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Issue 61, November 2009

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends. # 61, November 2009

Saving us from the Nazis

Right wing websites frequently descend into fantasy. Every known conspiracy theory is supported somewhere on the Internet and various groups are blamed for all our troubles. Jews and Freemasons are the usual suspects but David Morris thinks that the Nazis have taken over the world. He states that “elites” are conspiring against the Jews and the British and comes to the conclusion that we must stand together against them. The following paragraph from the BNP website shows the twisted logic of his argument:

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a bestseller in Turkey, and Palestine was once part of the Ottoman Empire. It is clear that Western elites want to see Israel destroyed because with Turkey and North Africa in Europe the anti-Israel movement in the EU will be very powerful.

David Morris does not explain how the Nazis came to take over the world or why the rest of us never noticed. If anyone who criticizes Israel is a Nazi then the fearless South African jurist Richard Goldstone must be guilty for condemning Israeli war crimes in Palestine. And he is not alone; Jews in Israel and around the world have added their voices to the growing campaign to charge Bibi Netanyahu with crimes against humanity.

There are many people in the BNP who know better. Some of them might think that fabrications are necessary – because the end justifies the means. But how can people who claim to believe in self-determination excuse the genocidal IDF occupation of Palestine?  And how can they pretend that the ‘elites’ that run the world are anti-Israel? The United States always supports Israel in UN debates.  European states are generally sympathetic but Britain abstained in the recent UN debate on the Goldstone Report and Russia and Turkey had the guts to stand up to the Zionists by endorsing it.

The BNP has presumably adopted a pro Israel policy to counter charges of racism but their prosecution by the Equality and Human Rights Commission shows that they are wasting their time. It will take more than a few tactical changes to impress Jack Straw and his friends. The usual routine for ambitious politicians is to go to Israel, don the kippot and make a pilgrimage to the Holocaust Museum; only then will their colourful history be expunged. Nick Griffin’s evasive performance on Question Time was unconvincing but his disgraceful treatment by the BBC probably won him the sympathy of the television audience.
Defending Europe

The great migrations and invasions that changed the world did not happen without reason. Celts, Saxons, Danes, Vikings, Turks and Huns moved west as the result of climate change, wars, famines and plagues in the east. People do not move around the world for nothing. They move because they are driven by hunger, the threat of annihilation or the promise of a much better life. This has always been the case and it still is. Since WW2 millions of Britons and other Europeans have migrated to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and North and South America.  And in the opposite direction waves of Africans and Asians have headed for Europe and North America.

In ancient times these migrations were constrained by oceans, deserts and mountain ranges. The deserts of North Africa and Central Asia helped to protect Europe from invasion but they are no impediment to modern travelers. There is a problem with Africans landing illegally in Malta, Sicily and Spain but they are only a fraction of the mass migration to Europe. Most Africans come on scheduled flights with valid airline tickets and passports. They come to do the jobs that we do not want to do for wages that we would not work for. Of course the answer is stop immigration but that would mean paying decent wages for humble jobs. No employer has ever done such a thing without compulsion, and no government has forced such a move for fear of being called racist.

But there is a limit to everything. The Italians have always been tolerant towards foreigners but they have started to refuse asylum seekers and return uninvited immigrants. The recession has done what fifty years of political agitation has failed to do. People have at last woken up to the fact that their livelihoods are threatened by a never-ending influx of desperate Afro-Asian immigrants. This isn’t racial hatred it’s self-preservation. Of course we should help the less fortunate but our first duty must be to our own kind. If Europe collapses under the pressure of Third World immigration there will be nobody to put pennies in envelopes for the black babies.

The six billion population of the world will rise to nine billions this century. When it does we will not keep the hungry masses out with immigration quotas, we will need a massive army, navy and air force patrolling Europe’s borders. Instead of fighting imperialist wars in Asia we will be defending our home continent against colonization. Given this frightening prospect it’s vital that the European nations stand together. In or out of the EU we will still face the same problem.

Nato was designed to protect Europe against the Soviet Union. The threat may have been exaggerated but military preparedness ensured our protection. This threat no longer exists. Nato is now just an instrument of American foreign policy being used to fight an old-fashioned colonial war in Afghanistan. The Soviet Union has gone but the Afro-Asian population explosion is very real. We now need a joint military force to meet this new threat to our survival.

