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Issue 78, April 2011

Nation Revisited
# 78, April 2011
Mind Britain’s Business
Since taking office Dave Cameron has sidelined his lunatic fringe, formed a working coalition with the Liberal Democrats and taken steps to reduce the deficit. But he has blown his credibility by taking sides in the Libyan civil war. He says that he wants to help Libya’s oppressed citizens but there are too many oppressive states around the world for us to take them all on.

He has learned nothing from the futile wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that cost over a million lives and $1 trillion. Dave Cameron was chosen by Tory Central Office because he is a young man with an attractive wife and family – not for his grasp of international affairs. One is reminded of Maximilien Robespierre who said of Jean-Paul Marat: “This man is dangerous, he believes what he says.”

NATO’s military campaign is a CIA ‘Bay of Pigs’ operation in support of rebel forces led by former resistance fighter Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, who was captured by the Americans in Afghanistan in 2002. Dave Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy are following American orders; so much for the national sovereignty that we hear so much about.

A rebel victory could undermine the deal that Colonel Gaddafi made with the Italians and the EU to stop refugees flooding into Europe. Having used our armed forces to enforce American foreign policy we may have to use them to patrol the Mediterranean and protect Europe’s southern shore from invasion.

We do not have the jobs, the houses, the room or the resources to take any more refugees. In future Dave Cameron should worry about British pensioners struggling to pay their fuel bills and young people trying to find jobs and pay mortgages. There are enough pressing problems at home without wasting our time and money on adventures in the desert.

Public opinion
As we attempt to cut our staggering national deficit house prices and wages are falling instead of going up. This is a difficult concept to grasp because it’s not what we are used to. Since the end of the Second World War our standard of living has risen as each generation did a little better than the one before.  It’s shocking to realise that our children will be poorer than us. For the first time in living memory we are obliged to live within our means and make do without luxuries, like new cars and foreign holidays that we have long taken for granted. We will have to change our entire way of living and stop depending on credit.

The boom that has just busted was funded by borrowing and sustained by cheap imports from Asia. The cheap imports are still flooding in but the borrowing has had to stop because we have run out of credit. As our economy shrinks and our spending power diminishes we will stop buying computers, televisions and all the latest electronic equipment from China and Korea. This will force the Asians to target their domestic markets instead of relying on cash-strapped Europeans and Americans. Their emerging middle class will look for higher salaries to pay for better housing, education and health care. The relentless search for improved standards of living will drive up property prices and production costs and lead to a fall in exports and savings. Within a generation or two the East will develop the same problems as the West. “The number of Chinese aged 60 and over is already 12.5% of the nation’s population. By 2050 the current worker to senior citizen ratio of10:1 will fall to 2.5 from 1. All G7 and BRIC countries, with the exception of India, will have more aged societies by 2050 than in 2011.” (Brian Friedman. Vicinitee magazine, March 2011)

We do not have to live under uncontrolled global capitalism. An economy with sufficient population, territory and resources could be planned and managed. But it would require a leap of imagination that is way beyond most people, particularly politicians who always live in the past, even those with radical pretentions.

According to Joseph Goebbels public opinion is: “a hideous mish-mash of stupidity, cowardice and vulgarity.” People believe what they read in newspapers and what they are told by politicians. Few of them know what’s in store for them. With the national deficit at record levels they will earn less money; pay higher taxes and work years longer for smaller pensions. This is their reward for believing the lies of the old gang politicians.  They believed that borrowing and immigration were under control; some of them even believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Like trusting lambs they were led to slaughter by a gang of professional liars. Now they are being told that we had to intervene in Libya to save the population from a mad dictator. 

The public should have learned their lesson by now but the results of the Oldham and Barnsley by- elections show increased support for the Labour Party. Of course they were in areas where the locals would vote for a donkey with a red rosette. In the rest of England most people vote Tory, but Scotland, Wales and the North of England are solidly Labour. We can only hope that devolution and voting reform will keep the Labour Party out of power. The Tories are bad enough but we might not survive another Labour government.

Sensible policies
Those of us who believe in European unity and social justice have been without a political party since Union Movement folded more than thirty years ago. Various groups publish magazines and propagate UM ideas but we haven’t got a proper political party. The fight against Third World immigration was taken up by right-wing Tories and their allies but they have no alternative to global capitalism.

