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Nation Revisited # 140, June 2018

Free Speech.

There's nothing new about the UK government sending political dissidents to prison. Recent research has revealed that during the Second World War Oswald Mosley and over a thousand of his followers were detained without charge or trial under Defence Regulation 18B, together with members of other parties such as Tory MP Capt Maul Ramsay and former Labour MP John Beckett. But the victims of 18B were luckier than William Joyce and John Amery who paid the ultimate price for opposing plutocracy.

Since the war, scores of patriots have been jailed for; incitement, shoplifting, firearms offences, assault, murder, gross indecency, terrorism, and drawing cartoons. They are now joined by 48-year-old army veteran and London Forum organiser Jez Turner. He said that the Jews are too powerful and to prove his point they had him banged up for twelve months.

Alison Chabloz a talented 54-year-old folk singer from Derbyshire has been convicted, for singing anti-Semitic songs. She will be sentenced in June. Both of them were targeted by Gideon Falter of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.

Tommy Robinson was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment for contempt of court. He reported on an ongoing trial after he had been warned not to by a judge. As the journalist, Maajid Nawaz said it's a pity that the authorities didn't act as quickly against the grooming gangs. 

Anyone exercising their right to free speech should do so carefully. Pension fund robbers, dodgy bankers, and sexual predators are fair game but they must be attacked for their crimes and not their tribe.

'The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' are a fabrication and the Jewish conspiracy theory is far-fetched but there's no doubt that the Jews have friends in high places - notably Theresa May. Most Jews are decent law-abiding citizens but they are let down by the likes of Robert Maxwell, Bernie Madoff and Harvey Weinstein.  

Jez Turner pictured with John Bean, Bill Baillie, and Michael Woodbridge in happier times. You can write to him:
Jeremy Bedford Turner, A4455EE, HMP Wandsworth, Heathfield Road, London SW18 3H

Martin Webster on RT 

George Galloway's interview with Martin Webster on Russian Television is posted on YouTube -

George Galloway, the former Labour and Respect Party MP, is a seasoned journalist and broadcaster who specialises in confrontational interviews. He used his expertise to quiz Martin Webster on repatriation and the wartime slaughter of the Jews. Martin Webster answered frankly and unapologetically, and most importantly, he kept his temper.

He is a former organiser of the National Front who now issues the bulletins 'Electronic Loose Cannon' and 'Electronic Watch on Zion'. His spirited defence was based on his view that the British people have not accepted the multi-racial society. That's debatable but it was good to see an Englishman sticking up for his country. Martin Webster must be congratulated for not allowing himself to be provoked or intimidated. He certainly did better than Nick Griffin on Question Time.

The Tories, ever conscious of the 'Special Relationship' with the USA, are threatening to ban Russian Television as part of their anti-Russian campaign. They accuse RT of broadcasting state propaganda, unlike our saintly BBC which transmits only the unvarnished truth. But the Tories will probably lose the next election and we will be under the benign dictatorship of Jeremy Corbyn’s allegedly anti-Semitic Labour Party.

The Northlander
When violence erupted in West London in 1958 the media blamed the white working class, but Roger Pearson of 'The Northlander' took a different view. He was a co-founder of the Northern League, which described itself as a pan-Nordic cultural organisation. In 1965 he moved to America where he worked with Willis Carto and became a prominent member of the World Anti-Communist League. Proudly displayed on his office wall in Washington DC was a framed letter from President Ronald Reagan.

"You are performing a valuable service in bringing to a wide audience the works of leading scholars who are supportive of a free enterprise economy, a firm and consistent foreign policy and a strong national defence. Your substantial contribution to promoting and upholding those ideals and principles that we value home and abroad are greatly appreciated." 

This editorial from 'The Northlander' of September 1958 is written in the style and language of the Fifties.

"It did not take long before left-wingers and one-worlders got round to falsifying reports and using the news of the recent disturbances in Britain at Nottingham and Notting Hill Gate against the English.

With the Nottingham flare-up, the one-worlders were taken by surprise and the news was fairly accurately reported. Here was a clear case of native Englishmen being attacked and struck down without means of defence, by gangs of West Indians armed with razors, iron bars, chains and broken bottles. All the people admitted to hospital were English, and this fact was allowed to leak out.

