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Nation Revisited # 156 October 2019


The word 'propaganda' is usually associated with tyrannical regimes but it was originally a function of the Catholic Church. It simply means information.

Dr Joseph Goebbels was the Minister of 'Propaganda and Enlightenment' who organised the world's biggest advertising campaign for the 1933 German general election. He used rallies, posters, cinema, newspapers and radio; and he would certainly have used television but it only started in Berlin in 1935.  His efforts were rewarded when Adolf Hitler was returned as Chancellor of Germany.

The success of the Nazi campaign ensured that propaganda would play a massive part in the Second World War, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War. It reached the peak of mendacity in 2003 when British prime minister Tony Blair warned that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had 'weapons of mass destruction'. It turned out that he had no such weapons. 

Methods of communication have improved over the years.
Martin Luther nailed his thesis to the door of All Saints' Church in Wittenberg and changed the world. Benito Mussolini came to power at the head of a mass movement. He led the March on Rome and was appointed prime minister by King Victor Emmanuel 111. Meetings and demonstrations still have their place but the Internet is now our chosen method of propaganda. It's not completely free of censorship but Facebook and Twitter only ban persistent offenders. 

A young Bill Baillie (pictured) campaigning for John Bean's British National Party in the 1964 general election. We were not an insular nationalist party, we believed in European solidarity and social justice. I went overseas in 1965 and came home in 1970, by which time we had been taken over by the National Front and our progressive policies had been dumped. I therefore joined Union Movement and embraced Oswald Mosley's vision of 'Europe a Nation'.

Social media sites are very effective. President Donald Trump entertains his 55 million followers on Twitter and most politicians are regular tweeters.

Newspapers and magazines are expensive to print and distribute but websites are affordable and we can reach more people on the Internet than we did in the old days by putting leaflets through letterboxes or selling newspapers on street corners. The mass media shapes public opinion and the State uses repressive legislation to silence us but we can fight back by using the Internet.

Perseverance is the name of the game. Immigration used to be a taboo subject but, thanks to our persistence it is now openly discussed. So carry on posting on Facebook and Twitter. Let our voices be heard.

The Future is Electric

Petrol and diesel cars are being phased out to reduce pollution. At present electric cars are too expensive but prices are expected to drop as demand increases. Pollution from petrol and diesel cars is killing us but legislation is being passed to clean up the atmosphere. Electric cars will not pollute the atmosphere with exhaust fumes but they need to recharge their batteries with electricity. We have been using coal to generate electricity for over a hundred years but we now know that it's a dangerous pollutant. I wrote the following optimistic piece for my duplicated newsletter 'Nation' in 1974:

" We are fortunate to have a vast wealth of natural resources here in Britain. Our coalfields, properly managed, would provide enough fuel to fire power stations and provide ample electricity for all our needs. It is difficult to get a true idea of the amount of coal in the ground of Britain. Most experts put this figure at about one hundred years supply, but recent finds might double this estimate. What's more, improved methods of burning coal more cleanly and efficiently are being developed".

Clean coal technology
was perfected in the Eighties but it was too expensive. Nuclear power was supposed to be the cheapest way to generate electricity but since the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 and the Fukushima disaster of 2011 it has proved to be the dearest and most dangerous method. When the cost of decommissioning and the storage of radioactive waste is calculated, nuclear power is unaffordable. 

We are using various methods to generate electricity, including; gas, wind, tidal, hydro, solar, and geothermal. And we are burning renewable fuels such as biomass. Coal is too dirty, nuclear is too expensive and dangerous, and wind power is unreliable. But our scientists will find a reliable way to generate power without poisoning ourselves.

Nations will be forced to protect the environment by international consensus. Brazil was forced to mobilise the army to put out the Amazon fires after France threatened to halt a massive trade deal between the EU and Mercosur, the South American Common Market.

President Donald Trump wants to burn coal because it keeps his coalminers working, but it damages their lungs and pollutes the air we breath. Even the Chinese and the Indians are starting to worry about pollution.

