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Nation Revisited # 139 May 2018

Foreign Policy.

The United States of America was born of Revolution. They fought the War of Independence, the Indian Wars, the Mexican War, the Spanish War, the First World War; the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and several colonial wars. They nearly came to blows with the Soviet Union over the Cuba Missile Crisis, and they are currently waging economic war on Iran, North Korea, and Russia; the same kind of blockade that led to the war with Japan.

The defence industry is a vital part of the American economy. They have 2.2 million people in the armed forces and 2.1 million in the defence industry. In 2017 they spent $773.5 billion, which is more than China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the UK, India, France and Japan combined. That's a lot of money and to justify it they need a lot of enemies.

American hostility to Russia
started in 1917 when the Bolsheviks seized power. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 but America never relented and they renewed their anti-Russian campaign during the Russo-Georgian War of 2008 when Georgia failed to annex Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In 2014 the government of Ukraine was overthrown by a coup that was financed and organised by Israel. When the new regime revoked the constitution protecting the Russian-speaking provinces, the people of Crimea and the Donbas region appealed to Russia for help and Crimea was returned to the Motherland. More recently, the Russians were blamed for the attempted assassination of a defector and his daughter in Salisbury, and for their support of Syria.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is the sworn enemy of 'Islamic State' and a defender of religious minorities but he is demonised by the West because of his opposition to Israel and his friendship with Russia. The alleged gas attack was merely an excuse for intervention.

Britain's contribution to the punitive raid was lauded by the flag-waving Tory press but they never mentioned that the Storm Shadow missile is made by MBDA, the Tornado combat aircraft that launched the missiles was made by Panavia, and the Typhoon support aircraft is made by Eurofighter, all of them joint European ventures.   

We are tied to America by blood and language, and they are our biggest trading partner outside Europe, but we should distance ourselves from their aggressive foreign policy. The American people are alright but their government is dominated by Zionist warmongers. There is no reason for the UK or the EU to be on bad terms with the Russians. They are fellow Europeans who have contributed in full to every aspect of human achievement.

              Yuri Gagarin the first European in Space

The Russian Federation is a major supplier of gas, oil, and aluminium to industrial Europe. If we leave the EU, as planned, we should sign a treaty of friendship and co-operation with Brussels and another with Moscow.


The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, was forced to resign for threatening to deport some of the first wave of immigrants from the West Indies; the so-called 'Windrush Generation'. A passionate speech denouncing the 2014 Immigration Act by David Lammy the black Labour MP for Tottenham was applauded by all parties. He spoke on the eve of the Commonwealth Conference at which an embarrassed Theresa May hoped to strike trade deals with our former colonies.

She will find that t
here's no such thing as 'Free Trade'; trade deals always come with strings attached. To be members of the EU we had to accept its rules and regulations. If we want to trade with America we will have to accept genetically modified crops and chlorine-washed chicken, and if we want to trade with the Commonwealth we must accept their immigrants. There are very few Australians and Canadians wanting to come here but there are millions of Africans and Asians who would be better off under our generous social security system.

The Windrush fiasco shows the desperate need for identity cards and a central population database. The government doesn't know who is in the country and its various departments are not sharing information. Some of those threatened with deportation had served in the armed forces, paid taxes in this country, and drawn pensions and benefits only to be told that they shouldn't be here. 

Whatever their legal status people from overseas who have lived here for many years consider themselves to be British, as do their children, and grandchildren. We could enforce stricter border controls, deport illegal immigrants, criminals, potential terrorists, and volunteers but the idea of rounding up black and brown people and throwing them out of the country is a fantasy. In 2016 we deported less than 40,000 people from the UK. 

When Oswald Mosley proposed the resettlement of West Indians in 1955 there were only 125,000 of them in the UK. He wanted to send them home to decent conditions by revitalising the Sugar industry in Jamaica. In those days Britain had the power to do such things. Between 1968 and 1973 we forcibly deported the entire population of the Indian Ocean Territory of Diego Garcia to make way for an American military and naval base. In return, we received a discount of £14 million on the purchase of American missiles.

The resettlement of Commonwealth immigrants would still have been possible in 1971 when their numbers had risen to 1.5 million but now we have 8 million of them, and despite the Immigration Acts of 1962, 1968,1971, 2014, and 2016, they are still coming. 

Opinion polls report that immigration is of great concern to the public but
parties like the National Front have consistently failed to get an MP elected. Ukip briefly had two MPs but they only campaigned against East Europeans.   

People all over the world have been driven from their homes by war and poverty. Germany took in 13 million refugees after the Second World War and has since accepted 3 million Turkish workers and a million refugees from Syria. In 1888 there were 25,000 Jews in Palestine but there are now 7 million. A million Rohingya refugees have been driven out of Myanmar, and more than 3 million Europeans have fled from Africa. There are plenty of precedents for repatriation but it's not likely to happen in Britain. For a start, our newspapers would never stand for it. 


World Trade

Britain was disengaging from the European Union, Ukraine was taking the first steps towards membership. The Ukraine-EU Association Agreement of September 2017 gives them privileged access to the single market. Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway are associate members of the EU and the Balkan states have applied to join. 

We don't know what Theresa  May will agree with the EU but some sort of accommodation is inevitable. The grandiose plans of Boris Johnson will come to nothing. We might pick up some new customers but the bulk of our trade will remain with our neighbours. According to the International Monetary Fund, UK exports in 2017 accounted for 14% of our economy. We sold 54.3 % to Europe, 21.2% to Asia, 16.7% to North America, and 2.8% to Africa.