By the time of the Notting Hill Gate troubles, however, the Left was alerted. When a boy of ten was coshed in the face, the press had had its orders not to mention that he was English. When fire-bombs were thrown, again most papers overlooked that they were thrown by West Indians. Instead, when one West Indian thug was pursued by Teddy boys, this was given enormous prominence as though the entire trouble was due to the deliberate onslaught of trouble making 'white' elements against the innocent immigrants: even though a short while previously the papers were admitting that crime thrived amongst the West Indians in this area.

In future, we can now expect nothing but biased reporting with suppression of news which might reveal the true facts and promote further opposition to the continued mongrelisation of Britain. And watch out for one of the cleverest of all tricks. Destroy national pride, that is the watchword of the cosmopolites: don't admit that English husbands have been struck down on English soil while their wives were pummelled. That might bring something of the old spirit of our English heritage back. Say instead merely that fights developed between 'whites' and West Indians. Take away the national heritage of the English, and dub them 'whites', a miscellaneous, unattractive word. Deny them their heritage, and they won't see it pass away.

With luck, they may even overlook it when an African appears on television and calls himself a Welshman on the grounds that he was born in Cardiff."

The Economy

Those worried that banks "create money out of nothing" should have met my uncle John. Many years ago I was drinking with him when he was offered a lorry load of toys. He hadn't seen them and no money changed hands but the deal was struck. Several drinks later another man approached him who wanted to buy the toys. The deal was settled with a handshake and my uncle made a handsome profit without seeing the goods or handling the money. That was my introduction to commerce, a system that's governed by supply and demand and relies on trust. It taught me that there's nothing mysterious about credit and there's nothing wrong with making a profit.

Governments raise money by collecting taxes and selling interest-bearing bonds. There is nothing wrong with that. Adolf Hitler was a great bond salesman. The Third Reich was financed by bonds and so was the Allied war effort. Governments and private companies are not "creating money out of nothing" when they issue bonds, they are taking deposits in return for future rewards.

Excessive interest rates on loans and investments are wrong but reasonable rates are legitimate. It's fashionable to hate bankers but they are only providing a service. Financial criminals should be arrested and punished but your bank manager should be spared.

All of t
he totalitarian regimes preached revolution but practised a form of state capitalism. After an initial period of runaway inflation, the State Bank of the USSR issued a new rouble backed by gold. And in Germany, Hitler's Rothschild-trained Economics Minister Hjalmar Schacht laid the foundations of recovery with the help of his close friend Montague Norman of the Bank of England who obligingly transferred the Czechoslovak gold reserves to the Reich. The Nazis invested in public works, as recommended by Oswald Mosley and Maynard Keynes in the UK and practised by Benito Mussolini in Italy and FD Roosevelt in the USA.

Theoretical economic systems are all very well but nations live by producing or importing, goods and services. Those with educated workers and plentiful resources are booming but those without are struggling. We are fortunate in the UK to have efficient agricultural and manufacturing sectors and thriving services.

Fifty years ago half of our workers were employed in manufacturing. We exported ships, locomotives, cars and motorcycles to the Dominions and imported their raw materials. Now, the pattern of world trade has changed; most of the manufacturing jobs have gone, and 86% of our workers are employed in services. It's a pity because people took pride in being skilled workers. It's just as honourable to be a burger flipper or a call centre operator but not as satisfying, or as lucrative. 

Our mostly foreign-owned industries are competitive. The same workers who constantly went on strike in the old days are now breaking production records. They have shown what they can do with modern machinery and good management, and they have destroyed the myth of the lazy British worker. It wasn't bloody-minded trade unions that crippled British industry but absentee bosses who thought that they could run a business from a golf course.

Global capitalism driven by consumer demand and made possible by containerised shipping has made most of us richer. We can afford to take our holidays in exotic locations and buy the latest electrical goods but the old industries that provided good jobs and pensions have gone to China. Today, a good education is essential to get a well-paid job. Tony Blair was wrong about "weapons of mass destruction" but he was right about education.

The Service Economy includes everyone from medical staff to construction workers and engineers. We are short of skills because successive governments found it cheaper to hire foreigners than to train our own people. It costs £230,000 to train a doctor but the NHS can bring one from abroad for the price of an airline ticket.
We must end this reliance on imported labour but until we have enough trained workers we will need immigrant labour. We must, therefore, decide if we want fellow Europeans, who share our race and culture, or Africans and Asians.