A Government of National Union
Sir Oswald Mosley died in 1980 but Jeffrey Hamm and Robert Row carried on the fight for social justice and European solidarity in the pages of Action until Sanctuary Press closed in 1992. The following leaflet was included in Action in May 1981. Some things have changed for the better in the last twenty-eight years, the Soviet Union has gone and Ireland is at peace. But some things have got even worse. We are still swamped with Third World immigrants and deeply in debt. After twelve years of reckless borrowing we have run out of credit. The Labour Party is discredited and deeply unpopular. The Tories are divided over Europe and distrusted by those who remember the recession of the Nineties. Only the Liberal Democrats seem to understand what is going on. With rising unemployment and public contempt for politicians a Government of National Union is still a good idea.
This Country is Dying through Lack of Intelligent Leadership
It doesn’t make sense. Men can fly to the Moon and we can make microchips that work miracles. But the government cannot manage our economy without deliberately putting millions of British men and women out of work. Just as Labour couldn’t prevent strikes crippling the country except by allowing runaway inflation.
The inexcusable thing is – the answers to all these problems have been known for years.
The reason that politicians have failed is because they lack the ability to understand the basic problem. And they don’t have the will to make the right ideas work. In other words, we have a lack of intelligent leadership.
Nobody can be complacent about who will be next to rot on the dole. So employed or out of work, you owe it to yourself to read what the answers are. Maybe you can’t expect to agree with all of them right away. But many of these Nine Points for National union are what ordinary people have been saying for years
1. We need Government of National Union now.
The first fact we have to face is that today no single political party has all the answers. That’s why we need a Government of National Union drawn from the whole nation. This means the best men and women from the field of science, the trade unions, the professions, the civil service, law, the universities, the armed services, business life and even the better brains in the old political parties. At least, those willing to put service to the people before furthering their own careers.
In short we need a Government of experts instead of a government of amateurs.
But this doesn’t mean a coalition where each old party continues to push only its own policies of failure. A Government of National Union would be elected by the whole nation and must be subject to dismissal by parliament and people at regular elections which all are free to enter. However the Government must be given the power to carry out the programme the people have voted for. Neither Marxists nor money power should be able to obstruct the voters’ wishes. Playing at “party politics” has brought many big firms down.
2. We need a Wage-Price Mechanism to control inflation and solve unemployment.
Government of National Union will peg wages exactly to production (and control prices where monopolies exist). The result will be that supply of money circulating will equal the amount of goods produced. Inflation will then end and new jobs will be created because manufacturers will know that people will be able to afford to buy the extra products made. As modern technology increases the power to produce, wages and pensions will automatically be raised by an equal amount. So all wage rise will be real increases, nit inflationary increases wiped out by rising prices. The wage-price mechanism will also reward everyone according to responsibilities and skills.
3. We need a strong United Europe to guarantee full employment and peace.
Britain’s economic stability depends on ‘a favourable balance of trade’. That means that our exports must exceed our imports. If they don’t taxes go up. Interest rates go up. And unemployment goes up even further. Yet it’s clearly a mathematical impossibility for every country to export more than it imports. So countries like Britain which have to compete on world markets against cheap labour countries and cut-price dumping by America and the Communist bloc are condemned to recurring slumps.
We say – pull out of the chaos of world markets once and for all. We should join with Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the rich mineral wealth of Southern Africa to form a completely self-sufficient economic unit containing all its own raw materials, energy sources, food manufacturing facilities and markets. We wouldn’t have to compete against cheap labour countries. And it would provide a large and assured market for our industries, creating thousands of new jobs. This kind of United Europe clearly bears little resemblance to the present Common Market which seems more interested in bureaucratic wrangling over the price of goat-meat. By uniting with those countries that are closest to us we can become an influential Third Force in the world. It’s our only chance of resisting Russia’s ultimate ambition to take over Western Europe. A completely United Europe would also stop us being a helpless dependency of America.
As an important part of a strong United Europe willing and able to defend itself (but not getting involved in military adventures in distant parts of the world) we could avert war in the best possible way. Russia would know for sure that we were willing and able to fight for and what we were not. Remember, most wars are started because somebody miscalculates how the other side will react.
4. We need a Government with the courage to solve the immigrant problem fairly through re-migration.
In any country except Britain the idea that you can take 2 million people from one side of the world, dump them onto an entirely different people on the other side of the world and expect it to work would be treated with laughter. It’s a sociological fact that you can’t mix large numbers of different culture, different tradition, different outlook, different temperament and different way of life without a culture shock. In other words life becomes miserable for both black and white. The culprits are the Tory, Labour and Liberal parties who brought the situation about, not the immigrants themselves.
For decades we’ve handed out huge sums of money to under-developed countries. It doesn’t seem to have solved their problems. We believe the best possible kind of aid these countries could receive is the return of the immigrants equipped with the education, skills and experience they have gained by living here. Those who re-emigrated would get a sum of money to assist them (as would the countries receiving them, on the understanding they used it to create jobs for the re-emigrants. This re-emigration policy would be based on co-operation – not coercion. It’s a humane and sensible answer to the powder-keg problems of immigrant areas in Britain and under developed countries overseas.
5. We need to treat the present housing shortage like an operation of war.
After 35 years of Government promises it’s still almost impossible for British people on average pay to buy or rent a decent place to live. A Government of National Union would take over responsibility for building flats and houses from local authorities and property developers. It would have the power to mass produce well-designed homes as arms and ammunition were produced in time of war. It would also stop the property speculation racket by acquiring land at pre-boom prices and financing homes by low-interest loans paid for by a high surcharge on all non-essential or luxury buildings. This policy would quickly solve the housing shortage by increasing the supply of homes and bringing down the cost of renting and buying. We would also see that the best ideas of British and European architects were given every opportunity, thereby avoiding the New Slums: those ugly and uncomfortable concrete eyesores built on the cheap by local authorities since the war.
6. We need an emergency operation on Britain’s health services.
The National Health Service has become a shambles. Doctors and nurses do their best but they’re dangerously overworked and under-equipped. If you’ve visited a hospital or surgery recently you’ll know all about the long queues and hurried consultations. Yet if you’ve looked at your pay-slip you’ll know that the high health contributions are out of all proportion to the poor service.
The answer isn’t more party politics but to set up a commission of experts straight away: the best doctors, nurses, surgeons, chemists, area health executives and insurance actuaries. The commission would recommend and the government act upon measures radically to re-organize the health services in the best interest of all.
7. We need to stop Britain becoming a paradise for muggers, druggers and violent criminals.
Those parts of our cities that become NO-GO areas after dark grow larger each year. Many old people live in constant fear. Parents are anxious whenever children have to make short journeys alone. And crime statistics show the situation is getting worse. What kind of nightmare will we live in in a few years from now? A Government of National Union would create a highly trained mobile National Police Force for the task of putting down large-scale organized crime (including the traffic in dangerous drugs) leaving local police forces to concentrate on using their local knowledge to re-establish law and order in the streets. And we should stop the humbug and restore the death penalty, using it sparingly for premeditated murder. Sentence would be carried out quickly and painlessly by a method other than hanging. A Court of Appeal would have a solemn duty to recommend a reprieve if any doubts existed. Whose interests are served by locking away without hope and at tremendous cost to the community murderers who can never be released?
8. We need to safeguard free speech and right of reply from Marxist mobs and media monopolies.
Today, Marxist mob violence in the streets and halls of Britain denies freedom of expression to any views of which the agitators disapprove. This political censorship by the extreme Left must be broken. No longer should they be allowed to silence by force views which they evidently cannot answer by debate. Freedom of speech (except incitement to break the law) should be guaranteed by Government and rigorously defended by the police. We believe in the freedom of the press, TV and radio. But freedom for the public too – anybody who feels unfairly criticized by these powerful media should be guaranteed a fair amount of space or time to reply. At present anybody’s views can be grossly distorted on the whim of journalists and editors who hold a monopoly on the media and know it is costly to bring legal actions against them.
9. We need to solve the Irish problem once and for all.
That means tackling the cause of Irish disunity. Bloodshed can be ended by a readjustment of the Irish border, subject to a free vote in the Six Counties. If the bulk of the Catholic population in the North (living near the present borders) opted for rule by Dublin, the IRA would lose its bases, the British Army could patrol the border more effectively against infiltrators and there would be an all- round relaxing of tensions. In the improved situation agreement on the ultimate solution: the Union of Ireland within a United Europe with the rights of the Protestants protected and guaranteed by European Parliament.
A man of great intelligence and courage
These nine points for National Union are based on the ideas of a man once widely tipped as a future Prime Minister of Britain. He was the only Minister ever to resign from a Government on the all-important issue of unemployment.
This outstanding but frequently misrepresented man was Sir Oswald Mosley, who died in December 1980. For fifty years he fought attempts by the Left and Right to silence his ideas by distorting the truth. Mosley’s attempts to defend his meetings from red violence brought the false charge of ‘brutality.’ Simply and solely for opposing the disastrous war with Germany, because it was not in British interests, Mosley and nearly 1,000 of his followers were imprisoned without charge or trial. After the war Mosley was the first to call for the union of Europe (1946) and the first to oppose the importation of racial problems through large-scale immigration (1952).
The economic crash which Mosley long predicted (temporarily delayed by armament booms, war devaluations and foreign borrowings) draws near. Regardless of his death, the ideas of Mosley remain the only workable basis to prevent the continued decline and to build a new civilization.
Something must be done.
Discuss these Nine Points of National Union with you friends and work-mates. If you have access to a copying machine (you’ll find one in most Public Libraries) unfold this leaflet and take six copies. Post each of them to anybody who you think might be interested. And afterwards, use the coupon to order Action, the monthly news-sheet advancing a Government of National Union.
Britain never got a representative Government of National Union. Thatcherism was entrenched by the Falklands conflict and lasted until the Tories tore themselves apart over Europe. Labour came storming back under Tony Blair in 1997 and we wasted twelve years borrowing money in order to kill people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we are nearly bankrupt and about to reinstate the Tories. Few people really trust Dave Cameron’s party but they think that they will be better than Labour. And so it goes on with one failed regime following another in a never-ending game of musical chairs. There must be a better way.

