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Nation Revisited # 98

Nation Revisited

           # 98, December 2012 
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Myths and Fantasies
According to The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, published in 1903, the Jews are trying to take over the world. So far they have only taken over the country between the Jordan and the Mediterranean where 5.9 million Jews, backed by the USA, dominate 6.1 million Arabs. The “Protocols” were written by Matvei Golovinski, a gifted agent of the Okhrana, the Imperial Russian secret-service, who survived the 1917 revolution by simply changing sides. He claimed that Bolshevism was led by the Jews and drawing from the French Revolution and the unifications of Germany and Italy he predicted the development of geopolitics and the rise of global capitalism. But his cleverly prophetic book was nevertheless an ingenious forgery.

The Rothschilds bankrolled Europe for two hundred years but the current bankers to the Western World are Saudi Arabia and China. They amassed fortunes by selling oil and exploiting cheap labour. Both countries are ideologically opposed to capitalism but they have taken to it like ducks to water. Moneylenders come in all shapes and sizes and not all of them are Jewish. Zionism is another matter: it’s a vicious and aggressive form of Apartheid based on the preposterous idea that the Jews are God’s “chosen people”. But Zionists are not necessarily Jewish: Dave Cameron and his hypocritical Foreign Secretary, William Hague, are committed Zionists.

Public opinion was not formed by the Frankfurt School but by capitalists like Rupert Murdoch who was recently accused of being anti-Semitic for remarks he made on Twitter. He is the son of a millionaire who made even more money by selling news and entertainment. He was born in Australia but lives in America and runs a worldwide media empire. He is married to a Chinese woman and his family is fashionably multiracial. Rupert Murdoch believes in global capitalism protected by American military might. A worldview shared by millions of his readers and viewers who have never been near a university or sat through a lecture by a Marxist professor.
At a time of worldwide recession people are afraid of mass migration and the burden it places on housing, education, health and social security. They are worried about their jobs, mortgages, pensions and entitlements. But apart from a suspicious minority they are not interested in 9/11 or the Kennedy assassination. We should offer the public something more than myths and fantasies. And we should keep the message nice and simple: something like - Britain for the British!
The Guillotine and the Gulag – Jez Turner
(Text of a speech given on Saturday 13th October 2012 to the 7th Annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting, Preston, Lancashire, organized by “Heritage & Destiny” Magazine)

There are two forces in this world, two significant forces, only two. One is Evil and one is Good. Let’s first look at the Evil Force, sometimes called the Death Force, or the Destructive Force.
It destroys. It debilitates, it deracinates. It brings degradation, decadence and decay. It destroys. It destroys ALL cultures, all traditions, all customs, all religions, all heritage, all civilization and all races. It destroys all higher human sentiments – such as chivalry, patriotism, national pride, honour, fair-play, decency, piety and innocence. It destroys Nature herself – both the local countryside and the teeming oceans and the vast rainforests. It even destroys Human Nature.
If successful, the Evil Force will produce ‘A One World Slave State.’ A boring world concreted over with ugly tower blocks and shopping malls. Everybody will be mixed-up, mingled and miscegenated without culture, without religion, without race. We’ll all be, quite literally, THE SAME. Identikits, replaceable, interchangeable. We’ll be slaves with no higher purpose to our existence than to earn money and spend it – to spend it on leisure and pleasure.
Perfect slaves – bamboozled and brainwashed – without any better role models either as individuals or nations. Perfect slaves, because we’ll have nothing to free ourselves for, nothing to free ourselves towards, no escape route, nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide. Perfect slaves, because we won’t even know that we are slaves.
This Evil Force enlists to its ranks knaves, fools and cowards. It uses blackmail, bribery, corruption, intimidation, persecution, fear and the lie. It uses the little lie, the big lie, lots of lies and … ideology.
Before there was ideology there was something called ‘common sense’. There was something called ‘wisdom’. If a policy was good for the tribe, then it was good. If it was bad for the tribe, it was bad. Ditto race and nation. Simple.
Then our enemies created ideology. Ideologies to trick and trap our minds. They created Liberalism, Capitalism, Communism, Feminism, Freudianism, Multi-racialism, Modernism, Post-Modernism, etc, etc … ad nauseum. But ALL these ideologies lead the same way, downward. They all lead to racial, cultural and national suicide. No sane people would VOLUNTARILY adopt such ideologies. Try to sell one of these ideologies to an uncorrupted Amazonian, African or Asian tribe and they’d laugh at you. Laugh at you, or kill you. Probably both. Laugh at you and then kill you for the dangerous lunatic you would be to try such a thing.