We don't know what will happen when we leave the EU, or even if we will leave. But whatever happens, we will still need to provide goods and services for the home market and export enough goods to earn dollars with which to buy oil. Since the Nixon Shock of 1971, the US has dominated the World Trade Organisation and used trade as a weapon of war. 'Free Trade' is an illusion and Liam Fox is chasing rainbows.

Bernard Franklyn - The Flame -

We have been losing out for centuries because the enemy has a better propaganda machine and is able to buy people off. They also use front men to act for them so the real controllers are never seen. For instance, every prime minister since 1940 has been a Zionist and Jews have run America and the UK for much longer than many people realise. America, Britain, most of the EU and Australia are currently run by Israel. Note these were the countries that expelled their Russian diplomats.

I stood for the National Front in the late 1970's and early 1980's for the general election. I had good local support due to me standing locally and being self-employed running my own TV company selling, repairing and renting televisions and video recorders. A few weeks before the first general election I heard that an elderly high ranking Freemason was spreading lies about me. He phoned me asking me to repair his TV without identifying himself. When I called he spent three hours interrogating me. At the end, he had to admit I had good reason to be annoyed with the people I was complaining about.

After the second general election, he called me round again. He said "You received the same result of 17 and a half percent this time as you received before, despite the problems escalating between the two elections. You won't get any more than this because only around 16% of the public have the ability to think clearly and can be persuaded to vote for whichever party the BBC and newspapers want to win. Why don't you become a Freemason and I can arrange for you to rent TV and video recorders in hotels owned by Freemasons and arrange for you to get elected as a Labour or Tory councillor in virtually any area that you want. You won't have to pay for the TV's we will buy them and you can pay us back as you collect the money." I turned him down as I knew I would not be able to say what I wanted and there was a good chance that they would want to call back favours. The Bolsheviks found that putting fluoride in the water prevented the public from thinking clearly. This is the real reason parliament insists on adding it.

Parliament, the BBC, Fabians, Freemasons and others are trying to get the British outnumbered as soon as possible by blacks, Muslims, Asians and other foreigners. It is clear that our enemies put the immigrants before the British. Their first aim is to get us at war with Russia. Many of the naïve Britons I speak to are not interested in listening. When I say you will pay attention when you get your call-up papers it makes them think. The Bolshevik Revolution was funded and organised by American based Jewish bankers. They decided they needed to reunite Western Europeans with the Soviet Bloc. So they allowed the Wall to come down and they then started getting the ex-Soviet countries to join the EU. They have been outsmarted by Putin who has done much to re-Christianise the Soviet Union and done much to restore confidence in his people. This has angered the Jewish warmongers who are determined to start a war between the West and Russia. The next Zionist war, if we don't take back control of our country, will be a three-way civil war between the Muslims, blacks and the British. It is no good saying lots of the immigrants are doing useful jobs helping us out. It only takes 2% of the blacks and Muslims to create a serious threat and don't forget the Zionists and Parliament will be on their side.

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. This blog is protected by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19: "We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share ideas with other people."

European Outlook
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Nation Revisited # 139 May 2018

Foreign Policy.

The United States of America was born of Revolution. They fought the War of Independence, the Indian Wars, the Mexican War, the Spanish War, the First World War; the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and several colonial wars. They nearly came to blows with the Soviet Union over the Cuba Missile Crisis, and they are currently waging economic war on Iran, North Korea, and Russia; the same kind of blockade that led to the war with Japan.

The defence industry is a vital part of the American economy. They have 2.2 million people in the armed forces and 2.1 million in the defence industry. In 2017 they spent $773.5 billion, which is more than China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the UK, India, France and Japan combined. That's a lot of money and to justify it they need a lot of enemies.

American hostility to Russia
started in 1917 when the Bolsheviks seized power. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 but America never relented and they renewed their anti-Russian campaign during the Russo-Georgian War of 2008 when Georgia failed to annex Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In 2014 the government of Ukraine was overthrown by a coup that was financed and organised by Israel. When the new regime revoked the constitution protecting the Russian-speaking provinces, the people of Crimea and the Donbas region appealed to Russia for help and Crimea was returned to the Motherland. More recently, the Russians were blamed for the attempted assassination of a defector and his daughter in Salisbury, and for their support of Syria.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is the sworn enemy of 'Islamic State' and a defender of religious minorities but he is demonised by the West because of his opposition to Israel and his friendship with Russia. The alleged gas attack was merely an excuse for intervention.

