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Nation Revisited

           # 100, February 2013 
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Gun Control
The slaughter of 20 children and 6 adults by Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut, and the multiple killings in Webster, New York have reopened the debate on gun control. Last July a graduate killed 12 people in a Colorado theatre showing a Batman movie. And less than a month later an army veteran killed 6 worshippers at a Sikh temple in Winsconsin.

In the UK the Gun Licence Act of 1870 was followed by the Pistols Act 1903, the Firearms Act 1920, the Firearms Act 1937, the Criminal Justice Act 1967, the Firearms Amendment Act 1988 and the Violent Crimes Restriction Act 2006. These laws were prompted by the abundance of firearms brought home by returning soldiers from the Napoleonic Wars and the First and Second World Wars, and by popular demand after a series of massacres in Hungerford, Dunblane and Cumbria.
Some conspiracy theorists accuse the authorities of being implicated in these atrocities. They think that governments are using mass murder to disarm the population and prevent armed insurrection. Most people reject such ideas out of hand but Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Daily Telegraph accused the FBI of causing the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the New Age spokesman David Icke believes that the world has been taken over by a gang of green lizard people led by Queen Elizabeth II and known as the Babylonian Brotherhood.

But apart from the Wild West and the usual suspects gun control laws are widely supported and there’s no sign of an impending revolution. The gun lobby is powerful in the US but it’s insignificant in Britain because we were never attacked by the forces of King George III or faced with marauding Red Indians or dangerous wild animals. We need protection against armed terrorists and criminals but the use of firearms must be restricted to trained officers of the law.
The idea of ex-servicemen keeping weapons at home is dangerously misguided. A former Swiss soldier recently shot dead three women and injured two men in the village of Daillon. Ex-servicemen are trained to use firearms but they are just as vulnerable to mental disorders as the rest of us. In fact the Samaritans report that young ex-servicemen are up to three times more likely to take their own lives. Soldiers need weapons for fighting battles but in civilian life they need jobs.

The policies of the far-right
In 2010 the UK government scrapped plans for identity cards when everyone from the lunatic left to the rigid right started screaming about civil liberties. They claimed that ID cards were a step towards dictatorship but if we want to control immigration we need to know who is in the country. The government has problems with vote rigging and social security fraud but efforts to update their databases are frustrated by lack of information. In the modern world accurate records are a fact of life; the far-right is encouraging criminality by opposing them.

They are also wrong about shale gas. Energy prices have nosedived in the US as a result of gas fracking. Scientists believe that shale gas deposits in the UK could match the North Sea oil boom. If they are right nothing will stop the government from exploiting them. Wind power is expensive and unreliable. Nuclear power plants are expensive to build and cripplingly expensive to shut down.  Coal is relatively cheap and available but twice as polluting as gas. There are environmental risks to shale gas but they will be managed.
Before the current Afro-Asian influx the British population was descended from tribes that crossed the English Channel in antiquity; Beaker Folk, Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Vikings and Normans. But despite our anthropological links to the mainland the far-right makes no distinction between European and non-European immigration. Their lack of racial solidarity and historical perspective is shameful.

The BNP fought the last general election with images of Winston Churchill and Spitfire aircraft to emphasize their patriotism. But they failed to make a breakthrough and they have been eclipsed by the reactionaries of Ukip and the Paki-bashers of the EDL.
They claim that the UK contribution to the EU budget is £43 million per day – that’s £15.6 billion a year. In fact our contribution in 2012 was £6.5 billion before the rebate. This is even less than we spend on foreign aid; an insignificant sum compared to a national debt in excess of £1 trillion and a budget deficit of £126 billion. They should concentrate on immigration and leave economics to those that understand it.
The newly-formed British Democratic Party has issued a detailed policy statement calling for an end to immigration and Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. They deny being anti-European but they are implacably opposed to federalism and will be competing with Ukip, the BNP and the NF for the eurosceptic vote. The average voter might not be able to tell the difference between the far-right parties but the popular press will have no such problem. They will encourage Ukip but use every trick in the book against parties contaminated with anti-Semitism by the youthful indiscretions of their leaders. Having the word “democratic” in their title will not save them.

John Gaster
The inquest into the death of Gareth Williams the MI6 codebreaker who was found dead in a zipped-up holdall in his Pimlico flat reminded me of another highly intelligent character who had worked for the government and died in unusual circumstances. It seems that not all of our spies are as indestructible as James Bond.

