The UK annual budget is £772 billion but we will save £8.5 billion on our subs to the EU.

Nationalist Unity or Racial Genocide - Eddy Morrison

I am a founder member of the National Front, one of the few still active (my old comrade Andrew Brons was also a founder member and is now the chairman of the British Democratic Party).

I know of others, some ex-Union Movement such as Keith Thompson (League of St George) and Colin Todd (organiser of the Candour organisation) to name but only two. I would say there are probably hundreds of White Nationalists from my generation of the 60s and early 70s who in some way are fighting the good fight.

A month or so back I attended the funeral of Keith 'Beefy' Taylor, tragically dying in his early fifties, and was both astounded and encouraged to see over sixty White Nationalists also paying their respects.

They came from many groups but they were unified for those few precious hours to say their farewells to a good and steady White patriot, Beefy - also a long term member of the National Front.

One old comrade asked me after the service: "did we all waste out time Eddy?" My reply was this NO we did not waste our time for we can say to our children and our grandchildren that at least WE FOUGHT!

But reflecting back is it not a greater tragedy that it takes the death of a Comrade to give us total Nationalist Unity even for a short few hours?

I am reminded of the old Norse saying: "Cattle die and kinsmen die and one day you and I shall die. All that will remain is the fame of a dead man's deeds."

So the fight goes on as it must. We have no real choice. It's either victory or racial death. For us; for our children and for generations yet unborn.

Looking at the fractured British Nationalist scene I see a number of groups who, if united soon can form the nucleus of what must become a mass movement.

As a White Nationalist I recognise the NF; the BDP; England First; British Movement; National Action and the various 'infidel' style groups spread throughout the country, and the Alternative Right forums which are doing great work, and some elements of what's left of the BNP. I should also add the League of St George and the Candour organisation.

Two organisations I would NOT add are the pro-Zionist Britain First Party and the ludicrous New British Union which has stated it is not a Racial Nationalist party and indeed I am led to believe that its prime member has condoned mixed race marriages. The group known as Liberty UK is openly pro-Zionist.

Now you will be saying "hang on but....." about some of the groups I have listed. That is the wrong way of thinking about the desperate need for British Nationalist unity.

All old personality clashes, some dating back decades MUST come to an end for the greater good of the Cause itself.

I have to make a case for what a United Front should be - and I have to conclude that it MUST be the National Front.

50 years ago this coming February, the NF was formed  by disparate groups who patched up their differences and created the National Front.

I would argue then that there is no need for another name to be thrown into the barrel because the NF with its wide range of policies has something to offer all the varying shades of opinion across the British Nationalist spectrum.

This is why we have seen so many others rise only to fall after a few years whilst the resilient NF soldiers on.

2017 is a watershed year for our movement. It marks in February our 50th anniversary. This will take the form of the biggest indoor rally we can mount and this is an open invite for all these groups mentioned to be welcomed by the Front.

On strategy and tactics there is always room for manoeuvre and I believe that the NF's policy of elections coupled with constant street activity is a winning formula.

The Trump phenomenon in the USA; Brexit and the rise of the Alt Right across Europe and America is growing so strong that we can really call iot the first real challenge to the globalist tyrants such as the Jewish George Soros and the evil of Hilary Clinton.

The victories of the Alt Right must be seen as a breakthrough against the liberal Marxist hegemony and behind the Alt Right there is us - the Racial Nationalists.

Let them open the door for such as we so that it gives us entry to go up against the world enemy of old but this time with a real chance of victory.

Time is running out fast for our white race so the choice is YOURS - Victory through Unity or white racial genocide.

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