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Nation Revisited # 206 December 2023

The Patriotic Spectrum 

The UK has a host of far-right parties ranging from the Traditional Britain Group which is conservative, to British Movement which is openly National Socialist, and from the British Democratic Party which believes in parliamentary democracy, to the New British Union which is unashamedly neo-fascist.

They are all opposed to the European Union; even the League of St George, which sprang from Union Movement, follows the insular nationalism of the Daily Mail. Their position is based on the dream of an Imperial Federation, an idea that was proposed but never fully adopted at the Imperial Conference in London in 1937.

As the wartime generation dies out the percentages for 'Leave' and 'Remain' will reverse and a  majority will want to re-join the EU. Economic nationalism makes no sense in a country that imports half of its fuel and food. The diehard Brexiteers are stuck in their ways, but as our economy shrinks, they will have to adopt a more realistic policy toward Europe.

The solidarity of the patriotic press has been upset by the wars in Ukraine and Palestine. Heritage and Destiny is solidly pro-Ukrainian, but Candour favours a negotiated peace with Russia.

The invasion of Gaza is another bone of contention. National Socialist Outlook states: "BM does not support Israel under any circumstances and is also totally opposed to Hamas and all forms of jihadist and militant Islamism." 

On the other hand the Springbok Club Newsletter ends its editorial in defence of Israel with the words: "Victory to the IDF!"

Another great issue is repatriation. When it was proposed by Union Movement in the 1950s there were only a quarter of a million non-whites in the UK. And when 'Spearhead' published an article entitled 'Repatriation; How it Can be Done', in 1969, there were still only two million, but now there are more than ten million. The fact is that we lack the ships, the planes, the manpower, the money, the military clout, and the will, to mount such an operation.

Nick Griffin may have been a crook and a charlatan but he recognised demographic reality when John Tyndall was still living in a world of fantasy. We should certainly deport alien criminals and illegal immigrants, but John Tyndall's dream of mass deportation is out of the question.

My old mate John Bean used to say that politics is the art of the possible. He was right and I urge the whole patriotic spectrum to heed his words and drop outdated and unworkable policies. When the unnecessary war in Ukraine is over it's likely that America will withdraw from Europe and force a total rethink of the NATO concept. Then, the UK can reach a realistic political, economic, and military accommodation with the EU and the Russian Federation.

Mass migration can only be controlled by co-operation between the rich countries of the north and the poor countries of the south. It will not be solved by cramming asylum seekers onto barges, or flying them to Rwanda.

Modern technology and artificial intelligence are changing the world beyond recognition. We are near to harnessing nuclear fusion to provide unlimited cheap energy. Problems that are insurmountable today will be solved and obsolete systems will be updated, but first we must face reality and stop believing in unicorns.

The British People's Rally

I thought that I knew all there was to know about John Bean and his long journey from Union Movement to the British Democratic Party. But now a distinguished political researcher has unearthed documents that show that JB was involved in a 1953 breakaway from UM called the British People's Rally.

The above picture shows members of the BPR in the town centre of Datchet, near Windsor. Standing from left, Tom Etter, unknown, Vic Burgess, John Bean, Carl Harley, Pat Dunigan, Vic Cook. Kneeling, Ivy Hapgood, unknown.

John Bean does not mention the BPR in his autobiography 'Many Shades of Black,' but the following press cuttings prove its existence.

South London Press 14/04/1953

Mosley Men Stage Second Breakaway

'Frustrated', they say

Frustrated by inactivity and alleged "cloak and dagger dictatorship", a number of prominent South London members of Mosley's Union Movement have broken away to form a new organisation, the British People's Rally.

The revolt is the sequel to months of growing restlessness among members. There have been resignations and expulsions in South London branches. Some of the members have been accused of disloyalty.

Sponsors of the new organisation have decided to make a completely fresh start with the rank and file being offered the opportunity of voicing its opinion on policy.

Although the number of resignations from Union Movement's branches in South London - estimated to be 300-500 strong - has been small so far, the sponsors of the Rally say "a big proportion" have clear-cut sympathies with them.

One of the leaders of the new organisation is Patrick Dunnigan, a cabinet maker of 89 Wells Park Road, Sydenham, who is a former leader of the Lewisham branch of Union Movement and stood in Brixton as a Union Movement candidate  at the last LCC elections.

He is a former member of Mosley's Propaganda Advisory Committee.

Another sponsor is Sidney Cook, old age pensioner, who also lives in Lewisham and has been associated with Mosley for nearly twenty years.

In post-war years he has been chairman of the Mosley Propaganda Advisory Committee.

Mr Cook told the South London Press: "I resigned because since Sir Oswald Mosley's virtual disappearance from the scene, the Party has been controlled by a clique of people who decide matters of policy and organisation entirely on their own.

"Many members, like myself, are tired of the inactivity, the lack of organisation, and the spasmodic policies.

For example, the clique suddenly decided to make the "Keep Brixton White" campaign part of the policy in Brixton despite the fact many members share my abhorrence of racialism. But we were unable to do anything about it.

When Sir Oswald used to visit branches there was a chance of ventilating our opinion to him. Now every report on no matter what subject must go through the hands of those in control."

