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Issue 47, August 2008

We believe we are protected by the Human Rights Charter: Article 19.
“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression: this right includes the freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948 in Paris.

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends, August 2008, # 47. 

The silence of the press

The Heretical Two, Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle (Luke O’Farrell) have been found guilty of offences under the Race Relations Act at Leeds Crown Court. Their web server is located in California but this has not saved them from prosecution in Britain. They are now claiming political asylum in America. But apart from the Yorkshire Post the press has not reported this story.

Despite this politically motivated prosecution it’s still possible to campaign against Third World immigration and Zionist aggression without resorting to crude racism. It’s unnecessary and illegal to abuse other races. Nobody can help their ethnicity and those who resort to bigotry do their cause no favours.

People are worried about Third World immigration and are prepared to cast their votes against it. But many of them are put off by blatantly extremist language and attitudes. Most people are fair-minded and respond to reasoned debate rather than racial and religious rhetoric.

Immigration must be approached with honesty and sensitivity. It was a taboo subject until the arrival of a million Poles allowed the popular press to cover the issue without being accused of racism. The British government enacted the Nationality Act of 1948 that legalised the importation of cheap labour. The immigrants and their descendants have merely taken advantage of the opportunity.

The British government also created the Middle East situation with the Balfour Declaration of 1917. That conflict is not the fault of individual Israelis and Palestinians who are locked in a cycle of violence beyond their control. It is a political problem that cannot be solved by military might.

Mankind is only using a fraction of its brainpower and technology. We have harnessed the atom and can make pinpoint landings on faraway planets. We can solve the problems of population, territory, production and distribution without sending our troops halfway around the world to fight colonial wars; or by showing hostility to economic immigrants.


The right wing revolution of the Eighties swept away protectionism in favour of the so-called free market economy. Margaret Thatcher’s government smashed the trade unions by forcing a fight with the coalminers and threw open our economy to global capitalism. We were bombarded with propaganda about the benefits of world trade and open borders.

The message was that the economy would sort itself out if only we would let it. Twenty years later it has. With no limitations on cheap imports most of our manufacturing industry has been wiped out. And the deregulated banks have lent so much money to so many people that they have had to be propped-up by national governments in Britain and America.

Freed from regulations the banks sold mortgages to almost anyone and extended loans that would never be repaid. But the racket could not last forever and it ended with the sub-prime crisis. The disciples of Thatcherism dreamed of creating a property owning democracy peopled by a grateful middle class that would mow their lawns and pay their taxes. Instead they have created a bipolar society of sink estates bordering on gated apartments patrolled by guard dogs and protected by CCTV cameras.

We have become dependent on cheap food and cheap goods from China and India. But now Asian workers are starting to demand better wages and conditions. This means that the price of their exports is rising but it’s not so easy to go back to manufacturing because we have sold the machinery and converted our factories into apartment blocks for immigrants.

The Thatcherites made all sorts of noble claims about liberating the economy and empowering the people but in reality they were driven by greed. They sold off the nationalized industries to make a quick profit and asset-stripped everything that they could get their hands on. We are left with deserted workshops patrolled by security guards imported from Third World countries to work for the minimum wage.

It’s never too late to learn that wealth is based on production and states that produce little or nothing are at the mercy of those that do. The global economy is beyond the control of individual states and the giant corporations that dominate it have no particular national interests. Only a self-sufficient entity can hope to challenge the power of global capitalism.

Factories can be rebuilt and agricultural production can be increased. But first we need to rethink our attitudes and get away from the illusion of “free trade”.
Thatcherism produces short-term booms that soon turn into recessions. We must return to a system of productive capitalism backed by state participation and sustained by guaranteed markets.

The collapse of Northern Rock is an example of the economy sorting itself out. The free traders have no conscience. They did not worry about the welfare of the miners when they destroyed the coal industry in favour of cheap and plentiful gas. But 23 years later gas is not so cheap. Unfettered capitalism, to paraphrase St Paul, is the root of all evil; in the end the state must get involved.