A Vision of the Future

The Nazis were as divided over Europe as the politicians of today. Regrettably, racism dominated the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler saw the Second World War as a conflict between the Nordic 'Master Race' and the Jews, but Joseph Goebbels, his down-to-earth Minister of Propaganda, saw it as a battle between ideas rather than tribes. In his remarkable speech 'Europe in the year 2000', he said:

"Europeans are more and more realizing that our differences are only family squabbles when measured against the vast problems that the continent must solve. I am convinced that just as we look back with some amusement on the narrow-minded conflicts between German provinces in the 1840s and 1850s, our posterity in fifty years will look back with similar amusement on what is going on today in Europe. They will see the "dramatic battles between nations" of small European states as family squabbles. I am convinced that in fifty years we will no longer think in terms of nations, but of continents and that the entirely different, and perhaps much larger, problems will concern Europe."

To make Joseph Goebbels' prediction come true we must embrace his vision of Europe. That may seem difficult at the moment but political systems do not last forever. The Soviet Union defeated the armed might of Nazi Germany but collapsed, almost without a struggle, in 1990. The European Union is a work in progress. The UK has voted to leave it but we will still be Europeans by race, culture and geography, and our future will still be linked to the mainland. Whatever happens, Europe will continue to develop and the current Brexit fiasco will be seen as just a temporary aberration. 

History Repeats Itself

The cyclical theory holds that history repeats itself. We know that periods of liberalism and prosperity lead to recession, which gives rise to revolutionary movements, followed by war and authoritarian regimes. This pattern has been repeated over and over again, from the Roman Empire to the present day.

We must, therefore, ask ourselves if there's any point in trying to make a better world? The answer is yes, because we are born with the instinct of self preservation.

To get where we are today we had to
struggle; against the Ice Age, warring tribes, hunger, and disease. But instead of freezing to death we invented clothing, to overcome hostile tribes we formed ourselves into nations, to feed ourselves we developed agriculture, and to keep ourselves healthy we discovered medicine and hygiene. It's our nature to struggle against adversity. We must not allow political and  religious dogma to subvert our basic instincts.

Political  and religious leaders always start out with good intentions. They do not want to make life miserable for their people. But every political and religious ideology has resulted in Spanish Inquisitions, concentration camps, and Gulags. 

Loseb Jughashvili (pictured) was training to be a priest until he quit the seminary, changed his name to Joseph Stalin and became a ruthless dictator. He was an 'idealist' who wanted freedom and justice for the down-trodden subjects of Czar Nicholas Romanov. He transformed the old Russian Empire into the Soviet Union and he almost caught up with the West in scientific and  industrial development when in 1941 his country was attacked by Adolf Hitler; another 'visionary' with a head full of nonsense. Joseph Stalin's achievements were formidable; he modernised the Soviet Union and led its people to victory, but he ruled by terror and murdered millions. 

If the cyclical theory of history is correct we are in the terminal stage of liberal capitalism and approaching economic disaster. President Donald Trump and prime minister Boris Johnson may figure in this Divine Comedy. Only time will tell.

Another Myth Exposed

The 'Morgenthau Plan' to exterminate the Germans is part of the far-Right's mythology. Henry J Morgenthau (pictured) was the US Treasury Secretary during World War Two. His plan to de-industrialise Germany to stop them from starting another war, was never taken seriously. It was the anthropologist Prof Albert Hooton who proposed selective breeding to pacify a belligerent German nation.

Colin Liddell writing for the 'Affirmative Right' website exposes the myth of the Morgenthau Plan. 

Yes, a plan to breed out the Germans (and now all Europeans) dreamed up by a non-Jewish American "race realist" is casually attributed to a Jew, whom we are told was driven solely and exclusively by genocidal hatred for the Germans. This is the kind of sloppy, lazy, dishonest, Jew-obsessed nonsense that has made the Rump Alt-Right the intellectual laughing stock it is today.

Having dealt with the Morgenthau plan, Colin Liddell should turn his attention to the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan which is just as far-fetched. Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972), was the half Japanese founder of the Pan Europa movement who advocated a multiracial Europe ruled by a Jewish aristocracy. This bizarre plan was never adopted by the European Union but it remains a canon of the far-Right.

