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Nation Revisited # 122 December 2016

David Myatt

Last month we reported that David Myatt was dead but he's alive and to prove it he posted his latest poem The Leaves are Showering Down on his blog on November 5th.

Whilst researching his premature obituary I came across the following piece from Nationalist Week.

David Myatt is well known to the editor of this bulletin who has had occasion to expel him in the past from a Leeds-based group because of his black magic rantings - we kid you not! Now he has written to Nick Griffin urging him to study Islam. Here is the beginning of his letter to Griffin which he signes Abdul-Aziz. An open letter to Nick Griffin of the BNP which ends with a Koranic quote and the following words:

"I know from my own experiences that Islam produces - has produced and can produce - honourable individuals and an honourable society: that it is a guide to living in a noble, civilized way...I invite you to accept Islam: to discover Islam, to learn about it. For surely, the honourable thing to do in this matter is for you to so learn, to gain some first-hand experience of Islam itself?"

The recent horrific deaths of the two Americans in Iraq, which were grotesque and sickening, shows how some of the tenets of militant Islam can be twisted. Islam is a religion, which can if viewed from a fundamentalist point be very dangerous indeed. Why have we reproduced this? Because it shows that although 99% of British Nationalists are for the most part pretty sound people - there are complete loonies like Myatt around. Avoid him and his kind like the plague. Eddie Morrison 2004.

The Danger of Dogma

One reason why Adolf Hitler lost the war was that he put his National Socialist ideology before military strategy. He never had a serious plan for the invasion of Britain because he was convinced that the Nordic blood of the British would stop us from going to war with Germany. He invaded Russia with three million men expecting the 'inferior' Slavs to flee before his conquering armies. And when the Americans entered the war he dismissed them as being half Negro and half Jewish. He took over a broken and demoralised nation and turned it into a world power but the fatal flaw of dogmatic racism
reduced Germany and most of Europe to ruins. 

After a famine in the fifties Mao Zedong ordered that every region of China should maintain stocks of rice to tide them over in times of shortage. He appointed inspectors to make it happen but in order to meet their targets they confiscated the harvest. The result was that people were starving when warehouses under armed guard were full of rice; another case of dogma gone wrong.

Margaret Thatcher's laissez faire policies were popular but 

they destroyed much of British industry and her easing of banking controls went too far. Surrounded, as she was, by  sycophants she became convinced of her own infallibility and having won her battles with General Galtieri and Arthur Scargill she decided to impose the Poll Tax; an unpopular and uncollectable tax that provoked the worst rioting in Britain since the eighteenth century and ultimately brought her down. She was the victim of her own dogma.

We are now approaching another disaster. The Tories are determined to break away from Europe in order to stop immigration. 
Unfortunately, the leaders of the European Union are just as dogmatic as our politicians and they are insisting on free movement of labour. Switzerland voted by referendum to limit immigration but they have been unable to close their borders because of the same EU directive. This impasse must be resolved.  

Adolf Hitler ignored his generals, Mao ignored his commissars, Maggie ignored her cabinet colleagues, and Theresa May will probably ignore the governor of the Bank of England and the leaders of trade and industry. It's not too late for her to change direction. As a Vicar's daughter she should remember the quotation from Jeremiah: “Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not.”

Bill Clinton was not dogmatic. When he was Governor of Arkansas he introduced a fuel tax to pay for the state’s roads. This was very unpopular and his political advisors told him that it would cost him the governorship. He immediately went on radio and television to admit that he had made a mistake. He abolished the tax and promised not to do it again. His constituents forgave him  and he never forgot the value of an apology. Years later he used the same tactic over the Monica Lewinski affair.

But Hillary was not so flexible. She clung to her liberal dogma and lost the presidential race to Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman who poses as a man of the people.

There's no time for debate: The EU must become a federal superstate right now

by Pinchas Goldshmidt Chief Rabbi of Moscow and president of the Conference of European Rabbis.

I am grateful to Martin Webster for drawing my attention to this article from The Daily Telegraph. The Rabbi is in favour of the European Union but many Jews see it as a nest of anti-Semitism. They include the late Jimmy Goldsmith, his son Zac, Melanie Phillips, and the media mogul Richard Desmond.

