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Issue 18, November 2006

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends, # 18, November 2006

The Beginning Of The End

The crushing mid-term election defeat of the Republican Party shows that the American electorate has finally woken up to George Bush and his policies. The criminal lunatic Donald Rusfeld has been sacked and “stay the course” is fast being replaced by “cut and run.” America would need to employ Israeli style bombing, involving thousands of civilian casualties, to contain the situation in Iraq but the American people have now clearly demonstrated that they would not approve further aggression.

This leaves Tony Blair even further removed from reality. British military spokesmen are already starting to talk about handing over to the Iraqis who are now deemed capable of running their own affairs. This evokes visions of a High Commissioner in plumed hat and spurs standing beside a suitably cowed local dignitary as the Union Jack is saluted for the last time

 But we are not granting independence to a former colony, we are scuttling out of a sovereign state that we attacked and destroyed without reason. Together with our American masters we have killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who were never any threat to Britain or our interests.

George Bush is being described as the worst American president in history, and Tony Blair, who was elected on promises of health and education reform, will be remembered only for his slavish support of him. This is the beginning of the end for both of them.

The BNP Trial

The retrial of BNP leader Nick Griffin and his director of publicity Mark Collett has ended in their acquittal. For the second time they have been found not guilty of inciting racial hatred. The case resulted from a BBC sting operation involving the secret filming of a private meeting. Now Gordon Brown is calling for stronger laws to silence opposition to mass non-European immigration. The BNP victory is a bitter blow to the anti-British fanatics of the Labour Party and a boost for the forces of resistance.

The BNP have frightened the multiculturalists by winning 54 council seats; now they are likely to win more seats in next May’s local elections. The British are sick of constantly bowing to immigrant demands and being made to feel like second class citizens in their own country. The sprawling race-relations industry has provided fat salaries for an army of parasites. Their days are numbered as Britain fights back against the traitors and fanatics who have championed the unwanted invasion.
Views On The News                                                                                                        

Political trendsetters have grown tired of multiculturalism and are transferring their attention to the environment. The same zealots who enthused about “celebrating diversity” and being “enriched by immigration” are now preaching “sustainability” and establishing “green credentials.” And just as they created a vast industry and bureaucracy out of race, they are now doing the same with the environment. Green is the new Black, and we will soon have armies of environmental advisors, holding environmental workshops, supported by environmental committees wasting billions of pounds of the taxpayers’ money. Mankind has been at war with nature since we first lit a fire to keep warm and fashioned a spear to go hunting. Our entire history has been a struggle to survive against the environment. Nature did not give us wings but we can fly higher and faster than any bird; it did not make us as fierce or strong as a lion but we have put these dumb creatures in safari parks and take the kids to see them. We used our wits to overcome nature and we will solve the problems of production, distribution and population in the same way.

The Russian Movement Against Illegal Immigration held mass demonstrations in 14 Russian cities on November 4th to commemorate National Unity Day and to protest against non-European immigration. Under the old Soviet regime people were confined to their own republics but under the new democratic system immigrants are pouring in and creating the same problems that beset Western Europe. Areas of St Petersburg and Moscow have been overrun and the familiar pattern of crime and violence has followed. Businesses that used to employ Russians are now driven by profit and are desperate for cheap imported labour. The market economy has transformed Russian society for the better but the downside is non-European immigration. Rodina Party MP Irana Saveleva said: “We demand to be rid of illegal immigrants. They are taking our jobs, bringing drugs and terrorism.”

Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death for crimes against humanity by an Iraqi court set up by the American-controlled puppet government. A regime kept in power by a brutal sectarian police force that terrorizes the country. The killing of Saddam will not   stop the daily slaughter or restore the country to normality. Under Saddam’s secular rule Iraq held together and before the 1st Gulf War it was one of the most progressive Arab nations, with an impressive health service and educational system. Now the infrastructure of the country is destroyed and the population divided as never before. When the weary coalition armies eventually withdraw they will leave behind a ruined economy and a brutalized nation. And those Americans who thought that the war was to protect the USA will find that the terrorist threat has increased rather than diminished. George Bush and Tony Blair have deceived the American and British people. They have killed and maimed thousands of civilians and coalition troops for nothing. One day these lying murderers will face a higher court than the collaborationist tribunal of Baghdad. George Bush has got a degree in business administration and Tony Blair is a trained lawyer, so they should have no trouble preparing their defence.
Egypt Is The Issue (1956) - by Gamal Abdel Nasser – reprinted from Al-Ahram

The military operations that began in Sinai on the evening of 29th October have a small prelude which I would like to share with the reader. It was a small prelude, a political prelude that took place at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York City, in early October – the same month that was later to witness the military operations in Sinai.

In October, the Security Council debated the question of the Suez Canal, concluding by adopting six principles towards a peaceful settlement of the issue, and on the basis of which negotiations would be conducted, while guaranteeing free and efficient passage through the Canal.

During and following the Security Council sessions, several meetings took place between UN secretary-general Dag Hammarskjold, Dr Mahmoud Fawzi, the Egyptian minister of foreign affairs and his British and French counterparts, Selwyn Lloyd and Christian Pineau. While these were not the negotiations called for by the Security Council, they were without a doubt the kind of exploratory contacts that by necessity precede any negotiations. The New York meetings concluded by reaching agreement on certain points, and with the participants agreeing to meet again soon for further discussions of the issues, the time and place of the next meeting to be arranged by Mr Hammarskjold.
A few days later, the UN secretary-general sent the Egyptian government a projected location and date for the upcoming meeting. The location was Geneva. The date was Monday, 29 October.

