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Nation Revisited # 124 February 2017

Climate Change
Factory chimneys belching smoke used to be a sign of prosperity. We never worried about pollution is those days because we were glad to have jobs to go to. Today, it's very different. We still make cars and pharmaceuticals but heavy industry is only a small part of our economy and financial services are our biggest export. Nevertheless, employment is at record levels.
President Donald J Trump thinks that climate change is a trick by the Chinese but the rest of us are convinced by the evidence. We know from tree ring data and core samples that the climate has changed over the centuries. We have suffered several Ice Ages that have left their mark on the landscape. How much industrial activity effects climate change is a matter of speculation but it must play a part.
Environmental causes have been taken up by left wingers but the green movement was pioneered in Britain by BUF writers such as Jorian Jenks and Henry Williamson.

                                     Jorian Jenks

Those of us who lived through the smogs of the fifties know how dangerous they were. Thousands of people died of respiratory problems until the Clean Air Act was passed in 1956. The air in London became breathable when coal fires were banned, thus proving that we can control our environment with sensible legislation.
The pollution generated by industry may not be melting the polar icecaps but it's definitely contaminating our environment. Science may eventually find a way to use fossil fuels safely but at present all we can do limit the damage. 
The answer surely lies in solar power. The Sun powers everything in nature and we already know how to harness it. The big oil companies know that they have to change and they are already investing in solar technology. The challenge is to generate and store electricity without destroying our planet.
We survived in prehistory by learning to hunt animals and live in caves. Later we discovered farming and developed societies. Now, we are advancing beyond the industrial era into the age of artificial intelligence. Science has always found a way.

Blogs and Newsletters

I published a newsletter called Nation from 1973 to 1975. At that time there were two very different patriotic movements campaigning against uncontrolled immigration; Union
Movement which stood for 'Europe a Nation' and the National Front that was bitterly opposed to European union. I thought then, as I do now, that Third World immigration was the biggest threat to Britain; in or out of  Europe. 

Nation was a small scale newsletter typed on an old manual typewriter and reproduced in a photo-copy shop. In those days the written word was all we had apart from street corner meetings. I used to distribute Nation from the Bladebone pub in Bethnal Green. It was mostly my own work but several friends contributed articles including Terry Savage, Bill Whitbread of Tru-Aim, and Roy Chester in South Africa.

An article by Bill Barnes, writing under his nom de plume ‘Athelstan’, was included in John Bean’s political memoir Many Shades of Black. It was entitled From Camelot to Ridley Road and it questioned the value of marches and demonstrations.

In 1975 I accepted Jeffrey Hamm's offer to write for Action, the journal of Union Movement. The last issue of Action 
appeared in November 1992, just as the Internet was about to transform publishing. Unfortunately this technology
came too late for Robert Row and Jeffrey Hamm who had worked so hard to produce the paper.

In 2005 I started an email bulletin along the same lines as Nation - which is why it's called Nation Revisited. In 2012, Rufus, of News from Atlantis, helped me to turn it into an online blog. I do not share Rufus' conspiratorial worldview but I will always be grateful for his help.

In 2014 I brought out European Outlook in support of the Remain campaign. Unfortunately, the referendum was won by the Brexiteers with the help of the mass-circulation tabloids. The cause of European unity has suffered a setback but it's early days yet and we are still tied to Europe by blood and culture.

Those of us with something to say should be heard. Our efforts are bound to be dwarfed by the mainstream media but we can still try to inform and educate the public. The little parties of the far-right want to deport millions of people, dynamite the Stock Exchange and hang all the bankers. 
Nation Revisited is not so ambitious but we support good government, social justice, and European solidarity. 

Bigotry and Racism - Beyond the Cliches
by Rabbi Mayer Schiller - http://thirdway.info

To hate a human being because of his race, religion or nationality is a horrible thing. The history of all mankind is marred by the outbreak of unspeakable violence against people perpetrated, not because of anything they did, but merely because of who they were. Bigotry is a vile thing, its prejudgment of a man in direct violation of Judeo-Christian morality as well as the norms of Western Civilization.
Yet, it is also clear that so much of what makes life worth living is to be found in group identity. We are who we are not only as individuals, but also as members of larger entities, i.e. families, neighborhoods, towns, nations, races, religions and civilizations. No man is born into a total vacuum of identity. We are the products of genetic, familial and cultural forces. In the end meaning is provided solely by these extra forces which provide our perceptions and action with conceptual or at least visceral coherence.

