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Issue 45, June 2008

We believe we are protected by the Human Rights Charter: Article 19.
“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression: this right includes the freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948 in Paris.

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends, June 2008, #45

Keep Alaska White 
The Labour Party has been crushed at the polls. Boris Johnson beat a tired and jaded Ken Livingstone to become Mayor of London.  Ex top cop Brian Paddick came a poor third. One issue UKIP disappeared off the radar and the Green Party polled almost twice as much as the BNP. Apparently Londoners put global warming and the threat to Polar Bears before demographics. They want to keep Alaska white more than they care about Britain.

The BNP gained their first member of the GLA when Richard Barnbrook, the leader of the opposition on Barking and Dagenham Council, edged past the five percent threshold to win a non-geographical seat. They also increased their national representation by ten council seats. This was not the breakthrough that some members expected but it has shocked the Establishment

The London Campaign Manager of the rival National Front described their performance as: “their best results for thirty years.” Standing in five heavily “enriched” GLA constituencies they polled 34,840 votes to save two deposits and narrowly miss saving a third.  

These results have helped to revive the debate on immigration. Politicians are breaking the taboo that has silenced them since the days of Enoch Powell and his “Rivers of Blood.” The House of Lords has even published a report that questions the benefits of immigration to the nation. But it took the arrival of a million East Europeans to allow the media to criticize the government’s open door policy without falling foul of the Race Relations Act.

The right-wing parties are right about Third World immigration but they are chasing an illusion of independence that ended in 1956 when Anthony Eden was forced to withdraw invading British forces from Suez. Since then we have been firmly tied to the Atlantic Alliance.

The Labour Party suffered another humiliating defeat in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election. But the UKIP candidate Mike Nattrass MEP did even worse. He got only 922 votes, 2.2%. His fellow separatists the English Democrats got 275 votes to narrowly beat the Loony Party.

Selective Indignation
China and Myanmar have both been devastated by terrible natural disasters that have temporarily spared them from criticism.  All over the world people live in fear of oppressive regimes. But the West castigates only a selected few. The media are concerned about Myanmar and Sudan but ignore Palestine that is illegally occupied by Ehud Olmert’s forces and Somalia where the American-backed regime of Abdullah Yusuf is engaged in mass murder.

The military ruler of Myanmar General Than Shwe reacted to the 1990 election victory of Aung San Suu Kyi by placing her under house arrest. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 but an international campaign has failed to influence the junta. The United States and France have both called for Suu Kyi’s release but their respective oil giants Chevron and Total are partners in the lucrative Yadana gas project. Both companies insist that they are only staying in Myanmar to help steer the country towards democracy.

Myanmar is close to China and therefore dependent on Chinese trade with the United States. Demonstrations around the world have protested at China’s brutal occupation of Tibet and Xinjiang but Western governments have no interest in carving up the Chinese empire. The Bank of China is a major holder of US Treasury Bonds and Chinese companies make “American” computers, printers, phones and toys that are exported to the world.

The Chinese are active in Zimabwe where Robert Mugabe presides over the world’s lowest expectation of life and highest inflation rate. They are also involved in oil-rich Sudan where government troops are fighting rebel forces for control of Darfur province.  Condoleeza Rice has instigated sanctions against Khartoum but the Chinese continue to buy 80% of Sudan’s oil production with dollars earned by trading with America.

Africa has enough disadvantages without being subjected to Chinese and American exploitation. The new imperialists do not ride about on horseback wearing cocked hats and ceremonial swords but they are just as firmly in control.  To escape poverty Africans have been encouraged to migrate to Europe where greedy employers are waiting to hire them. But as the recession crosses the Atlantic this option may soon be closed; Europeans facing unemployment will force their governments to take action.

The well-meaning stars of Hollywood protest at the slaughter in Sudan but if the major powers really wanted to free the peoples of Africa and Asia from war and tyranny they could do so. The Chinese are not really communists and the Americans are not libertarians. They are both capitalists who believe in making money. Their selective indignation is meaningless. They would trade with the Devil if he offered extended credit.

The persecution of Henry Tibbs

After 68 years the National Archive has declassified documents that reveals the cruel persecution of a country vicar by the wartime authorities.

In the summer of 1940 the vicar of Teigh, a tiny village in Rutland, was detained in Liverpool Prison under Defence regulation 18B.  The Reverend Henry Stanley Tibbs and his son John Dudley Tibbs, who was also detained, were members of the British Union of Fascists. They had joined to support Mosley’s agricultural policy and his opposition to the war.

On the evidence of an anti-fascist fellow clergyman Tibbs was accused of harbouring two Gestapo agents in the parish priory. No such agents were ever produced but the allegations were enough for the police. Another witness alleged that Tibbs had preached fascist sermons from the pulpit and that he had described Churchill as “a drug addict and a dictator of the vilest kind, in fact the worst dictator in the world and in the pay of the American Jews.”

Following letters of support from his parishioners and from the Bishop of Peterborough his appeal was considered by the Appeals Panel in December. The Reverend Tibbs denied all the allegations against him and stated: “I have never talked politics to my parishioners, and I have never preached a political sermon in my life.”

 After considering the evidence the Appeals Panel stated: “The committee feel that whilst Tibbs’ detention was fully justified, a mass of rumour and some exaggerated reports have been built up. They dismissed the evidence of the clergyman from nearby Market Overton who they described as: “A vindictive type of man quite capable of bearing tales about, or putting the worst interpretation on the words of anyone against whom he harboured a grudge.” They concluded; “Tibbs has now learned his lesson.” And a Home Office official described him as “harmless.”

He was eventually released eight months later but the 63 year-old was a broken man and died soon after.

The current vicar, the Reverend James Saunders told the BBC; “There were many people in the 1930s who admired Germany and admired Hitler and most of them were sensible enough to keep their heads down when war broke out.”

The Reverend Tibbs was one of over a thousand innocent men and women who were thrown into prison for opposing the war. Many of them succumbed to the cruelty and injustice of being locked up without charge. The Reverend Tibbs was just another victim of the paranoid hysteria that was used to justify detention without trial, an abuse of justice that was wrong in 1940 and is still wrong today.

Changing places
The buses, trains and planes coming from Poland to Britain used to arrive full and return almost empty but today they are leaving with no spare seats. The Polish economy has responded to EU investment as Britain has started to feel the effects of the American recession.

The grim predictions of the Daily Mail have proved to be nonsense. Our health service has not collapsed under pressure from pregnant Poles. Our children have not been forced to attend Mass and speak Polish. And the Poles have not eaten all the swans and geese in our public parks. It’s estimated that almost half of the recent immigrants from Poland have gone home.

The low cost and availability of travel has changed immigration. When people left home to seek their fortune in another country it used to be forever. Many of the Scots and Irish who came to England in the Fifties and Sixties never went home again. Even the short journey to a neighbouring state was beyond their means. But with modern air travel you can be in Warsaw in a couple of hours or in Capetown or Sydney overnight.

“Free trade” means that we cannot protect our industries, secure our borders or insulate ourselves against cheap-labour imports. When the price of oil goes up we immediately pass it on to the motorist. And if the international banks restrict credit we must follow. We sell our exports at the going rate and allow forces beyond our control determine the value of our currency.

When our economy is booming people flood in but when it suffers a downturn they either go home or go on the dole. This is not a political opinion but an economic reality that’s as dependable as gravity. So long as we are part of the global system we are at its mercy.

If we really need immigrant labour we should chose those that are capable of assimilation. The Poles have shown that they are good workers who are prepared to go home if they run out of work. Half a century of government propaganda has convinced some immigrant groups that they have a right to be fed and looked after. But history shows that people must change places in response to economic forces.

When Ian Smith declared Rhodesian independence in 1965 there were 300,000 white settlers. They controlled the land and farmed it so efficiently that the country was self-sufficient in food and exported a healthy surplus. The Rhodesian dollar was a solid currency and the Smith government had enough money to fight an African uprising. But Rhodesia was defeated by the combined effect of Anglo-American sanctions, the Portuguese revolution and the imminent collapse of apartheid in South Africa.

Today Zimbabwe has the world’s lowest expectation of life and its highest inflation rate. The whites that contributed so much to Zimbabwe have nearly all left. The Africans have taken back their land and the white Rhodesians have gone home. Only 30,000 Europeans are left. Mostly retired people who eke out a desperate existence on money sent by their friends and families who have decamped to Europe, America and Australia.

The white Rhodesians are bitter that they have lost so much. Many of them fought in the Bush war and felt passionately for their adopted country. But the fact is that there were never enough whites to hang onto Rhodesia without outside help. The die was cast when Margaret Thatcher installed Robert Mugabe in power in 1980. There could be no future in Zimbabwe for outsiders that had come thousands of miles to make a living.

Most of the blacks and Asians in Europe are also outsiders. Despite the efforts of the race-relations industry they have kept to their own traditions, languages and loyalties.  Some may feel that they belong but most are tied to their homelands by international communications and cheap airfares. The days of once and for all migration are over. Home is only a plane ride away even for second and third generations. It’s only natural that many immigrants prefer to educate their children in their own countries. And it makes perfect economic sense to retire back home.

But the threads that bind nations together are not simple. It’s not just race, or language or culture. The Jews are united by their tribal religion whether they come from Russia or Ethiopia. This is yet another factor in the complex web of Identity. Many people feel that a West Indian, who speaks English, plays cricket and drinks beer is more British than a “foreigner” who speaks a language that we cannot understand. As the young woman from Barking said: “I would vote BNP if my kids weren’t mixed race.”

There were plenty of white Rhodesians who identified with Africa. They were not all bigots, any more than the South Africans who are misrepresented by the popular press. We are all subject to our common humanity. But when populations are driven by economic imperatives finer feelings tend to be forgotten. When the great remigration happens good old Leroy who plays darts in the local pub could be on the next plane to Jamaica.

This may not be fair, anymore than it was fair to uproot a million French citizens from Algeria, half a million Portuguese from Angola and Mozambique or a quarter of a million Europeans from Zimbabwe. History is full of migrations and expulsions resulting from wars, revolutions and economic upheavals. There must be nearly a million white South Africans in Britain. And if South Africa follows Zimbabwe on the road to ruin we might get another four million. That would be a good time to plan an equitable exchange of populations throughout the world.
Two bob Gordon Brown

A cheapskate is known in the London vernacular as a “two bob” person. A “bob” was a shilling in the old money. This translates to five pence in the decimal system, thus two bob is ten pence. That’s the amount that Gordon Brown has stolen from the taxpayers. He has destroyed his reputation for a miserable ten pence and gone down in history as “two bob Gordon Brown.”

During the worldwide boom of the last decade Gordon Brown was hailed as a great Chancellor; a safe pair of hands to guard the nation’s coffers. But as soon as boom turned to bust he was revealed as just another waster basking in the reflected glory of Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve.

As soon as America ran out of credit Gordon Brown ran out of credibility. When Frank Field forced him to pay back the tax increase he had to borrow 2.7 billion pounds from the banks. Britain fought the Falklands War with funds set aside for emergencies but we no longer have any reserves. We are living hand to mouth and fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with revenue that should have gone to the health service, education and social security.

Brown has raised taxes for ten years running to fund the killing of Afghans and Iraqis who are trying to defend themselves. Our taxes pay for depleted uranium shells that give children cancer and delayed-action cluster bombs that explode when they pick them up. Our hard-earned money goes to pay-off kidnappers and drug-dealers in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have paid millions of pounds in bribes to warlords, agents and spies. And every penny is needed to pay for wages, food and ammunition for our armed forces.

The capture of the Iraqi oilfields was one of our major objectives of the First World War. But first we had to defeat the Ottoman, German and Austro-Hungarian empires. We justified our actions by pointing to the belligerence of our enemies. The Second World War was really a replay with Japan and Italy on the other side. And once again we played the part of the noble defenders of civilization against the brutal Hun.

This time nobody believes that we are innocent. The “Weapons of Mass Destruction” propaganda was an outright lie. We went to war on false pretences and we continue to kill, maim and disrupt for no good reason. The Labour Party has long posed as the party of socialism and brotherly love but it’s now revealed to be as bloodthirsty as the warmongering Tories.

While we spend 33.4 billion pounds annually fighting colonial wars we will have no chance of tax cuts. We should bring our troops home and use them to defend our borders against invasion. The war against illegal immigration is one that we can and must win.

Beware of false prophets

As the worldwide recession begins to bite another generation of false prophets has been exposed as charlatans. The financial advisors and tipsters who touted their expertise in the marketplace were no better than the fortunetellers who preceded them. Gypsy women with tarot cards and tealeaves were just as accurate as the salesmen in sharp suits that told us to invest in the American mortgage market

Innocent people are sent to prison on the evidence of “expert” witnesses. Children that have died during epileptic fits have been misdiagnosed as having been shaken to death and infants with sore bottoms have been mistaken for rape victims. Nobody will ever know how many miscarriages of justice resulted from the evidence of highly qualified quacks.

This institutional incompetence is not restricted to the legal, medical and financial professions it also dominates politics. When cabinet ministers become involved in bribery, drunkenness and sexual misconduct they get shuffled. The Minister of Transport suddenly finds himself in charge of Food & Fisheries, the Minister of Defence takes over the Arts and the Foreign Minister becomes the Chancellor. Not to be outdone the shadow ministers of the opposition parties play the same childish game of musical chairs.

These overpaid chancers immediately pretend to be experts on their new jobs. Armed with briefing notes from civil servants they spout words that they do not understand to an audience of overgrown schoolchildren who shout and holler at every pronouncement. If they are challenged they will simply waffle their way through with meaningless references to the previous government. Gordon Brown’s favorite line is “that is not the question that people are asking.”

Of course it doesn’t matter how useless a minister is. If the railways go bust it’s not his fault. He will go on to ruin agriculture or something else. If the Pound falls against the Euro nobody will blame the Chancellor, he will become Prime Minister. And if half a million illegal immigrants slip through the net we can hardly blame the Home Secretary. There was a time when ministers would resign if they screwed up but today they carry on as though nothing has happened. They have no shame and fear no consequences for their criminal incompetence.

As standards have declined salaries have risen. In almost every industry consultants now operate as free agents who grab most of the money without assuming any of the responsibility. Margaret Thatcher destroyed the trade unions because they were guilty of restrictive practices and tried to improve wages and conditions. But their power was nothing compared to the stranglehold that the professional bodies have on the country. It’s time for the experts to be held accountable for their decisions.

Empty our prisons

We have grown used to young men being shot and stabbed to death. Every week we read about another killing, usually involving black men fighting over drugs. But now the killings have crossed the social and racial divide to include middle-class white kids. This culture of violence has been marketed by the entertainment industry and tolerated by political correctness.

The police have launched a number of gimmicks. They have unveiled an airport-style metal detection arch that will buzz when an armed offender walks through. That’s fine, but what happens to the weapon carriers? If they are to be treated with the usual leniency there is no point in detaining them in the first place.

We have no choice but to lock-up British kids who defy the law but there’s no reason why we should tolerate criminal aliens. The Italians have started deporting foreign defaulters. They have not been thrown out of the EU or threatened with UN sanctions. The excuse that we can’t do anything because of Human Rights legislation is nonsense. International treaties are always open to interpretation.

We could empty our prisons by sending home foreign-born criminals. And criminals born here of foreign parentage should be given the choice of volunteering to go to their ancestral homeland or facing long prison sentences.
It serves no purpose for us to feed and guard aliens who could be sent home with a note around their necks proclaiming them to be drug-dealers, rapists, murderers, dole-scroungers, pimps or people smugglers. Their own people would know how to deal with them.

The bleeding heart liberals and anti-white fanatics who are the backbone of the Labour Party would no doubt do some of their traditional wailing and gnashing of teeth. But the rest of us, including the law-abiding immigrant population, would sleep much safer in our beds.

The old gang has built a society in which a little girl called Khyra Ishaq starved to death in Birmingham; a city with thousands of social workers. And where one child under 10 is killed every week (Daily Mail 29-05-08). They have turned our streets into battlegrounds and our police into political enforcers who think that killing innocent bystanders is part of the job. No doubt a public enquiry will excuse all those dedicated professionals who are supposed to be protecting us.

The police should think carefully about demanding the right to strike. There’s an argument for treating armed police officers as soldiers. We rarely prosecute soldiers for shooting people but if the police want the same rights as civilian workers they must accept the consequences. This would apply not only to shootings but also to the growing number of fatalities from speeding police cars.
Health & Safety
Richard North has got every right to express his anti-European views on his website  - but he has no right to endanger public health by falsely claiming that white asbestos is harmless. Anyone in doubt should read the Asbestos at Work Regulations. White asbestos is extremely toxic and must be disposed of by licensed specialists. It can cause asbestos warts, pleural plaques, diffuse pleural thickening, asbestosis, cancer and emphysema. It’s banned not just in the EU but also in America, Russia, Japan and throughout the world.

North claims that there is a conspiracy on the part of licensed contractors: “This once again is another example of the dire combination of EU law (which lumps harmful blue and brown asbestos in the same category as white, which poses no measurable risk to health) and the enthusiastic intervention of British officials – in this case the Health and Safety Executive.”

He is totally wrong about white asbestos. It’s an extremely dangerous substance and his ignorant outburst could result in people ignoring warnings and being fatally contaminated. He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for spreading false information.

Fortunately we will not have to put up with Richard North’s ramblings for much longer. Under the heading “Why we cannot win,” he writes: “Euroscepticism is dead. It is not official yet, and the putative corpse is still breathing. If it was a human being, it would be on life support, showing no brain activity. The relatives would be gathering round. Discussing when to switch off the machine and whether any of its organs could be suitable for donation.”

At least he is right about something. UKIP’s election results show that the public has no interest in isolationism. Despite a 35-year campaign by the popular newspapers people remain unconvinced by their arguments. The Liberal-Democrats were right to call for a referendum not just on the Lisbon treaty but also on the whole question of Britain’s membership of the EU. The result would be no different to the 1975 referendum when 67% voted to stay in. Remember that the Eurosceptics were just as convinced of victory then as they are now.

The EU is certainly an imperfect vehicle but it is carrying the nations of Europe towards a collective independence from global capitalism. Even diehard nationalists know in their hearts that the go-it-alone option is not viable. Their dream of an independent Britain would be completely subsumed by America. After 35 years of membership of the European Union we are still British, the Irish are still Irish and every member state is still recognizable. Far from losing our nationality within a European federation it remains our best chance of survival in a world dominated by big powers.

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