Upon receiving his message, the Egyptian government immediately notified the secretary-general that it would attend the proposed meeting, whereas the British and French governments stalled. Then news came from London and Paris indicating the matter involved more than playing for time. It soon became evident that London and Paris were attempting to find excuses to evade the scheduled date. The British and French governments had evidently scheduled a different meeting for 29 October. It was to convene in the Sinai Desert – not in Geneva – and they did not intend to meet with Egypt, but with Israel.

The aim was not to solve the problem of the Suez Canal. Rather, the new tripartite meeting aimed to annihilate Egypt – totally.

This is the truth which the parties to the tripartite conspiracy cannot deny…The issue was not about a canal that crosses Egypt. It was about Egypt – with all that it represents today, with all that it seeks and stands for…
  • The issue is about a country striving for independence.
  • The issue is about a country striving for power.
  • The issue is about a country breaking the arms boycott.
  • The issue is about a country wanting to liberate its economy.
  • The issue is about Arab nationalism, an ideology which has engulfed our entire region.
Imperialism could not let this happen.

What the Papers Say – extracts from a selection of political newspapers and websites that do not necessarily reflect the views of “Nation Revisited.”  
Luke O’Farrell – Simon Sheppard’s website -

Jack Straw has been in politics for more than forty years. He’s supported multiculturalism for practically every second of his egomaniac climb to the top. If it’s taken him till 2006 to raise doubts about what it’s doing to Britain, he’s either stupid or crooked or both. I think it’s both and one thing you should always remember about this government is that Straw and many others would have served just as happily in a murderous communist dictatorship.

Frank Kimbal Johnson  – Nationalist Alliance

Evolution is a history of failed experiments by that cosmic intelligence which drives all possible worlds. In the sonorous lines of O’Shaughnessy:

“We live in the ages lying, in the buried past of the earth,
Built Nineveh with our sighing, and Babel itself with our mirth;
And o’erthrew them with prophesying to the old of the new world’s worth,
For each age is a dream that is dying, or one that is coming to birth.”

It remains to be seen if Britain as a recognizable entity is in the throes of final dissolution or perhaps on the cusp of a new renaissance. As always, the decisive factor is not in the lap of whatever gods may be; certainly not in the gift of any political faction, much less of foreign agencies. It resides in the hearts and minds of our people, rallying to the greatest of our cultural icons and responding to the impetus of our noblest ancestors.

British People’s Party –

It is with the greatest pleasure we can report that both Nick griffin and Mark Collett of the BNP have been cleared of ALL race charges. This is smashing a path that will relight the flame of free speech in Britain and is a real slap in the face to the ZOG dominated oppressive system. We cannot agree with Mr Griffin’s strategy which has radically changed the BNP for the worse BUT it would have been a complete travesty of justice had they been imprisoned. It is a breath of fresh air to know some justice for British patriots still exists in this country. So we can say with quite an open heart – well done Collett and Griffin – a victory for all White Nationalists against a sick and rotten system.

Michael Newland - Freedom Party

Opinion among those who do not believe in a future multiracial multicultural paradise divides between those who say “too late” and those who argue that almost any situation can be turned round given the political will.

British National Front –                                                      

The festival was organized to promote and celebrate a colourful Asian tableau to highlight the rich pageantry and diversity that we see around us every day as the friendly face of multiculturalism, and at the same time hopefully to even enhance and strengthen our own culture. On this day it has brought together many peoples of differing colours, languages, races, tribes and cultures of many countries to join hands to celebrate this wonderful moment in the English city of Peterborough but ended in violence as Pakistanis and Iraqi Kurds battled to beat the shit out of each other.                                                                            

Final Conflict –

We do not want Asians to wear mini skirts, jeans, baseball hats…
We want Asians to stay separate. We do not want to assimilate – and we do not want these people to assimilate with us. Jack Straw made his statement to appear “hardline” to those supporting the Neo Con “War on Terror,” whilst also appearing moderate to Asians/Muslims who are wary of the growth of the veil-wearers. He knows John Reid (the possible next Labour leader) is popular for being “hardline” on Muslim terrorism and he wants a slice of that pie.

Peter Kendall – European Action –

There are excellent state retirement pensions available in this country, enabling the beneficiaries to live in comparative luxury when they retire. The only problem is that these state pensions are only paid to MPs. After a lifetime of dedicated service and contributions to the National insurance scheme, the ordinary citizen must think himself lucky to get 85 pounds a week because far less is often paid to individuals even if they have paid tax all their working lives. Retired women who spent years mothering children of the new generation and who did not work or pay NI contributions during their motherhood days will not get a full pension because they refused to leave their children in care and go to work – equality and welfare are Labour myths.

John Bean – British National Party –

Almost every newspaper, and even the occasional TV pundit, is now informing us of the problems being created by mass immigration. Four years ago when it first began issuing reliable statistics on immigration, the Migrationwatch UK organization, chaired by Sir Andrew Green, was condemned, as being racist by the liberal-left intelligentsia and embryo Notting Hill Cameroons for saying there would be two million extra immigrants over the next ten years. With six years still to go we are almost three quarters of the way there. Polish plumbers, Latvian labourers and Czech checkout girls are the least of our problem, because according to the Home Office’s own statistics only 12% of immigrants are from mainland Europe. 8% are from “The Americas” including West Indians and black Brazilians; 5% the Middle East, and 71% are Afro-Asians.

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