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Nation Revisited # 105, July 2013


The Woolwich Murder
The killing of Drummer Lee Rigby was the latest in a long line of murders of British soldiers. They have been targeted by terrorists from the Stern Gang, the Malayan National Liberation Army, EOKA, Mau Mau, FLOSY and the IRA. We fought countless colonial wars in the days of Empire and now we are fighting them again as auxiliaries to the Americans. We joined in their attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and we are now threatening Syria. Dave Cameron and William Hague are prominent members of the Conservative Friends of Israel who want to destroy every state in the Middle East that’s capable of defending itself.

Obviously we should deport foreigners who threaten our security. The European Court of Human Rights upholds laws passed by politicians. We must enact suitable laws and ditch outdated ones. The UK is not alone in wanting to reform asylum and immigration laws. But we will not do it by turning our back on Europe. We need to take the lead.
Of course, many of these criminal lunatics and their apologists were born in this country but if we offered them a one-way ticket to their ancestral homeland, or a stiff sentence in a maximum security prison, the majority would take the first option.

We also need to replace our fragmented police forces with a well-armed, well-trained national police force. The destruction of Croydon during the riots of 2011 showed what happens when the police hold back. And the failure to arrest child molesters is partly attributed to police forces not sharing information. All criminal data should be on a national database and underperforming officers should be retired. We should also relocate police officers from their place of birth to discourage the “friends and family” syndrome.
Those who object to security measures and identity cards should emigrate somewhere less complicated than the UK. CCTV and state surveillance is a fact of life. No matter how strongly governments deny that they are implicated we all know that they routinely spy on our e-mails and telephone calls. This may be a violation of our civil rights but it has been going on since the invention of the telephone. We would all like to live in a country without armed police, or catch a plane without being searched, but we live in dangerous times and must be protected. We remember atrocities like the murder of Lee Rigby but we don’t always know about terrorist plots that are foiled by the security forces. Some loss of personal liberty is a necessary trade-off for our security.

Vote Ukip: get Labour
Ukip was founded to get the UK out of the EU but they are now winning votes by calling for immigration controls. The trouble is that they support a capitalist system that depends on minimum wage workers. Nigel Farage is probably sincere but the media barons promoting him will never allow cheap labour to be restricted. Public opinion is heavily influenced by newspapers and television channels. The Daily Mirror is gushing with socialist propaganda but, until recently, it supported open-door immigration policies that drive down wages and conditions. And at the other end of the spectrum the increasingly delusional Daily Telegraph waves the Union Jack and dreams of Empire but it is totally subservient to NATO and the WTO.

Ukip have captured 23% of the popular vote in England but they have not taken off in Scotland, and they will not change anything. As long as we belong to the global capitalist system our troops will be under NATO command and our commerce will be regulated by the American-led World Trade Organization. We will still buy our oil with dollars and our courts will adhere to the UN Declaration of Human Rights.
Nigel Farage wants an “independent” UK to negotiate trade deals with the EU like Norway and Switzerland. But Norway has a tiny population of 5 million, huge energy resources and a sovereign wealth fund of £330 bn. Switzerland has 8 million people, massive gold and dollar reserves and the highest per capita income in Europe. We are not in such a good position: we have an immigrant-swollen population of 63 million, a national debt of £1.2 trillion and fast depleting gas and oil reserves.

Ukip make astronomical claims on the cost of EU membership but we would still have to comply with regulations if we left the EU and we would not necessarily increase our trade with the rest of the world. In fact, many international companies would relocate if we quit the single market. The real cost of our EU membership is 1% of Gross National Income – slightly more than we give in foreign aid. But Ukip are more motivated by nostalgia than economics
In a letter to The Independent 19 UK business leaders including Richard Branson of the Virgin Group stated: “The benefits of membership outweigh the costs, and to suggest otherwise is putting politics before economics.”

