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Issue 17, November 2006

Nation Revisited

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# 17, November 2006

Disaster and Humiliation

Chief of the General Staff Sir Richard Dannatt has warned that our occupation of Iraq is unsustainable. This ill-conceived adventure has cost the lives of 3,500 allied servicemen and 655,000 Iraqis (The Lancet 12-10-06).  At first the war was about “weapons of mass destruction,” but Iraq possessed no such weapons, next it was about  “democracy” and now they are saying that we are there at the request of the Iraqi government. We are not being wise after the event, we predicted a military disaster in Iraq and that is precisely what we have.  Britain, more than any nation, should know the folly of sending a token expeditionary force against a determined enemy. Our military withdrawal from Iraq could redefine our special relationship with America and scuttle their attempt to grab the Middle East’s oil reserves.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the industrial-military combine that rules America has embarked on a plan to conquer the entire world. But little nations, like Vietnam, can fight back and the world is full of little nations that value their freedom. America is now committed to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and preparing for war in Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia and Korea. The hawks in the Pentagon seriously think that they can wage war on seven fronts and win them all. American lives will be squandered in thousands in pursuit of cheap oil and imperial power. We must ensure that our despicable politicians do not send British troops to aid and abet this wicked and inhuman carnage.

With finite resources and a world population in excess of six billions mankind can only survive by cooperation. Water, oil, gas and all the natural resources must be allocated by international agreement. America is entitled to her fair share but she is not entitled to seize everything for herself. The days of greedy imperialism are over; Europe, Russia, China, India, Japan and the USA are the guardians of the 21st century, their willingness to live together will enable mankind to prosper, but if one of them acts in a selfish and belligerent way it will lead to disaster. In a world of depleted reserves war will offer increasingly diminished returns.

Tony Blair has attached himself to the American warmongers in order to bask in the reflected glory of empire. He probably dreamed of posing at a peace conference as a brilliant war leader; instead he will be remembered as the foolish and callous Prime Minister who wasted British lives in support of American global ambitions. Fifty years ago another vain and arrogant Prime Minister called Anthony Eden waged an unnecessary war on a supposedly soft target. That episode ended in disaster and humiliation; it seems that history is about to repeat itself.
John Bean on DVD                                                                                                     

A new DVD from the broadcasting unit of the BNP shows veteran campaigner John Bean being interviewed by party leader Nick Griffin. Over a couple of pints in a roadside pub JB tells of his political awakening at school and in the Royal Navy. He explains how his opinions developed in the postwar years and his membership of Union Movement, the League of Empire Loyalists and his own MK1 British National Party. He recalls his personal friendship with Andrew Fountaine and AK Chesterton and his turbulent relationship with contemporaries John Tyndall and Colin Jordan. He goes on to chart the formation of the National Front in 1967 and its rapid rise and subsequent decline following Margaret Thatcher’s landslide victory of 1979.

Touching on the violent opposition of the 62 Group he frankly states that this was a Jewish gang but goes on to say that he understands their animosity. His views have not changed very much over a lifetime of political awareness. He supported the Communist candidate in a mock school election and was drawn to Mosley’s Union Movement by their strong policy of social justice. He still advocates workers partnership in industry and equality of opportunity. He goes to some lengths to explain that his defence of the white race in no way threatens other races. He is not a crude racist and acknowledges that all nations have a contribution to make, but insists that Britain must preserve her European heritage.

Questioned by Nick Griffin about his controversial 1999 political memoir “Many Shades of Black,” he reported that the publisher has ceased trading but suggested that a reprint might be possible, with an extra chapter bringing it up to date. The first edition was generally well received but many people felt insulted by it. With the marketing facilities of the BNP an updated book would be a best seller.

Bean dismisses the pessimistic idea that there is nothing we can do and points to the success of the party in local elections all over the country. He could have gone further by pointing out that the government has reacted to this success by promising immigration controls. The interview ends on a positive note with an invitation to meet members of the party who are ordinary men and women and not the ogres portrayed by the press. As John Bean says: “We do not eat black babies for breakfast.”