Another far-Right myth that needs exposing concerns the Bank of England which has been state-owned since 1947. The BOE does not belong to the Rothschild family. The Governor of the BOE is appointed by the British Government. He sets the interest rate but fiscal policy is decided by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Also, Mark Carney, the current Governor of the BOE is not Jewish, he is a Canadian of Irish ancestry.

Europe of 100 Flags

In an e-mail to me explaining his political position Eddy Morrison states that he believes in a 'Europe of a Hundred Flags'. This idea was promoted by the Breton Nationalist Yann Fouéré  (pictured) in his 1968 book 'L'Europe aux Cent Drapeaux'. He wanted each nationality in Europe to have its own state. France would be divided into separate regions for Bretons, Basques, and Corsicans, Belgium would be split between Flemings and Walloons, Spain would be split into four states, Italy into three states, and so on.

If this model included the UK we might see separate states for Cornwall and Yorkshire. They have already got their own flags and anthems but such little states would struggle on their own. Fouéré envisaged a federation of self-governing states, like Switzerland which is divided into twenty six self-governing cantons speaking four different languages; German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Each canton is autonomous but the country has one flag, one army, one currency, and a central government for defence and foreign affairs.

When Britain ruled a mighty empire on which the sun never set, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales kept their own languages and traditions but they were essentially British. And so were the White Dominions whose flags bore the Union Jack and whose currencies bore the image of the British monarch. We extended our patriotism to embrace the British Empire.

A similar extension of patriotism would be required for a European federation, be it of twenty-eight or one hundred states. At present we are fixated with Brexit, but the problem will be resolved in the light of economic reality. For myself, I am happy to be British and European. But if we have to be divided into separate little states I nominate Eddy Morrison to be the Gauleiter of Greater Yorkshire.

The idea of pretentious little states was covered by GK Chesterton in his 1904 novel 'The Napoleon of Notting Hill', in the 1949 Ealing comedy 'Passport to Pimlico', and in the 1959 film starring Peter Sellars, 'The Mouse That Roared'. They all depicted the futility of petty nationalism.

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Nation Revisited # 155, September 2019

Digging up The Past

Rumour has if that veteran nationalist Eddy Morrison (pictured) is about to launch an online version of ''Action". I am unashamedly nostalgic but I think that Mosley's journal should be left in peace.

"Action" was a newspaper that was sold at meetings and regular pitches. The proposed online version would have none of the feel, and smell of newsprint. The Internet is a priceless asset but it cannot recapture the past.

 Seth Tyrssen, the American assistant editor of Eddy's blog "White Voice," produces "The New Thunderbolt" in homage to the old National States' Rights Party. There's not much difference in ideology between "The New Thunderbolt" and the old "Thunderbolt." But a new "Action" produced by Eddy Morrison would be a contradiction. Oswald Mosley supported Imperialism pre-war and 'Europe a Nation' post-war, but he was never a parochial nationalist.
Jeffrey Wallder, also known as Gordon Beckwell, is revising the Friends of Mosley 18 B detainees list as more information becomes available. But most of his fellow "Action" writers are dead; Oswald Mosley, Jeffrey Hamm, Robert Rowe, and John Warburton have all passed away, and I don't feel too good myself.

I pinched that line from the entertainer Vic Oliver, Winston Churchill's son-in-law, who said: "all the great musicians are dead; Mozart's dead, Beethoven's dead, and I don't feel too good myself." He once asked Winston Churchill who was the greatest war leader. Churchill replied: "Mussolini, because he had the courage to have his son-in-law shot." 

any of Union Movement's policies have been overtaken by history. We wanted to send home immigrants with their fares paid, That would gave been possible in those days but today there are far too many of them. We also supported white rule in South Africa and Rhodesia but both countries have been taken over by the blacks. 

And then there us the matter of copyright. "Action" and all other Union Movement and Action Society titles are the property of Sanctuary Press.

What is to be Done - Eddy Morrison.

In 1978 when I was a National Front organiser I firmly believed that we would have our first members of parliament by 1980. We didn't and the period known as the 'horrible 80s' was upon us. Split after split with eventually a by-election where one schism of the National Front stood a candidate at the same time as another schism of that splintered wreck of a once mighty movement.

