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Issue 73, November 2010

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.
Nation Revisited
# 73, November 2010 

The Welfare State
The government has been forced to limit child benefit to standard rate tax payers. This is designed to cut a welfare budget that accounts for one third of public spending. This will hurt middle class families who are already penalised by high taxes. But it will do nothing for poor families that are entitled to tax credits because their wages have been driven down by cheap labour. This is state-sponsored exploitation that must be stopped. If workers cannot live on their wages then their jobs are not worth having. Employers should be forced to pay living wages and not be subsidised by the taxpayer.

Our entire tax system needs looking at. There is no point in giving money to people with one hand and taking it away with the other. British governments have long used income tax as a means of redistributing wealth. Like Robin Hood they rob the rich to give to the poor. But now there are fewer rich people to rob and we have imported millions of poor people to add to those already here.

When the welfare state was set up after the war nobody imagined that it would be for the entire world. Creating the National Health Service was the best thing that Britain did in the twentieth century. The system was based on having more people contributing than were being treated but its viability has been undermined by uncontrolled immigration.

It’s true that a lot of our doctors and nurses are immigrants but so are many of their patients. Flooding the country with imported labour has held down wages and conditions. Big business aided and abetted by the trade unions has created a low wage economy and abandoned training and apprenticeships. Instead of gearing our education system to produce the workers we have brought them from overseas.

Most employers are supporters of the Conservative Party who delight in waving flags and singing Land of Hope and Glory. And Trade Unionists are Labour Party supporters who should be fighting for the rights of British workers. But both sides of industry came together to import cheap Third World labour; an alliance of greed and stupidity that has changed our formerly homogeneous country into a patchwork of black and brown ghettos.

 All this was done under cover of brotherly love. Any criticism of immigration was shouted down with accusations of ‘racism’. Instead of using their industrial muscle to stop the influx the trade unions fawned over immigrants as victims of imperialism, the Churches collected pennies for black babies and the bosses racked in the profits. Now the economy is almost at a standstill and we have run out of credit. We are struggling to maintain our services and keep millions of people on the dole.
In the last war we suffered setbacks at Narvick, Dunkirk and Singapore. But The RAF defeated the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain and the Royal Navy sunk the Kriegsmarine in the Atlantic and the Italian fleet at Taranto. The British Army drove Rommel out of North Africa and defeated the Japanese at Kohima. Nobody doubts the bravery of our servicemen but we know that without Russian and American help we would have been forced to make peace.
After the war we joined NATO to counter the Soviet threat to Western Europe. We fought colonial wars all over the world as the Empire fell apart and despite being humiliated by the Americans at Suez we dutifully followed them into Iraq and Afghanistan. But now the Empire is gone, America has signalled her intention to withdraw and we are facing the prospect of peace.

The last government ordered a couple of aircraft carriers, a fleet of submarines and an updated Trident missile system to deliver our ‘independent’ nuclear deterrent. The MOD has announced that one carrier will be mothballed and the other one will have no planes for the foreseeable future. They have put off a decision on Trident.

The UK has the third biggest armed forces in the world and currently spends a staggering £36 billion on defence. But future wars are likely to be against land based guerrilla armies using light to medium weapons. Fleets of warships and batteries of missiles cannot be deployed against such enemies. We cannot fire nuclear weapons at terrorists or use aircraft carriers to clear landmines. The Americans in Vietnam and the Russians in Afghanistan were defeated by peasant armies despite being military superpowers.

We need to protect our shipping and oil installations. We have responsibilities in the South Atlantic and elsewhere. And it’s in our own interest to help guard the Mediterranean against illegal immigrants crossing from North Africa. Once they reach Europe there’s little to stop them from coming to the UK. Our border guards do not have the manpower to keep them out. The Afghan war is a waste of lives and money but our borders need defending.
Defence Minister Liam Fox has accepted an 8% cut in the defence budget with a loss of 42,000 servicemen and support workers. He takes Hilary Clinton’s warning seriously. He is a founding member of The Atlantic Bridge pressure group and a prominent member of the Conservative Friends of Israel. He supports the Afghan war and has even called for military intervention against Iran He represents the Atlanticist faction that has dominated British politics since WW2. 

