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Issue 32, June 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends. # 32, June 2007

The Blair Legacy

Ten years of Tony Blair’s regime have left us with a lot of missing statistics. Nobody knows how many immigrants poured into the UK on his watch – least of all the immigration authorities. And nobody knows how many people were killed in Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq by British forces supporting American foreign policy. These are what Tony’s friend Donald Rumsfeld calls known unknowns – or perhaps unknown unknowns.

We will never know the answers to these questions and we will probably never know the outcome of the extensive police enquiry into the sale of peerages. We only know that under Tony Blair this country has lost the respect of the world by blindly supporting every American war or threat of war.

We listened to his fantastic lies about “weapons of mass destruction” that could “be made ready in forty-five minutes.” We waited for a week for him to speak as the Israelis bombed Lebanon, and when he broke his silence it was in support of the Zionists. And we only know that he was not involved in the death of Dr Kelly because a High-Court Judge has told us so.

His political mentor Margaret Thatcher thought that society did not exist but Tony Blair thought that the truth didn’t exist. He twisted and manipulated information like a magician using smoke and mirrors. His audience long ago realized that his act was all trickery but they continued to watch in fascination as he made billions of pounds disappear before their very eyes.

He will be remembered by the families of the dead British servicemen who gave their lives in his pointless military adventures, and by the families of the dead and maimed civilians who were bombed, shelled and violated on his orders. The rest of us will soon forget him, just as we have forgotten that other political nonentity John Major.

But the bereaved will remember him as a war criminal and a butcher. There is little chance of him being brought to justice in a world dominated by the armed might of the New American Century. We can only hope that he will eventually be judged by the higher power that he claims to so familiar with.

It has been reported that he intends to convert to Catholicism and seek absolution for his sins. According to Catholic teaching this requires true repentance and humility. Let us therefore hope that the eternal fires of hell are burning fiercely and that all his influential friends are with him at the bitter end.
Martin Webster was the National Activities Organiser for the National Front during the 1970s. With a series of well-publicized marches and rallies he made the NF a household name and his landmark result in the 1973 West Bromwich by-election helped to make the NF into a mass movement. This was destroyed by the events of the 1980s that left the movement broken and divided.

“Nation Revisited” No 1 referred to the 1973 result but did not mention the fact that it was the first time that a nationalist candidate had saved his deposit. Martin Webster has drawn my attention to this and in the spirit of fair play I extend to him the right of reply. He also takes issue with me on the motives of his supporters. He maintains that the people of West Bromwich were interested in the European debate and not just responding to mass immigration.

Parliamentary Election Facts by Martin Webster

Your bracketing my Parliamentary by-election result at West Bromwich in May 1973 together with by-election results (however valiantly strived-for) obtained by Oswald Mosley and John Bean, without giving each candidate’s best percentage, may have given the impression that the results were similar. That impression would be false.

It would have been fair and informative to record that with 16.02 per cent for the National Front at West Bromwich, I was the only nationalist/patriotic candidate in the 20th century to have “saved a deposit” (set at 12.5 per cent, not as nowadays at 5.0 per cent).

Neither Mosley (standing for the BUF and later the UM) nor Bean (standing, I think, for the NLP and later the “original” BNP) at no time came near saving their deposits.

Your analysis was wrong to suggest that my West Bromwich campaign (or any NF election campaign 1970 to 1983) was fought solely on the immigration issue. My election literature put opposition to British involvement in the then “Common Market”/ EEC high on the agenda. This turned out to be crucial.

My Conservative opponent, who was pro EEC, publicly invited Enoch Powell to address his election rally. Powell rewarded this opportunist folly by publicly declining the invitation, making clear that he was at odds with the candidate’s pro-EEC policy.

The patriotic element among the British public, particularly in the West Midlands, was – and still is – greatly influenced by Powell’s views on Europe as much as on immigration. The fact that Powell did not bang the anti-immigration drum until after he had lost the struggle to become leader of the Tory Party does not render those views invalid.

Views on The News

Paul Wolfowitz, the former US Secretary of Defence and a personal friend of George Bush has bowed to the inevitable and resigned as President of the World Bank. His American supporters have accused European bankers of being anti-American and even anti-Semitic. But the World Bank does not belong to America and the dictatorial style of the neocons did not go down well in the boardroom. The Shaha Riza affair was just the last straw. The World Bank was founded to rebuild shattered Europe after the last war but it now exists to lend money to poor nations to buy mostly Chinese goods funded by American capital. Like most international institutions it is in urgent need of reform.

Tony Blair said in Washington: “We took a decision that we thought was very difficult. I thought then, and I think now, it was the right decision.”
Mark Twain said much the same thing in “ Chronicles of Young Satan:”

“Statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.”

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has threatened to intensify air strikes against Palestinian targets in response to rocket attacks on Israel. But Hamas has accused him of actively supporting the Fatah faction in the Palestinian turf war.
Whatever the truth, the desperate people of Gaza are being starved and brutalized by the continuing Israeli blockade and by the confiscation of Palestinian revenue. Now that committed Zionist Tony Blair has fallen from power his replacement, Gordon Brown, must call for an end to the Palestinian genocide. The Holocaust of the European Jews was a shameful chapter in history that happened over sixty years ago. There’s nothing we can do about that but the ongoing annihilation of the Palestinians can and must be stopped.