Another prominent member in the new organisation is Victor Burgess, an active Mosley Party speaker who was expelled for disloyalty after calling a meeting of Union Movement members and suggesting the formation of a pressure group.

The Richmond and Twickenham Times, 02/05/1953.

Every year at this time, as the local elections draw near, I cannot help deploring the fact that the number of true independent candidates gets smaller each year.

No doubt many of the candidates from the established political parties when first elected to the local councils take their seats with every intention of concentrating on the duties they are elected to perform: but how soon do we see the Council Chamber turned into a cheap imitation of the Westminster circus with its placing of the party line before all other interests? I am not interested in the respective merits of Socialist or Tory plumbing, consequently my belief is "Keep party politics out of local affairs."

May I add that as West London organiser of the "British People's Rally," any true independent candidate for the coming election can count on our support. JE Bean, 35 Cowley Road, SW14.

Duke Pile

My friend Alan Wells, who used to write for the Friends of Mosley magazine 'Comrade' under the name Terence Pitcher, asked me what I knew about Duke Pile. I have trawled the Internet and spoken to many old comrades but after all this time there are very few that remember him.

The National Archives simply states;

Bertrand Duke Pile was active in the British Union movement and other fascist groups from 1934 onwards. He was interned under Defence Regulation 18B in 1940.

The Friends of Mosley website has Pile listed on the 18B Detainees Register as Bertram Duke Pile - Limehouse.

At the historic meeting at the Memorial Hall, Farringdon St on 15th April 1947, when Union Movement was founded, he made the following statement:

Sir Oswald, I and my friends of East London could have, speaking in the parlance of the East End, could have 'chucked up the sponge', we never chucked up the sponge, we were inspired by the voice of the past, of the greatest living Englishman, Oswald Mosley. Come back and lead us: come back and lead England.

But three years later he left Union Movement. The Jewish Telegraph reported on March 27th 1950:

Two anti-Semites were yesterday acquitted by a jury here of charges of having caused a public disturbance last month by throwing smoke bombs during the showing of the American-made film "Sword in the Desert," which depicts the fight between the Jews and the British in Palestine prior to the establishment of Israel. The film was subsequently banned in London.

One of the defendants, Bertram Duke Pile, is a notorious London street corner speaker against Jews. He has been arrested several times on charges of disturbing the peace and is at present on probation. He was a member of Sir Oswald Mosley's Union Movement but told the court that he left the fascist movement because he wanted it to be more aggressively anti-Jewish. The other defendant, John Cook, told the court he too had been a member of Union Movement . He added that he was anti-Jewish but "not Violently."

After the war Union Movement made a conscious effort to play down anti-Semitism but some of the old members, particularly in East London, couldn't forget that they had been attacked by Jewish 'anti-fascists' in the old days.

I don't know when Duke Pile was born or when he died. If he was in his twenties in 1934 when he joined the BUF, he was probably born about 1914. Anyone with better information please contact me.


With John Bean and comrades in Brussels circa 1974.

I spent more than half a century debating politics with John Bean. We agreed on the basics but we argued endlessly about the details. These exchanges were usually serious but sometimes tongue in cheek.

The following emails from September 2015 are typical.

From Bill Baillie to John Bean

A Nationalist Writes

The lazy Greeks have been rescued by hard-working Northern Europeans but the Jewish plot to destroy Europe by flooding it with Moslems is well under way. Led by the Marxist-trained Angela Merkel, the hated European Union is destroying the sovereignty of member states by imposing an unelected dictatorship. Marxist-inspired laws to promote homosexuality are already in force and the traditional Christian family is under threat. Poor confused pensioners forced to use the hated Centigrade system are sweating in their overcoats at thirty degrees as the unelected Marxist/Islamic commissars of Brussels abolish our much-loved weights and measures. The independent think tank 'Bollocks to Europe' estimates that the EU is costing us trillions of pounds and the great Tory patriot Sir Algernon Bumpton-Frumpton has demanded a rebate.

(At this point our tired and emotional nationalist contributor collapsed across the bar of the Jolly Hedge Fund Manager in the unspoilt Cotswold village of Much Moaning). 

John Bean to Bill Baillie

Dear Sir,

If you will pardon my vulgarity I consider your recent statement a load of bollocks, with the possible exception of sentences 2 and 3 which both carry a grain of truth.

If you are up to using Twitter no doubt you will take exception to the tweet of yesterday from John Bean @ Federal Europe who does not mention Britain in his tweet on the immigrant flood. Four Tweeters have already repeated his latest Tweet, but three of them have fiendish foreign names, possibly Germans or Spaniards.

Bill Baillie to John Bean


The circulation list for "A Nationalist Writes" was limited to three people because few of my friends are blessed with a sense of humour. Jeff Wallder, aka Gordon Beckwell, is an excellent writer and the mainstay of the Friends of Mosley group, Kumiko Oumae is a gifted young Japanese writer and musician who is the only one I can relate to at Majority Rights, and you my old friend are capable of occasional flashes of brilliance. Being the only nationalist that supports the EU is a lonely existence. Roy Chester said it was difficult being a fascist-anarchist, and I know how he felt.

From John Bean to Bill Baillie

My attempt at humour in response to "A Nationalist Writes" was a roundabout way of drawing your attention to my Tweet (as Federal Europe) informing Frau Merkel that 3rd World immigration unchecked will lead to 3rd World Europe and does not make the immigrants New Europeans. It's been retweeted four times already. Thought you might like it.