Among the terrorists who perpetrated the Brussels attacks were individuals known to the Turkish authorities and subject to an international warrant issued in France following the November attacks. Although it is impossible to know the details, we must question why this didn't alert the Belgian security services to this terrorist nest in their capital.

Clearly, Europe has in-built inefficiencies within its existing structure. The bureaucracy in Belgium, together with communication barriers, limit the Belgian government's ability to protect its citizens. Where some bilateral security cooperation agreements work smoothly (take USA/UK as an example), as soon as information whirls within European bureaucracy, it seems to lose direction and relevant authorities do not act.

Brussels, as the capital of Europe, is both a cause and the symptom of the systems that are in place across the continent. It many ways it can be considered a cause, as it was originally chosen as a neutral, non-competitive base for centralised Europe. The symptom of this is that the comfortable lifestyle and accessibility of the metropolis has led to slow-paced decision making. This has meant the European leadership and central services always appear a stride behind those who seek to undermine them. 

Europe is suddenly in the midst of the two biggest challenges of its recent history; terrorism and mass immigration. For it to remain successful, the European Union must reinvent itself and leverage its member states in at least three areas: security; immigration; and integration of refugees and crisis decision making.

But readers have to be realistic. We have learned from bitter experience that a "one size fits all" approach does not work. Europe today is structured around three distinct circles. The outer circle is comprised of the member states of the Council of Europe, which amounts to no more than an assembly of countries nominally ascribing to common principles and values, not unlike the UN.

The middle circle of Europe is defined by the countries which belong to the EU but did not join the eurozone, and have consequently kept their borders closed to the Schengen Area. Their commitment to a united Europe is limited and prone to reconsideration, as the referendum in the UK on June 23 proves.

The inner circle of Europe is defined by the eurozone and the Schengen Area. The countries are totally reliant on each other (particularly the relationship between France and Germany) and they must change to secure their future. They need to create an anti-terrorist task force which will be accountable to the European Commission and coordinate the war against Islamic terror. A similar task force will have to protect its outer borders and rein in the waves of millions of immigrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia flooding Europe and threatening the future of the European continent. 

This inner circle will have to create both the effective leadership and decision making mechanisms which will transform it into a formidable force preserving the values of the European continent as we know them today.

Europe in 2016 can be likened to the 19th century United States of America, which lacked a central army and government, rendering it totally ineffective and vulnerable to the forces threatening its fledgling independence. Only the creation of a federal army and a unified, legitimate presidency in the Capital ensured the construction and development of the USA as we know it.

As the events of the past two years - the euro crisis in Greece, terrorism in France and Belgium, and the refugee crisis in Germany and its neighbouring countries - have shown, the inner circle of Europe is often pulled down by the weakest link in its membership. Allowing the inner circle nations to centralise their key systems means Europe can be more robust in the way it deals with crises.

If the status quo does not change radically then we are in real danger of allowing the EU to become a failed experiment, confined to the annuls of history. We simply cannot tolerate further examples of fellow members of the Schengen Area being ignored, without border control this leaves us all vulnerable.

There is no time for debate. The situation is urgent and this is the only way that the French and the German governments can step up their own security, the security of the smaller member states, and ultimately guarantee Europe's future.

What is Nationalism?

Most people in the UK associate 'nationalism' with the Scottish Nationalist Party, Plaid Cymru or Sinn Fein. They want independence for their respective regions but the British National Party, and its many rivals, stand for British nationalism. In 2009 the BNP boasted more than fifty
councillors, two MEPs and a member of the London Assembly. Recently, their last remaining councillor, Brian Parker of Pendle, temporarily resigned from the party following a misunderstanding about the party's finances. 

British nationalists embrace England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Some of them even accept Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans. They have extended their patriotism to include half the world but they object to European unity.

Nationalism can be based on nationality, race, language, or religion. Ukip are civic nationalists who regard anyone born in the UK as British; the Nazis were racial nationalists who only accepted ethnic Germans; Plaid Cymru are linguistic nationalists who seek Welsh independence; and the Israelis welcome immigrants from all over the world providing they consider themselves to be Jewish. In practice these qualifications are flexible and interchangeable but the idea of nationality persists.