Mosley commented on them in Europe: Faith and Plan published by Euphorean Books in 1958:

“The emotions which inhibit the will to necessary change are by no means all unworthy. A mistaken sense of patriotism is partly responsible; mistaken because true patriotism is living, organic, developing and forward-looking, not dying and nostalgic for an irretrievable past. A type of conservatism which in itself is healthy and desirable erects another barrier to the progress without which nothing can be finally conserved. It is a sound instinct to conserve traditions, institutions, an outlook and a way of life which are deep-rooted and therefore confer the supreme benefit of stability on the society they sustain. But in an age of rapid change they must be capable of quick adaptation to fresh facts and of swift development to meet new situations, or they become a curse to the community which they have previously blessed.”

After the war Mosley embraced Europe and abandoned policies based on the British Empire because it was obviously finished. But former BUF editor AK Chesterton refused to accept the end of Empire and clung to pre-war policies. John Bean tried to bridge the gap between them with his original British National Party policy of European confederation. But when the National Front was formed in 1967 Bean’s policies were dumped and the obsolete nationalism of the far-right was set in stone.

But now events are moving in our favour:

The influx of economic refugees from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean has united Dave Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and Silvio Berlusconi in belatedly calling for immigration controls. Their liberal hearts might be bleeding but they rely on the votes of the masses.

The global recession has shown the underlining strength of the European Union and the advantage of being on a big ship in a storm. Only UKIP and their allies still think that we could go-it-alone. Most people would like to see a British party defending Britain’s interests inside the EU.

The misguided BNP is tearing itself apart in a frenzy of self-destruction. Whoever replaces Nick Griffin should take a good look at their manifesto.

We need a party with sensible and realistic policies for the 21st century. Nobody seriously believes that we can resurrect the British Empire or disengage from the European Union. We cannot put the clock back but we can stop Third World immigration and protect British jobs and living conditions.

We do not have a party or a leader at the moment but providence usually produces the right man at the right time. We can only hope that someone with the necessary breadth of vision will emerge. We do not know what the future holds or the final extent of European solidarity. Will Russia join the EU? Will the USA survive as a world power?  Whatever happens we face the challenges of climate change and overpopulation. But waving flags and chanting slogans will not save us; the days of backward-looking nationalism are over.

The periphery
The mainstream political parties all seek the centre ground and leave the extremes of left and right to minority parties. The left-wing parties are anti-globalist but so are some of the right-wingers. They include monarchists, morris dancers and metric martyrs who oppose any change. But they also harbour revolutionaries who are just as radical as their opponents on the extreme left. 

Within the French Front National the spiritual heirs of Action Francaise, who believe in a traditional Catholic monarchy, coexist with the Parti Populaire Francais element that fought for Europe against the Soviet Union. The former FN leader Jean Marie Le Pen is pro-Israel but he nevertheless described the Holocaust as “a detail of history.” And despite their racist reputation the FN boasts non-white members. In the March 2011 cantonal elections the FN won two seats and scored 12% under the leadership of Marine Le Pen. 

Some commentators define political groups as ‘libertarian’ or ‘authoritarian.’ Under this system fascists and communists are grouped together as authoritarians and liberals, conservatives and socialists are classed as libertarians. But this is just as inaccurate as the old left-right system. Republicans who supported George Bush cannot possibly be described as libertarians when their policies have killed and maimed millions of people and enslaved entire nations. 

NATO condemns the Taliban as an extremist movement, but when the very same people were fighting the Red Army the Americans and the Saudis backed them with arms and billions of dollars and hailed them as freedom fighters. 

Perhaps the most significant division of the parties is between the pro and anti Zionists. Israel is backed by sympathetic Jews around the world but also by evangelical Christians who dominate politics in the USA.

In Europe the religious right scarcely exists but Zionism is supported by the old gang and most of the far-right groups. There is no logical reason why a party standing for the separation of Flanders from Belgium should be pro-Zionist, but Vlams Belang most certainly is; and so is Lega Nord, the Italian regionalist party that is part of the governing coalition. In fact, the far right parties of Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Austria are all pro-Zionist.
In Britain the BNP achieved representation on local and county councils, the London Assembly and the European Parliament.  But following a series of expulsions, defections, legal actions and disastrous election results it appears to be falling apart. Their leader, Nick Griffin tried to improve his image by courting the Jews but they simply didn’t believe that the former editor of The Rune had changed his tune.

The BNP claim to believe in freedom and independence but their ‘free trade’ policies put them firmly on the side of the New World Order. And unlike their French counterparts they have not been able to keep their various factions together. Until they learn to tolerate different opinions they will remain on the periphery and out of touch with the electorate.

The Trial of Galileo
We like to think that we are more liberated than our predecessors but freedom of expression is constrained by dogma just as it was in previous centuries. Global capitalism, multi-racialism and the approved version of modern history are ‘articles of faith’ that cannot be disputed. Anyone who questions these ‘sacred canons’ is likely to be prosecuted. But current restrictions will one day seem just as ridiculous as old ideas of right and wrong. The following extract is from Race, Heredity and Civilisation by Professor W George published by the Britons Publishing Co in 1961.