Nightmare in Bari: The World War II Liberty Ship Poison Gas Disaster and Cover-up

Axis war crimes are well documented and many soldiers were sentenced to death or imprisonment at the infamous Nuremberg Trials for obeying orders. Allied atrocities are less well known but the truth is slowly emerging that all sides committed war crimes but only the vanquished were found guilty.

On December 2, 1943 thirty ships were moored at the Italian port of Bari waiting to unload supplies of ammunition and fuel for the US 5th and the British 8th army.  Suddenly over eighty Ju88 dive-bombers, under the command of Field Marshal Wolfram von Richthofen, attacked the busy port. In less than an hour the raid became the worst bombing of Allied shipping since Pearl Harbour. In fact it became known as Little Pearl Harbour. Seventeen Allied ships were lost but the devastation was only a prelude of the horror to come.

The USS John Harvey laden with a top-secret cargo of mustard gas bombs received a direct hit and exploded, killing the entire crew and releasing deadly clouds of gas across the harbour. The loss of life was appalling. More than one thousand Allied servicemen and more than one thousand civilians were killed. Today few people know of the wartime disaster at Bari. This book describes what happened and examines the Allied cover-up.

The disaster was kept secret on the orders of General Dwight D Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe. US records were partly declassified in 1959 but the full facts were not known until 1967. A British communiqué issued at the time spoke only of “deaths caused by enemy action.”
No mention was made of one hundred tons of mustard gas bombs.

About the Author
Gerald Reminick is a college librarian on Long Island, New York and author of Patriots and Heroes, True Stories of the U.S. Merchant Marine in World War II, now in its third printing.

Published by Glencannon Press 2001
Available from

Growing up in Britain

The younger generation has been exposed to influences that seldom troubled us years ago. Most of them have grown up surrounded by Third World immigrants and some of them have been part of an oppressed white minority that has been indoctrinated with multiculturalism and taught to hate all things British.

Education has been so slanted that some of our kids know little about our history and achievements. Instead their heads have been filled with liberal propaganda and self hate. They have been taught all about African slavery but few of them know about the terrible conditions endured by working people at home.

But despite being targeted for most of their lives they have mostly resisted the relentless propaganda. Some white kids wear their jeans at half-mast and their caps back to front like Afro-Caribbeans but the majority has shrugged off the years of political conditioning to keep their culture intact. The liberals have failed to implant their twisted version of racial hatred.

The Establishment, the media and the old gang parties have supported the “anti-racist” crusade. It has been enshrined in law and enthusiastically enforced by our highly political police. Blacks are even being given preference over whites in a grotesque parody of discrimination. And anybody who questions this blatant injustice is dismissed as a “racist.”

The inverted racial prejudice of liberal schoolteachers has not rubbed off on their students. Most kids respect other races but do not imitate them or marry into them. Some have reacted to the propaganda assault by adopting radical views but most kids just want to get on with their lives without being continually lectured to about the alleged evils of the white race.

The multiracial experiment was supposed to produce a contented nation that’s neither black nor white. Instead it has produced embittered enclaves of disadvantaged immigrants who compete with resentful native Britons. White flight has left the decaying city centers to the newcomers but they are finding it increasingly hard to survive as the recession takes hold.

The experiment has failed and so has the propaganda. Many black kids have taken the opportunity to study and improve themselves but others have drifted into the nightmare world of drugs, crime and violence.  A sad process aided and abetted by a police force that is frightened to tackle black crime.

The liberals have betrayed black and white alike and laid the foundations for a future conflagration. They have failed to remake society to the discredited vision of Soviet theoretician Trofim Lysenko.  Instead they have provoked decent people into adopting racist attitudes that they never had before.

The Big Lie

As violent crime soars and murders are reported daily the police are busy congratulating themselves on their success. Despite a very obvious rise in violent crime the authorities are trotting out statistics that are supposed to convince us that crime is falling. We often see on television the smug and immaculately uniformed Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair denying that we are under siege from knife-wielding thugs and gunmen.

We still have 4,100 servicemen in Iraq. According to Gordon Brown our invasion of Iraq has been “a complete success” but he will not set an “artificial timetable” for evacuation. But military spokesmen have warned that we must withdraw from Iraq in order to bolster our forces in Afghanistan.