Britain's contribution to the punitive raid was lauded by the flag-waving Tory press but they never mentioned that the Storm Shadow missile is made by MBDA, the Tornado combat aircraft that launched the missiles was made by Panavia, and the Typhoon support aircraft is made by Eurofighter, all of them joint European ventures.   

We are tied to America by blood and language, and they are our biggest trading partner outside Europe, but we should distance ourselves from their aggressive foreign policy. The American people are alright but their government is dominated by Zionist warmongers. There is no reason for the UK or the EU to be on bad terms with the Russians. They are fellow Europeans who have contributed in full to every aspect of human achievement.

              Yuri Gagarin the first European in Space

The Russian Federation is a major supplier of gas, oil, and aluminium to industrial Europe. If we leave the EU, as planned, we should sign a treaty of friendship and co-operation with Brussels and another with Moscow.


The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, was forced to resign for threatening to deport some of the first wave of immigrants from the West Indies; the so-called 'Windrush Generation'. A passionate speech denouncing the 2014 Immigration Act by David Lammy the black Labour MP for Tottenham was applauded by all parties. He spoke on the eve of the Commonwealth Conference at which an embarrassed Theresa May hoped to strike trade deals with our former colonies.

She will find that t
here's no such thing as 'Free Trade'; trade deals always come with strings attached. To be members of the EU we had to accept its rules and regulations. If we want to trade with America we will have to accept genetically modified crops and chlorine-washed chicken, and if we want to trade with the Commonwealth we must accept their immigrants. There are very few Australians and Canadians wanting to come here but there are millions of Africans and Asians who would be better off under our generous social security system.

The Windrush fiasco shows the desperate need for identity cards and a central population database. The government doesn't know who is in the country and its various departments are not sharing information. Some of those threatened with deportation had served in the armed forces, paid taxes in this country, and drawn pensions and benefits only to be told that they shouldn't be here. 

Whatever their legal status people from overseas who have lived here for many years consider themselves to be British, as do their children, and grandchildren. We could enforce stricter border controls, deport illegal immigrants, criminals, potential terrorists, and volunteers but the idea of rounding up black and brown people and throwing them out of the country is a fantasy. In 2016 we deported less than 40,000 people from the UK. 

When Oswald Mosley proposed the resettlement of West Indians in 1955 there were only 125,000 of them in the UK. He wanted to send them home to decent conditions by revitalising the Sugar industry in Jamaica. In those days Britain had the power to do such things. Between 1968 and 1973 we forcibly deported the entire population of the Indian Ocean Territory of Diego Garcia to make way for an American military and naval base. In return, we received a discount of £14 million on the purchase of American missiles.

The resettlement of Commonwealth immigrants would still have been possible in 1971 when their numbers had risen to 1.5 million but now we have 8 million of them, and despite the Immigration Acts of 1962, 1968,1971, 2014, and 2016, they are still coming. 

Opinion polls report that immigration is of great concern to the public but
parties like the National Front have consistently failed to get an MP elected. Ukip briefly had two MPs but they only campaigned against East Europeans.   

People all over the world have been driven from their homes by war and poverty. Germany took in 13 million refugees after the Second World War and has since accepted 3 million Turkish workers and a million refugees from Syria. In 1888 there were 25,000 Jews in Palestine but there are now 7 million. A million Rohingya refugees have been driven out of Myanmar, and more than 3 million Europeans have fled from Africa. There are plenty of precedents for repatriation but it's not likely to happen in Britain. For a start, our newspapers would never stand for it. 


World Trade

Britain was disengaging from the European Union, Ukraine was taking the first steps towards membership. The Ukraine-EU Association Agreement of September 2017 gives them privileged access to the single market. Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway are associate members of the EU and the Balkan states have applied to join. 

We don't know what Theresa  May will agree with the EU but some sort of accommodation is inevitable. The grandiose plans of Boris Johnson will come to nothing. We might pick up some new customers but the bulk of our trade will remain with our neighbours. According to the International Monetary Fund, UK exports in 2017 accounted for 14% of our economy. We sold 54.3 % to Europe, 21.2% to Asia, 16.7% to North America, and 2.8% to Africa.

Our major exports are machines, cars, pharmaceuticals, precious metals, aircraft, optical equipment, plastics, and chemicals. We also have a thriving trade in banking and insurance.

President Trump recently slapped a 292% tax on Bombardier aircraft sales. The US Trade Commissioner reversed his decision but it showed his determination to protect American industry. America has always used trade as a weapon of war. Countries that obey US foreign policy are rewarded as 'favoured nations' but Russia, Iran and North Korea are being damaged by US sanctions.