John Marston Gaster was dismissed by Jeffrey Hamm as public relations officer of the British League of Ex-Servicemen and Women for being too openly National Socialist. That was before the League was absorbed into Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement in 1948. He founded an organization called the North West Task Force under the slogan “Wir Kommen Wieder” – “We come again”; a bold but risky strategy in the immediate postwar period. A few years later he founded a swastika bedecked movement called the British Pan-German League.
His contemporaries describe John Gaster as an impressive character. Roger Clare remembers him as an accomplished pianist, linguist and historian who had worked for the British Foreign Office. John Bean recalls him addressing a meeting of the National Labour Party in an upstairs room of Bill Webster’s pub the Black Horse in Kentish Town; and discussing history and politics with his comrades Frank Leonard, Neville Bealing and Peter Greenslade. Roy Chester told me that John Gaster used to translate directly from the Russian newspaper Pravda. And Vic Sarson remembers a tall, well-spoken man smartly dressed in a railwayman’s uniform.

He was an authority on secret societies and the author of Krumm-Heller in England, a treatise on the German-Mexican Rosicrucian Arnoldo Krumm-Heller who was implicated in the Zimmerman Telegram in WW1 and supported the pro-Nazi Swiss National Front during WW2.
I met John Gaster in the Bladebone pub in Bethnal Green in 1972. He asked me if I knew anything about the Italian “Propaganda Due” Masonic lodge. But I knew nothing about P2 until the apparent suicide of “God’s Banker” Roberto Calvi a decade later. When I heard that he had died following an assault in 1998 I remembered our conversation and I was intrigued when the “anti-fascist” magazine Searchlight blamed Roberto Fiore, leader of the Italian Forza Nova party, for his death: an allegation that Alexander Baron has dismissed as just another Jerry Gable fantasy. The coroner found that his death was caused by an infection and the police made no arrests.

John Gaster was just one of the many thousands of people who have passed through the so-called far-right movements. But he is remembered as a remarkable man by all who knew him. He was apparently born about 1920 so he would have been nearly 80 years-old when he died. It is not known why he left the Foreign Office and ended his working life on the railways. Or why such a gifted linguist and historian devoted himself to radical politics instead of pursuing an academic career. We can only speculate on the man and his motives and be grateful that we knew him. Not many railwaymen can speak Sanskrit or quote pages of Goethe.
Nationalism in a Changing World

Opponents of immigration are divided between racial and cultural nationalists. But racial homogeneity does not guarantee national unity and language does not define nationality. The Spanish-speaking Gibraltarians are British to the core but the English-speaking Irish are determined not to be British. The state of Belgium was created to save the Dutch-speaking Catholic Flemings from domination by the Protestant Hollanders. But after 183 years of union with Catholic French-speaking Wallonia they are demanding independence. Their nationalism was first based on religion and then on language; but there is no appreciable racial difference between the Flemish and Walloon people.

Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley brought peace to Northern Ireland with the Good Friday Agreement. Although they came from different traditions they got on so well that they became known as the “chuckle brothers.” The Loyalist and Nationalist leaders found that on abortion and a host of issues they shared the same views. The flag riots are not typical of the vast majority of the population. As a handful of hooligans threw petrol bombs at the police 250,000 decent Belfast people went to work.
The Slovenes, Bosniaks, Croats, Montenegrins, Serbs and Macedonians came together after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire because they shared the same Slavic language and culture. But their common heritage did not save them from war when the authoritarian regime of Marshal Tito collapsed. But now Slovenia and Croatia are members of the EU; Bosnia and Montenegro have applied to join and the government of President Tomislav Nikolic has recognized Kosovo as a prelude to Serbia’s membership. Soon all of the former Yugoslav states will be reunited in the European Union.

The Israelis are comprised of white Jews from Europe, brown Jews from Arabia and black Jews for Ethiopia; many races, languages and cultures united by a common religion. They are surrounded by the Arabs who can be anything from black to white. Most of them are Muslims but they may be Christian or Druze; many races and faiths united by language and culture. Race is a matter of biology but nationality can be based on race, religion, culture, language, monarchy, geography or bureaucracy. The people of Alsace-Lorraine have been German or French according to the fortunes of war. And when asked why a Jewish field marshal – Erhard Milch – was serving in the Luftwaffe Herman Goering said: “I decide who is a Jew and who is an Aryan.” (Bryan Mark Rigg: Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers).
The UK Independence Party doesn’t have any Westminster MPs but they have 3 members of the House of Lords and 12 members of the European Parliament. Their leader is Nigel Farage a former Tory commodities trader who is married to a German woman and famous for wearing overcoats, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and insulting people. He recently explained his fears to Simon Walters of the Daily Mail:

