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Nation Revisited # 101, March 2013


The Special Relationship
Britain is very much the junior partner in the “special relationship” with America. The last time we did anything on our own behalf was the Falklands War but even that was with Ronald Reagan’s permission. Harold Wilson managed to keep us out of the Vietnam War by pleading poverty but Tony Blair sent the RAF to bomb Serbia into submission to NATO and we fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and got involved in the civil wars in Libya, Mali and Syria.

Generals like wars because they can try out their latest weapons and they are good for recruiting. Young men drive cars and motorcycles too fast and drink to excess because they think they are indestructible. But unscrupulous politicians exploit their bravery by sending them to do NATO’s bidding. This has got nothing to do with patriotism on the part of the politicians. Warmongers like William Hague make sure that they keep well away from the battlefield.

Since the end of the Cold War there has been no direction to American foreign policy. They are propping up the apartheid regime in Israel but trying to bring down the popular government of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. And they are backing al-Qaeda in Syria but fighting them in Mali. America trained and financed the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets but they are now backing the drug-running dictator Hamid Karzai.  They first supported and then deposed the brutal regimes of Said Barre in Somalia and Haile Marian Mengistu in Ethiopia. At present they are paying Ethiopia and Kenya to occupy Somalia and the navies of the world are patrolling the Indian Ocean to suppress piracy resulting from thirty years of compulsive American meddling.  
Foreign affairs experts cannot decipher American policy. Instead of bringing stability it has left a trail of destruction around the world. Iraq is a typical example of a country systematically destroyed for no good reason. We now know for certain that there were no “weapons of mass destruction.” But their endless wars have benefited the defence industry on both sides of the Atlantic. Pilotless drones, missiles, tanks, guns, ships, aircraft and satellite surveillance systems cost billions of dollars. The Pentagon has ordered 2,457 Lockheed Martin F-35 fighters at a cost of $400 billion.

It’s no coincidence that the boards of the defence contractors are staffed with retired admirals and generals. War is good for business and despite the crocodile tears of the politicians they couldn’t care less about the lives of our soldiers. They are “collateral damage” in the so-called “war on terror”; a small price to pay for guaranteed dividends.

Micawber’s Advice
We all remember Mr Micawber’s advice to young David Copperfield: “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.”

Nations are no different to people; if they don’t live within their means they are soon in trouble. Borrowing against expected future earnings can only be a temporary measure.
Portugal had a balanced budget under the Estado Novo from 1926 to 1974. The country was poor but the government didn’t have to please the voters because elections were a formality. This system lasted until the cost of fighting colonial wars in Africa emptied the Portuguese treasury and brought down the Salazar regime.

Authoritarian states do not have to court popularity but parliamentary democracies have to borrow the money to keep half the population on the dole. This is what has bankrupted the industrialized world. If any government tries to balance the budget by slashing spending and raising taxation it will be thrown out at the next election. That’s what will probably happen to the governing coalition in the UK; and every other administration that tries to do the right thing.

The system survived because the world economy was growing. People were earning more money and buying more cars, houses, clothes, shoes, computers, health care, pensions, education, holidays and everything else. But now the worldwide boom has run out of steam and people do not have the money to spend. Therefore the taxes on company profits, sales and wages have slumped disastrously. And governments can’t cover their deficits because the banks and pension funds that buy their bonds have also run out of money.
This will correct itself. Governments will eventually be forced to stop spending and the social systems paid for with borrowed money will collapse. The mob will riot in the streets as they have already started to do in Greece and Spain. But no government, left right or centre will be able to spend money that it doesn’t have and cannot borrow. The riot cops will be kept busy as liberal democracy is overtaken by economic reality.

A system based on head counting and the myth of an ever expanding economy will be replaced by something more tangible. Micawber’s Law which says that you can’t spend more than you earn will prevail and the practice of bribing the electorate with welfare cheques will come to an end. But in the meantime we have to work with what we’ve got, and our priority must be to stop trying to feed, house and medicate half the world. We will never stop mass migration while our welfare system acts like a magnet for the poor and dispossessed of the entire world.

No change at the BBC
Last year Chris Pattern was appointed chairman of the BBC following a series of managerial disasters at the state-owned corporation. The British government has always pretended that the BBC is “independent” but like so much of British policy this is nonsense. The BBC is and always has been the state’s mouthpiece.