The Tories will not help matters by jumping on the Ukip bandwagon. Their suicidal obsession with Europe destroyed John Major’s government in 1997 and resulted in 13 years of the Blair/Brown circus. The worst government in Britain’s history deliberately imported 2.5 million immigrants and left the country on the verge of bankruptcy. We are still trying to recover from that disaster and few of us want to go down that road again. But every vote for Ukip will help the Labour Party to get back into power. If you vote Ukip don’t be surprised if you get Labour.
Storming the Bastille

According to the House of Commons Library membership of the political parties has declined to 1% of the electorate. The Labour Party have approximately 193,000 members, the Conservatives have 130,000 and the Liberal Democrats 49,000. In the early fifties the Conservatives claimed 3,000,000 members and the Labour Party had more than 1,000,000.

The minor parties are also in decline. The BUF had 40,000 members in the mid thirties. In July 1939 they filled the Earls Court arena with over 30,000 cheering supporters. And in May 1948 Oswald Mosley marched 1,500 Union Movement members through the streets of Camden. But apart from a period in the late fifties and early sixties his post-war movement never became a significant political force.
The National Front peaked at 20,000 members in the mid seventies but they never recovered from Margaret Thatcher’s 1979 election statement that she understood people’s fears of “being swamped” by immigration. The Tories won the election by a landslide and the NF was decimated.

History repeated itself thirty years later when the BNP disintegrated following the 2010 general election. They had 2 Euro MPs, a member of the London Assembly, more than 50 local councilors and 14.000 members. But now their numbers are seriously depleted and they have been eclipsed by Ukip.
Ukip are doing well at the polls but they need to capture the mood of the moment. When Enoch Powell made his “Rivers of Blood” speech in 1968 he was hugely popular but by 1974 he was finished as a Tory MP. The following quote is from Martin Walkers book The National Front:

At Smithfield meat market, the response for Powell was equally spontaneous. It was exploited, but not initiated, by one of the porters, Big Dan Harmston, a member of the Union Movement and a fervent supporter of Mosley, Harmston has never tried to organize the market politically. ‘I’ve got too much respect for the blokes there. The whole thing just happened. When the lads were all together and the blokes were getting up and having their say they got me up there as well’ Harmston recalls. ‘There was a mood about the place – if that day I’d have said “Pick up your cleavers and knives and decapitate Heath and Harold Wilson” they’d have done it. They really would – but they wouldn’t have done it next week. It was just the mood of the moment – like storming the Bastille I suppose.’
Joining a political party used to be the only way for people to express themselves but now that we have Facebook and Twitter they are going the same way as newspapers and organized religion. We no longer depend on them.

British Nationalism (abridged from Nation No 1 Dec 1973)

 The plutocratic press, radio and TV do not report objectively on the National Front. For the last two years they have held a service of remembrance for the Rhodesian War Dead. This follows the official wreath-laying service by the Queen and fills Whitehall with supporters from Parliament to Trafalgar Square. This mass demonstration goes unreported but the antics of Tariq Ali and a handful of demonstrators are guaranteed to dominate our newspapers and TV screens. The NF is the biggest and most successful British nationalist movement. On May 24th 1973 Martin Webster their candidate for the West Bromwich by-election achieved 16.2% and saved his deposit for the first time. The NF is led by John Tyndall who also edits the monthly magazine Spearhead. They want to stop immigration, start repatriation and get Britain out of the Common Market. They call for a reconstructed British Commonwealth.

Action Party stands for the union of Great Britain with Europe and the White Dominions. It is opposed to non-European immigration and the Money Power but in contrast to the NF it is pro-European. It was founded as Union Movement in 1948 by Sir Oswald Mosley the leader of the pre-war Blackshirts. His vision of Europe a Nation does not stop at the Common Market but embraces the entire Continent; a self-sufficient union of 400 million Europeans that would be economically, politically and militarily independent of both Russia and America.  A fortnightly paper Action is published in support of the party.
British Movement is led by Colin Jordan who was forced to resign as a schoolteacher by the pro-communist school authorities. BM is the successor to the controversial National Socialist Movement of the early sixties. It competes with the NF but in view of Colin Jordan’s uncompromising views there will be no merger between them.

The National Independence Party is a breakaway movement led by John Davis. Their policies are virtually the same as the NF. They have done well in the London area but remain a much smaller party than the NF.

Candour is a nationalist journal that was edited by AK Chesterton until his death in August 1973. He founded the League of Empire Loyalists in 1954 to resist the carve-up of the British Empire, and he was the first chairman of the National Front.
The Racial Preservation Society is concerned only with the conservation of our race. They draw support from nationalists and from members of the Old Gang parties who have not been brainwashed into accepting miscegenation.

The Britons Publishing Co dates back to before WW1 when the first wave of aliens made their presence felt. Most nationalist movements have used their publishing facilities. They are led by Tony Gittens a lifelong fighter against subversion.
Tru-Aim, led by Bill Whitbread, is working within the trade union movement to counter the menace of uncontrolled immigration. They have caused panic in left-wing circles and “democratic” union leaders have called for them to be banned.

During the war patriots were detained without charge or trial under Defence Regulation 18B. In the fifties another round of imprisonment followed race riots in Kensington sparked by black gangsterism.  And in the sixties the Reds temporarily dominated the streets with a campaign of violence. But a philosophy that survived the horrors of war will not die. We are divided on Europe but agreed on the need to stop immigration and control the Money Power. We stand on the threshold of success.

Bill, Most of us on the so-called radical right (a misnomer if ever there was) oppose the control of nations by the international financial system, which is far removed from the high street bankers of UK, US, EU or the Plaza de Mayo Buenos Aries. It is the former I have always opposed and – like you – not the latter. However, it now seems you are happy with the international bankers which in former days you always opposed?
I would refer you to NR No 96 (not 12 months ago), the section under heading “Making Money”. I agree with virtually everything said here. I suppose if we go back 39 years one is allowed to change viewpoints a little (Nation No 5 Apr 74, end of opening section), but it still sounds good advice to me!

“Democracy is supposed to be government of the people for the people and by the people. It is in fact a dictatorship of the people, for the bankers, by crooks, liars, fools and failures.” I suspect you were inspired by a Mosley passage for this – and why not. John Bean.
Editor: OK John, since you liked “Making Money” so much, here it is again.

Making Money
The Fractional Banking system currently allows banks to lend 25 times what they hold in deposits. The difference is supposed to be covered by assets, repayments and dividends. But if too many customers take their money out at the same time the bank is broken. That’s what happened to Northern Rock and Lehman Brothers; and it’s why banking regulations are being tightened to stop overtrading.

People, countries and banks are granted loans according to their status and collateral. This may seem unfair but it’s the way that capitalism works. At some time in the future we will hopefully break away from deficit spending and dollar dependency and start issuing money based on productivity. But for the time being we are stuck with the Rothschild model.
The banks make money by charging interest on loans but people stop buying cars, furniture and houses during recessions and the banks have to be bailed out by the state. The government can’t let them go broke because people would lose their savings, their homes and their pensions.

A viable banking system must be maintained. But first we need a sustainable economy. Britain only produces 60% of her food and 40% of her gas and oil. Within a genuinely united Europe we would be self-sufficient because Danish bacon, Norwegian gas, German cars, French wine and Italian fridges and washing machines would all be part of an internal market. But if a go-it-alone Britain tried to restrict imports we would break the rules of the World Trade Organization and our exports would be blocked. A country that depends on imported fuel and food is in no position to start a trade war.
Most currencies are backed by gold and dollar reserves. The UK holds $130 billion and the Eurozone holds $883 billion. The US also maintains gold and foreign exchange reserves but their currency is effectively backed by oil. Since the US came off the Gold Standard in 1971 the dollar has been exclusively used to buy oil under the petrodollar agreement with OPEC. The dollar accounts for two thirds of all official foreign exchange transactions and half of all the world exports are denominated in dollars. This arrangement gives the US a massive commercial advantage over the rest of the world. It was challenged when Iran started selling oil for euros in 2003, and seriously threatened when she abandoned the dollar altogether in 2009. This is the driving force behind American foreign policy. The status of the greenback as a world reserve currency depends on its tie to oil. They do not want Iran, or any other oil producer to break their monopoly.