Conrad Black is on trial in the USA and the Metropolitan Police have handed their file on the cash for peerages scandal to the CPS. Now BAC Systems are being investigated for corruption. The following words spring to mind:

“Most of the Press is owned outright by the money power, or it is controlled by the advertisements which money power controls, and Parliament is paralyzed by talk that power may reside elsewhere. But the argument may be taken further, for the economic system which is maintained by finance power for the benefit of its own interests, and to the detriment of every interest of the people, also ensures that any Government may at any time be broken by the money power. The inter-national economic system is supported by every party of the State, Conservative, Liberal and Labour alike.”  (Oswald Mosley, Tomorrow We Live, 1938)

Left, Right and Centre

The old political designations of Left and Right are now obsolete. They were always misleading but now they have ceased to have any meaning. The formerly Right wing Tory party used to stand for inherited privilege based on the monarchy and the Church of England. It was supported by the aristocracy out of self-interest, by the middle class who feared that socialism would rob them of their advantages and by working class Tories with delusions of grandeur.

The Labour Party was supported by the working class but led by the middle class. Officers from the two wars who had shared the suffering of the trenches were determined to improve the lot of the common people. There was a communist element to the Labour movement but its thinkers and organizers were mostly decent men and women who believed in King and Country.

The Liberals, then as now, were reformers who hated the Tories for their warmongering and colonialism but distrusted the socialists as a bunch of revolutionaries. Greatest amongst them was William Beveridge, the father of the Wefare State. Their distaste for extremism drove them to the political centre where the rest of the political circus eventually joined them.

Tony Blair was one of the first to realize that the British people would not support the Left wing policies of the old Labour Party. Much has been written about John Smith but it was really Blair who ditched Labour’s socialist policies and won the next three elections. He was able to do this because he had the advantage of having no particular political beliefs. A man without principles can change direction or even turn political somersaults. The only thing that mattered to Tony Blair was power itself

The Tories had enjoyed eighteen years of office under Margaret Thatcher and John Major. But the British public, who had cheered Thatcher’s sale of council houses and the selling off of public utilities grew tired of a cruel and uncaring regime that saw record bankruptcies and house repossessions. The Tories went too far with the Poll Tax and the recession of 1992 destroyed their reputation for economic management.

Dave Cameron has studied recent history and is determined not to repeat the arrogant posturing that drove the Tories from power in 1997. Like Tony Blair he is politically agnostic and completely untroubled by uncomfortable notions like social justice or patriotism. He is set to repeat Labour’s shift to the centre and he is shedding Tory principles to make the move possible. Out go Grammar Schools, pension relief and immigration controls. Anything that smacks of traditional middle class Conservatism will be abandoned in favour of multi-cultural, inclusive, progressive, politically correct, meaningless mumbo jumbo.
You have been warned.

A New Cold War

Britain has demanded the extradition of former Russian intelligence officer Andrei Lugovoi for the London murder, by radioactive poison, of another former FSB agent Alexandre Litinenko. There is no British interest involved; it’s just an excuse to discredit Moscow as part of a neoconservative campaign against Russia in general and President Putin in particular.

America has waged a propaganda war against Russia ever since she objected to NATO missile batteries being installed in Poland and the Czech Republic. The missiles are supposed to be there to defend Europe against attack from North Korea or Iran! But Russia, not surprisingly, regards them as a deliberate and calculated provocation.

As George Bush said: “If you’re not with us you are against us.” To the neocons it is not enough that the Soviet Union has been disbanded and that Russia has returned to a market economy. They insist on total obedience, just like they got from Tony Blair. They will not tolerate a nationalistic government like that of Vladimir Putin. That’s why they have welcomed the coming to power of Nicolas Sarkozy and Gordon Brown – both staunch believers in American hegemony.

At present the neocons have got Britain, France and Germany onside and Spain, Italy and Sweden under control. The newly liberated states to the east are all firmly under orders and Turkey is kept in line with the promise of eventual EU membership. It looks like America has captured the whole of Europe.

But it is not that easy. The powerhouse of Europe is Germany and her principle foreign energy supplier is Russia. German speaking Vladimir Putin and Russian speaking Angela Merkel will cement the marriage of Russian gas and oil with German industry. The proximity of one to the other will ensure that good relations are maintained between Europe and Russia in spite of America.

It is no longer a question of if America will withdraw from Iraq but when. The Anglo-American invasion of Iraq has turned out to be a disaster unequaled in modern history. The fanatics of the New World Order have bitten off more than they can chew. When they scuttle home the American taxpayers might insist that their troops are used to defend the homeland rather than invading and occupying other people’s countries.

America is a mighty powerful economy but she will struggle with the multi trillion-dollar cost of the Middle East occupation. The Vietnam War ended in a worldwide recession when the money ran out. If the US doesn’t disengage soon the world could be plunged into another recession; all the more reason to develop good relations with our Russian neighbours. America’s future is in the Americas and Britain’s future is in Europe - allied with Russia.

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