In 1939 the Duke of Windsor spoke for the first time since his abdication in 1936. His speech on American radio was broadcast by world-wide link-up to 400 million people but it was banned in Britain by the BBC.
“I speak to no one but myself and without the previous knowledge of any Government. I speak simply as a soldier of the last war whose most earnest prayer it is that such a cruel and destructive madness shall never again overtake mankind. I break my self-imposed silence now only because of the manifest danger that we may all be drawing nearer a repetition of the grim events which happened a quarter of a century ago.

You and I know that Peace is a matter far too vital for our happiness to be treated as a political question. We also know that in modern warfare victory will only lie with the powers of evil.
Whatever political disagreements may have arisen in the past the supreme aim of averting war will, I feel confident, impel all those in power to renew their endeavors to bring about a peaceful settlement.

Among measures which I feel might well be adopted to this end is the discouragement of all that harmful propaganda which from whatever source it comes, tends to poison the minds of the people of the world. I personally deplore, for example, the use of such terms as ‘encirclement’ and ‘aggression’. It is in a larger spirit than that of personal or purely national interests that peace should be pursued. The statesmen who set themselves to restore international security and confidence must act as good citizens of the world and not only as good Frenchmen, Italians, Germans, Americans or Britons.
In the name of all those who fell in the last War I urge all political leaders to be resolute in their discharge of this mission. The world has not yet recovered from the effects of the last carnage. The greatest success that any Government could achieve for its own national policy would be nothing in comparison with the triumph of having contributed to save humanity from the terrible threat which threatens it today.”

In 1939 the BBC denied the British people the chance to hear the Duke’s powerful plea for peace. Seventy-four years later we have satellite TV and the Internet but if we relied on the BBC we would still be kept in the dark. 

Running out of Time
When young Roger Clare joined Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement in the late fifties he asked the North London organizer Fred Shepherd: “how long will it be until we come to power?” Fred thought about it for a while and answered: “about six months”.

Nearly sixty years later we are still anxious to come to power before any more harm is done. The Empire has gone, except for Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands and a disputed strip of Antarctica. The Soviet Union has disappeared into the dustbin of history – to misquote Karl Marx. And the influx of blacks and Asians that started with the arrival of MV Empire Windrush in 1948 now threatens to overwhelm Europe.
The crisis of global capitalism predicted by Oswald Mosley has come to pass. Demonstrators in Madrid and Athens have thrown a few petrol bombs and the cops have shot a few students but in most of Europe, and especially in the UK, people are   going about their business as usual. There is still enough money sloshing around to keep the system going and the state has got us all on CCTV. The plutocrats will not make the same mistakes that led to the French and Russian revolutions; they will let us have just enough money to sustain the system.

The fear of the communists taking over has been replaced by nightmare of millions of black and Asian economic refugees flooding into the country. The popular press pays lip service to immigration control but they are more interested in undermining the European Union. The populist right is playing on the Muslim threat but the religion of the invaders is irrelevant. The feral gangs terrorizing parts of London are nominally Christian and Muslim shopkeepers were amongst their victims in the recent riots.
The races of the world have been scrambled and we must get used to thinking in terms of collective identity instead of the old national designations. The criminal lunatics who have been in charge of the UK for the past hundred years have done a thorough job of destroying everything we were proud of. Two world wars, half a dozen recessions, deficit spending and fifty years of mass migration have laid waste to the UK and the most of the Western nations.

But instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and quoting manic-depressive philosophers of the past we must look on the bright side. There are still a billion Europeans in the world who are capable of anything given the motivation. Despite the disparity in populations we have the ability and the technology to recover our territory. From the 16th century the European powers took over most of the world in an unparalleled burst of energy. That era has passed into history but we are still the same people with the same courage and determination. We have mastered science and technology and we are destined to follow Yuri Gagarin and Alan Sheppard in the conquest of space. The re-conquest of Europe will be entirely possible.