Those ministers who are tempted to make dogmatic statements and decisions about worldly matters based on their interpretations of the scriptures and try to impose “the Christian position” on the people would do well to read and ponder the sentence imposed on Galileo for demonstrating the theorem proved by Copernicus in 1530 that the Earth is not the centre of the Universe. It reads in part as follows:

We say, pronounce, sentence, declare that you, the said Galileo, by reason of the matters adduced in this trial, and by you confessed as above, have rendered yourself in the judgement of this Holy Office vehemently suspected of heresy, namely of having believed and held the doctrine – which is false and contrary to the sacred and divine scriptures – that the Sun is the centre of the World and does not move from east to west, and that the Earth moves and is not the centre of the World. And that consequently you have incurred all the censures and penalties imposed and promulgated in the sacred canons and other constitutions, general and particular, against such delinquents.

The secular state persecutes dissident writers just as the Church did in the 17th century. Modern writers from Francis Parker Yockey to David Irving are just as innocent as Galileo. Everybody knows that the Christian concept of the Earth as the centre of the Universe was wrong but it took brave men like Galileo to make the truth known. Ideas, like matter, cannot be destroyed. The state can use all their powers of censorship but the truth will eventually prevail.

History records that Britain went to war with Germany because of our treaty with Poland. But Hitler’s offers of peace with Britain and France are never mentioned.  Axis atrocities are remembered but Allied war crimes such as the destruction of Dresden and the atomic bombing of Japan are justified; and the brutal treatment of the Germans after the war is simply ignored.

Global capitalism has decimated the industries of Europe and North America by exporting jobs to Asia and importing cheap goods and cheap labour. But instead of being criticised big business is glorified by the media and protected by the government. And those who oppose the ‘New World Order’ risk the same treatment that was dished out to Galileo.

But times are changing. Modern communications are making it harder for governments to keep us in the dark. The Internet revolution will sweep away state propaganda. The age of ignorance is over. 

According to the Tories their spending cuts and raised taxes will wipe out the national deficit in five years. The Labour Party insists that the cuts are too deep and will make matters worse. Each party has got gangs of trained economists on hand to spout figures and make guesses but the fact is that nobody knows. 

There’s no arguing with physics; gravity works every time that you drop the toast, and the Earth goes around the Sun without fail. But economics is not a science – it’s more of a religion. We must remember that the politicians who presided over the destruction of British industry were educated men. Harold Wilson was reckoned to be a brilliant economist but that didn’t stop him from devaluing the pound and promising us that: “it will not affect the pound in your pocket.”

Gordon Brown was another economic genius who managed to run up the biggest deficit in our history. The track record of brilliant economists is abysmal. It would probably be better to put somebody in charge of the economy who usually stacks the shelves at the local supermarket.

Those of us who have not been trained in economics recognise simple signs of prosperity. Construction cranes are a good indication and so are busy high streets and crowded bars and restaurants. At present there are few cranes about, the high streets are full of charity shops and the pubs and restaurants are struggling. You don’t have to study spreadsheets to know that we are having a hard time.

People know that we will get over the recession and have another boom in a few years time. They might not understand economics but they know that these things work to a cycle. They have come to this conclusion by observation and experience not because they have read a thesis on the subject. 

They know that house prices and wages will go up and unemployment will come down when the global bubble of production grows; and they know that when it bursts we will go back to hard times and austerity.   

If we had a self-contained economy we would be able to manage it. But we are part of the world trade circus and can only wait for the carrousel to come round. So long as we are tied to world trade we are at the mercy of commodity prices over which we have no control. And it doesn’t matter how hard we try to be frugal if Chinese production costs drive up the cost goods on which we depend.

It’s obviously better to live within our means and stop wasting money on pointless foreign wars. But until we achieve self-sufficiency, and quit NATO, we are stuck with the present system. George Osborne’s budget was fair and reasonable but it was announced against a background of yet another war; this time in Libya. Once again highly educated politicians are launching missiles costing millions of pounds as they preach economic prudence. We are being forced to work harder to pay for military efforts in defence of American interests. Ordinary people who have not had the advantage of an expensive education would not be so stupid. They would spend our money at home.