Such ideologies are weapons, much like the germs used in germ warfare. They destroy all that is healthy and strong. They destroy the national, racial and cultural immune systems. You could fly a plane over an enemy country and drop these ideologies on the country as if you were dropping bombs. Then you could sit back and allow the ideologies to do their work. Thirty years later after the ideologies had weakened the enemy country, your own troops would be able to march into the country and take it over without resistance. In fact why bother with troops? Just send unarmed migrants.
So we’ve looked at the first force, the Evil Force, now let’s look at the second force. The Force for Good, the Life Force, the Good Force. This force is quite simply opposed to the first force, the Evil Force. The two forces are diametrically opposed. They are enemies. Arch enemies.
The Good Force values traditions, culture, nations, religions, races – it protects and nurtures them. It promotes all the higher human sentiments. It values bravery and beauty. It loves Nature in all her forms. The Good Force is represented by the people in this room today.
Now when the enemy created ideologies our people were told to choose, much as they are in a modern democratic election. They were told to choose Evil Option No 1, Evil Option No 2 or Evil Option No 3. Our people were confused, they weren’t keen on any of the options. So those who fought on the side of good created counter ideologies.
Now I don’t care whether the mass media call us ultra-conservatives, patriots, fascists, traditionalists, third positionists, fourth positionists, nationalists, racialists, national racialists, racial nationalists, national socialists or social nationalists. All that matters is that we are on the good side, the same side.
Our ideology is older than ideology. Our ideology is older than all those labels. It is the ideology of the tribe. It is the ideology of the caveman, the hunter gatherer, the Cro-Magnon. It is the ideology of Common Sense, of Wisdom.
Yet they call us extremists. I’ll tell you what’s extreme. Allowing an alien minority to own or control all that’s worth owning and controlling – that’s extreme. Allowing millions of non-white immigrants into our nations – that’s extreme! Giving away our sovereignty to shadowy, supra-national bodies – that’s extreme! Allowing pornography, drugs and crime to run rampant – rewarding criminals and punishing victims – that’s extreme! Trashing our culture, our traditions, our heritage, our way of life – that’s extreme! Encouraging and funding obscenity and perversion in the arts, in music and in architecture – that’s extreme! Destroying our natural environment from which we gain such vital inspiration and spiritual sustenance – that’s extreme! Twisting, subverting and undermining our religions into increasingly unrecognizable parodies of their former selves – that’s extreme! Destroying the family. Sex education for 5 year old children. Murdering millions of unborn babies in their mothers’ wombs and persuading the mothers to think what they are doing is fine – these things are extreme.

And yet they call us extreme for opposing all this. They’re the extremists not us! If ever you find yourself wavering, if you find yourself unsure, take ‘The Ancestor Test’. Bring back to life an ancestor of your and show him/her the world today, show your ancestor the multi-racial mess, the sick stew into which society is sinking and ask you ancestor “Who is the extremist? Those who’ve brought this about or those who oppose it?” You’ll be told the truth.
Yes, behind this soft fa├žade, behind these honeyed phrases of the enemy, behind ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’, ‘the Brotherhood of Man’, ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Liberal Democracy’, what actually have they given us? The guillotine and the gulag. The killing fields of Pol Pot. Suicidal fratricidal wars – in America the American Civil War and in Europe the First World War – genocidal wars in which the best genes of our race were wiped out. They’ve given us the bombing of Dresden. Of Hamburg, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Falluja and Mogadishu. Evil, pure Evil.
Evil however does have a function. It has a purpose. It separates the wheat from the chaff; those who are complicit with it and those who are opposed to it. It’s up to us, to good people like us, to lead the opposition. We are the natural leaders of our people. Why?
We are the natural leaders of our people for three reasons. Firstly, we see the real reason for the problems that confront our world, we understand what’s happening – we have breadth of vision, we see the grand scheme. Secondly, we see the solutions, the answers – we have the antidote to the great evil that means the end of everything that makes life worthwhile. And thirdly, we have the guts to do something about it.
Robert Best answers the Five Questions
Who are you?