NR Five Questions
We asked our readers five questions; Who are you? What do you believe in? If you could direct government policy what would you do? What are you proud of and what do you regret? How would you like to be remembered? So far we have heard from John Bean, Robert Edwards, Bill Baillie, Michael Woodbridge, Eddy Morrison, Robert Best, Arlette Baldacchino and Alexander Morano. We would like to hear from more readers. Please reply to:

Who are you?
I am Rufus. I write the News From Atlantis blog, and other associated ones. I have been active in anti-Internationalist circles for more of my life than I haven't. During that time I have participated in the electoral process, although I no longer have any faith in that particular avenue. I now focus upon networking and helping others to get the message across. To this end, I have contacts across every continent. Beginning from a rather blinkered point of view, I am free of any alien-imposed supremacist illusions, and now seek a peaceful restoration of national freedom to every people of every origin, worldwide.

What do you believe in?
In a nutshell - Freedom. I believe in the right of the individual to grow and develop in the security of a stable society. I believe that the best way for people to reach their full potential is for them to be allowed to live in a natural organic society. The natural society is one in which there is a shared culture, based on a shared ethnicity. The multi-culti anti-society we have had foisted upon us by the materialists who rule over us is the exact opposite of all which is healthy. I believe that Internationalism is the death knell of humanity, and that it has to be halted if we are to avert a bland global coca cola state in which the people are subservient to commercial interests. We are at a crossroads in history. If things progress as they have been doing, we will find ourselves in a global slave state, devoid of culture and anything of worth. It is our duty to the generations who come after us to end the internationalist agenda of those who misrule us, and to create a new world of free nations, living peacefully side by side but absolutely independent of one another; culturally, ethnically and in terms of sovereignty.

If you could direct government policy what would you do?
I would immediately end all involvement in NATO, the UN and all other internationalist bodies. I would nationalize the economy, forbidding anyone who does not belong to the nation (the indigenous nation) to own any part of it. By Nationalize, I mean end all foreign and international ownership; I in no way support the Marxist principle which is but Capitalism by a different route. All funds presently concentrated on the military occupation and exploitation of other lands would be redirected into helping the non-indigenous peoples presently living amongst us to return to their homelands. The crimes of the Establishment must be addressed, and our first priority must be to ensure that those who have been wrenched from their own countries by economic factors (contrived poverty at home, and the lure of a better life here) can return without any further economic hardship. The financial aid to the countries of origin of those who are in our lands but should not be, would not only be the morally right thing to do, but it would ensure that the goodwill of our nation would be taken with the returned migrants, thus preventing any feelings of animosity amongst those we restore to their natural homelands. I want to end the entire capitalist system of exploitation as far as my own country is concerned, and would hope that by providing an example of how a peaceful solution to our woes can be achieved, other nations would rise up to free themselves in a similar manner.

What are you proud of and what do you regret?
That's a tricky one. Pride and Regret can both be damaging in their own ways. I do have regrets, but I try not to dwell on them. Certainly if I could live my life over again, I would hope to be more self reliant, and not to have fallen into the trap of following leaders for the period in which I did so. However, that experience helped to mould me, as has every experience, both good and bad, so all-in-all everything I have had to go through has been for a reason - however hard some of the experiences have been. I am proud of my family, and of my friends and comrades - there is nothing more important in life than people, and I have been fortunate to have had to opportunity to share my life with people who have been a pleasure to be around, and who have challenged me at every step. My love of my kin is the basis of my politics, and the reason I fight against those who seek to reduce humanity to self-obsessed producer-consumers.

 How would you like to be remembered?

Does it really matter if we are remembered? If I can leave the world in the knowledge that I have helped to awaken people to our plight, I will be happy. I hope that people who I have been involved with on any level will take the battle forward and see the importance of action. If I am to be remembered, it is as a part of a movement for freedom - and hopefully a victorious one.

Thank you very much for interviewing me. It has been a pleasure to be asked my opinions. I hope that people who read this will see the importance of taking the battle to the real world and doing whatever they can to halt the progress of our enemies. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something - and if there are enough of us, those small actions will build into an unstoppable force. Victory is achievable if we sense our own strength, and turn ideas into action.

 Many Shades of Black

John Bean’s 1999 political biography charts his journey from Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement to Nick Griffin’s BNP. Following a sell-out first edition it has now been reissued by Ostara Publications at £12.95 plus postage.