In the next few years, the lies of the Daily Mail will be exposed. The nations of the world are not clamouring for our products, and those that grant us access to their markets will demand that we let in more of their immigrants. China and India have already made this point. It's an unwritten rule of economics that people follow trade across borders. Until the Sixties, the Australians had a White Australia policy but since they became dependent on Asia they have been forced to admit large numbers of Asian immigrants. It would be very dangerous for us to put ourselves in the same position.

About ten years ago I attended a meeting in London at which Robert Wilkinson, a ninety-year-old Blackshirt, and 18B detainee, gave a stirring speech. He said that nothing had changed since the Thirties when the Tories exported jobs and imported cheap labour. How right he was.

Where do the Blancos Live?

In 1969 I walked into a cantina in Panama and saw a local newspaper on the bar. On the front page was a photo of the military junta led by General Omar Torrijos who had overthrown the elected government of Arnulfo Arias. They were all white men but most of the people in Panama are black or brown. I asked the barman "where do the Blancos live?" Without pausing for thought he replied, "Switzerland."

Panama was conquered by the Spanish in 1538. The eastern part, Darien, was briefly colonised by the Scots in 1698. The Americans backed Panamanian independence from Colombia and in 1903, and they imported a quarter of a million West Indians to build the Panama Canal which was finished in 1914. Today Panama is only 10% white. This is in contrast to neighbouring Costa Rica which is 83% white.  

In those days the Americans controlled the Canal Zone, a strip on both sides of the canal. It was spotlessly clean, air-conditioned and well run, but as soon as you stepped outside you entered the jungle. Panama was falling to bits and its ramshackle police force was a disgrace. Only the army looked as though they knew what they were doing.

In 1979 the Panama Canal was handed over to the local government but the country soon degenerated into a narco-state under the notorious General Manuel Noriega, an ex-CIA agent turned drug dealer. In 1989 President George HW Bush sent in the 82 Airborne Division to disband the Panamanian Defence Force and arrested its leader. Operation 'Just Cause' cost the lives of 23 Americans and 314 Panamanians. General Noriega was sentenced to forty years in prison.

Panama's misfortunes cannot be entirely blamed on its racial composition. Like most of Latin America, it has been cruelly exploited by greedy foreign imperialists and corrupt local despots. The revenues from the Canal have not been spent on the people. Thousands of impoverished Panamanians have fled to the USA but Donald Trump is currently building a wall to keep them out. 

The Death of a Jewish Klansman

Kevin Wilshaw was a former National Front organiser and contributor to Nation Revisited who has revealed to the national press that he is gay and that his mother was Jewish. He spent years promoting the National Front, and according to the Huffington Post, when his wife left him in 1996 she cited Adolf Hitler as the 'other man' in their relationship. He tells his story on YouTube -

Daniel Burros was another man of Jewish ancestry who joined a far-right movement. He was born to George and Esther Burros in New York in 1937. He attended the Hebrew school at Richmond Hill and worshipped at his local Synagogue. But Daniel was so obsessed with the Nazi regime that he abandoned his heritage. He joined George Lincoln Rockwell's National Socialist Party but it wasn't extreme enough for him. He then tried James Madole's National Renaissance Party but that was even more liberal. Eventually, he joined the local branch of the Ku Klux Klan where he made such an impression that they made him Grand Dragon. He seemed to have reached his goal in life but when the New York Times exposed him as a Jew he killed himself with a gunshot to the head. 


Daniel Burros was not a spy or a government agent. He was a white supremacist who admired Adolf Hitler and shared his worldview. It's hard to believe that a Jew could hold such views but the ability of human beings to deceive themselves is legendary. Some people deny the Holocaust but there is no doubt that Jews were rounded up all over Europe and sent to concentration camps. When the British 11th Armoured Division liberated Belsen they found thousands of dead, dying, and starving people. We can argue over the details but the testimony of British soldiers cannot be dismissed as propaganda.

Adolf Hitler was a truly remarkable man who rescued Germany from humiliation, despair, unemployment and poverty. He provided social housing, health care, and universal education. He did many great things but he will always be remembered for the Holocaust. As William Shakespeare wrote of Julius Caesar: "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones."


There was another mixed bag of comments from our readers this month. Martin Webster, the doyen of the far right, refuses to read this blog because he gets enough pro-EU propaganda from the BBC. Veteran nationalists John Bean and Carl Harley think that there's too much Mosley. Keith Thompson of Steven Books says that repatriation depends on the will to do it. AL thinks that the Jews are responsible for all of our misfortunes; I have advised him to join the Labour Party. Robert Best says to keep up the good work. Robert Edwards of 'European Action' complains of my errors and inconsistencies. Bernard Franklyn of 'The Flame' says that the younger generation is easily fooled. Frank Walsh of 'Our Voice' recommends 'Nation Revisited'. And Robert Lyons from the USA looks forward to each issue. I thank you all for your comments, please keep them coming.


Gilad Atzmon

Our brave friend Gilad Atzmon is being sued for libel in the High Court by Gideon Falter of the Campaign Against Antisemitism. Please help him in any way you can. 


All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. This blog is protected by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19: "We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share ideas with other people."


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Nation Revisited # 138, April 2018


I started a duplicated newsletter called 'Nation' in 1973. I was a member of Union Movement but Oswald Mosley's detailed economic policies did not appeal to the masses so much as the jingoism of the National Front or the dire predictions of Enoch Powell. We were all opposed to mass migration but our combined efforts did nothing to prevent it.

Undeterred, I started this blog in 2005 because I realised that the growing campaign against our membership of the EU would encourage non-European immigration. The latest immigration figures show that I was right. Since the referendum, we have taken in twice as many non-Europeans as Europeans. We are replacing Poles with Pakistanis, exactly as I predicted.

Ukip stood the truth on its head when they conflated immigration with Europe. The East Europeans, who share our race and culture, came here to work. Since the devaluation of the pound, many of them have gone home but the Africans and Asians are here to stay.

It is also ironic that patriots put their trust in the likes of Liam Fox, Michael Gove, and William Hague. They were members of the notorious Atlantic Bridge movement that was shut down by the Charities Commission. They preach British independence but they are really committed to the 'special relationship' with America. They are typical Tories who will never do anything to stop immigration.

A Well-Known Fact

Conspiracy theorists often say: "It's a well-known fact" in defence of their fantasies. One of them is that Angela Merkel is a Marxist who is flooding Germany with non-Europeans in accordance with the 'Coudenhove Kalergi Plan', They dismiss the idea that she is a compassionate woman who feels sorry for refugees. That's far too simple for them.

The father of conspiracy theory was Arnold Spencer Leese, a retired veterinarian and camel specialist who ran a minor fascist party before the war and influenced the far-right in the Fifties. He was obsessed with the Jews and cheerfully went to prison for defaming them. Leese died in 1956 but his worldview persists, and his followers blame the Jews for almost everything.

If Angela Merkel is a Marxist because she let in the Syrian refugees, then every British prime minister since we passed the British Nationality Act in 1948, must also be guilty; Clement Attlee, Winston Churchill, Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan, Alec Douglas Home, Edward Heath, Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Theresa May. Between them, they let in millions of Third World refugees and immigrants. 

This fantastic nonsense can't be taken seriously. Some Jews, like the infamous George Soros, advocate mass migration, but others, like Melanie Phillips, are opposed to it. Its greatest exponent was Peter Sutherland, president of the Irish Catholic Migration Commission, and a former chairman of Goldman Sachs, who warned us of the 'demographic time bomb' facing Europe.

The Jews tend to be liberals but plenty of them are opposed to immigration and Israel has acted to deport 'infiltrators'. The BBC reported in January:

"The Israeli government has issued a notice to thousands of African migrants to leave the country or face imprisonment. The migrants will be given $3,500 for leaving the country within the next 90 days. If they do not leave the Israeli authorities have threatened that they will start jailing them from April."

As for Marxism - Karl Marx was a notorious racist who despised blacks and Jews, despite his own ancestry.

Zionism is Jewish supremacism, Marxism is a discredited economic theory, and mass migration is part and parcel of global capitalism. People inevitably follow goods across borders. It's a well-known fact.

Is History Repeating Itself?

In 1896 Cecil Rhodes, prime minister of the Cape colony provoked a war with the South African Republic in order to steal their gold and diamonds. He ordered Leander Starr Jameson (pictured) to invade the Transvaal from Rhodesia with 600 men armed with machine guns and artillery. The operation was financed by Alfred Biet of the De Beers Corporation. The invaders were supposed to support an armed rebellion by British settlers, but the uprising never happened and they were forced to surrender to Commandant Piet Cronje. Jameson was lionised by the British press but the government was forced to abandon the deception.

In 1943 the Germans found the body of Royal Marine Capt William Martin who was carrying documents indicating that an Allied invasion of Greece was imminent. The body was, in fact, that of a Welsh tramp called Glyndor Michael, and the real destination was Sicily. 'Operation Mincemeat' was a success. The Germans sent their crack troops to Greece and the Allied invasion of Sicily went ahead. 

More recently Tony Blair used his infamous 'dodgy dossier' to justify our invasion of Iraq. He lied to Parliament, and to the country, about 'weapons of mass destruction'. He was subsequently cleared by the Chilcot Inquiry but no such weapons were ever found.

The international consensus is that the Sergei Skripal affair was a Russian operation. Diplomats have been expelled and sabres have been rattled, but could it be a case of history repeating itself? We have never forgiven the Russians for intervening in the Caucasus, reclaiming the Crimean peninsula, penetrating our airspace, posting messages on Facebook, or helping to win the war in Syria.

Russia is a European power with massive reserves of gas and oil. The last time we picked a fight with them was the Crimean War 1853 - 1856. It cost us 25,000 lives and £76 million (about £4 billion in today's money). The highlight of the war was the suicidal Charge of the Light Brigade. Perhaps Boris Johnson will lead a similar cavalry charge against the Russian guns at Sebastopol? We live in hope.

At least the Crimean War was in pursuit of British foreign policy. The current anti-Russian campaign is in support of Donald Trump's defence spending - currently $700 billion. Americans who can't afford medical treatment can sleep soundly in their cars knowing that their government is capable of destroying the planet. They may be hungry but they have the biggest navy in the world.

Old Borders

Monmouthshire was long considered to be part of England until the county was awarded to Wales by the 1972 Local Government Act. Most of the people of Monmouthshire are happy with their status but a minority are resentful.

The Italian province of Alto Adige was part of Austria until 1919. The population mostly speaks German but they are content with their autonomy. Now, the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO), the junior partner in a coalition government with the Austrian People's Party (OVP), is agitating for the return of the region to Austria.

Similar border disputes can be found all over Europe; some Italians want the return of the coastal region of Croatia,
German nationalists want the western region of Poland, Hungarian nationalists covet the Romanian province of Transylvania, and Russian and Ukrainian nationalists are fighting over the Donbas region.

They should realise that territorial ambitions are pointless. It doesn't matter if Monmouthshire is in Wales or England, or if the Tyrol is Austrian or Italian. These old quarrels are as irrelevant as the separatist movements in Scotland, Belgium, and Spain. They have no place in the modern world.

Our continent is being invaded by the teeming masses of the Third World. We should stand together as Europeans instead of worrying about nationalities. Belgium is a typical example of the pointlessness of petty nationalism. The Walloons and the Flemings are fighting over which language to speak while their country is being taken over by North Africans. 

Jeffrey Hamm explained Union Movement's policy in Action No 293 of July 1981.

"From time to time we draw attention to the flaws in the EEC, in grave danger of failure and collapse because it put the cart before the horse, seeking to create a common market before a common government.

A truly common market is of vital importance, with the industries and agriculture of our continent dedicated to maximum production, not for export but for consumption by our European peoples.

There is a vast market within Europe for all that Europe can produce, and it should be insulated against the undercutting of Asia and the communist bloc.

But Europe needs more, much more than an economic policy. It needs faith, a profound belief in the cause of European unity.

Europe needs a European government for its defence and for the leadership of its economy, with national governments for all internal affairs, and regional administration for local matters and for the preservation of the ancient languages and cultures of our continent.

Within that concept, there is no clash between a healthy nationalism and patriotism on the one hand and a devotion to the Europe of which our respective nations are a part."

Maybe it's Because I'm a Londoner

My old friend John Bean lives in a sixteenth-century Suffolk cottage which he describes in his book as being "Ten Miles From Anywhere." He recently endorsed an article by Rod Liddle which appeared in The Spectator, entitled, "If you're not tired of London, you're tired of life." Rod Liddle supports Nigel Farage, and Millwall FC, whose unofficial slogan is "No one likes us, we don't care." The article begins:

"London, city of the damned. City of incendiary tower blocks, jihadi mentals trying to slit your throat, yokels from Somerset up for the day to enjoy a spot of ramming Muslims in a white van. City of Thornberry, Abbott and Corbyn. City of Boris. City of anti-Semitic marches to commemorate Al Quds. City of Isis flags and where, in most boroughs, white British people are a largely resentful minority. City of vacuous liberal platitudes - we all stand together, not in my name. Why would you live there? I would rather live in Gaza, just about. If you are not tired of London by now then you are surely tired of life. City of gender-study courses, LGBT action days and poor huddled masses, mainly foreigners, earning fuck all."

Liddle drones on relentlessly until he concludes:

"I can see why the right, then, is in favour of immigration. But I cannot for a second understand why the left goes along with it. As Marx said, it is the means by which the rich become richer. I used to like London. But what now is there to like?"

He can resent foreigners as much as he likes but you are just as likely to be blown up by terrorists in Manchester as in London. The 'establishment', which he despises, covers the entire country, and although his hated politicians represent London constituencies, only Diane Abbott was born in the capital. Jeremy Corbyn was born in Wiltshire and Emily Thornberry in Surrey. He asks what is there to like in London. I suggest; our integrated transport system, our bookshops, theatres, museums and art galleries, our world-class teaching hospitals, our universities from which Rod Liddle benefited, our beautiful buildings both ancient and modern, our pubs and restaurants, and the bustle of a busy city. It's true that we've got a lot of immigrants but most Londoners are still the easy-going, brave, and stoic citizens that survived the Blitz. In the words of the song: "Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner that I love London town."

Nuclear Israel

As the western nations impose sanctions on Iran and encourage civil disobedience amongst the Iranian people, the state of Israel continues to deny possession of nuclear weapons. Recently, Avraham Burg, a former speaker of the Knesset, said that it was "outdated and childish" to deny that Israel had nuclear and chemical weapons.

Israel was determined to be a nuclear power from its foundation in 1948. Israeli agents stole or bought nuclear materials and information from around the world. They bought 20 tonnes of heavy water from Norway in 1959, 100 tonnes of yellowcake uranium from Argentina in 1963, and 600 tonnes from South Africa in the 70s.

France started testing nuclear weapons in 1948 and produced her first atomic bomb on the orders of Pierre Mendes France in 1954. Andre Finkelstein, a former director of France's Atomic Energy Agency, revealed the extent of French complicity in Israel's nuclear program to Avner Cohen, an Israeli-American nuclear historian.

By the end of the 50s, there were 2,500 French technicians working at the Negev desert facility at Dimona. The world first became aware of the top-secret nuclear plant when Mordechai Vanunu (pictured), a fearless Israeli scientist, blew the whistle to the Sunday Times in 1986. He was kidnapped by Mossad agents in Italy and abducted to Israel where he was imprisoned until 2004. On his release, he denied being a spy or a traitor and insisted that the Jews do not need a state of their own. Fourteen years later he is still confined to Israel and prevented from joining his wife in Oslo.

The Jewish conspiracy theory is a grotesque fantasy but Zionism is a reality and such is its power in the US and Europe that we looked the other way as Israel acquired nuclear missiles and submarines. Iran and North Korea are sanctioned and threatened with destruction for trying to go nuclear but Israel denies access to UN inspectors.

The Royal Wedding

Mixed marriages have been around for a long time. Guy Mitchell had a hit in the Fifties with his song "She wears red feathers and a hula hula skirt." It told the story of a London bank clerk who married an exotic beauty from the South Seas. It was a jolly song that was not disrespectful.

In 1948 Seretse Khama, the future leader of Botswana, married Ruth Williams an Englishwoman. This caused a diplomatic row with South Africa and a parliamentary enquiry in the UK. It also featured in the street corner oratory of John Bean who banged on about the Bamangwato tribe well into the Sixties.  Australian backpackers in Earls Court and Jewish stallholders in Bethnal Green were well informed about the tribal politics of Southern Africa. 

There was little comment when the engagement was announced between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, an American actress of mixed race. One of the few objectors was Jo Marney the girlfriend of the recently sacked Ukip leader Henry Bolton. She was worried that the Royal bloodline would be contaminated, but a gene pool shared with mass murderers like Henry V111, and madmen like George 111 will not be spoilt by a soupcon of African blood.

Gilad Atzmon

Our brave friend Gilad Atzmon is being sued for libel in the High Court by Gideon Falter of the Campaign Against Antisemitism. Please help him in any way you can.
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