In that conflict we are sustaining steady losses and are under pressure from a determined enemy that was supposed to have been wiped out seven years ago.
The cost of this operation has been carefully concealed but we know that America is spending $100 million a day. The Americans are more forthcoming with military information and their taxpayers demand to be told the truth.

As Gordon Brown flies around the world attending conferences and acting the great statesman it is widely reported that the government’s budget is hopelessly inadequate. They have now abandoned their stated policy of only borrowing for investment and are now borrowing just to survive. We have run out of money but the circus of deception goes on as though nothing has happened.

Gordon Brown is still promising victory in Iraq as our troops are packing their kitbags.  In Afghanistan he is faced with the choice of withdrawing or reinforcing our embattled forces. On the grim streets of our big cities he is walking a dangerous tightrope between fighting crime and upsetting the Labour-voting immigrant community. And he is still waffling about government spending being funded by growth as he signs the latest loan agreement.

This is the government of the big lie. All politicians tell lies but the Labour administration has raised the bar on barefaced mendacity. Their advisors have calculated that the public only see through little lies. They know when the state is exaggerating success or minimizing difficulties. But they will not believe that their elected leaders are telling deliberate and total fabrications.

So instead of admitting that violent crime is rising and promising to do something about it, they simply lie and say that it is going down. There must be a limit to this. There must come a point when the great British public refuses to listen to any more lies. The price of gas, electricity, fuel and food has rocketed but Gordon Brown insists that inflation is under control. This government must reach a tipping point; but we are not there yet.

Historical perspective

Because our lifespan is measured in decades we are impatient for change and constantly surprised at how long political developments take. To the present generation the 1930s might as well be the 1830s. It’s another age; a distant time recorded in black and white. To many of us it’s the time that our parents and grandparents talked about. A time of dreadful hardship and revolutionary politics that ended in the Second World War.

The historians of the future will not make such a distinction between the Nineteen Thirties and the Twenty Hundreds. We can now see the two great wars of the twentieth century were really the same war. And the economic forces of the Thirties are the same as those that shape our lives today. When Oswald Mosley predicted that the global capitalist system would fail he was right. It may have taken longer than we thought but his prediction is coming true almost eighty years later.

At the famous Olympia meeting of 1934 Mosley warned of the rise of Asian industry and the collapse of British manufacturing. He predicted that cheap labour would undercut British workers; he denounced global capitalism as a racket and derided the notion that the British government rules us. Nothing has changed in 74 years; his Olympia speech would still be relevant today.

Mosley and the BUF were right but their revolutionary movement was buried under the dead of WW2. After the war they fought against a constant barrage of organized violence and hysterical propaganda. But the British people had suffered enough. They had gone through two world wars and a terrible economic depression. They welcomed the improved conditions that started in the Sixties and have only just ended. They were happy enough to vote Labour or Tory and hope that the good times would last forever.

But good times never last forever. The rootless cosmopolitans that profit from war and play games with national economies are still running the world. Why should they pay a European a living wage when they can make the same goods in China for a fraction of the cost? And how ironic it is that a communist state is flooding the world with mass-produced goods made by cheap labour.

Every revolution has resulted from economic crisis. The pattern is familiar; inflation wipes out the middle classes and their savings, mass migration causes social dislocation and adds to rising unemployment, law and order breaks down and the state grows increasingly authoritarian. Eventually some sort of national coalition government passes an enabling act and tries to hold things together. Last time they prevented a revolution in Britain by diverting our attention with a world war. But in the nuclear age they dare not do the same again. We live in interesting times.

Understanding nationalism

The victory of the Scottish National Party in Glasgow East was a protest vote against the failing government of Gordon Brown. But by protesting against poverty and social deprivation the citizens of Glasgow have helped to promote the SNP policy of “Scottish Independence;” a movement that’s developing a momentum that could destroy the United Kingdom.

In Belgium the impasse continues between the Dutch and French speaking regions. The Flemish separatists seem determined to break up that little country, even though they are in the majority and have the most power. Belgium was created because Catholic Flanders feared being absorbed by the Protestant Netherlands. But it seems that language is now more important than religion.