I am not afraid of minarets – Luc Michel
The imperial peoples do not seek their roots; they do not cultivate the patriotism of the cemeteries (which led to the mass suicide of Europe in 1914). Imperial peoples fight for their destiny, they build states and civilizations. I belong to an imperial culture, that of the Roman Empire. My mother tongue, Latin, is the one stemming from the Empire. My ideological and philosophical ancestors built the Acropolis and the Caesars’ Rome, Alexandria and Byzantium, Moscow of the Third Rome and the Paris of the Jacobin Great Nation
I’m not afraid of minarets, no more than of church towers! This fear is that of cowards and powerless people, of small-minded nationalism and of micro-regionalism frightened by their smallness and their mediocrity; that of Bush and bin Laden, of the losers of the far right and their Islamic or Zionist twins.

My homeland is the Greater Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik and from Quebec to the Sahara. My homeland is of yesterday when called the Imperium Romanum and of tomorrow. As my compatriot Alexis Curvers said, “I am a citizen of the Roman Empire.”
What would the European People be afraid of? We are one billion from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from the mouth of the St Lawrence to the shores of the Mediterranean, our Mare Nostrom. I believe in the creative force of great cultures, not in the sterile war of civilizations. The only cultural war that concerns me is that imposed upon me by the Yankee anti-civilization with its excrement and vomit, made in Hollywood or made in McDo.

At Leptis Magna or Douros Europa, I still hear the voice of the Caesars. In Cordoba or in Granada I know they taught Greco-Roman science and philosophy. As in Franco-Arab Sicily of Emperor Frederick II, “the first European in my taste”, says Nietzsche. And in Istanbul, a twice Imperial city, “2010 European Capital of Culture, in Kemalist Turkey which has its roots in the French Revolution; I see taking form the same European culture as in Paris, Moscow or Berlin. Europe is not geographical or ethnic. As once the Roman Empire, it is a machine to make Europeans with the barbarians of the margins of yesterday. Mazzini rightly said that “Europe is a marching fighting community.”

The All-Russia State, multi-ethnic and multi-religious (such is its historical vocation), rebuilt by the “Siloviki”, which is a strong state, and whose Interior Minister’s name is Rashid Nurgaliyev, is not afraid either of minarets! “Russia is a multiethnic state and that is precisely what makes its strength. Those who torpedo these foundations of the state, whatever they say, undoubtedly destabilize the country”, said Putin.

Only the weakness of European western regimes, Yankee colonies castrated by NATO, which have dropped their sovereign functions for Washington for six decades, allows the insolent swagger of radical Islamic minorities, their hijacking of the Muslims of both shores of the Mediterranean and their exploitation by Yankee imperialism.

Nation Revisited Interview
In the absence of volunteers, I reply to the five questions that I asked last year.

Who are you?
Bill Baillie, a lifelong critic of liberal democracy. As a boy my best friend’s father was a pre-war fascist who took us to Mosley meetings. We were at John Bean’s NLP meeting in Trafalgar Square in 1959. I joined the League of Empire Loyalists in 1960 and the Mk 1 BNP a year later. In 1966 I went to South Africa and returned in 1970, by way of Australia and New Zealand. By that time I had become convinced that Mosley was right about Europe, so I joined Union Movement.

What do you believe in?
I believe in the survival of European civilisation and the creation of a fair society.  Governments control the airways, the roads and the railways with legislation and they can control big business in the same way. Capitalism can’t be abolished but it can be managed. People should have access to affordable housing, free health care and education. We could afford decent conditions if we stopped trying to feed and defend half the World. The massive bonuses paid to bankers are as bad as the handouts given to the workshy. We need to make drastic changes to taxes and benefits that reward hard work and discourage dependency.

If you could direct government policy what would you do?
Quit NATO, it has outlived its original purpose and is now just an instrument of American foreign policy. Let the USA pursue her own destiny in the North American Free Trade Area while we develop the European Union. We should withdraw British forces from Afghanistan and keep out of foreign wars. But we should help the rest of Europe to defend our continent from military or economic invasion.

Law-abiding settlers should be protected but all foreign criminals, dole-scroungers, bogus asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and undesirables should be deported. We have got enough parasites of our own without importing them.

Stop usury. At present the banks pay 0.5% on deposits and charge 19% on loans. Fair interest rates should be set and enforced by the government.

What are you proud of and what do you regret?
I am proud of sticking to my beliefs when others were brainwashed by The Daily Mail. An opinion poll in that esteemed organ on March 15th 2011 asked the question: “After 38 years, is it time Britain was given a referendum on membership of the EU?” Only19% voted ‘yes’ and a resounding 81% voted ‘no’. It seems that even the blue-rinsed brigade have accepted reality. As for regrets, I have none. What’s done is done, let’s look to the future. 

How would you like to be remembered?
As someone who searched for the truth.

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