Farage says he saw a glimpse of it at the European Parliament last week when the EU’s anthem Ode to Joy was played. “I looked around the room and I saw them standing ramrod straight to attention and I thought Bloody Hell, that is scary.” He denies comparing it to the rise of Hitler, but adds: “This is the new nationalism. For German politicians in the European Parliament it is acceptable to be deeply patriotic about the European flag and not their own. Germany, Italy – there are many countries who feel they are rubbish and they rather like a flag they can be proud of and an anthem they can stand up to. The European project is now a project of nationalism and it is very dangerous.
Nigel Farage’s comments are self explanatory. He supports the United Kingdom which is a union of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but he rejects the same federal arrangement for Europe. Ukip are simple patriots but their loyalty is misplaced and their 1930s-style nationalism is redundant: we cannot live on nostalgia.

Europe is finally coming together after centuries of squabbling. The European Central Bank will henceforth guarantee the euro and oversee a common fiscal policy. But Dave Cameron has promised a “hokey cokey” referendum if he wins the next election; in out, in out shake it all about.
Ukip’s fears are groundless. England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales still have their own identities after hundreds of years of political and economic union. Europe united on the same federal basis as the United Kingdom will offer the advantages of collective security without threatening our nationality.

After the war Oswald Mosley called for Europe a Nation with America as our ally against communism. That was during the Cold War when the Soviet Union was an expansionist power. But Francis Parker Yockey and Jean Thiriart saw American capitalism as the main enemy and called for rapprochement with Moscow. Since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 interest in a European-Russian alliance has been revived. Apart from the racial and cultural affinity between Europe and Russia there is also the fortuitous proximity of Russian gas and oil to German industry.
When John Tyndall wrote Six Principles of British Nationalism in 1966 Commonwealth trade was booming. But fifty years later selling Morris Minors and BSA motorcycles to grateful Australians is no longer a viable proposition. The White Dominions have found new markets and we have ditched much of our industry in favour of a service economy. In the sixties the pound was tied to the dollar, the dollar was backed by gold and Britain had advantageous trade relations with the Commonwealth. That system collapsed in 1971 when America finally abandoned the Gold Standard.

The political and business leaders that want Britain to stay in the European Union are not Marxists they are realists. Japan, China and Korea are recreating the East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. The Russian Federation stretches from the Baltic to the Pacific and the North American Free Trade Area links the economies of Canada, the USA and Mexico. The European Union is here to stay and we should be at the heart of it. But we must deal with what we have. The EU is the world’s biggest trading bloc and the euro is the second most traded currency. The BDP idea of a Europe of 100 Flags is a fantasy that will never be realized. A hundred flags would mean a hundred armies and a hundred competing economies: a recipe for perpetual warfare.
NR Five Questions

Who are you?
My name is Alexander Morana. I am now approaching my 60th year since my birth. I live in a multi-racial, progressive and affluent metropolis in North America. I graduated in Media Arts and worked for many years in advertising, switching to magazine and book publishing in later years. Since my full time job was obliterated by the new means of communications, for the past six years I have become a full time, independent day trader using the same means which had previously made my old skills obsolete. I am married to a clever wife who also works in publishing and have a wonderful son, presently in his last year of university.

I love art, since I was introduced to the great masters when I was a little boy. I would like to add, the enjoyment of good conversation, a good meal with a Mediterranean red or white wine. I enjoy an entertaining film if it puts me in the mode and feel engaged in mentally as well as visually. Also I enjoy reading a good historical and factual book. In the last twelve years the company of a white female West Highland terrier, called Shelia, has rejuvenated me (due to 2 times a day walks), and instilled a bit of patience, of which I had lacked.
What do you believe in?

I believe in my European and Mediterranean heritage. To my ancient ancestors I am in debt for who I am and what I have become even though my birth roots have been uprooted and transplanted to a multi-cultural society. I believe in my first people, of pre-History, the temple builders of Hagar-Qim who glorifying the mythical element of earth, spirit and race and transcended through the classical period of Greece and Rome. I strongly also believe in the freedom of the whole self and mind as for the individual, the will to create, produce and contribute is boundless. The works of Spengler, Dr Michael Pearce, Julius Evola, Francis Parker Yockey, including Gabriele D’Annunzio, Norman Lowell’s – Credo, the theories of Alexander Dugin, I have not taken them all as creed but to my heart. To my father for he has taken me to the Temple of Apollo in Segesta, Sicily as a child. To walk and speak softly, as he pointed out where the Gods slept and who instilled in me to be proud of my heritage and where I come from. Here I asked if the gods will awake and speak to us. His answer was that they will only speak to special people and only if they want something special from them.
If you could direct government policy what would you do?