Spain has been reorganized into self-governing regions with their own dialects and parliaments. The country that conquered half the world as a united kingdom now resembles Switzerland. The Basque separatists want more than autonomy and dream of carving a separate state out of France and Spain with its own army and all the paraphernalia of nationhood.

In Italy the bellicose Northern League shares government with a post-fascist National Alliance that is endemic to Rome and the Mezzogiorno. An unlikely marriage of convenience held together by Silvio Berlusconi’s considerable charm and almost unlimited money.

And while the petty statists wave their flags and dream of past glories all of Europe is being invaded and colonized by the teeming millions of the Third World. From Galway to Vladivostok economic refugees are penetrating our borders. Asians tread carefully through minefields to get into Russia. Africans arrive in Malta and Sicily on boats barely able to float and some even try to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar.

Sinn Fein campaigned against the Lisbon Treaty in the Irish referendum. They are nationalists who cherish their identity. But this has not stopped them from sharing power and generous parliamentary salaries with their old enemies in the North. Nor has it inspired them to say one world against nonwhite immigration.  Instead they have welcomed the Afro-Asian influx and join with the government and opposition in campaigning for a multiracial Ireland.

All over Europe the virus that destroyed Yugoslavia is undermining political geography. The Serbs and Croats fought a war over an alphabet; in Belgium it’s language that’s the problem, in Ireland it’s sectarianism, in Scotland it’s economic disadvantage. These ultimately inconsequential matters must not be allowed to divide Europeans who are besieged by the relentless expansion of the Third World. There has never been a greater need for unity.

Views on the news

The Max Mosley case upset Fleet Street and caused an avalanche of moral indignation. The actual spankfest became secondary to the fact that his defence relied on EU legislation. The Daily Mail was outraged that laws “imposed by Europe” were being used to protect privacy. And a former editor of The Sun saw the verdict as “the end of free speech.” The Court seemed to focus on the theme of the orgy. Was it a Nazi occasion or just a benign democratic orgy? They decided that it was not Nazi and was therefore harmless and legal. The case will cost Rupert Murdoch about a million pounds but he probably thinks that the resultant publicity for The News of The World was worth it. The involvement of the secret service MI5 has not been explained. They admit that the woman who filmed events was married to a serving intelligence officer. But they claim that he has since resigned. So that’s all right then.

As the black cloud of alarm and despondency over Gordon Brown’s head grows darker and larger his loyal comrades are forming an orderly queue behind him with daggers concealed in their togas. Jack Straw and David Miliband have both been mentioned as possible successors and both have emphatically denied any such ambition. The entire cabinet has pledged its loyalty to the son of the Manse. The matter will be decided by the trade union bosses who are more important than ever as Labour’s friends in the City desert them for the ascendant Tories. Tony Blair thought that he had broken free of the unions by doing deals with his friends in high places. But a series of investigations by the fraud squad has discouraged his benefactors. Now, with nothing in the bank the Labour Party is once more in the grip of the TUC. And Gordon Brown is in the impossible position of having to raise taxes, hold down wages and placate his industrial paymasters. He could always resign but he would take so long about it that he would become yet another victim of knife crime.

A campaign to give Margaret Thatcher a state funeral has been launched. We would have a job finding enough soldiers to line the route because they are all in Iraq or Afghanistan. But we could probably scrape together a collection of community cops and parking attendants to form a guard of honour. Apart from winning the Falklands War it hard to recall what Maggie did to deserve a gun carriage down Whitehall. Was it the disastrous Poll Tax that assured her place in history? Or her famous remark, “there is no such thing as society?” Perhaps it was the six billion pounds that we lost on the Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992? She will probably be remembered for breaking the Miner’s Strike in 1985. But she could never have done it without the leadership of Arthur Scargill. If Maggie gets a state funeral it would only be fair to give Arthur the same consideration. Ted Heath is seen as a traitor by the far right for taking Britain into the Common Market and admitting the Asian refugees from Idi Amin’s brutal regime in Uganda. But he got it right when a journalist asked him why Maggie hated him so much. He replied: “I don’t know, I am not a doctor.”

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