European Outlook - 

Nation Revisited

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."












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Nation Revisited # 205 November 2023


This picture was taken at St Mark's Church of England Primary School Kennington circa 1953. I am the little boy standing between two teachers in the back row. Note that there's not a black face in sight. Today the same school is predominately black. Such has been the transformation of parts of our country under both Labour and Tory governments since the War. Our elected representatives at Westminster congratulate themselves on turning Britain into a multiracial country, but some of us are not so sure.

Enoch Powell's nightmare vision has not come to pass; the Tiber is not foaming with much blood, nor is the Thames or the Mersey. Blacks are being promoted by the mass media at every level, from TV advertisements to police and military recruitment. Parts of our big cities are plagued with feral youths, but a respectable black middle class has emerged. And while the blacks are being pampered the Asians are quietly taking over the British Isles. The UK has an Indian prime minister, London has a Pakistani Mayor, Scotland has a Pakistani first minister, and the Republic of Ireland has an Indian Taoiseach.

We salute those immigrants who make a positive contribution to society, but we are sick of the pimps, drug dealers, and violent criminals amongst them that give the UK the largest prison population in Europe.

The Nazis brainwashed an entire generation by controlling the mass media and the same tactic is being used to corrupt the minds of our young people. Under their influence our kids are dancing to jungle drums and spouting "Critical Race Theory."

Patriots are risking their liberty and their jobs by resisting the tide of propaganda, but it would take a revolution throughout the white world to save our race and nation.

Communism and Hunger March Together - Bill Baillie 
From 'Action' No 283, August 1980

The Soviet-directed war in East Africa has produced a staggering human problem. Over half a million refugees have fled the Red terror in Ethiopia to freedom and near starvation in neighbouring Somalia, where they subsist on hand-outs from the United Nations and European governments.

A similar tragedy exists in Indochina where the wretched Cambodians are plagued with two warring communist armies and overwhelming famine.

In the Caribbean thousands are prepared to risk crossing shark-infested waters on flimsy craft to escape from Fidel Castro's bankrupt Cuba. These Cuban boat-people have been pouring into the United States together with Vietnamese and ethnic Chinese from Vietnam, who have risked everything in quitting the Hanoi regime.

Adding to the sum of human misery are the Soviet Jews who continue to suffer the relentless persecution of the KGB. To appease world opinion the Soviet quota system lets out some to join relatives in the Free World, but most remain virtual captives in the USSR.

All over the world men, women and children are voting with their feet against the twin evils of communism and poverty, which despite the good intentions of Karl Marx always seem to go together.

In the West we have the temporary problem of 'over-production', butter mountains, wine lakes and the rest, but surely this is better than living under a communist system which cannot even guarantee adequate food supplies?

Communists and their sympathisers can no longer point the finger at 'capitalism' as the prime cause of want. The Reds have had over sixty years to construct their dream of a worker's paradise. Instead they have spread a path of hunger and despair round the world.

Nation Revisited: Since the Soviet Union collapsed, communism has ceased to exist, but now we are undermined by liberal democracy.

Imperfect Brexit

Seven years after the referendum there are no signs of the "Sunlit Uplands" that we were promised. The UK has just signed a trade deal with the Pacific nations, so we will be alright for coconuts, but the expected trade deal with the US never happened. Our economy has shrunk by 4%, immigration has almost doubled, and the cost of living has gone through the roof.

The Brexiteers have two answers to all this. Their first response is that it's all the fault of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. And their second excuse is that Brexit never really happened.

They claim that we had an imperfect Brexit, far removed from the noble vision of Boris Johnson that's been betrayed by 'remainers' within the Tory Party. This is the same argument that the Communists used when news of famine and poverty emerged from the Soviet Union. It was, they said, because the Revolution had been betrayed by reactionary elements within the CPSU.

Old-school Reds and Brexiteers can cling to their self-deception but the rest of us know that the laws of supply and demand trump utopian dreams of economic nationalism and free beer for all the workers.

It was an act of criminal insanity for the UK to turn her back on the biggest and most successful single market in the world. We did not regain control of our money and our borders as we were promised. Our national debt has risen to a staggering £2.6 trillion, and we have exchanged Polish workers for Pakistanis.

Since the referendum thousands of elderly Brexit supporters have popped their clogs, and the opinion polls are showing a majority for re-joining the EU. At present none of the established political parties have caught up with public opinion, but it's bound to happen eventually.

Who will be the first member of parliament to stand up and admit that he was wrong?

Overturning Capitalism

John McDonnell the former Labour Party shadow chancellor told the BBC in 2018 that it was his job to overthrow capitalism. A noble ambition but one that's easier said than done.

The French Revolution of 1789 did not cause the collapse of the Livre. It was King Louis XVI who bankrupted the country by fighting the Austrian War and supporting the rebel side in the American War of Independence. The Jacobins only made things worse by printing Assignats which were linked to land values. These promissory notes quickly became worthless and were abandoned when First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte introduced the gold Franc in 1801. France's experiment with revolutionary economics was over.