This is the global system that our politicians are committed to. It’s what NATO is all about. It’s what we pay our taxes for and it’s why our boys are fighting and dying in Afghanistan. Forget about the “War on Terror” and Iran’s controversial nuclear programme. There is nothing complicated about US foreign policy. It’s not a conspiracy by ‘hidden forces’, it’s about maximizing profits for the giant corporations; the same old-fashioned commercial imperialism that sustained the British Empire.
Arnold Leese

A number of readers have questioned my assertion in NR # 104 that Arnold Leese (1878-1956), leader of the Imperial Fascist League, pledged his allegiance to King and country at the outbreak of war. In 1934 he wrote in The Fascist:
There is one thing that no member of the Imperial Fascist League will do; he will not join the British forces to fight the battle of the Jews against men of his own Nordic race. (Colin Cross, The Fascists in Britain p 190).

But by 1940 he was deeply critical of the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact of 1939. And he opposed Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Norway; a fellow Nordic country. This is not conjecture; it is backed up by documentary evidence. The following Wikipedia extract is based on Richard Thurlow, Fascism in Britain p 170, and Robert Benewick, Political Violence and Public Order p 46-47.

The outbreak of the Second World War caused the small group to fall apart as Leese declared loyalty to King and country and renamed the group the Angles Circle but his stance was rejected by some pro-German members such as Tony Gittens, Harold Lockwood and Bertie Mills. It proved to be academic however as in 1940 Leese was interned under Defence Regulation 18B and although he continued to be politically active after the war the IFL was not reformed.
Arnold Leese’s disenchantment with the Fuhrer was picked up by Alexander Baron commenting on Gerry Gable’s contribution to “Neo Fascism in Europe”:

On page 249 Gable mentions the pre-war Imperial Fascist League, whose main theme was an “almost hysterical anti-Semitism”.  However, he is not quite right when he says it was pro-Hitler. According to documents at the Public Records Office Arnold Leese spoke at an IFL meeting on 19th April 1940, “stating his disgust at the German action in Norway.” He was said to have thought Hitler should retire in favour of Goering.
Leese was critical of rival fascist movements. He denounced Rotha Lintorn-Orman’s British Fascists as “Tories with knobs on” and Oswald Mosley and William Joyce as “Kosher Fascists”. The following report appeared in The Fascist in October 1934:

Mr Joyce, a speaker of the “British Union of Fascists”, brought an action against the Daily Worker for alleged incitement. According to the Daily Herald of 25th August, his lawyer was to have been Mr St John Hutchinson, whose daughter recently married a Rothschild, but he was prevented from attending through illness. “Yes, we have no Jews.”
Apologists for the Nazi regime either deny that the Holocaust ever happened, or blame it on an unnecessary war. But Arnold Leese had no such reservations; as early as 1935 he pondered the use of gas chambers (Encyclopedia of British and Irish Political Organizations: Peter Barberis, John McHugh and Mike Tydersley:  p 183).  And he celebrated the end of the Second World War in 1945 by publishing his magnum opus The Jewish War of Survival.

Leese and the entire leadership cadre of the IFL were interned under Defence Regulation 18B. After the war he founded the short-lived National Workers Movement but his main effort went into his newsletter Gothic Ripples and the encouragement of his protégé, a promising young Coventry schoolmaster called Colin Jordan.