Whether these extra personal loyalties be of a metaphysical nature deriving their essence from an essentially spiritual (God centered universe) or be they merely an inherent part of the rational world is a question beyond the confines of this brief essay. What is relevant for our purpose is that man needs identity, meaning and purpose and becomes confused and demoralized without them.

Accordingly it is one of the moral imperatives of our era to articulate a philosophy and seek to implement a policy which will allow men to realize themselves in a group without falling prey to hating or harming other groups. This is far from an easy task. Indeed, there are those who would maintain that the enmity which often goes hand-in-hand with group identification is inevitable and it is best to pursue policies which will inexorably weaken those loyalties. It is an alluring position and one to which the "respectable" media and politicians of our era are all pledged.

It is, an illusory, immoral and unnatural agenda, however. Illusory, for history's testimony is that widely diverse people cannot and will not live peacefully together. Immoral, because its ultimate results will be the end of the truths and virtues of the world's various faiths, races and nations. Unnatural, because group identity is a fundamental need of all men.

The way out of our current impasse on matters of race, ethnicity, etc. would seem not to lie in the direction of totalitarian coercive mixing, but towards voluntary disentanglement by men of good intentions.

All any man really desires is a sense of physical security, some orientation towards a life of meaning, a community whose ways are familiar and pleasant to him and a place to call his (and his peoples') own.

Sadly, today all the above is granted certain groupings but not others. Europeans, White people and those attached to traditional faiths and lifestyles of the West are told by the powers-that-be that they alone among mankind's tribes are forbidden to have or even articulate a collective identity.
Perhaps this is due to their having overstepped the proper boundaries in the past, or alternatively to their own current weakness and gullibility. Whatever the reason none can deny the current threat to Western Man. Other peoples define themselves as groups, only European Man is forbidden to do this.

A solution to our crisis will be found to the degree that all of the world's assorted tribes can say to each other: "You have your way of life and your place to live. We wish you well. Now let each of us live among our own. We bear you no ill will."

It is in the spirit of separation founded on mutual respect that I have attempted on a personal level over the past decade to communicate with nationalists (White and Black), to patriots of many nations and to committed members of many faiths. My goal has been to strip group identity of hatred and the responses I have received have been almost uniformly encouraging. I have found that when you face a man and say; "Your people are a people with a unique identity. They have a right (perhaps an obligation) to survive as a people. Yet you must realize there are other peoples in the world who have similar yearnings. How can we work this out?" - that most men are willing to act in a positive fashion.

To sum up, groups should speak to each other as groups (away from media terror and self-seeking politicians). Far more important than speaking, though, is listening. To hear the other as we remain ourselves is our contemporary task.

Sorting Fact from Propaganda - Ian Buckley
This article was posted on the BPP website in 2005

We can all be fooled at times, and I was recently fooled by a film called Enemy at the Gates. This covered the epic battle-within-a-battle when Soviet sniper Vasilly Zaitsev fought German Colonel Thorwald at Stalingrad. I had believed that this scenario was true, since the story is recited as history in several books.

But the masterful Stalingrad the Fateful Siege: 1942-1943, by Anthony Beevor, dismisses the whole thing as a Soviet propaganda tale:-

'The telescopic sight of his prey's rifle, allegedly Zaitsev's most treasured trophy, is still exhibited in the Moscow armed forces museum, but this dramatic story remains essentially unconvincing. It is worth noting that there is absolutely no mention of it in any reports.'

The history of the Second World War is littered with numerous examples like that. The outright lies shade into half-truths and distortions, such as the so-called 'Malmedy Massacre', which incidentally could and frequently did happen on the allied side, a process that continues to this very day in the military operations of Bush 'n Blair's various NWO wars.

This is not to suggest that the German soldiery were saints, merely that they were better than some and no worse than many others.

If we fast-forward through the decades, how are those who fell for the stories and the half-truths of World War II fared?

Well, our government typically seeks to crow over some statistics which seem to indicate that Britain is starting to move up from the very bottom of the European poverty league. Big Deal!

If the aged veteran should want the council to repair his leaky roof, he'd better be prepared to wait until every last asylum-seeker has had his dwelling done up to scratch, in accordance with those many secret government directives! Is this the future that our war veterans fought for, and was John Amery not right when he wrote that: "Win or loose, every door reads 'RIP Britannia' "?