This DVD is professionally made but it is not too slick or contrived. John Bean comes across as an honest advocate of social reform and ethnic conservation. This is a BNP production that skirts over Bean’s long-standing policy of European confederation, but he does say that he believes in European solidarity. He states that UKIP members should be in the BNP but he does not look entirely convincing saying it. This is a collector’s item and a must for students of British political history.

The John Bean DVD is available from BNP TV, PO Box 3, Burnley, Lancs.
Price 17 pounds including post and packing.
Government by Intimidation                                                                                            

The prosecution of British political dissidents shows that Tony Blair is determined to stifle opposition. In the House of Commons he rules with the approval of his political chums the Tories and Liberal Democrats, but outside of the Westminster bubble of consensus there is a rising tide of animosity to this false and unprincipled charlatan.

Nick Griffin and Mark Collett criticized the Muslims and Simon Sheppard and Luke O’Farrell criticized the Jews. Religious intolerance is uncharitable but it has never been illegal and people have been free to express their opinions. Some Protestants think that the Roman Catholic Church is evil. They are not sent to prison because their views are enshrined in Britain’s anti-Catholic statutes. There are extreme Muslims who think that women should be covered from head to foot and that all pubs and clubs should be closed down, but they are not sent to prison for their beliefs. People believe in all sorts of strange things but the government has no business locking them up.

By interning its enemies the state has set out along the road to dictatorship, and by suppressing freedom of expression – as defined in the UN declaration of human rights – they are governing by intimidation. Internment was wrong in 1940 when thousands of BUF supporters were imprisoned without trial; it was wrong in Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles and it is wrong when used against political dissidents. Trumped-up charges based on hasty legislation, enforced by politically motivated police and brought before hostile courts do not make such internments any more acceptable, whether the victims are Muslim activists or right-wingers.

The Labour government justifies its enthusiasm for foreign wars as a crusade for democracy, but at home they trample on freedom and stamp out genuine opposition.
Blair and his cronies are steeped in hypocrisy. They condemn any attempt to control immigration as racist while demonizing Arabs for daring to fight back against aggression.
They scream about Iran and North Korea developing nuclear weapons but maintain a stony silence about Israel’s massive nuclear arsenal and submarine fleet. They falsely accused Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction when their American ally has the means to destroy the world many times over. They protest against human rights violations while permitting CIA torture flights through British airspace; and they ignore the mad dictator Robert Mugabe and his racist war on the white Rhodesians.

There is not a scrap of honesty about a morally bankrupt government buttressed by a make-belief opposition and a press only interested in maintaining the status quo. On the major issues there is little or no difference between the parties. It is true that the Liberal Democrats opposed the war in Iraq but they are active supporters of the NATO invasions of Serbian Kosovo and Afghanistan. The three old gang parties are subservient to an increasingly belligerent America, but ordinary people are beginning to see through the smokescreen of disinformation that surrounds them. Public opinion will not be silenced by Tony Blair’s authoritarian state.

Left and Right                                                                                                          

The old designations of left and right have become meaningless. Left-wingers used to be revolutionaries but today they are the establishment and their Marxist theories have been adopted by the state. A multi-ethnic society has been achieved by the mass importation of third world labour. Education has been twisted to promote race mixing and wipe out any trace of nationalistic sentiment. The fanatical social theorists of the Labour Party have deliberately set out to destroy the British working class and replace it with a mulatto underclass. These left-wingers are professors, schoolteachers, policemen, local government officers, civil servants, broadcasters, actors, writers, in fact anything but manual workers. They are opinion makers and enforcers united in the belief that they know best.

The right-wingers are the tradesmen, farmers, engineers, doctors and dentists who are the backbone of the nation. They support the Conservative Party and the monarchy, they serve as JPs and reserve officers and they do voluntary work for their hospitals and schools. They made the Tory Party into the natural party of government but they count for nothing to Dave Cameron. The current Tory leader has decided to be to the left of Tony Blair in every department. He is obsessed with promoting young, preferably black or Asian females. White middle-aged men are frowned upon as representative of a shameful past. Cameron has turned his back on the middle class in an effort to appeal to the young, gifted and black constituents that he imagines are waiting to vote for him.

