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Issue 44, May 2008

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends, # 44, May 2008
We are not wasting our time

The GLA election has inspired the old gang candidates to call for an amnesty for illegal immigrants. Ken Livingstone has always championed the “open door” policy and has surrounded himself with militant black advisors like Lee Jasper. Former Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick used to instruct his cops not to arrest illegals but to give them directions to the nearest reception center. And Boris Johnson has dug up his Turkish great-grandfather in the hope of making himself acceptable to London’s multiracial electorate.

The BNP are against immigration, even from Europe, but they now accept “established” immigrants. They are nationalists rather than racists and insist that they only want to preserve our culture. They have softened their policies to appeal to a wider audience. But many of their leaders have been outspoken critics of “The Money Power.” They are mistaken to think that their words will be forgiven by their enemies or forgotten by their supporters. Nevertheless they are expected to take at least one seat on the Greater London Authority. The latest wave of economic migrants has forced traditionally easy-going Londoners to call for a halt to the influx.

UKIP will share the anti-EU vote with One London, the BNP, the NF, the English Democrats and the Left List; the usual suspects from the outer limits of British politics. They have been given a boost by the defection of former Tory MP Bob Spink but they are hardly registering in the opinion polls.

Political parties have become power structures that exist entirely for their own benefit. Their policies and leaders are interchangeable and their promises are undeliverable because they have no real authority. The stratified class system that inspired their creation has all but disappeared and they are equally subservient to big business. They function as agents of global corporations whose undemocratically appointed officials are our real rulers. Democracy has been hijacked by plutocracy.

It’s no longer just a cranky minority that believes in “The Hidden Hand.” Today most people know that governments are controlled by global capitalism and that they can’t change anything by voting. This knowledge is proof that we are not wasting our time. People were not worried about the power of the banks when the world economy was booming. But now the whole edifice is collapsing, along with its political structures. A new representative system based on information technology is needed to serve the needs of the future.

 The Lisbon Treaty

A correspondent has complained that I have “sidestepped the issue of the Lisbon Treaty and the disgraceful way that the British people have been denied a referendum.”

I believe that Europe should have a president, a foreign minister and a common foreign policy. I therefore support the treaty and believe it is the best interest of Britain and Europe. It’s true that the old gang promised a referendum on the issue but they have promised all sorts of things that they never had any intention of doing. The majority of thinking people were opposed to the war on Iraq but the Blair government ignored them. The majority of Britons oppose immigration but successive governments have brought in millions from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Ironically it was the arrival of a million white Poles that started the current rethink on immigration.

The so-called democracies have never listened to the public. They prefer to gain the approval of the masses but they do not hesitate to trample on public opinion if they have to.  The French voted against the treaty. But what are we to make of an electorate that spurned the Front National and voted for Nicolas Sarkozy because they are sick of immigration? The Dutch also voted against the treaty. They are currently supporting Geert Wilders a self-confessed Mossad agent who wants to put the Israelis in charge of the Netherlands security services.

My point is that people seldom know what is best for them. They get their opinions from TV stations and newspapers controlled by global capitalists like Rupert Murdoch or Conrad Black. Less than half of the electorate vote in general elections to chose between parties that are all committed to the Atlantic Alliance, multiracism and Zionism. The misinformed masses read papers like The Daily Mail and are convinced that it’s all the fault of Europe.

But it wasn’t Europe that forced the Labour government to bring in the British Nationality Act of 1948. It was our American paymasters who ordered us to dismantle the British Empire and grant citizenship to colonial subjects. This was the start of a process that has transformed Britain into the drug-ravaged, violent, noisy, uncivilized American dependency that we all know and love.

With leaders like Sarkozy, Merkel, Berlusconi and Brown there’s no doubt that we are tied to global capitalism. But building the framework of European solidarity is a step in the right direction. The current political and economic constraints will not last forever. America has run out of money and credit to support her trillion-dollar addiction to world domination. Future American administrations will struggle to rebuild their economy and cope with millions of Mexican immigrants. George Bush, the demented destroyer of America, will be remembered as the unintentional maker of United Europe.
Degenerate Sausages
The word “degenerate” is much used in ethnocentric circles. They use it to describe anyone or anything that they disapprove of. Modern music is “degenerate,” modern art is “degenerate” and almost everything modern is “degenerate.” A friend swears that the po-faced leader of a right-wing party once sat down to his breakfast in a local café and announced that his sausage was “degenerate.”

