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Nation Revisited # 160 February 2020


Most of us suffer some sort of discrimination as we go through life and sometimes we discriminate against others. This is generally harmless but it can be damaging to both parties. Those discriminated against are resentful and those who discriminate feel guilty. The best solution is honesty. There's nothing wrong with being black, white, or any shade in between. And there's nothing wrong with being old, young, tall, short, gay, straight, or whatever we are. Why is it offensive to call someone 'coloured'? No insult is intended and none should be taken.

Of course, some people go too far. A friend of mine was interviewing a woman for a job as a croupier at a London casino. When he turned her down she protested that she had a degree in mathematics and demanded to know what qualifications were necessary. My friend replied "big tits". She complained to the management and he was fired.

The politically-correct ban on so-called discriminatory language was highlighted by Peter Simple in the 'Daily Telegraph' in a 1972 article entitled 'Threshold of Hell'. In those days the 'Daily Telegraph' was a newspaper of record, before the reclusive Barclay brothers turned it into a broadsheet version of 'The Sun'.

"The lowering of the grievance threshold is a feature of our society", says the 'Observer' on the existing laws against "racial discrimination", the attempt, so far foiled, to bring in a law against "sexual discrimination" and the proposal even more preposterous, if possible - for a law against "age discrimination."

"The lowering of the grievance threshold" - translated into English, what does this painful jargon mean? It means that ours is a society in which envy, spite, discontent and petty-mindedness are growing daily, and are being encouraged to grow daily by every means open to publicists and politicians.

The normal, unselfishness relation of one human being with another human being, whether of different race, sex or age is being systematically distorted and perverted. In the name of an unattainable equality, the individual man, woman and even child is being turned into a member of a category, a militant group moved not by human love but by inhuman malice and hatred.

What would our society be like if this process reaches its ultimate though fortunately unattainable conclusion, in which every single person saw himself as a victim of discrimination by some other person? What will our society be like if this process continues, as at present, unabated and unopposed?"

Brave New World

I regularly
catch a bus to a supermarket which has a café next door. I used to speak to the bus conductor but he has been made redundant and the driver is shielded from the public by a glass cage. I enjoyed having a chat with the checkout girl but she has been replaced by a self-service computer and an intimidating-looking security guard. At least the café is still run by human beings but because I pay for a set breakfast by debit card the transaction is practically silent.

I buy my books from Amazon and I bank online so there's no need to talk to booksellers or bankers.  Busy people probably appreciate the speed and efficiency of the modern age but some of us feel isolated.

Automation is robbing us of human contact. Instead of dealing with flesh and blood people we conduct our business with machines. There are plans to install hi-tech cameras in supermarkets that will scan items as they are taken off the shelves and automatically charge them to your account. You will not have to do it yourself, but if you want to know the price of a can of beans you will have to check your bank statement.

Smart meters are replacing human meter readers for our gas, electricity and water. They will automatically record your consumption and collect payment by direct debit.

Looking further into the future, cars will drive themselves, machinery will maintain itself, and the latest medical equipment will examine you with CT scans and perform surgery with computer controlled lasers guided by artificial intelligence. Doctors and nurses might not be needed but an accountant will be on hand to make sure your medical insurance is up to date.

In the Brave New World time and money will be more important than people. Your life will be a data stream and your soul will be a number. Let's hope that we don't go mad trying to cope with it. 

Throwing Light on Searchlight - John Bean

Jeremy Corbyn is not the first politician to be targeted by the Jews. Oswald Mosley was verbally and physically abused by them and so was John Bean. He wrote in 'Many Shades of Black':

My mistake was to listen to the siren voices of those who blamed our once proud nation's predicament on a 'conspiracy' in the manner of the Scots, the Irish and even the Welsh, who will mistakenly blame the English for their 'conspiracy' to hold them back and suppress their cultures. There was no conspiracy by Jewish international finance to destroy our power and to open the floodgates to Afro-Asian immigration. In the 1930s there were individual Jewish  bankers who could see that Hitler was out to destroy the Jewish people and understandably used their power to oppose him. In the main this was the evidence that otherwise intelligent men, such as AK Chesterton, and Mosley for a time in the thirties, used to build up their plot theory. It's a theory that leaks like a sieve.

But despite his rejection of the 'Jewish Conspiracy' he was still accused of antisemitism. He wrote on his 'Beanstalk' blog in 2003:

In its July issue the ultra-left "Searchlight" magazine, which is closely linked to the Trotskyist Anti-Nazi League, has a 16 page feature marking the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the 62 Group. In 1963 the 62 Group then gave birth to the Searchlight organisation with Gerry Gable, the present magazine publisher, being a founder member of both.

The objectives of the 62 Group were to attack any organisation or individual which it considered to be Nazi, Fascist or Racist - which included the Tory Party's Monday Club, the historian David Irving, as well as Colin Jordan's National Socialist Movement. Their methods encompassed vicious physical assaults, attempted murder, burglary and arson, and are recalled in glowing terms in the "Searchlight" report.

My personal experience of their activity include the famous "Battle of Balls Pond Road" in East London, 2nd Sept 1962 (see p 166 of my autobiography, where 400 muscle men bravely overwhelmed 40 members of the Mark1 BNP, hospitalising many of them. Then there were several open air meetings at Earls Court. The report gives an account of an attack on one of these meetings where I am alleged to have used a knuckle duster! As my solicitor will be informing "Searchlight", any knuckle dusters present were used by the 62 Group and not by me or my supporters. The report does not mention, of course, the occasion in November 1962 when 62 Group thugs tried to break into my home. I told the police that I recognised one of their voices.

The 62 Group members were almost exclusively Jewish. Not ordinary Jewish people but, as the "Searchlight" report states on p 13, militant Jews "who had fought fascism" in London's East End and had "supported the Jewish Communist MP for Stepney, Phil Piratin". Again, on p 14 it claims: "...the 62 Group led that fight on behalf of the Jewish Community." Yet on p 21 it is admitted that "...the leaders of the Jewish community had described the 62 Group as thugs who were damaging the community." This changed somewhat when an editorial in the "Jewish Chronicle" demanded that the 62 Group "be shown gratitude and respect for its work".

Apart from Gerry Gable -  a convicted burglar who now advises the Met Police on race relations (!), who were the other leading lights of the 62 Group? Pride of place is given in the report to its Intelligence Officer Harry (Hershel) Bidney, founder of the 43 Group (formed to attack Mosley supporters), who Gable looked up to as a father figure. No mention, however, of Bidney's numerous convictions for living off immoral earnings of both straight and homosexual prostitutes. No mention of his "Golden Whip Club", a Soho haunt for those who shared his sexual proclivities.

The founder and first editor of "Searchlight" was Maurice Ludmer, who was a member of the Communist Party and a journalist on its paper "Daily Worker" (Now Morning Star). Among the list of 62 Group members that the report 'honours', there is no mention of a certain key activist who was involved in drug dealing. Nor is Manny Carpel mentioned. He received 2 years in jail for an arson attack on a Sussex printer of Historical Review books. He was last heard of doing further time for an antiques scam.

My purpose in devoting so much space to the activities of a gang of Communist Jewish thugs of forty years ago is that it gave birth to the Searchlight Organisation that today spreads misinformation about British patriotic movements, including the BNP, and aids attacks upon them through the Trotskyite Anti-Nazi League. Furthermore, it is partly financed  by the Lottery Fund, whose help has been denied to such bodies as the St Dunstan's Home for blind ex-servicemen.


We can expect
a new wave of Third World immigration following Boris Johnson's landslide general election victory. The Tories want to stop free movement of labour within Europe but they welcome immigrants from outside the EU.

If we
discuss immigration we are accused of racism by unscrupulous lawyers like Messrs Dodson & Fogg. Most of us just want sensible immigration controls, with assistance for those immigrants who want to go home, plus deportation for criminals, dole scroungers, and illegal entrants. We must obey the Race Relations Act but it's probably safe to say that we should chose immigrants that are easily assimilated. 

Racial and religious i
ntolerance is sweeping the world. Nearly a million Rohingya have been expelled from Myanmar and driven into neighbouring Bangladesh. The Chinese have confined thousands of Uighurs to 're-education camps'. And millions of people have been displaced by war in the Middle East. It's unlikely that repatriation will happen in the UK. We are no longer an all white country but we can still preserve our national character. The United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights states:

"All peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development."

But t
he sheer volume of immigration coupled with restrictive legislation threatens to deny us these basic human rights. We can't pursue our economic, social and cultural development for fear of infringing the rights of immigrants. This was not the original intention of the Race Relations Act.


The Tories want Britain to be an independent country but we have belonged to the global capitalist system for three hundred years. The East India Company took over India when George the Second was on the throne. We plundered the Empire until General Percival surrendered Singapore to General Yamashita in 1942. That was the end of our imperialism but we struggled on under the Bretton Woods Agreement until the Nixon Shock of 1971 when America cut us loose. We then joined the Common Market which became the European Union. We have been part of a world empire, an American protectorate, and an member of the EU, but this is the first time that we have been on our own 

The Tories are hopeful of a transatlantic trade deal but the USA is practically self-sufficient and uses world trade primarily to enforce her foreign policy. 'Favoured nations', such as Israel, are rewarded with military assistance and lucrative trade deals but 'least favoured nations', such as Iran, are blockaded, starved and eventually bombed into submission.

Donald Trump threatened the UK with a 25% tariff on our cars unless we sided with the US against Iran. And he has now threatened the same punishment if we tax giant American companies like McDonalds, Starbucks, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and Google at normal corporate rates.

Boris Johnson has been described by Labour leadership contender Emily Thornberry as a "lying, reckless charlatan." He is also a two-faced bandwagon jumper who wrote in 'The Daily Telegraph' of May 2013:

If we left the EU, we would end this sterile debate, and we would have to recognise that most of our problems are not caused by Brussels, but by chronic British short-termism, inadequate management, sloth, low skills, a culture of easy gratification and underinvestment in both human and physical capital and infrastructure.

China, the United States and the European Union dominate world trade and we must co-operate with them to gain access to their markets. In the Second Opium War (1856-1860) a Franco-British expeditionary force supported by 36 warships forced the Chinese to open their ports. But those days are gone.
We have left the EU but our future prosperity depends on access to the single market. An arrangement such as EFTA which unites Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, might placate our separatists, just as it has in Norway, a proudly independent nation that to all intents and purposes belongs to the EU.

Political Divisions

I have been criticised for using the term 'far right' to describe parties such as the BNP or the National Front. These labels are inadequate but what are we to call them? The convention is that parties supporting the establishment are right wing, and those opposed to it are left wing. But what should we call a dedicated member of the Labour Party like John Prescott (pictured), the son of a railwayman who became Deputy Prime Minister before being elevated to the House of Lords as Baron Prescott of Kingston Upon Hull? Is he left wing by virtue of his ideology or right wing because of his position?

It's all the more confusing when race and nationalism are added to the mixture. There are liberals and conservatives on both sides. Enoch Powell was a typical Tory but because of his views on immigration he was supported by working men who usually voted Labour. Left wingers are supposed to welcome all races but plenty of them do not. The Tories, on the other hand, are supposed to be racists but their party is multiracial and there are black and brown ministers in Boris Johnson's Cabinet.

Politics has always been a matter of convenience.
The Nazis were originally a left wing movement fighting "for freedom and for bread", but they were backed by international capitalists including Standard Oil and the Warburg family. More or less the same consortium that financed the Russian Revolution and the New Deal.

And we mustn't forget our wartime prime minister Winston Churchill, a cash-strapped Tory aristocrat who drank far into the night with the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and the American plutocrat FD Roosevelt. It's all very confusing.

The Monarchy

Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle's decision to emigrate to Canada has caused alarm and despondency amongst monarchists but the rest of us couldn't care less. The Restoration of 1660 was a big mistake. Bowing and scraping to the Royals cannot be justified in the 21st century. Some of us want to abolish the institution and appoint some harmless old academic as president. But there are two sides to the argument.

Charles Maurras 1868-1952 was the leader of Action Francaise the French fascist movement that brought down the 'Cartel des Gauches' government following a bloody riot in the Place de la Concorde in February 1934. He was by nature an agnostic and a republican but he supported the Catholic Church and the Monarchy because he thought they were good for France. Perhaps he had a point?

Nation Revisited

This blog seeks reform by legal means. All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. We uphold the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

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Nation Revisited # 159 January 2020

Tory Landslide 

Boris Johnson won a landslide general election victory over the alleged anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn with the brilliant slogan "Get Brexit Done". His massive 80 seat majority enables him to emulate King Herod by ordering the Massacre of the Innocents. But he will not get Brexit done in a hurry. It will take as long as it takes to negotiate a comprehensive trade deal with the EU.

he people have chosen the former Mayor of London to lead us into 'Terra Incognita'. We have gone through a traumatic period since the referendum but the landscape has not changed. We are still tied to the Continent by history, geography, blood and culture. Michael Heseltine thinks that it could be twenty years before we rejoin the EU. He may be right, but in the great scheme of things a temporary interruption hardly matters. The union of Europe is inevitable. 

Bring Back Oliver Cromwell - Vic Sarson 

I support tougher prison sentences but what is a seriously long sentence in these times where a liberal elite controls the judiciary, the media, education, the civil service and nearly all politicians are signed up to it?

The application of capital punishment certainly needed reviewing but its outright abolition not only demoted the crime of murder but of all violent crime. Now, vicious, violent criminals are treated with greater leniency than someone who has not paid a TV licence.

A recent article in the Daily Mail showed the photographs of six such thugs that had walked out of court smiling having been given non-custodial sentences for vicious random attacks against members of the public. They were separate individuals unknown to each other in British courts in different towns. Another item on another date showed the photograph of an elderly woman who had suffered blows to the head with an axe that were so severe as to expose her skull. The robber had attacked her in broad daylight when she was out shopping. He too walked free from court.

Anyone, it seems, can be a magistrate and the liberals have got it sewn up: the interviewers are liberals and ensure that only liberals are appointed. Judges these days are, in the main, little better.

I am torn in one sense. While believing in capital punishment (and corporal for violent crime) I would have to vote against it in a referendum because I have so little faith in the competence and integrity of the police, the judiciary and the legal system. In recent decades there have been far too many miscarriages of justice and the behaviour of the police has often been disturbing. However, I continue to uphold capital and corporal punishment as being the only way to halt the continual slide into anarchy of British society.

Finally, just look at the parade of inadequates that competed for our votes in the general election. Would you bother to cross the road to speak to any of them? They are the cause of our ills and misfortunes not the solution. Bring back Oliver Cromwell.

Far Right Terrorism - Vic Sarson 

As we go through life we come to realise that just as there are fashions in clothing, art, architecture, music, food and drink, and home décor etc. so also are there fashions in thinking. The attention of the general public is directed to threats from far right terrorists but most such terror attacks have been by 'radicalised' individuals originating from the Middle East.

Most opinions expressed by the average man in the street are manufactured elsewhere and put into his mind and mouth by the media and other sources of influence. Slogans and soundbites are inserted into the minds of ordinary people who then repeat them in the belief that they are freely expressing their 'opinion' that they declare to be their right and entitlement.

Indeed they do have such right and entitlement but as I have often responded, the right to have an opinion and the ability to form one are a distance apart. Without accurate information (and the ability to reason objectively) forming an 'opinion' worthy of being called an opinion is impossible. So it is that they absorb information through the media, the educational system. the Government, and Government agencies such as the police and take for granted that what is presented to them as information is indisputable fact. So far, most acts of terrorism (post IRA) in the UK have been from people of Middle Eastern origin with extreme anti-Western and anti-Christian attitudes, but the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby are Africans, and the Shoe Bomber, Richard Reid had an English mother and a Jamaican father. 

There have been a number of far right attacks including David Copeland, the Brixton bomber, Darren Osborne, the Finsbury Park killer, and Thomas Maire who assassinated the Labour MP Jo Cox. These atrocities compare to the murder of Lee Rigby, the Manchester bombing, the attacks on Parliament, and London Bridge and the return of 600 ISIS fighters to the UK. Senior police officers warn of far right extremism, but the threat from anti-Western terrorists is just as dangerous. The trouble is that once a slogan becomes generally accepted it becomes fashionable to vent it as an 'opinion'. 

Government Data Breached - Vic Sarson

For many years I have argued that data breaches from Government Departments like the recent publication of the personal addresses of individuals who were given public honours are not always 'accidents' or due to 'error': procedures within the Civil Service are, if correctly followed, designed to prevent leakage of sensitive information: and this was the case before the introduction of GDPR. Despite the premierships of Thatcher, Major, Blair, Cameron and May nothing has been done to address the fact that the Civil Service employs many individuals with hard left political views who will do such mischief at every opportunity, indeed they run a closed shop so that only their own kind can obtain such employment. 

Labour Party Policies - Jeff Wallder

I've noticed that the Labour Party has stolen British Union economic policy lock, stock and barrel. Every company with over 250 employees will be run by a board which will include worker representatives AND consumer representatives. And the shares will be owned by the workers and profits distributed amongst them. I tell you Bill, it's straight out of Raven Thomson's 'The Coming Corporate State'. It's so close I'm convinced it's no coincidence.

Fortunately for Labour none of their tabloid enemies or Tory propagandists have picked up on this. Otherwise they'd be pointing out that this confirms Corbyn's fascist tendencies. First the anti-Semitism and now economics taken directly from the British Union of Fascists.

Of course you, me and Jeremy know that this anti-Semitism nonsense is to punish him for criticising the Israeli government's murderous treatment of the Palestinians. Before long any criticism of Israel will be classified as a hate crime.

What next? We'll have Labour calling for no more wars unless British interests are involved and adopting the famous BU slogan 'The War on Want is the War We Want!

NR Comment: The 'Market' will sort itself out if left alone, but at what cost? Without regulation capitalism follows the law of the jungle; which is alright if you happen to be a lion. Civilised labour laws and industrial partnership are essential.

Alexander Raven Thomson's book 'The Coming Corporate State' is available from:

Eddy Morrison

(The Tories have swept away the opposition in England including the little parties of the far-Right, but in the immortal words of Alexander Pope: "Hope Springs Eternal." Here is Eddy Morrison's WVA Bulletin for October 2019).

We dare not dream of ultimate victory. The taking of power in this ZOG controlled land we once called our own, yet if we are to only exist from one day to another, without tactical plans and a strategy then we are forever lost to wandering in the Wilderness. But if we plan a strategy for victory and we re-learn the tactics to make that strategy possible then we will lift our eyes and hearts to build a movement that will make that strategy for rebirth possible, then if our path is clear and our will irresistible, then we shall see the day when the symbolic flags of White Nationalism fly over Westminster and the great clear out of all the Reds and Libertards can begin. 

We must set a date for us to aim at. No factory or business sets up shop without having a clear plan to take them to success but we Nationalists do it all the time. We are stuck in a surreal wheel where failure comes round and round until one by one Comrades fall away and still the wheel keeps spinning powered by negativity and those of us within it have no hope for the future.

We must draw up a plan which is twofold for we need to take on the System on two levels - we must be a Movement of the streets and at the same time organising our Movement so that EVERY Parliamentary Constituency has an active unit working busily within it ready for the time when through local elections, by-elections and general elections we can apply the success of our street tactics which bring in fresh blood; new finance, new talent of every kind which will then be applied not to this sickening squabbling amongst ourselves but bringing about the complete overthrow of this rotten maggot infested System we have come to live under.

I believe Comrades that we must be positive and have the Will to Power which we have lost - in some cases we have never had.

We must set our sights on a Great Britain ten years hence and aim with might, main and clarity that we shall take power in this country by the year 2030.

We have Ten Short Years to turn the System on its head and bring about a revolution that is not some far off dream but a reality as we seize the reigns of power!

Ten years of Agitation; Propagation, Demonstration and Organisation that we must NEVER DOUBT that 2030 will see a White Nationalist Victory! 


Normal people are revolted by terrorism and have no sympathy for criminal lunatics that plant bombs, use cars as weapons, or attack people with knives. Since World War Two we have faced waves of terrorism linked to our imperial past. In the Forties it was the Israeli Stern Gang who blew up the King David Hotel and booby trapped the bodies of murdered British soldiers. Later, in the Fifties and Sixties it was EOKA fighting for the union of Cyprus with Greece. And then there was the IRA that slaughtered Catholics and Protestants alike to achieve a united Ireland. Currently it's Muslim fanatics that are attacking us but whatever their religion the terrorists are convinced that God is on their side.

Each terrorist group was linked to a nationality and a religion; the Stern Gang was Israeli and Jewish, EOKA was Greek and Greek Orthodox, the IRA were Irish and Catholic. The latest killers are not all of one nationality but they are Muslims of the Salafi cult. The British public reacted to every atrocity but few of us blamed innocent immigrants for the sins of their compatriots. The current wave of terrorist attacks may provoke hostility to Muslims, but only a minority of them support violence.

We will survive the latest wave of death and destruction. The police will catch the terrorists and the courts will deal with them. Many people support the death penalty for terrorism but given the current liberal dispensation there will be no return to capital punishment. We can only be vigilant and trust our security forces. We have every right to hate terrorists but we shouldn't blame law-abiding foreigners who are just here to earn a living.

Government's Claim on 'Managed Migration' Demolished.

(No less than 12 immigration acts have been passed in the UK since 1905, but the influx continues. John Bean wrote this piece for 'Identity' in 2005 when it was at its worst. Boris Johnson has promised to control immigration with an Australian-style points-based system; but we have heard it all before).

Immigration figures released last month by the Office for National Statistics completely demolish New Labour's claim that it has a 'managed immigration' policy. The latest ONS forecast is that Britain's population is projected to rise by more than seven million in the next 25 years and more than half of this will be a direct result of immigration. While four million of the population rise is directly due to net migrants, of the remaining 3.2m more than half will be children of immigrants. Thus, it is not scaremongering to predict that racial conflict as last month's clash between Afro-Caribbeans and Pakistanis in Birmingham will become commonplace.

The increase in population which is far greater than previous official forecasts, means that total numbers are expected to rise from under 60 million today to 67 million by 2031. Combined with the two million increase since 1990, this means that within a lifetime the population has increased by a fifth, the most rapid expansion since the beginning of the last century. Last year saw the highest net migration to the UK on record, with an inflow of 223,000, some 72,000 more than the previous year. The number of British citizens leaving to live elsewhere increased to 208,000, again a record. This, of course, accelerates the changing face of Britain - now welcomed by the Tories of the Cameron and Davis era as much as by New Labour and the Lib Dems as Afro-Asians become instant Britons once subjected to the miraculous geography of the British Isles.

This year net migration is forecast to be even higher at 255,000. Much of the population increase will be in England and especially in the South-East. By contrast Scotland's population will increase only slightly, until the year 2019 and then start to decrease, whereas Wales will continue to increase at a slow rate.

These official predictions are even greater than those made by the Migrationwatch UK think-tank, whose forecasts were dismissed in the past by the liberal-left media as alarmist. Its chairman said that "these latest figures show that immigration  into the UK is out of control".

He also added what the BNP has been proclaiming for some time: "This enormous level of immigration is directly contrary to the wishes of the vast majority of the population and has been allowed to develop without any real discussion about the long term consequences in terms of community cohesion, quality of life and practical matters like housing where we already have major problems of supply.

Nation Revisited

This blog seeks reform by legal means. All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. We uphold the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share ideas with other people." 


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Nation Revisited # 158 December 2019

Money Problems

Few nations manage to balance their books. They spend more than they collect in taxes and rely on bond sales and borrowing to bridge the gap. When the Labour government came to power in 1997 they inherited a balanced budget but within four years Gordon Brown had turned it into a deficit of £170 billion. The Tories tried to reduce the deficit by cutting public spending but that led to failing schools, understaffed hospitals and rising crime.

The Bank of England's promise to "pay the bearer on demand" can't be taken seriously. It has reserves of gold, foreign currencies and government bonds but it issues many times more money than it has on deposit. The BOE also supervises the commercial banks that handle our accounts. This arrangement gives us some protection from a predatory government that has raided our pension funds and would love to gain access to our savings. If they nationalized the banks, our money would become their money.

Perhaps we will devise a better monetary system in the future but in the meantime we should demand strict banking controls and reasonable interest rates. The Thatcher-Reagan banking reforms ended in the crash of 2008. Free from regulation, the banks lent money that they never had to people who could never pay it back. The result was that banks crashed, like Lehman Brothers, or were bailed out by the taxpayers, like the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The Chinese are looking into Social Credit. It's not exactly the system devised by CH Douglas (pictured) but, like him, they envisage a social wage, or dividend, funded by their booming economy. The 'unemployed' would spend their time studying or caring for the elderly. The trouble is that those working would resent those who were not. But economic reforms will have to be made before we sink under the sheer weight of debt. 

People with financial problems should only pay what they can reasonably afford, and we need a limit on interest rates. If a borrower has repaid the original loan he should be excused any outstanding interest. That would upset the bankers but they have squeezed more than enough out of the system, and many of them were rescued by their tax-paying customers in the crash of 2008.

Robert Best's Letter to 'Broadsword'

Robert Best is an independent writer and researcher. His books are available from - 

Dear Broadsword, I was pleased to see the photograph of Sir Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts at Cable Street, in Broadsword issue number42.

'Reds' and Jews still claim that they inflicted a massive defeat against British Fascism and National Socialism to this day.
However, two weeks after the 'Battle of Cable Street', Mosley spoke to 12,000 people in Victoria Park Square, Bethnal Green, East London and the BUF marched to Salmon Lane in Limehouse. They did pass after all!

Also, the BUF recruited 2,000 new members in the East End alone, in the aftermath of Cable Street due to the publicity.

Personally, I do not believe that Mosley was a "kosher  fascist". By 1936 the official title of his party was The British Union of Fascists and National Socialists, (BUFNS), and he proposed in his book 'Tomorrow We Live' that Jews who abused our hospitality should be resettled in a Jewish homeland alternative to Palestine. He wrote that  "Jews originate in the Orient and are more alien to us than any Western nation".

Mosley always stated that his first wife Cynthia Curzon was not Jewish, her grandfather Levi Leiter was actually a Dutch Protestant, which explains the Biblical name.

Mosley was consistently opposed to non-European immigration and the 'Jewish Money Power'; and let us not forget that the nationalist slogans "Britain First" and "Britain for the British", were first used by Mosley in the 1930's, when he was campaigning for full employment, decent housing, the abolition of poverty, and peace with Germany. 

After the 'Brothers' War' (WW2) when he launched his Union Movement (UM), he was the first to call for the repatriation of coloured immigrants. If the British people had listened to Mosley we would not be in such a mess today.

Climate Change

Greta Thunberg awakened the world to the dangers of  Climate Change. Predictably, President Donald Trump mocked her but the sixteen year old Swedish school girl must be admired for addressing the United Nations in a language that is not her own. She is part of a campaign that has gone viral. London has been disrupted by demonstrations and young people all over the world are worrying about the future.

The extent to which humanity is responsible for climate change is debatable but there is no doubt that it's happening. Planet Earth is a cooling sphere of magma orbiting an uncontrolled nuclear explosion known as the Sun. It is subject to gravitational forces, volcanic activity and constant bombardment by radiation and cosmic debris.

In 1815 Napoleon's army at Waterloo was bogged down by torrential rain when Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted killing 10,000 people. In 1883, the neighbouring volcanic island of Krakatoa exploded, killing 36,000 people and causing a drop in global temperatures that lasted for five years. Other catastrophic volcanic eruptions include Mount Pelee in Martinique in 1902 that killed 29,000 people and Ruiz in Columbia that killed 25,000 people. 

In parts of Sweden and Scotland the ground is rising at the rate of 10cm per century because millions of tonnes of glacial ice have melted. It's therefore not surprising that the polar icecaps are receding or that the deserts are expanding. There's not much we can do about natural events but it's common sense not to pollute the air with carbon or the seas with rubbish. We must find cleaner ways of generating electricity and replace plastic with bio-degradable material.

Those of us who are old enough to remember the London smog of the Fifties know very well that pollution is a killer. 12,000 Londoners died in the great smog of 1952 and thousands more suffered damaged lungs (Kate Dawson - Death in the Air). It was ended by the Clean Air Act of 1956 which banned coal fires. 

The public don't know what to believe, but scientists are more likely to tell the truth than politicians. They are not elected and they do not have to protect vested interests. Donald Trump must know that coal and oil are major pollutants but he needs the votes of the coalminers, the oil drillers, and the power workers, and the financial backing of their employers. He is a typical short-sighted politician who only cares about himself. 

From The Archives - 400,000 Support Country Life - John Bean, Beanstalk 2004

Having been on the two previous Countryside Alliance marches in London, I can confirm that it was not just about supporting the traditional right of fox hunting. It was to draw attention to how many English, Welsh, Scots and Irish people are concerned with the constant undermining of the rural way of life, which has gained momentum under Tony Blair and his Islington cronies. For me there was the added bonus of being with more than 400,000 fellow aboriginals (whites, if I may dare say so) marching through multiracial London.

Many of those who support the Countryside Alliance share the same view on fox hunting and game shooting that I do. I have no reason to change the opinion I expressed in 1993 on the subject and which appeared in my book on the changes in a rural community, 'Ten Miles From Anywhere'. It appears on page 146 under the heading 'Thoughts of a Failed Rat Catcher'. It now has greater significance as even more city and suburban dwellers embrace the Bambi syndrome.

"Over the New Year I spent some hours in trying to kill a rat who had come from a nearby compost heap to nose around my door. My now aging cat, who in her youth would kill anything that moved as long as it was not more than twice her size, went through all the motions but didn't even score a near miss. Surprisingly to me, the only creature to nearly get the rat was a cock pheasant, who apparently objected to the rat going for his jugular.

I got to thinking. If that rat had a nice fluffy tail and his face was not so pointed, people would call me a monster for wanting to despatch him not only from my lawn but from this earth. Now if I had shot the pheasant, quite a number of people would also consider me a monster. Perhaps city-based animal right activists would demonstrate in our village, such is the dominance of emotion over common sense when it comes to the relationship of homo sapiens with the rest of the animal kingdom.

Like the rest of my species, I was born an omnivore, i.e. I function best on a diet of meat and two veg. Although I would find it difficult to kill a pheasant, I would if hungry, but certainly not 'sport'. To me, there is a world of difference between shooting a pheasant or two for 'the pot' and trying to outdo each other in seeing how many you can slaughter, to give away, in an afternoon. Yet again, pheasants are so stupid that if they were not reared for shooting, their natural predators - particularly the fox - would have probably eliminated them in Britain by now.

Then what of Brer Fox himself? If he had a rat-like tail instead of such an attractive brush would anti-hunt protestors be so keen to throw themselves under horses hooves? We won't go into the equally emotive issue of the carnage the fox can cause in a chicken run, but point out that ten times as many foxes are killed by the motor car than by huntsmen. And the hunt is certainly a quicker way than snaring or shooting, which often leads to a lingering death.

I do not hunt but respect the rights of those who want to. All I say is that if Brer Fox has gone to earth, he has won - that's his rights." 

A Dangerous Illusion

The UK has now missed its third departure date and we are still in the European Union.
Boris Johnson jumped on the Brexit bandwagon when it looked unstoppable. Ukip was threatening the major parties and the "will of the people" had to be obeyed. Three and a half years later we are still in the EU and the country is still divided. In 2016 the referendum result was 52 to 48 percent in favour of leaving but recent polls show that this is changing. 

Public opinion does change over time. When the Berlin Wall came down thirty years ago Margaret Thatcher was sending desperate messages to the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev pleading with him to stop German reunification. She was not on her own in 1989 but few people today would admit to such prejudices. We have finally stopped hating the Germans.

general election on the 12th of this month is likely to result in a Tory victory. But instead of "getting our country back" we will become a dependency of the USA. Some people would prefer the American alternative. That's fair enough, they are entitled to their opinions, but they should stop waving union jacks. They have no monopoly on patriotism.

The United Kingdom is
a developed nation (GDP $2.8 trillion) located twenty miles from the European mainland. We have kept our British identity as members of the European project since 1973. Leaving the EU is proving to be difficult but rejoining would be easy; we would simply return to our old status. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has warned that the economy will shrink and borrowing will rise if we leave the EU. And the Office for National Statistics has released figures for June 2019 showing that we received 48,000 migrants from the EU, and 229,000 from outside the EU. Brexit is a dangerous illusion.

Matteo Salvini

The popular Italian Senator Matteo Salvini is a former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior who is tipped to be a future Prime Minister.

He started out in the Lombard League, a regionalist movement that campaigned for autonomy for Lombardy. This evolved into the Northern League which encompassed the rest of northern Italy. Today, the reformed party has dropped the 'Northern' appendage to become La Liga and now stands for a federal Italy within the European Union.

The League's rise to power was driven by the mass migration of economic refugees from Africa. This illegal traffic was limited by the Gaddafi regime in Libya until Dave Cameron helped to bring it down. Another short-sighted criminal blunder that he will be remembered for.

Liga is the Italian equivalent of the French National Front, a populist movement opposed to Third World immigration, but unlike the NF it has risen above petty nationalism to embrace Europe. 

Salvini wrote in the conservative daily 'Il Foglio':

"I say this once and for all, and I hope that nobody inside or outside my party will raise this issue again. The Lega does not have any intention of taking Italy out of the euro or the European Union. Let me be clearer still, to stop journalists from fantasizing, the euro is irreversible". 

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