National Survival

Poland has been invaded by Sweden, united with Lithuania, partitioned between Prussia, Russia and Austria and occupied by Germany and the Soviet Union. Few nations have suffered so much at the hands of their neighbours. But Poland remains one of the most united and homogenous nations in Europe. Through all the trauma of invasion and subjection they have maintained their culture and language. The Polish experience proves that political arrangements do not destroy nations. President Lech Kaczynski has ratified the Lisbon Treaty in the knowledge that Poland has come through all sorts of geopolitical upheavals without losing her identity. And even Michal Kaminski the leader of the Tories right-wing ECR alliance has come out in support of the Lisbon Treaty.

The Poles have more national confidence than the British because they are all the same people. It’s no wonder that Britons are frightened of losing their nationality when Third World immigrants overwhelm them. The Poles will not be wiped out by a federal constitution but the Brits could well disappear under a tsunami of non-European economic refugees. Countries can only absorb immigrants in reasonable numbers; if the newcomers outbreed the original population that country will cease to exist as a recognizable entity. It will still be there geographically but its culture, spirit and identity will be gone forever.

European countries have evolved economic and political systems over many centuries but most African states are under developed and run by dictators who spend fortunes on the military at the expense of health and education. This forces their young men and women escape to Europe or America to further their careers. In Africa they have levels of corruption that would make a Westminster MP feel at home. This culture of corruption is now well established in our Labour-controlled inner cities where local government contracts are awarded and social housing is allocated along tribal lines. These rackets are protected by race-relations legislation and condoned by the Churches and the media in the interests of “racial harmony.”

The eurosceptics think that the European Union will rob us of our identity. But history shows that federation does not affect nationality. The European Union began in 1951 when France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg signed the Treaty of Paris to create the European Coal and Steel Community. Almost sixty years later every one of those founder countries is still a recognizable national entity. Nobody has lost his or her nationality because of the European Union. Britain, Ireland and Denmark have been members since 1973 without losing any of their national characteristics. The federal union known as the United Kingdom has functioned for hundreds of years without the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh losing their identities. Despite having different languages and traditions the nations of the British Isles functioned as one political entity until the recent outbreak of separatism.

The extremists of Left and Right are unexpected allies in the campaign against the European Union. Ukip wants us to trade with the Commonwealth and link our future to India and Nigeria. They must know that such an arrangement would inevitably lead to Britain being submerged in a tide of immigration. You cannot keep out immigrants from countries on which you depend; ask the Australians or the Canadians about Chinese immigration.

The Labour Party was founded to fight for the British working class but it’s now controlled by big business and dedicated to importing cheap labour. The right wing of the Labour Party is indistinguishable from the mainstream Tory party and the left wing, or Old Labour, is still spouting the same worn-out anti-European rhetoric that we have heard for the past half-century.

The overwhelmingly eurosceptic press wants a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty but they have never demanded one on immigration. If it’s a good idea to ask the people what they think let’s ask them a few questions that really matter. It would cost millions of pounds to hold a referendum so let’s make it worthwhile. We should ask them what they think about Third World immigration, if they want to fight an imperialist war in Afghanistan, what we should do with murderers and paedophiles, and what sentences should be given to muggers and drug dealers.

All assemblies are subject to the vices and weaknesses of humanity. The parliament of the European Union is no exception. It’s as flawed as The House of Commons, the Bunderstag, the Palais Bourbon or Congress. But we have to have representatives and they must meet together to debate. We can only ensure that we have sufficient checks and balances in place to protect us from their greedy delinquencies.

Dave Cameron has broken with the majority EPP group in the European Parliament to join the ECR group from the former Warsaw Pact. Their Czech allies are anxious to stop the Germans from claiming compensation for property stolen from them after the war. Far from being idealists they are just a gang of squatters. But Dave has to appease the swivel-eyed faction led by failures like William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith. Until he fires these unrepentant Thatcherites he will have to put up with their paranoid fantasy that France and Germany created the EU in a fit of Anglophobia.

The rest of us will work until we drop to pay back the money that Gordon Brown borrowed. Our children will probably still be paying it back in twenty or thirty years time. Britain is dangerously over populated and facing serious problems. We lack power-generating capacity and our telecommunications and transport system needs modernizing. To keep up with our competitors we must improve training and education.  We need to consider our position in the world and decide what sort of country we want to be. The Lisbon Treaty will not destroy us but unlimited Third World immigration will. It’s time we got our priorities right.

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