I am Robert Best a 43 year old author currently living in West Sussex. I am happily married to a pretty girl, an artist from Northern Italy and we have a handsome and clever son. I enjoy writing, reading, sketching, watching films, listening to classical and rock music, playing tennis, martial arts and walking our German shepherd dog. I am the author of 'Europe Unite', ‘Fascism and Religion’, ‘Tolkien: Master of Middle Earth’, ‘The British Free Corps’, ‘Red Terror: The Crimes of Marxism’ and ‘The Whitechapel Murders’, published by Steven Books and League Enterprises.
What do you believe in?
I believe in the future greatness and splendour of England, Britain and Europe and the preservation and advancement of the European peoples, without hatred for other races and nations. I am also a deeply spiritual man and I have researched comparative world religions and the occult. I was brought up as a member of the Church of England but I also have respect for traditional Catholic thinkers and writers such as GK Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc, Revd Denis Fahey, Revd Charles Coughlin and Bishop Richard Williamson. I also have an interest in the works of poet Roy Campbell, the well known supporter of the British Union of Fascists, who attempted a synthesis of Christianity, Nietzsche and Mithras. Furthermore, I believe in accord with the late and great Sir Oswald Mosley, that it is logical to believe in the existence of God, as the Universe is too complex to have come about by chance.
If you could direct government policy what would you do?
I would make Great Britain independent and free of International Finance and Usury, and give government the power to coin and regulate the issue of money. I would also introduce National Referenda and Direct National Democracy, giving the British people the power to decide major acts of government policy. I would end all non-European immigration except for temporary students, tourists and bone fide business visitors. Ideally the introduction of a system of voluntary and financially-assisted repatriation would reduce Britain’s non-European population, to manageable proportions. I would establish a Confederation of European Nations as a stepping stone to a future European Nation and a three-tier system of Local-Regional, National and European Government. No more bloody wars for American-Zionist interests against countries who are no threat to Britain and Europe.
What are you proud of and what do you regret?
I am immensely proud of being a father and all dads should rejoice at their wonderful and beautiful children. Regrets? Well I was once told “Forgive yourself because God has already forgiven you”, which I thought was very touching and comforting.
How would you like to be remembered?
As a good father and husband who loved his family and God.
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Nothing Changes
The first fascist movement in Britain was the British Fascisti founded in 1923 by Rotha Lintorn-Orman, a remarkable woman who had driven military ambulances during WW1. She was inspired by the Italian fascists who seized power the year before under Benito Mussolini. The threat of a communist revolution was very real in Britain; the country was bankrupt and unemployment was rising. But the BFs fought the Reds and volunteered to keep essential services running during the General Strike.
In 1924 they changed their name to the British Fascists and got two councilors elected in Stamford, Lincolnshire, Arnold Leese and Henry Simpson. But the BFs were not militant enough for Arnold Leese. He called them “Tories with knobs on” and in 1928 he quit to form the Imperial Fascist League.
Leese believed in “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” and he accused the most unlikely people of being Jewish. These included the British Royal Family, the founder of the Turkish Republic, Kemal Ataturk, and Levi Leiter, the father of Oswald Mosley’s first wife Cynthia. In fact the Leiter family were Swiss-German Mennonites; a protestant sect that adopted Old Testament names. Leese is remembered by his followers for the quotation “All is race, there is no other truth.” But this was not his own aphorism; he copied it from Benjamin Disraeli.
In 1932 Oswald Mosley founded the British Union of Fascist which soon overtook the BFs and the IFL. Mosley wanted to unite all the fascists under the banner of the BUF, but Arnold Leese dismissed him a “kosher fascist”, and Rotha Lintorn-Orman thought that he was too much of a socialist. And so began the division of the British patriotic movement that still persists. During WW2 fascists interned under Defence Regulation 18B formed separate cliques in prison. BUF members were in the majority but there were supporters of the IFL, the British People’s Party and William Joyce’s National Socialist League. Even imprisonment without trial and the threat of execution could not unite them.
The current nationalist parties all play down their extremist past but the general public still regard them as “fascists.” We need a modern party to fight against Third World immigration and defend our interests in Europe. We need a charismatic leader and policies designed for the world today - not as it was a hundred years ago. At present there is no sign of such a party or such a leader. We can only hope that “cometh the hour cometh the man.”
The Meaning of an Enemy
Andrew Fountaine’s masterly exposure of warmonger Winston Churchill is now available from Ostara Publications, price £7.45 plus p&p.