The Russian Revolution was supposed to do away with capitalism, but the first thing the Bolsheviks did when they seized power was to sell their grain harvest on the world market. They exported so much grain that they caused the Ukrainian famine of 1928. They nationalized industry and agriculture but ran them as profit-making businesses. Their trade with Germany, under the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich, filled their coffers and their state bonds were traded on the stock markets of the world. The so-called Russian Revolution was a military coup that practised old-fashioned capitalism. Its principle financier was Kuhn, Loeb & Co which eventually became Lehman Brothers and collapsed in the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. Kuhn Loeb & Co made a lot of money out of the Russian Revolution but the Rothschilds backed the Tsar and lost a fortune. 

An insight into Bolshevik thinking came when fighter pilots of the Free French Normandie-Niemen Air Force in the Soviet Union were offered cash bonuses for shooting down Luftwaffe aircraft. This capitalistic practice was apparently accepted by the Red Air Force. 

The Nazi regime was as practical as the Bolsheviks. Hitler had the 'socialists' in his Party shot on the Night of the Long Knives. And guided by his Rothschild-trained Economics Minister, Hjalmar Schacht (pictured), he sold interest-bearing bonds to finance the reconstruction of the Reich. So close was Hitler to the Money Power that when he invaded Czechoslovakia, Schacht persuaded his good friend Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England, to transfer the Czech gold reserves to Germany. The persecution of the Jews was driven by racism but the confiscation of Jewish property was simply theft.

Hjamar Schacht was not a member of the Nazi Party, he escaped prosecution after the war and lived to the great age of 93. Adolf Hitler blew his brains out as the Red Army stormed Berlin, and Joseph Stalin died in his bed following a purge of Jewish doctors in 1953.

But few people know their history and the myths that revolutions in France, Germany and Russia overturned capitalism persist. Capital is fundamental to society and all attempts to do away with it have failed. St Timothy stated: "the love of money is the root of all evils." And he was right. We certainly need to regulate and reform capitalism, but we can forget about confining it to "the dustbin of history."

A reply to Ron DeSantis - Sam Dickson

Dear Governor DeSantis:

Thank you for your email asking for my support.

This message will never reach your eyes - but perhaps your campaign employees will be led to remove me from your email list.

You said:

"I will never stop standing up for what I know is right - even when it goes against the grain of public opinion."

Unfortunately, that is not true.

In fact, it is the utter opposite of the truth.

You enthusiastically do what is wrong whenever you can promote yourself by currying favor with a group that might help you in your career.

You showed this a few months ago when you betook yourself to a foreign country (Israel) to sign a Florida law to criminally punish American citizens who distribute leaflets critical of Israel and the support of Israel by Jews resident in the United States.

Why sign a FLORIDA law in a FOREIGN country, Governor? (A question that needs no answer to you or anyone else).

I guess we should be grateful to you for the rare honesty you displayed in flying to Israel and affixing your signature in the glare of strobe lights to the law you sought and procured for the purpose of showing the Israeli government that you will happily serve it and put its interest ahead of your constituents' First Amendment right of freedom of speech.

Your unspeakably repulsive law elevates to a felony the misdemeanour littering offense of leaving a pamphlet on a driveway...if (and only if) the pamphlet criticizes Jews or their ethnostate in the Middle East.

If a pamphlet attacks Caucasian Americans, the Roman Catholic Church (I am not a member), the Christian religion, Southerners (I confess, I am one), gays, vegetarians or even Blacks, then the offense is only a misdemeanour. It becomes a felony only if the pamphlet criticizes Jews who are - by your choice - elevated to a special position of privilege denied to all other categories of people in our society. No other group gets this special little perk.

It goes without saying - and you know it as well as anyone - that your conduct is violating the First Amendment rights of American citizens to cater to a group of dual loyalists and the foreign nation they adore - is so appalling that any fair minded, decent American is disgusted by you.

How could anyone be so deluded as to imagine that someone whose character is as pathetically debased as yours would ever do anything for our people, their culture, their religion and our nation?

But you - with good reason -calculate that people will not see you as you really are and properly drop you from consideration once and for all.

I will never vote for you under any circumstances.

Sam Dickson

Climate Change - Vic Sarson

I am in favour always of balance and of measured behaviour.

While I never denied Climate Change, barring some misinformation and exaggeration, I have not taken the view that it is entirely man-made. That said, I do believe that we need to modify our behaviour regarding using up resources and pollution and look seriously at doing so. We have to strike a balance between 'Ecology' and 'Economy'. If we prioritise ecology, we suffer economically and vice versa. Government action needs to be fact-based and not driven by pressure groups largely made up of fanatics, political agitators, and vested interests - political or commercial. When we account for only one percent of the carbon emissions generated on the planet we should not be worried about opening a coal mine. If we fall down economically we would be less able to afford environmental protections.

I would add that throughout the era of 'climate change' oil exploration has continued and at times increased. Politicians who vent environmental rhetoric are often found to be in favour of lengthened and additional airport runways. Oil acquisition was a major factor in launching the Iraq war. In 1970 there was a TV documentary about oil supplies being about to run out and the potential impact on society and the economy that frightened a lot of people. Since then, there have been other programmes pursuing the same theme. Yet in the 1970's the Arab oil producers fought to lessen and restrict oil production and further exploration continues.