Nationalists imagine a world divided into sovereign states
with their own flags and armies. But nation states, particularly ones with nationalistic governments, tend to attack each other to gain territorial or commercial advantage. Their proposed patchwork of petty states is exactly what produced the devastating conflicts of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In 1940 Winston Churchill proposed a union of Britain and France to defeat Germany. Both countries fought bravely but it was the United States; a union of 50 states, and the Soviet Union; a federation of 15 states that had the resources and manpower necessary to ensure victory. The era of little states has passed and it cannot be recalled by nostalgia.

Russia and Europe

Many people believe that the Russians relied on American tanks during World War Two. This is far from the truth. Armaments, including large numbers of Sherman M4 tanks were delivered to the USSR by Arctic Convoys but the Red Army’s main battle tank was the formidable T34. The German invasion overwhelmed Russia's defences and destroyed much of their industry but Joseph Stalin moved his factories hundreds of kilometres to the east, beyond the range of German guns, and Soviet workers achieved record levels of production. By 1945 they had produced over 50,000 T34s.

Anti-Soviet propaganda devised by Joseph Goebbels in Berlin and copied by the West during the Cold War is now being used against Putin’s Russia. They try to present Russia as a backward nation but such a nation couldn’t produce great composers like Khachaturian, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Stravinsky, and Tchaikovsky; writers like Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Turgenev, and Chekov; or scientists like Sergei Korolev who designed the rockets that are still putting men into space.

The Russian Federation has rebuilt her armed forces and is taking the lead in the Middle East. Russia's
relationship with Turkey has improved and her economy has survived American trade sanctions and the drop in oil prices. Europe's hostile reaction to Russia's repossession of the Crimean peninsula was prompted by Nato but even the Ukrainians are coming to terms with it.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is blindly following American foreign policy over Syria. His condemnation of Russia is hypocritical. Britain is supplying arms and military assistance to Saudi Arabia which is using bombing and starvation in the Yemen. His  outburst came only a week after Britain and the US bombed Syrian forces fighting IS terrorists. And he is now trying to organise a "no fly zone" which could start a war with Russia.  

The referendum was a setback but we are nevertheless moving towards a continental system that will eventually include Britain and Russia. Donald Trump has indicated that America's commitment to Europe will not last forever and the proximity of Russian gas and oil to German industry will be decisive. The evolution of Europe that started with Charlemagne will inevitably unite our continent from the Atlantic to the Urals. But first we must drop the myths and prejudices of the past.

The Frankfurt School

The Frankfurt School was a group of Marxist academics who set out to change the world in 1923. The far-right blame them for the tolerant views of most young people. They think that people are naturally race-conscious and only adopt liberal attitudes as the result of left wing propaganda. But it's just as likely that people are naturally liberal and only become race conscious as a result of right wing propaganda.

There's nothing wrong with being aware of one's race and culture but discrimination is unfair. Organisations like 'Black Lives Matter' and the 'Black Policeman's Association' are blatantly racist. All lives matter and the Policeman's Union is for all officers white and black. 

The mass migration of cheap labour into Europe and North America is the result of capitalist greed not Marxism. A few students might have absorbed left wing propaganda at university but most people have never heard of Karl Marx.  

The Frankfurt School is part of an alleged Jewish plot that
embraces racial integration, global warming, fluoridation, sexual promiscuity, and recreational drug taking. The far-right have created a conspiracy theory that  appeals to a deluded minority. But the majority of people put it in the same category as flying saucers and the Loch Ness Monster.

Dr Yaqub Zaki (James Dickie) on Nation Revisited # 118

I was at school with Alfie Primrose. He was my school chum. The family lived modestly in a smuggler's cottage at Inverkip, a village near to where I live. His mother did not approve of our friendship because I was only middle class. I'm pretty sure that it was the Rothschild money that got his grandfather (Archibald Primrose the Earl of Rosebery married to Hannah Rothschild) into No 10 in the 1890s as Liberal Prime Minister.

Similarly the Sasoons (Sybil is my friend; we go to concerts of Islamic music together). The Sasoons took over the opium trade from the Scots (Jardine Mathesons). Likewise in the States. The Delanos were opium smugglers. FDR never once alluded to the source of the wealth that got him into the White House. Liberals are the most dangerous species of all. You may be sure it was the Jews in league with the Liberals in Parliament who got Burton dismissed as consul in Damascus. he wrote a book about a ritual murder in Damascus. Only half the MS was published; the other half was purchased by the Board of Deputies at a book auction to prevent it being published; it is still in their possession.

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