Roy Chester RIP
Roy Chester was born in Monmouth in June 1942 and died of natural causes in Somerset West, South Africa in September 2012. Roy was an outstanding street corner speaker in the early 1960s. In those days, long before the Internet, soapbox meetings and literature were the only means of spreading the word. He was an active member of the original BNP and stayed loyal to John Bean when the Spearhead gang defected to the NSM.
He was a Christian Socialist who despised the Old Gang parties and the communists with equal passion. His hero was Huey Long the “Share our Wealth” Governor of Louisiana who was assassinated in 1932.
Following Colin Jordan’s Nazi rally in Trafalgar Square in 1962 patriotic meetings were regularly attacked by organized gangs of thugs. But a small group including Roy Chester, Peter McMenemie and Paul Barnes defied the Reds and the 62 Group by holding a stormy BNP meeting at Hyde Park on May Day 1965.
Roy contributed to our forerunner publication Nation in the 1970s. His reports from South Africa called for Afrikaners, Rhodesians and Portuguese to stand together. He warned that; “the loss of Mozambique will give the terrorists a direct jumping ground into the Transvaal.” But his warnings were ignored on both sides of the Limpopo. He wrote: “It goes to prove that as soon as a colony becomes an economic liability and not an asset it is dumped and all the high flown phrases about the sanctity of the homeland are forgotten.” And he concluded: “We’ll see what happens but whatever it is it won’t strengthen the position of white Southern Africa.”
Roy had a healthy contempt for pomposity. After reading an article in Combat by Raymond Bamford on “The Race Soul” he commented: “up your hole with the race soul.” AK Chesterton in a letter to John Bean was more analytical: “I read this article with fascination and wonder, pondering over each lovely sentence to savour to the full its gorgeous pseudo-intellectual meaninglessness.” (Many Shades of Black 1999).
Roy also dismissed the wishful thinking of the Pretoria regime. They claimed that Apartheid was “Separate Development” but he insisted that it was all about cheap labour. He told me in Johannesburg in 1966 that the capitalists who owned South Africa couldn’t care less if the country was run by the blacks so long as they kept the profits. The recent shooting of 34 striking miners by black cops at the Marikana platinum mine at Rustenburg has proved him right. The plutocrats who own the world care nothing for race or nation: they are only interested in money.
Roy is survived by his wife Nonie, two sons, a daughter and grandchildren spread around the world. He will be sadly missed.
Cruel Britannia
The psychological and physical torture used by Lt Col RWG “Tin Eye” Stephens at the infamous Camp 020 at Hamm Common, and other “interrogation” centres, on British Union of Fascist members and alleged enemy agents was recently revealed by Ian Cobain in his book “Cruel Britannia", published by Portobello Books.
This shameful episode in British history was previously documented in “The Hell of Hamm Common” by John Warburton and Charlie Watts – available from
The following comments were posted to the Guardian website:
In one of the most shocking and persuasive books of the year, Ian Cobain details not just British complicity in torture – we know all about that – but the longstanding practice of the thing itself, and the lies British politicians have always told and are still telling to cover it up. David Hare.
It is clear from this superb book that those who got us involved in torture in recent year hadn’t learned from our previous visit to the dark side. This fascinating, horrible story of seventy years of British cruelty should be read by politicians and the public alike. Clive Stafford Smith, Director, Reprieve.
A deeply disturbing book which implicates both the British Government and the Security Services in rendition and complicity in torture. It is like rolling a hand grenade into the heart of the Establishment. Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Mercer.
And Vic Sarson, an ex-serviceman and a traditional conservative commented:
I have never accepted that the British were any better or worse than the Germans in either of the two wars. I have made reference to the stepfather of a girl in knew in my teens who having been called up for the army in 1939/40 applied for training as a hangman and spent most of the war at Wandsworth Prison in south west London hanging German spies/traitors. He told me that when they were brought to him for dispatch they were, men and women alike, unrecognizable as human beings. In some cases eyes were gouged out, men’s genitals were missing and women’s nipples cut off. He said that he merely put them out of their misery. However we should console ourselves with the knowledge that our torturers were liberal minded democratic individuals and otherwise decent chaps acting for King and country and in stark contrast to the wicked fascist brutes on the other side who actually enjoyed their work. Were I to be tortured I would rather it be done by democrats than fascists and have the consolation of knowing with my dying breath that it had been done to me for the best of reasons and with the very best of intentions.