NATO is an instrument of American foreign policy but its armed forces have compatible equipment and integrated structures. We share the burden so we might as well share the costs. We have already developed multi-role aircraft with Germany, Italy and Spain and we are sharing nuclear facilities with France. Some people will shudder at the thought of military cooperation but it makes economic sense.

Cuts and efficiency
The public sector will lose 500,000 jobs as the government cuts spending by £83 billion. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that services will suffer. The police always have the latest and most expensive vehicles. They could chase criminals just as well in last year’s model but they have come to expect the latest top of the range cars. London cabs have to pass a strict mechanical test but some of them are twenty years old. Try finding a police car that age.
Then there’s the problem of bureaucracy. For every policeman on patrol there are two or three doing paperwork. Record keeping and health and safety take up more time than catching crooks. This situation has been foisted on us by the legal profession and accepted by our politicians because so many of them are lawyers or have law degrees. We could reduce police manpower and still have enough officers on the beat if we did away with the red tape.

The National Health Service is the biggest employer in Europe, apart from the Red Army. It’s inevitable that an organisation so large will have its fair share of dodgers; people who don’t really do anything except pick up their pay checks. Of course the majority of NHS workers are dedicated professionals but there must be a percentage that is not needed.

And that probably applies right across the public sector. Local government workers stayed at home during last winter because of the snow, even if they lived locally. But construction workers and the self-employed made the effort because they only get paid if they do a day’s work. If we add days off for bad weather  to sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, holiday leave, bereavement leave and Christmas shopping leave, there are hardly any days left for work. Oh I forgot to mention that they also get productivity bonuses.

Work dodgers and sickness fakers get fired in private industry but they survive in the public sector because of the prevailing culture. Fellow workers are reluctant to report idle colleagues out of a misplaced sense of loyalty. But their loyalty should be to their employer – the taxpayer. The genuinely disabled must be helped but we shouldn’t be paying for people with imaginary injuries and unknown ailments.

The coalition government has made a start at cutting waste and inefficiency. This will not be easy because previous governments have encouraged it. If we cut unnecessary paperwork, apply health and safety regulations with sanity, and root out the wasters we could eventually pay off the national debt. Then the money that now goes on interest payments could be used for the benefit of the nation.

The Trade Unions should cooperate on this. Their brief is to protect workers against exploitation not to defend idleness and inefficiency. Their members are taxpayers too and they deserve more for their money. The cuts are necessary; we cannot go on paying £43 billion a year in interest charges. Thirteen years of live now pay later has brought us to the brink of disaster.

Race and culture
European civilisation has been handed down from Greece and Rome. It is the product of our people and its achievements are our common heritage. The Nazis falsely claimed that we invented or discovered everything. In fact we owe much to the Chinese, the Indians and the Arabs. All cultures have influenced each other but Europeans have excelled in all branches of art, science and technology.

Small numbers of exotic immigrants can be accommodated but we are being overwhelmed by millions of them. Decent non-whites who make an effort to fit in are not a problem but what are we to do with threatening gangs of black or Asian youths?  Nationalists emphasise the importance of culture. But culture comes from the people. If Europeans are replaced by Africans and Asians the culture will become African and Asian. This is not racism it’s commonsense.

In Oswald Mosley’s 1961 book Mosley Right or Wrong he was asked the question: “Would you describe yourselves as a racialist party?” He answered: 

No, because racialism is usually taken to mean that one race dominates others, and we believe that all races should be free to develop their own civilisations. We believe in the principle: “Live and let live.”

 But whilst rejecting racism he recognised the importance of race. He wrote in Union in May 1948:

Race is the first reality of European Unity... This unique stock of man in Europe has in fact produced the culture, the values and the achievements of the West. This race, in their family of Europe, have produced most things that matter on this globe. This achievement has been the result of their character, which in turn was the result of their race.

In the Sixties I wrote from Capetown that the only hope for the whites of South Africa, Rhodesia, South West Africa, Angola and Mozambique was to unite. But the Brits dismissed the Afrikaners as ‘bloody Boers’, the Portuguese as ‘Dagoes’ and the Germans as ‘Huns.’ As a result the whites in Africa were dispossessed and we face the same fate in the rest of the world unless we stand together.

Embracing European consciousness does not require us to be supremacists but we cannot avoid the lessons of history. When Europeans colonised the world they did not adopt the local culture. They took their culture with them and where they predominated they took over completely. We must expect the same now that we are being colonised.

It’s a question of numbers; so long as there are enough of us we can maintain our culture. But we will be overrun if immigration is not controlled. There is no limit to the tide of Third World refugees trying to escape from poverty; there are literally millions of them. We must shut the gates of Europe or face the same fate as the native peoples of America and Australia.

The National European Communitarian Party contests elections in France and Belgium. Their manifesto denounces NATO and calls for an end to global capitalism and Third World immigration. They are based in Belgium, a country that has been fought over for centuries and is currently being torn apart by petty nationalism. But PCN rejects separatism and embraces Flanders and Wallonia as provinces of United Europe. 

Oxford historian Professor Roger Griffin thinks their programme is a continuation of the fascist tradition. He wrote an article about the PCN for the 2003 Encyclopaedia of Community published by Berkshire Publishing. Professor Griffin is a liberal academic but he gives a remarkably objective definition of ‘fascism.’

Fascism can be seen as a form of revolutionary nationalism that in all its many different permutations seeks to combat the forces of decadence which it sees as causing the degeneration and break down of society. Its ultimate goal as movement and regime is to induce the rebirth of the nation’s entire political structure, a project which embraces regenerating not just its power as a state and military force, but its social, moral, and artistic achievements and other signs of society’s cohesion and vitality. The aspiration to create a healthy community can thus be seen as a definitional feature of generic fascism, acquired within the fascist utopia the connotations of an organic entity to which each individual is bound through the supranational ties of ancestry, culture and ‘blood’.
Unlike ultra-conservatives, fascists do not want to restore a lost age, but to create a new type of community fully adapted to the modern age, yet firmly rooted ‘spiritually’ in the past and steeped in the allegedly healthy values of the nation or people which prevailed before its decline

Professor Griffin compares the manifesto of the PCN to Adolf Hitler’s speech to the German people on Labour Day, May 1st 1937. He links a contemporary movement not sanctioned by political correctness to the crimes of the Third Reich.  He goes on to describe the emergence of European nationalism.

Since 1945, however, a number of new varieties of fascism have arisen that no longer identify the reborn community with the existing nation-state. Thus a number of varieties of contemporary fascism (notably the European New Right and Third Positionism) see historical ethnic groups within a reawakened ‘imperial’ or ‘organic’ Europe, a vision known as ‘the Europe of nations’ or ‘the Europe of a hundred flags’. This paradoxical concept of community is expressed in the name adopted by one of the more recent extreme right-wing formations which calls itself the National European Communitarian Party, and in its ideology blends both fascist and socialist critique of the new global order.
The PCN-NPC manifesto can be read in English at:

Broadsword – Issue 38 – 
For the British people this year 2010 will be a General Election year and they will see the usual democratic circus in action, as the Establishment political parties campaign to secure their place in the nation’s political power structure. The Labour and Conservative parties will spend millions of pounds on their election campaigns, driving their respective parties even deeper into debt. The Liberal democrats and minority parties will scramble for token representation in the new government dominated by the rotating dictatorship of the two main parties.
The New Labour Government of Prime minister Gordon brown will fight with every means at its disposal to hang on to power. Under new Labour the British people have seen the face of their country changed as never before; massive increases in both national and local government bureaucracy; massive increases in new laws and new offences being introduced onto the statute books to give the State greater control over the population; the creation of a virtual Police state, with new powers and a greater range of technology to monitor the population, all part of the Stalinist programme of the ideologically driven New Labour Project. 

Worst of all has been the massive increase in non-European immigration, possibly part of a deliberate policy of ‘social engineering’ set in motion by Labour Party ‘apparatchiks’ as part of their undeclared Marxist agenda. Those who are politically driven to turn Britain into a multi-racial society believe they can achieve their ideological goal by flooding Britain with non-whites, granting them citizenship, and creating what they hope is a point of no-return, where nothing can halt the creation of a mixed-race population and racially diverse state. If the Conservatives form a new government, they will not reverse the New Labour tide of legislation and social control, and will only tinker around the edges of the race and immigration problems.
The Establishment political parties are not the solution to Britain’s problems. The main political parties have shown themselves to be corrupt, filled with Members of Parliament who are self-interested and unwilling and unable to take the radical measures needed to solve Britain’s social, economic and racial problems. The so-called democratic system has failed, and tries to defend itself with an increasingly politicized police force, greater social control through ever repressive laws and new levels of State surveillance.
Political abuse
The popular press like to call the BNP ‘Nazis’. This is not an accurate description. The original Nazis were revolutionary socialists that demanded the nationalisation of the banks and workers’ control of industry. What they got was a state capitalist system almost identical to the Soviet Union. Both regimes glorified patriotism, attacked ‘rootless cosmopolitans’ and ruled with total authority.

The BNP, on the other hand, are what Arnold Leese called “Tories with knobs on.” They are suspicious of foreigners and want to limit immigration but they are pro-Zionist and try hard to be respectable. Nevertheless they are labelled ‘Nazis,’

The BNP call almost everybody else “Marxists.” This is just as unfair. Karl Marx was contemptuous of the Jews and regarded Africans as primitives. He considered that Russia was too conservative to have a revolution. He thought that it would start in Western Europe; so much for old Karl’s judgement. Most of the things blamed on him, like multiracialism and sexual liberation, are the result of liberal thinking and global capitalism; more Marks and Spencer than Karl Marx.

The Russian Revolution was a military coup led by middle class officers and financed by New York bankers. It imposed a state capitalist system that managed to industrialise Russia in preparation for the inevitable German attack that came in 1941. This was due to the foresight of Joseph Stalin and had nothing to do with Karl Marx. When the war came the Russian people were motivated by the same instinct for survival as Germany and the Allies. The Red Army was not fighting for international brotherhood but for Mother Russia. The Russians still call WW2 ‘The Great Patriotic War.’

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990 America and her camp followers had to find a new enemy.  American capitalism is deeply rooted in the defence industry and cannot function to capacity during peacetime. Under pressure from the Israel First lobby they decided on the Muslims. The terrorist atrocities in New York and around the world only confirmed their choice. Now mass media propaganda has turned ‘Muslim’ into a term of abuse and some NATO soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and some Israeli soldiers in Gaza, have killed civilians just because they are Muslims. We have dehumanised them just as Hitler did to the Jews.

Following in father’s footsteps
The British National Party is currently being rocked by a series of expulsions and defections. Nick Griffin is hanging onto power but he has expelled most of his principle officers. These include publicity director Mark Collett for allegedly threatening to kill him, election organiser Eddy Butler for standing against him, legal adviser Lee Barnes for calling for dialogue with the EDL, IT manager Simon Bennett for pulling the plug on the BNP website on the eve of the general election, and London Assemblyman Richard Barnbrook for resigning the party whip. These are only a few of the casualties. Now John Bean the former editor of the party magazine Identity has called for Nick Griffin’s resignation as leader, and local councillors all over the country are resigning.

The BNP has offered its creditors 20p in the pound and appears to be bankrupt. The next round of the long running legal battle with the Equality and Human Rights Commission is expected in November. And settlements are awaited in a rash of legal actions for unfair dismissal. Nick Griffin has protected himself with a constitution that makes leadership challenges almost impossible. But if he loses credibility his famous begging letters will go unanswered.

With the help of proportional representation, and the unintentional encouragement of the popular press, UKIP and the BNP did well in the Euro elections. But their dismal failure in the general election resulted in a change of leadership for UKIP and an abortive coup in the BNP.
Right-wing parties thrive under Labour governments but they tend to fall apart under the Tories. The National Front was a mass movement in the mid Seventies. But following Margaret Thatcher’s landslide election victory of 1979 the rot set in. There were many of reasons for the break-up of the NF. They were confronted by well-organised thugs and plagued with internal divisions. But their decline started when Maggie said that she understood people’s fears of “being swamped.”

The BNP was sired by the NF and is now, in the words of the song “following in father’s footsteps.” Both parties had active branches throughout the country, trained organisers, capable leaders and regular publications.  And many of the star players are the same; Nick Griffin, Andrew Brons, Martin Wingfield and Patrick Harrington.

We need a radical party to campaign against Third World immigration. The rest of their policies don’t matter because they are not serious contenders for power. At present Nick Griffin runs the BNP, Eddy Butler leads the reform group, Roger Robertson has registered the National Alliance, Peter Mullins has launched the British Freedom Party, and a revived National Front is back in business. 

The rest of the old song goes: “I don’t know where he’s going but when he gets there I’ll be glad. I’m following in father’s footsteps yes; I’m following my dear old dad.”   Words and music by EW Rogers, sung by Vesta Tilley.            

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