While being no fan of Rishi Sunak or the present 'government' I am fully in agreement with the five year extension to 2035 for ending the production and sale of petrol and diesel powered cars in line with the EU.

Boris Johnson in bringing the date forward by five years was simply trying to upstage the EU. His action, like all others, was ego driven.

He had no understanding of the details involved in the change of date nor the slightest concern.

European Outlook - 

Nation Revisited

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."












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Nation Revisited # 204 October 2023

The Mystery of Gudrun Burwitz

Gudrun Burwitz the daughter of Heinrich Himmler was born in 1929 and died in 2018. She always denied the Holocaust and claimed that her father had been murdered whilst in British custody in 1945. She devoted herself to helping former German soldiers charged with war crimes through her charitable organisation Stille Hilfe (Silent Help). She also worked for the West German security service in the 1960s.

She reputedly attended a Friends of Union dinner at the Falstaff restaurant in Fleet Street, London in October 1955. These photos from private collections show a menu card signed by Gudrun Himmler, Oswald Mosley and several prominent members of his movement. If genuine they prove that the dinner took place and that Gudrun was there.

Gudrun's visit to London in 1955 was reported by Trevor Grundy in his book Memoir of a Fascist Childhood, by Stephen Doril in his book Blackshirt, and in her Times obituary, but they didn't mention the UM dinner and it was not covered at the time in the national press or (as far as I know) in the UM newspaper Union

Gudrun was only a child when the war ended so she couldn't possibly have been involved in war crimes, but her innocence wouldn't have protected her from the wrath of the mass media if they had known about her attendance at a Union Movement function.

Even stranger was her alleged appearance at a League of St George social in the 1970s. At least three people remember being introduced to Gudrun Himmler, but was it really her? It has been suggested that the mystery woman was Lucy Roberts a wealthy supporter of the LSG who was born Ludmilla Hausner in East Prussia in 1926, but this has been dismissed by people who knew her.

Lucy Roberts was the subject of a two page hatchet job by Gerry Gable in Searchlight magazine in February 2006, but he made no mention of the LSG social. We can only speculate because most of the people involved in these events have passed away or are suffering from age-related memory loss.

The Small Boats: Another Brexit Bonus

Immigration was one of the main reasons why people voted for Brexit. The mainstream media, led by the Daily Mail, ran a spiteful campaign against the Poles, and Dominic Cummings told the blatant lie that Turkey was about to join the EU and flood us with immigrants. In fact, the only European leader supporting Turkish membership of the EU was Boris Johnson.

When we were in the EU we were signed up to Free Movement of Labour, but this only applied to Europeans, there was never anything stopping the British government from controlling immigration from outside the EU. Nevertheless the Leave Campaign persuaded the British public that the only way to control our borders was by leaving the EU.

As a result of Brexit we have lost the Poles and other East Europeans, but we have massively increased immigration from Africa, India and Hong Kong. And the final irony is that Brexit made possible the cross Channel influx of boat people. Under the Dublin Agreement they could have been deported back to France, but since we left the EU we are stuck with them.

Seven years after the Referendum there's still no sign of a trade agreement with the USA, the Northern Ireland problem is unresolved, and according to the Economic and Social Research Institute, trade from the UK to the EU is down by 16%. Peter Norris of the Trade and Business Commission said: "Recovering lost trade with Europe should be a top priority" as the country enters a recession.

So far, Brexit has given us blue passports, higher prices, red tape, and more immigrants. Jacob Rees-Mogg (pictured), one of Boris Johnson's most devoted followers, was briefly Minister for Brexit Opportunities; but he couldn't find any.

What is a Racist?

Those who want to control immigration are unfairly called racists. This is unfair because a racist is someone who hates and disrespects coloured people. Any criticism of multiracialism is pounced upon by the Black Lives Matter fanatics. Even the harmless designation 'coloured' causes offence in a world of political correctness. You can say 'people of colour', but you can't say 'coloured people' - don't ask me what the difference is.

I don't hate or disrespect coloured people. I worked with them for many years, I have them as neighbours, and they are in my extended family. I don't use offensive language when referring to black or brown people, and although I believe in Jesus Christ, I respect all religions and I probably have more in common with Jews or Muslims than with atheists.

The system of enforced multiculturalism under which we live has not improved race relations. The majority white population will not love Blacks and Asians under duress, and promoting them over the native population is bound to cause resentment. The latest fiasco concerns the RAF choosing black and female recruits for pilot training. In the event of a future war our skies would be defended by black women while white men mend the runways. Very different from the image of our young fighter pilots sprinting to their aircraft during WW2.

The obvious answer is to treat everybody equally. To put blacks before whites is just as wrong as putting whites before blacks.

                         Commander Alison Heydari
Police officers should be promoted on merit, not according to quotas of race and gender. It would be illegal to found an organisation called the National White Police Association, and it should be illegal for the National Black Police Association to exist.

Non-whites are about ten percent of our population but they seem to be ninety percent of the actors in TV commercials.
Such blatant propaganda is insulting to all races. Beds are not softer and gas boilers are not more efficient when advertised by black men.

The British people were never asked if they wanted millions of Asians and Africans, but they are here now and only the most optimistic fantasists believe that mass repatriation is possible. We must coexist on the basis of fair play; not positive or negative discrimination.

The following email was received from my friend Jeff Wallder.