At the same time Tony Blair has taken the Labour Party even further to the right. They have sold off everything except the army and are toying with privatizing the National
Health Service. So the leftists have turned right and the rightists have turned left. Outside of the parliamentary parties the old labels are just as inaccurate. The far left and the far right share a deep distrust of America, hostility to global capitalism and resistance to an increasingly repressive and unrepresentative government.

Rupert Murdoch’s News International media empire includes the “Sun,” “The Times” and Sky television. It supports Tony Blair and the Labour Party unreservedly and questions the patriotism of anyone who does not. They oppose the EU and free movement of labour but support non-European immigration and the Atlantic alliance. The right-wing papers, “ The Daily Mail” and “The Express” scream about Polish plumbers but they dare not criticize non-European immigration. “ The Telegraph” is sometimes patriotic but it’s almost as Zionist as its stablemate “The Jerusalem Post.” 
The so-called leftist newspapers, “ The Independent,” “ The Guardian,” “The Financial Times” and “The Mirror” try to be objective on Europe but they toe the line on multi-culturalism and follow the rigid guidelines of the liberal consensus.

Not one paper dares to stand for the survival of Britain as a European nation. Instead of talking about left and right we should divide the politically conscious into Sun readers and Sun haters; between those who believe in European civilization and those who chose to be vassals of the American empire. 

Views on The News                                                                                                         

The explosion of a North Korean atomic bomb has confirmed that the “Great Leader” Kim Jong-il has added his starving dictatorship to the growing ranks of nuclear nations. America’s immediate response was to order sanctions against North Korea but it is difficult to see what damage can be done to such a bankrupt and desperate state.
The policy of isolating the Pyongyang regime has ended in failure. Now America must start talking to the North Koreans, and the Cubans and the Iranians, and all the nations that they have attempted to freeze out with threats and sanctions. Their cowboy diplomacy has been a disaster that has done nothing for world peace.

The “Daily Mail” has uncovered another plot by dastardly foreigners to invade our country. The Romanians are handing out passports to the Moldovans that will admit them to the UK as EU citizens. Moldova was a Romanian province that was detached by Joe Stalin as a punishment for supporting Hitler’s invasion of Russia. It is currently split by the defection of the Russian-speaking republic of Transdniestra. After 45 years of Soviet control Moldova is desperately poor but EU investment will transform the region just as it did for Ireland and Portugal. The “Daily Mail’ works hard at making its Asian readers feel welcome but it’s strangely hostile to the Moldovans.

Ex Cabinet minister Clare Short has resigned from the Labour Party over the Iraq war.
It is three years since she voted for the war because she believed Tony Blair’s tissue of lies about “weapons of mass destruction.” The fact that she was taken in by such obvious propaganda shows that she is not too bright, but her late awakening is to be applauded.
Labour MPs who were really opposed the war but who kept silent in fear of their jobs were as guilty as the Blairites and the Tories who bayed for blood after 9-11. Suddenly all sorts of people are coming out against the war: if these political cowards had spoken out sooner 120 British soldiers would still be alive.

Race relations boss Trevor Phillips, the son of immigrants from Guyana, has accused Eastern Europeans of being bigots. This blatantly racist slur has upset our well-integrated and hard-working fellow Europeans. Blacks realize that employers prefer whites because they are easier to sack. If an employer tries to get rid of a non-European they risk being accused of discrimination and brought before a tribunal. The race relations industry has made employment more difficult for the very people that they are supposed to protect.
The Easterners are generally good immigrants who do not go in for pimping, thieving, scrounging, drug running and mugging old ladies.

Fifty years ago this month the heroic Hungarian people rose up against the communist regime. They fought the hated AVH secret police and the communists were forced to accept sweeping reforms. But Moscow was not prepared to let Hungary go for fear that the rebellion would spread throughout the Soviet empire. They sent in 17 divisions of the Red Army supported by 1,000 tanks to kill 30,000 insurgents and scatter 250,000 refugees. A wave of political executions followed for the next five years and Hungary did not regain her freedom until the collapse of communism in 1989.

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