People who are less than perfect often utter such elitist nonsense. No party has got a monopoly on mental and physical fitness and very few of us would qualify as fighter pilots. But this does not stop the self-appointed guardians of culture from dismissing individuals and entire nations because they do not conform to their own narrow misconceptions. They should learn not to rush to judgment.

Edwardian London was notorious for every type of excess. Prostitution was rife, drugs were freely available and the pubs were open around the clock. The music halls openly defied the censor by staging risqué shows. The Royal Family joined in the obsession for gambling and the literati were deeply into pornography. But the citizens of this sink of iniquity volunteered in droves to fight for King and country in July 1914.

The same was true of the Wiemar Republic. Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin stories captured the frenetic nightlife of the German Capital, described by George Orwell as “brilliant sketches of a society in decay.” They inspired the Academy Award-winning film “Cabaret” in 1972 starring Liza Minnelli. Like London the city of Berlin catered for all tastes and its citizens were famous for their tolerance and love of life. But they fought like lions just a few years later against a ferocious enemy contemptuously dismissed by the Nazis as “untermenschen.”

According to Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler the Soviet Union posed no threat to German expansion because the Russians were racial inferiors who lacked the intelligence and courage to fight a modern war. A few years later he desperately tried to surrender to the Swedish diplomat Count Folke Bernadotte before being captured by the British. He swallowing a cyanide capsule as the conquering Red Army halted their westward advance in accordance with the Yalta Conference.

But the Germans were not the only ones to underestimate their enemies. Before the Japanese invaded the island fortress of Singapore in 1942 they were classed as second-rate troops who were no match for Britain’s colonial forces. It was therefore a rude awakening when General Tomoyuki Yamashitta with 65,000 Japanese soldiers defeated General Arthur Percival and took 100,000 prisoners of war. Churchill and his generals ignored the lessons of history and paid the price for their hubris. It is very dangerous to dismiss people as “degenerate” or “inferior” without very good evidence.

At war with nature

When our distant ancestors wrapped their children in animal skins to keep them warm they were making war on nature. If ecologists had been around in those days they would have warned that protecting infants leads to population increase and that killing animals for food is interfering with nature. They would have let the poor shivering, naked and starving wretches die from cold and hunger.

Progress is driven by challenge and fuelled by ingenuity. Some ancient tribes settled in the tropics where they spent their time reproducing and eating bananas. Over thousands of years their life of idleness has produced a society without technology, literature or hope for the future. But the more adventurous humans penetrated the vastness of Eurasia and gave birth to civilizations that have reached for the stars. By fighting their environment they have evolved and left behind the primitives who only know how to feed and fornicate.

The fellow sitting under the banana palm with his wives and kids is a model environmentalist. In thousands of years he has not interfered with nature. But the Europeans and Asians have cleared impenetrable forests, built vast cities, invented ships, cars and planes and transformed the wilderness. They have brought order to the chaos of nature.

We are told that ecology is a finely balanced thing. But climate change, rising sea levels, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, plagues and famines constantly threaten us. We live on the unstable cooling crust of a molten rock energized by the uncontrolled nuclear reaction of an exploding star. There’s nothing balanced about it.

Climate has always limited our ability to grow enough food. But now the teeming millions of the tropics are heading north and demanding to be fed. This migration was instigated by a capitalist system that welcomes cheap labour and made possible by our failure to resist. Years ago there would have been no debate about the alleged benefits of immigration, or pious lectures from the Church. But today we agonise over our instinct of self-preservation. So we donate our surplus food and hope that they will stay away.