I have come to the conclusion that the police force, fire brigade and English cricket are all institutionally racist as Black members of the race relations industry claim. I have come to the conclusion that all White people are racist (as alleged) and that even White people trying hard not be racist are in fact racist.

I have also come to the conclusion that all Black people are racist, in fact everybody in the world is racist.

This does not stop us from befriending and helping each other as we see in our daily lives. But when something happens like a White policeman, either American or French, murdering a Black person everybody closes ranks and it becomes Black v White. Violence follows. Black lives matter (but by innuendo White lives matter a lot less).

This is part of the DNA of all persons to put their own race first when it comes to the crunch. This is why everyone is racist. We cannot escape from it.

Sam Dickson on "The Special Relationship"

On July 4 (American Independence Day) Sam Dickson commented on President Joe Biden's veto of Ben Wallace as head of NATO, and Winston Churchill's wartime acceptance of President Roosevelt's damaging terms for Lend Lease. Sam's emails on this subject are too long for this blog but here are his main points:

When the Soviet government collapsed and the Warsaw Pact disbanded, NATO should have been abolished too. But knowing the intense hostility towards Britain and towards the British Empire that has animated the ruling clique in America for generations, I have witnessed first hand the use of Ireland as a means to batter away at Great Britain.

I can well imagine Biden doing something like this based on the System's desire to pander to that element of the Irish community that still wants to get even with Cromwell.

As you know, Roosevelt hated Great Britain and wanted to destroy the British Empire. And he carried out his purpose very effectively by economically wrecking Britain by requiring the self-reverential Churchill to take down the Imperial Preferences tariff barrier to US competition while the US kept its tariff barriers in place, by denying Britain any machine tools or petroleum drilling equipment and limiting Lend Lease to guns and ammo.

Dropping the Imperial Preferences was a condition Roosevelt imposed from the very beginning of Lend Lease. He insisted on it at the conference on the ship that led to the Atlantic Charter. 

This spelled doom for Britain as an industrial power. And Roosevelt nailed down the lid of the coffin on Britain's economy after the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941. 

Before the year was out Roosevelt ordered that all shipment of machine tools and petroleum equipment to Britain were to cease immediately. Britain could only get armaments and food.
The results of this policy and the intent behind it are obvious. Churchill protested but caved, as he always did.

Conditions after ruinous conditions were imposed on Britain for Lend Lease throughout the war. Never was a single condition imposed on Stalin and the Soviet Union for Lend Lease. The US never attempted to extract the slightest concession from Stalin such as a concession to respect Poland's independence and recognize its government in exile in preference to the Soviet/Jewish/Polish "Lublin Government" the Reds had created. 

Lend Lease to Britain ceased upon the German defeat but the US went on showering gifts upon the Soviet Union even after Japan surrendered.

The Truman administration in 1951 - while our army was fighting the Communists in Korea and the phoney Cold War was supposedly at its zenith - forgave 98.5% of the war debts of the Soviet Union and allowed Stalin to discharge his debts for 1.5 cents on the dollar.

The US never made the slightest concession to Britain on its war debts but instead required that the debts be paid with interest to the penny. Britain did not pay off her debt until around 2006.

Contrary to the observant believers in Churchill as the brave genius whose gifted leadership saved Britain, the notes of those who worked with him are full of severe criticism of his role as Prime Minister. In one incident that most clearly sticks in my mind is when the Cabinet tried to have a discussion on what Britain would do after the Germans were defeated. This took place, I think, in 1943 when it was obvious that Germany was going to be defeated.

The Cabinet members very sensibly wanted to deliberate on how Britain was to deal with a very changed post-war situation in which the Soviet Union would be garrisoning Central and Eastern Europe and there would be no continental nation with enough military power to thwart Stalin in the slightest.

When the members of the Cabinet tried to initiate a discussion on this subject (one that any reasonably intelligent teenager would understand and that a grown up should be thinking about), Churchill angrily shut them down and prohibited any inquiry into the subject.

Churchill said there was never to be any discussion about what would be done after the war ended. He issued a fatwa along these lines: "We are ONLY concerned with defeating Hitler. That is my ONLY goal. We will never discuss anything about what happens when the war is over." And so it was.

I think the lustre and glow of the Churchill apple are slowly beginning to fade. It takes remarkable stupidity to look at Britain's condition now and not connect the dots of Churchill's central role in destroying the country.

All that mattered to Churchill was his place in history. To the extent that he had any patriotic sentiments they seem merely to have come from his considering Britain to be a stage upon which to write his glorious story.

Contrary to what the Labor Party leader said when Churchill died, Churchill most emphatically was NOT "the greatest Englishman in history." He was the worst Prime Minister our Anglo-Saxon people have ever endured.

Anti-National Front Exhibition

Charing Cross Hospital is staging a political exhibition on the 1977 Lewisham anti-NF riot. This is a waste of taxpayers' money at a time of crisis in the NHS. Make your feelings known by emailing the Imperial College NHS Trust at:   

Alan Wells

Despite medical issues effecting himself and his wife, Alan Wells managed to attend a recent meeting of old comrades.
Most Union Movement supporters are in their seventies and eighties, we can remember things that happened in the sixties, but Alan was born in 1935 so he can go back to the fifties. There are plenty of books about the old days but it's good to hear it from an eye witness. Alan wrote for 'Comrade' under the name Terence Pitcher. His article on The Zinoviev Letter appeared in NR # 199, May 2023.

Cable Street and Lewisham

Read the truth about the historic battles of Cable Street and Lewisham. Stephen Maggs -

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Thursday 31 August 2023

Nation Revisited # 203 September 2023

Division over Ukraine 

Supporters of the corrupt Zelensky regime see the Ukraine conflict as a fight between good and evil. They blame Vladimir Putin for starting it and they want to go on sending arms and money to Kiev. It's ironic that many of them are conservatives or nationalists who are opposed to abortion, sexual mutilation, Black Lives Matter, and open-door immigration - all policies imported from America that are opposed by their perceived enemy Vladimir Putin.

An anonymous reader has commented that most of the far-right websites support the Ukrainians, as does Georgia Meloni the outspoken neo-fascist prime minister of Italy, who proudly stated: "I'm Georgia, I'm a woman, I'm Italian, I'm Christian! You won't take that away from me."

She is right about controlling immigration, improving Italy's birth rate, and redistributing the wealth of the nation, but she is wrong about the war in Ukraine. She obviously relates to those Ukrainians who welcomed the Germans as liberators from communism in 1941.

I agree with Prof John Mearsheimer, Prof Jeffrey Sachs, Scott Ritter, and Col Douglas Macgregor, that the Ukrainian conflict is a proxy war between the USA and Russia being fought by the Ukrainians. 

Donald Trump says that he could stop the war in a day if he was President, but Joe Biden and the Industrial-Military Complex are dreaming of driving the Russians out of Ukraine; even from Crimea.

We have been totally misinformed about the war in Ukraine. We were told that the Russians were stupid, cowardly, and fast running out of arms and ammunition. We were also told that President Putin was mad, suffering from cancer, and about to be deposed. None of it was true.

The economic sanctions we imposed on Russia are hurting us more than them. They have found new markets for their gas, oil, and wheat in India and China, but we have suffered an unsustainable rise in food and energy costs.

It's becoming increasingly obvious that this war is as unwinnable as Vietnam or Afghanistan. We are pouring money down the drain and the Ukrainians are sacrificing an entire generation for the sake of an American foreign policy that's stuck in the Cold War. Eventually this war will be settled around the conference table and Zelensky will flee to America or Israel; let it be sooner rather than later.

Fred Ponsford (Terry Savage) eponymous landlord of the Pig & Truncheon, Whitehall - 'Nation' July 1974

Looking through a copy of the Hornsey Journal that had been left in the public bar, my eye caught the following headline, 'Blatant Insult to Immigrants Alleged'. I quickly read the piece to see what terrible crime had been committed against our coloured brothers! And lo and behold not only had the racialist of Hackney failed to elect a black Labour candidate in a safe Labour seat, but crime upon crime his fellow Labour Party members had not elected him as an Alderman. It appears that immigrant leaders in Haringey believe that at least one immigrant representative should be found a place on Haringey Council. I always thought that is was the electorate who decided these things, but then perhaps I am just old-fashioned.

As I carried on clearing the lunchtime debris away I found on the floor a copy of the New York Times that must have been dropped by an American tourist. Right on the front page was an advert headed, 'Jews Don't Mix-n-Match'. Part of the text was as follows: "We hate no one, we look down on no one. Our blood is no purer, our genes are not better, we consider ourselves superior to no one. We love Jews and Judaism and want to preserve it for generations to come." Another part of the text ran: "There is no surer way to destroy the Jewish people than to marry out of the faith." I wonder what political swearwords would be used if anyone put an advertisement in the New York Times saying the same things about Anglo-Saxons?

On hearing the 10pm news that Prince Charles had made his maiden speech in the House of Lords on the subject of Sport and Leisure, one of my customers, Fred the master of wit and repartee, leering through his one eye, (the other being lost in the First World War while trying to leave a Paris brothel without paying), was heard to comment, "That's something he should bleeding well know about."

The other morning whilst having a quick half and a look through the licensed victuallers trade paper just before opening time, I noticed that with the news that the Methodists had voted to abolish the Church's policy of total abstinence, Allied Monopolies shares had soared. In a statement the Rev Lenin-Fosket, chairman of the Church's finance and investment committee says, "The fine new beers brewed by Allied Monopolies have enabled the Church to revise its policies and appear far more modern, progressive and democratic without deviating from our deeply held beliefs." 

Whilst consuming a breakfast of succulent marinated kippers, the tender flesh of which oozed with a mouth-watering mixture of wine, oil and garlic, washed down with a pint of Guinness, I noticed a small paragraph tucked away in an inside page of the Telegraph. It seems that United Nations officials in Geneva have ordered copies of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's book 'Gulag Archipelago', to be removed from bookstands in the Palais des Nations, the UN headquarters in Europe.

One can only wonder at the mentality of people who advocate world government as a panacea for world peace, when they are prepared to publish hate propaganda and lies about Britain, South Africa, Greece etc., but supress the truth about Russia and the Soviet system. It's enough to put one off one's breakfast, even marinated kippers; 1984 here we come.

NR: Terry Savage (1938-2011) was successively active in Union Movement, John Bean's British National Party, the National Front, the NF Constitutional Movement, and John Tyndall's BNP.