Have Faith in the Future
The established political parties in the UK are so similar that it’s difficult to tell them apart. They used to represent labour and capital but over the years they have adopted the same liberal consensus. The Tories still have the remnants of aristocracy about them but most of their activists are middle class people who work for their living. The same people who support the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats: unquestioning believers in the politically correct policies of parliamentary democracy; multiculturalism, free trade, social equality and the Atlantic Alliance.

Beyond the democratic consensus we have the communists who cling to a dystopian vision of a world run by committees. They had their golden age in the fifties and sixties when they took over schools and universities. Unfortunately for them their juvenile rebellion led to depression, drug addiction, suicide and infection with sexually transmitted diseases. Those that survived spend their twilight years in affluent white suburbs far from the inner-city ghettoes that they helped to create. Apart from a handful of trade union leaders and a diminishing band of academics they are clapped out and forgotten.
At the other extreme we have an assortment of political nonconformists. Most of them identify the Money Power as the principle enemy but some of them subscribe to a bewildering catalogue of conspiracy theories. Their guru is the American exhibitionist Alex Jones who recently disrupted the Andrew Neil television show with an embarrassing tirade against the Bilderbergers.

Our long suffering country urgently needs a modern political movement. We do not need suicidal Spenglerians wallowing in self-indulgence.  And we don’t need nostalgic nationalists who look back in anger. Young people starting out in life do not need chauvinistic rhetoric they need jobs and houses. A country like the UK that pioneered the Industrial Revolution and conquered half the world is more than capable of creating a just society with a sustainable economy. We have the technology and the human resources but first we need to recognize political and economic realities. 
If we tried to create a new movement from the bones of an existing party it would inherit the fatal flaws of insularity. The British Empire has gone and nothing will bring it back. Those who invoke the spirit of Winston Churchill and the Battle of Britain are missing the point. We cannot compete in the modern world by waving Union Jacks and living in the past.

Modern industry needs international markets and adequate funding. Rolls Royce makes the Trent XWB turbofans for the Airbus 350. And GKN Aerospace provides engineering design and analysis. This exciting project will guarantee thousands of British jobs at Derby and Bristol and keep us at the forefront of aviation. But the development costs for the new aircraft came to a staggering £10 billion. Our hi-tech industries depend on capital investment that can only come from joint ventures.
Despite a worldwide recession British industry is starting to grow but its recovery is threatened by the negative propaganda of the anti-EU campaigners. People who consider themselves to be patriots are damaging their country. The recession will not last forever; we must invest in the latest technology to be in poll position when the next boom comes. The future will be bright so long as we keep our nerve and stop listening to the Jeremiahs.

Attitudes to Race
John Bean has posted an article on the British Democratic Party website about Peter Sutherland, the former Irish Attorney General, who is a close friend of David Rockefeller the international banker and founder of the Trilateral Commission. These powerful men are multi-millionaires. They believe in the global capitalist system and they think that Third World immigration is the way forward for Europe and North America.

They want to replenish declining populations by bringing in more immigrants. They argue that this is necessary to provide an industrial workforce to pay taxes and keep our social services going. They do not hold these views because they are Marxists or Jewish – they are neither. Peter Sutherland is a Jesuit-educated Irishman and David Rockefeller comes from the American Protestant aristocracy. But like so many liberal people they attach no importance race.
National identity stems from cultural, religious, linguistic and geographical roots as well as ethnicity. Most people support immigration controls but they are not motivated by racial hatred. They just want to be left alone and they feel threatened by a seemingly unending invasion.

In an effort to absorb millions of blacks and Asians the UK government has passed draconian laws and introduced “positive discrimination” but most of the immigrants have stayed in their own areas and the whites have moved out. The liberal dream of a successful multi-racial society has largely failed because it takes no account of the social and political impact of mass migration.
People like Peter Sutherland and David Rockefeller are so far removed from the masses that they no longer share their fears and hopes. Ordinary people do not see the world in terms of balance sheets. They worry about their jobs, homes and children and they fear a future dominated by unfamiliar languages and customs. This does not make them “racists” but they are not interested social engineering or the grand strategy of the super rich.