Demographics are really far more dangerous than pollution. We can restore the environment by developing new crops and exploiting new energy sources but we can’t absorb the population of the Third World. It is not a question of being selfish or compulsively measuring heads. Those nations capable of maintaining modern civilization have clearly demonstrated their ability to do so. Their first duty is to their own populations. We must help the Third World, but if we try to accommodate their unending waves of economic refugees we will only succeed in destroying ourselves. And if the successful nations are impoverished there will be no more foreign aid.
The courts, the constitution, and the clown in Castile
By Mark Dawson, from the Viva Malta website,

When I first heard the news of Norman Lowell's guilty verdict, together with a prison term of two years, suspended for four years, I was shocked and totally speechless. How can this be? Malta has freedom of speech guaranteed by its constitution, the accusation is simply a scare tactic. We appear to be living in those times again. We seem to be reliving the 1960's.

Norman Lowell was charged on several counts of 'inciting racial hatred', and also with a charge that wouldn't be out of place in the Soviet Union, or any tin pot dictatorship for that matter, of 'insulting the president'. Norman's comment that President Fenech Adami was 'a good gardener but a lousy president' seems to have insulted a man who takes it upon himself to insult the people given the opportunity. This is an 'honourable' president who has pardoned drug traffickers whilst in office.

Now back to the more serious issue of freedom of expression. This should in all modern societies that don't stone women to death for blasphemy be sacred. Indeed, Malta's founding fathers placed a provision in our constitution that guarantees that we be allowed to express our opinions in a free manner. I quote the said article below, in Maltese first, and then in English.

http://docs. mt/lom/legis. ..vol_1/kap0. pdf

Kapitlu IV - klawsola 40 tal-kostituzzjoni ta' Malta: Protezzjoni ta' libertà ta' espressjoni.

"Hlief bil-kunsens tieghu stess jew bhala dixxiplina tal-genituri, hadd ma ghandu jigi mfixkel fit-tgawdija tal-libertà tieghu ta' espressjoni, maghduda libertà li jkollu fehmiet minghajr indhil, libertà li jircievi idejiet u taghrif minghajr indhil, libertà li jikkomunika idejiet u taghrif minghajr indhil (kemm jekk il-komunikazzjoni tkun lill-pubbliku in generali jew lil xi persuna jew klassi ta' persuni) u libertà minn indhil dwar il-korrispondenza tieghu."

English version : - law/constitution -4.htm

41. (1) Except with his own consent or by way of parental discipline, no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his freedom of expression, including freedom to hold opinions without interference, freedom to receive ideas and information without interference, freedom to communicate ideas and information without interference (whether the communication be to the public generally or to any person or class of persons) and freedom from interference with his correspondence.

In view of the above, how on earth can Norman Lowell or anyone in Malta for that matter be censored? Sure, there are all those of the opinion that 'inciting hatred is different' but what about all those opinion writers in the newspapers? Doesn't Daphne Caruana Galizia of Independent fame spew hatred in almost every article she writes? Doesn't Andrew Borg Cardona of the Times do likewise? Do they have the right to express their thoughts as they please? If they say something libelous, then the offended person knows to pursue them through legal channels. What about our MLP and PN politicians? One of the MLP gang said PN voters had faulty DNA. Isn't that hatred? A chap from the other camp said that Labourites are like animals - you cut off their tails and they remain the same.

With this judgment, if Norman utters a word against the colonisation of Malta by Africans, then he faces 2 years in Prison. He also cannot stand for political office in these coming 4 years, including MEP elections. The people do not have a choice but to accept the looming African threat.

With the precedent that this judgment sets, talking about the bad that immigrants do in Malta could be twisted as 'inciting racial hatred'. Writing in the following thread could land you in court:
http://www.vivamalt showthread. php?t=2283

Can we now longer talk about Nigerians gang raping Maltese girls? Can we no longer talk about them intentionally infecting minors with HIV? Can we no longer talk of Libyan drug dealers? Considering how long these illegal immigrants have been in Malta, the list of crimes perpetrated by these illegal aliens is considerable.

Have we, as a nation, become insane?

Let us cut to the chase. This has been little more than a political trial that Joseph Stalin himself would have been proud of. