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Issue 3, February 2006

Nation Revisited

# 3, February 2006

Sustaining The Revolution

The political struggle for the survival of Britain is a revolt against the power of the State. Not against legitimate authority but against the crooks that are ruining our country. They have decimated our industries and imported so many black and brown immigrants that they now predominate in parts of our great cities.  Repressive laws have been enacted to stifle protest but the recent BNP legal victory has shown that we can still win.

The establishment hatched their plot long before the London bombings that were predicted by Nick Griffin. The government did not expect the public to resist their propaganda offensive and think for themselves. Now they must think of new ways to stop the progress of the BNP. 

They have subverted and closed down nationalist movements in the past. Good men and women have been imprisoned, assaulted and even killed by the State. The power of the Press, radio and television has been used to promote The New World Order and demonize the resistance movement. The Police have been transformed into partisan paramilitaries and their senior officers strut around like commissars.

Against this ruthless enemy stand the fragmented nationalist movements that have split apart and come together with depressing regularity. They have argued over policy, strategy and leadership. They have even stood against each other in elections instead of maximizing votes with a single candidate.

But the countless demonstrations and rallies have not been in vain. The hard-fought elections were not a waste of time. The thousands of publications and the millions of words have sustained the revolution and kept alive the spirit of resistance. This is the justification for years of struggle. The ethnic invasion has not been accepted; not even by generations born long after it began. In every town and village there are current or former members of far-Right parties who spread the word. Arrests, intimidation and threats have not broken the spirit of the movement and will not stop the inevitable triumph of our ideology.

The destruction of ethnic stability and industrial infrastructure has been repeated throughout Western Europe and has resulted in the rapid growth of the far-Right. The traditional insularity of these national movements is already giving way to a pan-European approach. The riots in Birmingham and Paris confirm that the multiracial experiment has been a disaster and that France, Britain and all the nations of Europe are fighting the same battle for survival. Recent changes to immigration policies in the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Malta show that governments can be forced to submit to the will of the people. 

We are now entering the final stage of this struggle for survival; all that is necessary is that we keep the faith.

Captain AHM Ramsay                                                                                                   

Captain Archibald Henry Maule Ramsay was born in India to an aristocratic Scottish family on 4th May 1894; he died in the UK in 1955.

He was educated at Eton and Sandhurst and served in the Coldstream Guards. In 1916 he was wounded and won the Military Cross for gallantry. He was elected Tory MP for Midlothian in 1931.

Ramsay joined the pro-German Nordic League in 1935 and quickly became its leading member. In 1937 he founded The United Christian Front in support of General Franco and the Spanish Nationalists. In 1939 he founded The Right Club to unify the right-wing groups in Britain. Its members included leading fascists like AK Chesterton and William Joyce but it was heavily infiltrated with government agents. In the House of Commons Ramsay campaigned against Leslie Hore Belisha the Secretary for War. He warned that Hore Belisha “will lead us into war with our blood brothers of the Nordic race in order to make way for a Bolshevised Europe.”

In 1940 two members of The Right Club, Anna Wolkoff and Tyler Kent were arrested by MI5 and accused of spying for Germany. Tyler Kent was an American Embassy code clerk, a Russian scholar and a dedicated anti-communist. When arrested he was found to be in possession of Captain Ramsay’s Red Book containing the names of Right Club members. At a secret trial Kent was sentenced to seven years imprisonment and Anna Wolkoff to ten. There was no evidence against Captain Ramsay and when The New York Times suggested that he was implicated he sued them. Ramsay won the case but the court awarded him only one farthing damages and he picked up the costs.

The Right Club continued to oppose the war even after it had started.

A 1940 leaflet was entitled Your New Year Resolution:
We appeal to the working men and women of Great Britain to purchase the new Defence Bonds and Savings Certificates thus keeping the war going for as long as possible. Your willing self-sacrifice and support will enable the war profiteers to make bigger profits and at the same time save their wealth from being conscripted. Lend to defend the rights of British manhood to die in a foreign war every 25 years. Don’t be selfish. Save for shells and slaughter. Forget about the slums, the unemployed, the old age pensioners and other social reforms your money could be invested in. Just remember that your savings are much more wisely spent in the noble cause of death and destruction. Be patriotic. Come on, the first million pounds.

Captain Ramsay was detained without charge under Defence Regulation 18B on 23rd May 1940 and not released from Brixton Prison until 26th September 1944.  The next morning he reported for duty at the House of Commons. ‘The Nameless War’ is his account of the forces that brought about the war. It was published in 1952 and is still available from specialist book dealers. It can be downloaded by going to:

Celebrating the Diversity of the Right                                                                             

Many different strands are woven into the rich tapestry of the far-Right and every strand is made of individual threads
The ‘ Economist Faction’ believes in the ideas of Sir Oswald Mosley who expounded his detailed policies in many books and pamphlets.

Opposed to this scientific approach we have the ‘ Folksy Faction’ with their antiquated vision of simple but happy peasants gathering the harvest with pitchforks; the romantic thoughts of GK Chesterton and Hillaire Belloc that are not much use for a small island with sixty million mouths to feed.

There are the ‘Head Measurers’ who do not see beyond their Aryan noses. Instead of supporting solidarity they divide the white nations into ever decreasing ethnic types illustrated by faded photographs in ancient volumes.

We still have the ‘Fancy Dress Faction’ more than sixty years after their founder blew his brains out in a Berlin basement. The worst cases actually wear jackboots and khaki shirts.

This is allowed amongst consenting adults in private but strictly forbidden under the Public Order Act.
The ‘British is Best Faction’ really believe that they have a God-given right to look down on other nationalities. They talk about British values as though our neighbours are tribes of savages. They usually read the ‘Daily Mail’ hate the French and live in Spain.

They are related to the ‘High Tories’ who dream of Sir Winston Churchill coming back to lead us against our enemies as he did during the war. They see the far-Right as nothing but a Tory pressure group.

One of the strangest factions are ‘The Vikings’ who pretend to understand the runes and have battle-axes hanging on the living room walls of their suburban houses. They all claim to be descended from the marauding seafarers who specialized in gang rape and armed robbery in the good old days before Christianity.

Finally we have ‘The Christians’ who think that Jesus believed in tax cuts, free trade, short sharp shocks and capital punishment. They dislike unmarried mothers, homosexuals and vegetarians and get very upset about Moslems who they accuse of intolerance.

This used to be a minority group but they seem to be growing.

Every member of a far-Right party belongs to at least one faction, but some belong to multiple factions and some are serial faction swappers.

All political parties have different schools of thought but the far-Right has more than its share of mutually antagonistic cliques that are only held together by a common hatred of the New World Order.

The old gang parties enforce discipline on their members to keep them in line; but the far-Right with its authoritarian image is really made up of anarchist with little or no respect for authority.

The nationalist movement has survived by accommodating the different elements that constantly threaten to break away to form new parties. This has taken skill, patience but above all a sense of humour.

Views on The News                                                                                                       

The leaderless Liberal Democrats have rattled Tony Blair by winning the Dunfirmline  and West Fife by-election with a 16% swing from Labour. This could point to a Labour collapse in the coming council elections. The Liberal Democrats have bounced back after a relentless media onslaught against Charles Kennedy and the revelations concerning Mark Oaten and Simon Hughes. The Tories did badly but the anti-European UKIP got a derisory 208 votes despite friendly coverage from the Press.

The sweeping victory of Hamas in the Palestinian General Election has left Jerusalem and Washington in a state of shock. America and Israel are saying that they will not deal with terrorists or even talk to Hamas. We have been here before. The only answer to the Palestine problem is two states that talk to each other and cooperate on security. A single secular state with equality for Jews and Arabs would be better; but this is many years away. Both sides are guilty of atrocities and both sides need peace to develop and prosper. Eventually reason will triumph over rhetoric.

Sir Ian Blair the over exposed Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has insulted the memory of murdered schoolgirls Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells. He suggested that their tragic story was only high profile because they were white. He has since offered a grudging apology. In his short term of office this institutionally stupid copper has congratulated his force as violent crime has risen and waffled his way through the police assassination of an innocent man at Stockwell. He is now mouthing the mantra of the politically ambitious by accusing the Press of being racist. Embarrassed fellow officers are calling for their boss to be sacked.

The Americans cheered when Taliban mujahideen lynched President Najibullah in Aryana Square in Kabul in 1996. Washington saw the Taliban as good anti-communists and friends of the West. They backed them with arms and training just as they once backed Saddam Hussein against the Iranian revolutionaries. Now Britain is sending thousands more troops to Afghanistan to help fight a civil war that has cost over 1600 lives in the past year. The American-installed regime of Hamid Karzai has proven its capitalist credentials by doubling opium production and flooding Britain with drugs.
This has turned into another American foreign policy disaster.

Alan Greenspan has retired as Chairman of the Federal Reserve the independent authority that controls American economic policy. During his long term of office Greenspan has steered America through the Nineties recession, the Pacific recession, the dotcom boom and bust, the Enron and Worldcom scandals and the fuel crisis. His unswerving policy throughout all these troubles has been ‘do nothing.’ He believes that things sort themselves out and that markets find their own level without government interference. The 30,000 redundant Ford workers in Detroit are victims of this free market philosophy that is destroying American industry. The twin evils of imported labour and exported jobs are being suffered on both sides of the Atlantic. 

The Great Adventure                                                                                                    

I was introduced to nationalist politics in the late Fifties by Bill Barnes the father of my friend Paul Barnes. Bill has been in the prewar IFL but had managed to escape the 18B round up. He took us to Union Movement meetings in Trafalgar Square and it was at this venue that we attended a joint meeting of the National Labour Party and the White Defence League in 1959. This meeting was addressed by John Bean, Andrew Fountaine and Colin Jordan. We wanted to join up but Bill advised caution and steered us toward the League of Empire Loyalists. A year later we joined the League and took part in a lot of hair-raising stunts and heckling of other people’s meetings. Paul was arrested for shouting abuse at the House of Commons and we were thrown out of the Tory Party Conference at Llandudno. I remember the Loyalists with great fondness, particularly Austen Brooks and Rosine de Bounevialle.

After a while Paul and I joined John Bean’s new party the BNP and held regular meetings in Bethnal Green, Brixton and Earls Court. The League had taught us how to fight; now we learned the basics of street corner oratory. These meetings sometimes attracted the opposition but they were generally peaceful. This all changed with the NSM riot in Trafalgar Square. After that we faced a sharp increase in organized violence and we were badly mauled at Balls Pond Road. But we regrouped and fought comparatively successful election campaigns at Deptford and Southall.

I went to South Africa in 1966 and missed the start of the National Front. I came home in 1970 and joined the NF but apart from plenty of social events and the 1974 Red Lion Square march I didn’t get much involved. I had become convinced that their insular policy would not work.

I then joined Union Movement and campaigned for Britain’s entry into the European Union. This caused surprisingly little friction with my political friends who nearly all opposed entry. In the Seventies and Eighties I contributed articles to ‘Action’ and edited the independent newsletter ‘Nation.’ This was distributed to NF and UM members in ‘The Bladebone’ in Bethnal Green, it had a small circulation but some great writers including Bill Barnes and Terry Savage.

I observed the faction fighting in the NF and the birth of the new BNP from a distance.

I have met some remarkable characters over the years; visionary leaders who went to prison for their beliefs and ordinary members who spent years giving out leaflets, selling papers and risking life and limb attending street meetings and marches.

There have been plenty of drunks, oddballs, conspiracy freaks and historical revisionists.

There was Otto who was a Sri Lankan but a dedicated British nationalist. There have been supporters who were reputed to be Jewish. We have had happily married couples and every type of sexual nonconformist. I have known decorated war heroes, conscientious objectors and many who were locked up during the war.

Today the internet enables us to spread the word to an ever wider audience. The fight has become worldwide and nationalists in Europe and America have become allies in the great adventure.

Nation Revisited is a private communication that is not for sale or general distribution.

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