Our major exports are machines, cars, pharmaceuticals, precious metals, aircraft, optical equipment, plastics, and chemicals. We also have a thriving trade in banking and insurance.

President Trump recently slapped a 292% tax on Bombardier aircraft sales. The US Trade Commissioner reversed his decision but it showed his determination to protect American industry. America has always used trade as a weapon of war. Countries that obey US foreign policy are rewarded as 'favoured nations' but Russia, Iran and North Korea are being damaged by US sanctions.

In the next few years, the lies of the Daily Mail will be exposed. The nations of the world are not clamouring for our products, and those that grant us access to their markets will demand that we let in more of their immigrants. China and India have already made this point. It's an unwritten rule of economics that people follow trade across borders. Until the Sixties, the Australians had a White Australia policy but since they became dependent on Asia they have been forced to admit large numbers of Asian immigrants. It would be very dangerous for us to put ourselves in the same position.

About ten years ago I attended a meeting in London at which Robert Wilkinson, a ninety-year-old Blackshirt, and 18B detainee, gave a stirring speech. He said that nothing had changed since the Thirties when the Tories exported jobs and imported cheap labour. How right he was.

Where do the Blancos Live?

In 1969 I walked into a cantina in Panama and saw a local newspaper on the bar. On the front page was a photo of the military junta led by General Omar Torrijos who had overthrown the elected government of Arnulfo Arias. They were all white men but most of the people in Panama are black or brown. I asked the barman "where do the Blancos live?" Without pausing for thought he replied, "Switzerland."

Panama was conquered by the Spanish in 1538. The eastern part, Darien, was briefly colonised by the Scots in 1698. The Americans backed Panamanian independence from Colombia and in 1903, and they imported a quarter of a million West Indians to build the Panama Canal which was finished in 1914. Today Panama is only 10% white. This is in contrast to neighbouring Costa Rica which is 83% white.  

In those days the Americans controlled the Canal Zone, a strip on both sides of the canal. It was spotlessly clean, air-conditioned and well run, but as soon as you stepped outside you entered the jungle. Panama was falling to bits and its ramshackle police force was a disgrace. Only the army looked as though they knew what they were doing.

In 1979 the Panama Canal was handed over to the local government but the country soon degenerated into a narco-state under the notorious General Manuel Noriega, an ex-CIA agent turned drug dealer. In 1989 President George HW Bush sent in the 82 Airborne Division to disband the Panamanian Defence Force and arrested its leader. Operation 'Just Cause' cost the lives of 23 Americans and 314 Panamanians. General Noriega was sentenced to forty years in prison.

Panama's misfortunes cannot be entirely blamed on its racial composition. Like most of Latin America, it has been cruelly exploited by greedy foreign imperialists and corrupt local despots. The revenues from the Canal have not been spent on the people. Thousands of impoverished Panamanians have fled to the USA but Donald Trump is currently building a wall to keep them out. 

The Death of a Jewish Klansman

Kevin Wilshaw was a former National Front organiser and contributor to Nation Revisited who has revealed to the national press that he is gay and that his mother was Jewish. He spent years promoting the National Front, and according to the Huffington Post, when his wife left him in 1996 she cited Adolf Hitler as the 'other man' in their relationship. He tells his story on YouTube -

Daniel Burros was another man of Jewish ancestry who joined a far-right movement. He was born to George and Esther Burros in New York in 1937. He attended the Hebrew school at Richmond Hill and worshipped at his local Synagogue. But Daniel was so obsessed with the Nazi regime that he abandoned his heritage. He joined George Lincoln Rockwell's National Socialist Party but it wasn't extreme enough for him. He then tried James Madole's National Renaissance Party but that was even more liberal. Eventually, he joined the local branch of the Ku Klux Klan where he made such an impression that they made him Grand Dragon. He seemed to have reached his goal in life but when the New York Times exposed him as a Jew he killed himself with a gunshot to the head. 


Daniel Burros was not a spy or a government agent. He was a white supremacist who admired Adolf Hitler and shared his worldview. It's hard to believe that a Jew could hold such views but the ability of human beings to deceive themselves is legendary. Some people deny the Holocaust but there is no doubt that Jews were rounded up all over Europe and sent to concentration camps. When the British 11th Armoured Division liberated Belsen they found thousands of dead, dying, and starving people. We can argue over the details but the testimony of British soldiers cannot be dismissed as propaganda.

Adolf Hitler was a truly remarkable man who rescued Germany from humiliation, despair, unemployment and poverty. He provided social housing, health care, and universal education. He did many great things but he will always be remembered for the Holocaust. As William Shakespeare wrote of Julius Caesar: "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones."


There was another mixed bag of comments from our readers this month. Martin Webster, the doyen of the far right, refuses to read this blog because he gets enough pro-EU propaganda from the BBC. Veteran nationalists John Bean and Carl Harley think that there's too much Mosley. Keith Thompson of Steven Books says that repatriation depends on the will to do it. AL thinks that the Jews are responsible for all of our misfortunes; I have advised him to join the Labour Party. Robert Best says to keep up the good work. Robert Edwards of 'European Action' complains of my errors and inconsistencies. Bernard Franklyn of 'The Flame' says that the younger generation is easily fooled. Frank Walsh of 'Our Voice' recommends 'Nation Revisited'. And Robert Lyons from the USA looks forward to each issue. I thank you all for your comments, please keep them coming.


Gilad Atzmon

Our brave friend Gilad Atzmon is being sued for libel in the High Court by Gideon Falter of the Campaign Against Antisemitism. Please help him in any way you can. 


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