The 1990s got a bit more interesting and we achieved the election of a BNP candidate in London. Things were slow in the BNP but it was, under John Tyndall, going in the right direction. As BNP Yorkshire Organiser I was gladdened to see many old comrades returning to the BNP. Then in 1999 the British National equivalent of the Twin Towers occurred - Nick Griffin became the leader of the BNP.

He spent the next ten years building it up. BNP councillors were everywhere and two MEPs were elected. Then came the second calamity! Griffin's appearance on a major national TV show. Griffin acted like a buffoon. He even sidled up to the Black 'celebrity' who was sat next to him. Be bungled his way through a barrage of outrageous Lefty opposition and made no attempt to either push himself into prominence in a public forum watched live by millions nor to say anything cohesive. He acted like the local village idiot. Was it an Act?

Now we find ourselves in the 2010s. A large number of nationalist grouplets vying for members from an ever dwindling pool of recruits. With the break up of the EDL and the BNP, one would have expected a huge rush to join an existing nationalist party. It never happened. The British Democratic Party seems to be totally static and the National Front is a shadow of its former self. The less said about 'Britain First' and the lunatic New British Union, the better!

Unity talks abound. Unity with who and why unity at all? It's like putting all the hospital patients with transmittable diseases in a ward of basically healthy people. Unity serves one purpose - it gives a platform for people who like to talk about nationalist unity who can go on home and do little more than look forward to the next unity meeting ad infinitum.

It's never going to happen folks - believe me! We need, as we did in the 1960s, a fresh start. We need a White Nationalist movement that is no holds barred. We need one that rejects the inevitable compromises that come with unity. We need a movement that rejects both internal and external democracy and runs on the meritocratic principle. 

You join, you work hard and you get the benefits. You join, you gripe about provocative tactics and you should for the good of all rush off and join Ukip (if it's still there of course).

A new movement (I can feel the shuddering from here) it must be. And for the first few years of its life it should avoid elections like the plague. It shouldn't even be registered with the ZOG control apparatus called 'The Electoral Commission." Give them your membership numbers; state of finances; sign forms that bind you to a Liberal Stalinist state and for what? To get seven votes in a council election (Nick Walsh - Hull 2016).

A new movement must be uncompromising in its White Nationalist principles and uncompromising in its drive for power. What we need comrades is a movement of disciplined fanatics!

International Finance

I am a 59 year old Englishman who understands the racket that is our money creation system. Fiat money heralds  the destruction of any country that is silly enough to allow it in.

The US Federal Reserve is not federal and holds no reserves. President Wilson himself said he felt he had sold his country to International Finance. What did they have on him for him to sell his country out? 

I have friends who have spent 9 years in studying for professional banking examinations and still don't understand fiat money; so cleverly is the course designed.

I believe that if the people were actually educated as to how it works their outrage would be deafening. Naturally, as the same people who own the banks own the media, reaching the people to educate them  will be difficult. Remember, any mention of who these people might be may bring you up on antisemitism charges. They really have the bases  covered.

Education is the way forward but it will be an uphill struggle.

Nation Revisited replies to A.L.

You appear to believe in the Jewish conspiracy theory. This was endorsed by AK Chesterton in his 1965 book "The New Unhappy Lords." Unfortunately, he offers no evidence. In his foreword he explains:

"The strength and the weakness of this book is that it is not annotated. The weakness is that the author, having checked his facts to the best of his ability, does not cite his authorities, partly because some of the information has come to him under confidential cover from highly placed persons in different parts of the world who would face ruin if their identities were divulged, and partly because, the facts have not been filed and listed. Its strength, on the other hand, is that the reader is presented with a continuous narrative which enables him to follow the workings of the conspiracy without having his attention distracted by the abundance of foot-notes which otherwise would have been necessary."

dominate the media and they are over-represented in financial circles but they are not all powerful. There are no Jews on the boards of the Bank of China or the Bank of Japan. And they were not able to save Lehman Brothers or Northern Rock. Why didn't they just  create some more money?

An Uncertain Future

We are due to leave the European Union  on October 31st - with or without a trade agreement. The Brexiteers are predicting a rosy future but most economists are pessimistic. The massive disruption to our economy resulting from Brexit  coincides with America's trade war with China and a global decline in car sales. It seems that a recession is inevitable

To manage this chaos we have a broken party system serving a divided and discontented population. Boris Johnson (pictured), our larger-than-life prime minister, leads a right- wing Tory Party propped up by the sectarian Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.  He is spending money like a drunken sailor; two billion here, two billion there, 20,000 more policemen, and 10,000 new prison places. After years of penny-pinching the Tories are being forced to spend our money on public services.

One of the main factors in the Brexit debate was immigration. Boris Johnson frightened the electorate with predictions of millions of Turks coming to the UK if we stayed in Europe. But he called for an amnesty for 500.000 undocumented migrants when he was Mayor of London, and he has promised to make immigration easier to attract the skilled workers that we need.

During the referendum campaign we heard much from the Brexiteers about 'sovereignty' but Boris Johnson has now made himself a dictator by suspending Parliament.

The Old Gang have left us short of doctors, nurses, policemen, scientists and engineers.. All of these workers can be recruited  but they will have to be trained and provided with affordable housing. The police will also need somewhere to work as they have sold off so many police stations.

A start has been made on building affordable houses but young couples cannot get mortgages. We need social housing and New York style housing courts to control rents and prevent exploitation.

The tit-for-tat tanker war with Iran has shown that we don't have enough destroyers and frigates to protect British-flagged ships in the Persian Gulf. We could send HMS Queen Elizabeth, our gigantic aircraft carrier, but "Big Lizzie" with her 14 operational F35B aircraft is hardly suitable to counter Iranian inflatables, it would be like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.t

We are also short of soldiers but that doesn't stop our government from warning the Chinese over Hong Kong. Our 81,500 regulars are ready to take on the People's Liberation Army of two million men. But don't worry, we always punch above our weight, and the Chinese don't like it up 'em.

We urgently need a Government of National Unity, not just to sort out Brexit but to realistically appraise our situation and  put country before party. In the meantime we face an uncertain future.

Violent Crime

Stabbings and shootings have reached epidemic proportions in our major cities. The victims are young men, mostly black, that are involved drug running. The police are calling for drugs to be legalised but, fortunately, our laws are made by Parliament, not by the police. It would make their job easier but that is not what law and order is all about.

Boris Johnson is electioneering by promising more policemen, longer prison sentences, and extra prison places. These measures would certainly help but the real answer is better parenting and education. Many of these kids have never experienced discipline and they do not recognise authority. The liberal experiment in education has failed and we will not see an improvement in juvenile behavior until we return to traditional teaching methods. 

Tony Blair made a monumental mistake when he sent British troops to invade Iraq. But he was right when he said "education, education, education." It really is the answer to most of our problems.

we still have some dedicated teachers who can exert authority. Schools have been throwing out disruptive pupils rather thn deal with them but exclusion is not the answer. The art of raising children to be  productive citizens has not been lost, but teachers need the backing of parents and their employers.

When I was working at the Shell building in Waterloo, some years ago,  parties of schoolboys used the company's swimming pool. Some of them were rowdy but one particular school was very well behaved. It was a private school and the pupils were all black. It's all a matter leadership. Kids from all backgrounds can succeed in life if they are given the chance. Letting them 'do their own thing' is not the answer. 

Theresa May's ban on 'stop and search' when she was Home Secretary was misguided. She was frightened of upsetting race relations but the police need all the help they can get. They have been undermined by manpower cuts and the privatisation of the probation service.  Drug-related crimes are committed by young men of all races but the majority are black. When the police stop and search them they are not being racist, they are protecting the public

We have tried ignoring the problem but it won't go away Parents must be held responsible for their children, and teachers, magistrates, judges, social workers, probation officers, and policemen must enforce the law. 

Over-sensitive concerns about race-relations should not be allowed to confus the issue. The majority of Black people would welcome a return to law and order.

Nation Revisited

This blog seeks reform by legal means. All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. We are protected by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19: "We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share ideas with other people."


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Our flag was designed by John Bean in 1957 for his National Labour Party. It is used by Nation Revisited with his blessing.The cross represents our nation and the radiant star represents Socialism.