In spite of being plastered by dozens of B52s, Baghdad still looks to be in a better state than most of our own towns, wrecked as they are either by glass and concrete in prosperous areas or by dereliction and decrepitude in poorer ones.

You know, just when we think that we have the measure of this Government's utter contemptibility, they seem to sink a little lower, as if - as it were - to wallow around more in their own sleazy evilness.

Now we have wasted around £3 billion (perhaps far more) on a war against Iraq, that was staged in the pursuance of no possible British interest, economies are required. From now on it's farewell to pension books. Instead pensioners have been issued with swipe cards and PIN numbers. 

Arthritic fingers will have to get the hang of fiddling with mini-terminals. Obviously, this will mean more hassle and longer queues for our pensioners. Inflicting inconvenience and misery on the aged will help save a mere £35 million for future wars for Zion, and Uncle Sam (sadly, now almost indistinguishable).

Additionally, the prospects of their grandchildren enjoying the dubious privilege of being stuck in a cubicle all day answering telephone calls seem increasingly slim given the ongoing export - at a mind-numbing rate of loss - of call  centre jobs to India.

Surely, no nation can supress the truth and hope to prosper? We are assailed from all sides with calls to tackle the 'drugs menace', and informed that we are in the midst of a 'war on drugs'. But how can we tackle a problem like this when the facts about the drugs trade are kept from the public?

To discuss the realities behind heroin, cocaine and especially ecstasy, is like treading on a mine field in the present atmosphere of political correctness. In the days when sanity still prevailed in this country - during the middle to late 1950s - Robert Fabian of Scotland Yard wrote a couple of books detailing his experiences.

Fabian was very forthright in saying that most organised and persistent crime was the responsibility of foreign elements in this country. This was not to stigmatise any particular nationality, since the natives of many different countries were involved, but merely to point out the facts as they prevailed at that time. But these days Inspector Fabian would be behind bars on 'hate crime' charges, while the asylum-seeker he arrested would be claiming massive compensation at the High Court!

A fair number of readers will be already familiar with what happens every year to several thousand gullible and native Russian and Ukrainian women. Such girls, who are often well-educated but lack opportunities in their own homelands, are enticed to Israel by adverts which promise well-paid jobs as office workers, hotel receptionists and the like.

But once they arrive, these unfortunate women find themselves trapped inside a hellish world of forced prostitution and sex-slavery. Even this statement conveys something milder than the horrifying actuality, since according to The Jerusalem Post of November 12th, during these Slav girls' trek to their destination:-

'Women who complain of any kind of pain during the taxing march across the desert are drugged with medication and painkillers, and anyone who breaks down and collapses is abandoned on the roadside in the desert, as if she were a dying freight animal.'

The author of the article, Isaac Herzog, is a member of the Israeli parliament, and to his credit he called for an end to this evil trade, suggesting that: "Too bad those traffickers cannot be hanged, but long years in solitary confinement would be an adequate alternative."

How utterly despicable it is that the 'mainstream' media makes disappointing noises about Arab women in far-away countries being allegedly forced to wear veils, while ignoring the torments inflicted on these poor duped Russian and Ukrainian females in Israel. Surely, if forced to the choice, all women would plump for a scarf over the head rather than suffer the fate of being auctioned off like Roman slaves and stuck in filthy cages - which may sound like hyperbole but actually happens in some cases.

Alas, the man on the London bus does not read The Jerusalem Post, and is thus an easy target for the merchants of managed, pseudo-news with their childish and inaccurate cast of 'goodies' and 'baddies'. The slave trade in Eastern European women, like the Lavon affair or the Mossad transmitter in Tripoli that led to the Reagan/Thatcher bombing raids in Lybia, remains unknown to 99 percent of the people, and both the broadcasters and the governing elite would like to keep it that way.

Indeed, if a person had any capacity for independent thought  or a backbone of any sort, they would never find themselves in the position of making Newsnight commentaries or writing Observer editorials. Those kinds of people know all the accepted parameters of received opinion. They are adept at providing slanted coverage, basically state propaganda and censorship masquerading as public service broadcasting.

But recently, it seems that the boundaries of 'left' and 'right' have begun to change. Increasingly, it is everyone else against the media, the politicians and the plutocrats. Could it be the beginning of the British peasants' revolt? If so , it is long overdue! 

European Outlook
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