I would dismantle all the current European laws issued by Brussels as well as the local municipal bylaws concerning welfare and social security and liberate all the shackles of trade and industry to flourish from the burden of taxes and duties. Furthermore remove any censorship, dictate and rules concerning, publishing, cinema and entertainment. Implement the death penalty. Dismantle any central laws, duties and excise taxes on produce, finances and property. Let the city state flourish and communities work and contribute for the benefit of each other. Eventually the removal or cleansing becomes naturally applicable by self whether or not one would be able to function or be able to produce or partake in such communities? (To the strong and creative and productive people they shall be rewarded and for the weak and lazy they should fall. Only the old and sick will be catered to by the state). The great medieval trade centers thus became prosperous, Florence, Pisa, Ghent, Antwerp, the city of York, London, Paris, Cologne, Genoa, Venice, Naples and Palermo.
Finally, I would demolish NATO and remove all US bases in mainland Europe and remove all the nuclear warheads stored in Britain. (Notice there is no public debate on this issue anymore?) No more bloody conflicts for someone’s interest sending young men and women to some far flung hell holes. Defend the homeland only if attacked.

What are you proud of and what do you regret?
Of my family and my son and wife as well as to what I have achieved in life so far. I regret that perhaps some people, who are no longer with us, lived a bit longer to have shared some of my joys and sorrows.

How would you like to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered like I remember my late father, as someone who had taken and given to mankind in good spirits, professionally, culturally and ethically.

The Meaning of an Enemy

Andrew Fountaine (1918-1997) fought for General Franco during the Spanish Civil War and served in the Pacific as a Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander during WW2. His masterly denunciation of the warmonger Winston Churchill is now available from Ostara Publications at £7.45 plus postage.

The Proclamation of London
The European Liberation Front issued the Proclamation of London in 1949 setting out the revolutionary ideas of Francis Parker Yockey.

Thus, the Liberation Front now states to Europe its two great tasks: (1) the complete expulsion of everything alien from the soul and from the soil of Europe, the cleansing of the European soul of the dross of 19th century materialism and rationalism with its money-worship, liberal-democracy, social degeneration, parliamentarianism, class-war, feminism, vertical nationalism, finance-capitalism, petty-statism, chauvinism, the Bolshevism of Moscow and Washington, the ethical syphilis of Hollywood, and the spiritual leprosy of New York; (2) the construction of the Imperium of Europe and the actualizing of the divinely-emanated European will to unlimited political Imperialism.

The ELF grasped the reality of the post-war situation but most people were living in the past, and sixty years later they still are. They are worrying about Britain losing her mythical independence in a world that’s already divided into superpowers.

The dollar is the world currency and world trade is governed by the World Trade Organisation. Apart from Russia and China, any country wanting to buy oil needs dollars and any country with its own currency needs dollar reserves. Any country trying to circumvent this system will be destroyed by US economic or military warfare. Argentina, Iraq and Libya have been destroyed and Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and Burma are currently being destroyed. This system is enforced by American military power supported by NATO. It is known as “The New World Order.”

All states lacking the firepower of Russia and China must conform to American foreign policy. Britain and France last acted independently when they attacked Egypt in 1956 but their forces were recalled under threat of American economic warfare and they have behaved themselves ever since. Britain pretends to be an independent sovereign state but she is occupied by US armed forces and her nuclear weapons cannot be fired without Washington’s permission. This system is known as “Collective Security.”

Under the terms of the WTO the free movement of goods and labour is guaranteed. Any country trying to defend its borders will be put on America’s hit list and denied access to oil and credit. This system is known as “Free Trade.”

We must forget the fears of the past. Communism has been abandoned in Russia and commercialized in China: the real danger to Britain and Europe is international capitalism. Francis Parker Yockey’s prophetic vision is now taking shape. The world trade system is breaking down as capital moves from Europe and North America to Asia. We will not correct this seismic shift by tinkering with tariffs and waving national flags. A fundamental change is required: we must start thinking as Europeans.

The Proclamation of London is available from Wermod & Wermod Publishing Group at £15.99.