The news that Vsevolda Kniaszev, president of the Ukraine Supreme Court, has been arrested and charged with accepting a bribe worth $2.7 million comes as no surprise. With so much money being poured into Ukraine it's inevitable that some of it will be diverted into the private bank accounts of Volodymyr Zelensky and his entourage.

Benito Mussolini said: "You always get rats in a granary," and he was right. Accountants are supposed to accurately record transactions, and auditors are supposed to verify them, but they are only human beings who can be bribed.

Al Capone's accountant 'Easy Eddie' O'Hare turned State's Evidence and helped to convict his client. Predictably, he was shot dead in 1939. He was the father of Medal of Honor recipient Butch O'Hare after whom O'Hare International Airport is named.

An old story from the Construction Industry is worth telling. A property developer was alarmed at the rising cost of a project so he questioned his professional team. He asked his Builder: "what is two plus two." He replied: "It's difficult to say." He asked his Engineer, who replied: "given accepted tolerances it's between 3.5 and 4.5. He then asked his Architect. He replied: "blue with shades of pink." At last he asked his Quantity Surveyor. He said: "what sort of figure did you have in mind?"

Attempts to control corruption have not been successful. President Roosevelt gave all American politicians a rise so that they wouldn't take bribes, but that only upped the ante; instead of pocketing hundreds of dollars they expected thousands.

Even the British House of Commons is riddled with corruption. Every so often an MP is booted out for asking questions for money, or fiddling his expenses, and occasionally a minister is forced to resign for insider trading or outright bribery. 

Such matters ought to be handled by the police but they are as corrupt as the politicians. The Steven Lawrence murder was the subject of the Macpherson Report which concluded that the police were 'Institutionally Racist', but the word on the street was that it wasn't racism that caused the police to bungle the investigation but a bribe from the drug-dealer father of one of the accused.

Money, as they say, makes the world go round. 

Arab Racism

Tunisia is clamping down on sub-Saharan immigration following a speech by President Kais Saied (pictured) who stated that there was: "a plot to change Tunisia's demographic composition."

Libya and Egypt are stopping Black African refugees at their frontiers and Saudi Arabian border guards are accused of shooting thousands of Ethiopians crossing from Yemen.

The Muslim religion preaches racial tolerance but many Arabs hold racist views. The tenth century scholar Abu Bakr wrote: "The pale brown colour of the people of Iraq is the most apt and proper colour. Unlike the Slavs of the north with their blond, buff, blanched and leprous colouring, or the Zanzi and Ethiopians to the south; black, murky, malodorous, stinking and crinkly-haired. The Iraqis are neither half-baked dough nor burnt crust, but between the two." 

The following comment was posted on You Tube by an African living in the USA: 

"Arabs invaded North Africa in the 6th century (a good book is The Arab Invasion of Egypt) and have been there ever since. The Arabs in Tunisia are not biologically African; they just live on the African continent. Being African is not simply a geographical term; it is also a biological identity like European and Asian. To be African, you must have a distinct biological makeup, i.e., a distinct skull shape, eumelanin, and tight to loose woolly hair. To say Arabs born in Africa are African is like saying an African born in Asia is Asian or an African born in Europe is European; it is not biologically possible because to be Asian or European you must have specific biological makeup, i.e., distinct skull shape, tan bronze skin, straight black hair, etc.

I think more Africans need to study biology because it is clear that the Arabs and others know that biologically we are different. We are the only ones who say anyone born in Africa or with a drop of African blood is African. We accept everyone because we are the parent race of mankind. Our downfall is that we are too accepting; we accept too much, and we even try to force others to be what they are not. Telling people of other races to identify as Africans is like telling a bear to identify as a shark - it's just not possible."

Don't Forget South Africa

Since South Africa was taken over by the Blacks the Whites have been largely forgotten. We should not forget them because they are mostly of Dutch and British descent and they fought alongside us in two world wars. They are an historic European nation of 4.6 million, with another 1 million living abroad. This compares to 5.2 million New Zealanders or 5.1 million Irishmen.

White people are only 7% of the total population of South Africa but their contribution to the economy is vital. White farmers were being killed at an alarming rate until recently. The police were unable to protect them, but they have organised their own security and the murders have stopped. Of course, the Blacks are still killing one another.

Africans are being educated and they are trying to develop the country, but they are faced with corruption on a massive scale. The entire infrastructure of South Africa is breaking down; power cuts are frequent, the roads and railways are in need of repair, the schools and hospitals are desperate for funds, and the police and the military are in a state of chaos.

The fact that the Whites survived the changeover to majority rule shows that all is not lost. Nelson Mandela is regarded as a terrorist by right-wingers but he was a practical man who knew that South Africa needed the Whites. Many of his African National Congress comrades were out-and-out racist but he was not. Apart from the farm invasions and killings the expected bloodbath never happened. A million Whites fled the country in search of work as the Blacks grabbed the best jobs, but now, the exodus has almost stopped and there is a small but significant increase in White immigration. Who knows what the future holds?

If we had a decent and honourable government in the UK we would welcome White South Africans as refugees and give help and encouragement to them at home. Unfortunately we have a perverse government that chases out European migrants and welcomes the teeming masses of the Third World.

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All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."