Gun Control: an American perspective from Robert Lyons
I enjoyed your #100 Nation Revisited. Thanks for sending. About the only comment I can make is on your article about gun control. A countryman of yours, Piers Morgan, is beating the bushes here to have the US population disarmed with laws similar to what the UK has today. As you pointed out the love of the firearm in this country is very much steeped in our country’s history and is a very complicated issue so I will comment only on my observations.

I remember the stories US soldiers brought back about arriving in the UK during WWII and being amazed that most British recruits into the military had never seen a firearm much less fired one whereas most US soldiers were country boys totally experienced in the handling of such weapons long before they joined up to fight, so training them was easy compared to their British counterparts.
In my youth I was raised on a farm, weapons of all kinds were part of our daily existence. From a very early age we hunted small game, mostly squirrel and rabbit as well as deer, wild game was a large part of what we ate back in those days. My uncles also ran trap lines for the pelts of muskrat and the occasional mink to make a little extra income and I would help.

We also hunted nuisance or varmint animals both for sport and to protect crops, those animals in this category would include raccoon, fox and groundhog. The coon hunt at night through the woods with a pack of coon dogs was a sight to remember. Many times whilst plowing I would take along a rifle to shoot groundhogs to help with the boredom. Those were the good ole days.

Back in those days we never gave guns a second thought, they were readily available, bought in any Sears or Montgomery Wards catalog. Weapons of any type could be purchased at the local hardware store along with dynamite if you needed to blow stumps on your farm. Shooting accidents happened back in those days but they were few and far between because firearms were a tool and a way of life.

Sadly times have changed; our society is now urban and with urbanization came the liberalization of society, politics and crime. The little farms are a thing of the past, it’s all agribusiness now. Firearms are still respected by the law abiding citizens who grew up in a more gentler and kinder time and those of us who can still love to handle our weapons and still love to shoot for either sport, hunting and for protection. In this day and time protection with the crime rate out of control in the US can’t be emphasized enough.

As your article pointed out there has been many new gun laws recently introduced due to the hysteria caused by the unfortunate recent shooting incidents. Who are these gun laws aimed at? They’re aimed at the law abiding citizens and not the criminal, if half the laws already on the books aimed at the criminal were enforced gun crimes would be way down. Unfortunately in the end it will be the good citizens who will be disarmed like in the UK and the criminal will still have a source of easily obtainable weapons.

I remember back when I was a teenager we would hear of kids making pistols called “zip guns”, a very effective little weapon created from the frame of a cap pistol joined to a certain model car aerial, easily broken off for a barrel and wrapped with heavy rubber bands, this homemade creation would fire a .22 caliber shot very effectively at close range. Nowadays with the easy access of drug money and black market weapons kids don’t have to be creative anymore to kill one another or rob a liquor store or gas station.
During WWII in the occupied countries various intelligence agencies passed out diagrams to resistance groups detailing the creation of a very effective little Tommy gun which looked like the old WWII “grease gun.” All it took to create this fully automatic .45 caliber weapon was some skill with a lathe and about $50 in parts.

The American people have lost and are losing so many of their Constitutional rights it seems there’s little recourse but try to maintain what we have in a seemingly hopeless battle with the government. Our law abiding citizens will one day wake up and find their 2nd Amendment rights also gone. When and if criminals are ever denied weapons, if forced to do so they can easily create them.

The far-right believes in a conspiracy to destroy the white race but the real reason is the capitalist love of cheap labour. The government promotes multi-racialism but the driving force behind immigration is big business. Britain brought in immigration controls in 1968, 1972, 1981 and 2010 but they are still flooding in and nobody knows how many illegal immigrants are here because we don’t have identity cards. Laurel Grove told the truth about immigration on The Independent website 11/02/13.  

The largest immigrant groups in Britain are Indians and Pakistanis. There are many more of them than there are Romanians and Bulgarians. The government already has powers to control their entry, which it does not exercise because of pressure from business interests in favour of cheap labour. The problems the UK has with immigration are not in the main the fault of the immigrants themselves but of our own governments, both Tory and Labour, and their sponsors. How often have you heard 'business representatives' claim they "just cannot find the skills they need" in the local labour market, despite millions of unemployed? When politicians 'talk tough' on immigration you can be sure there is still a back door left wide open.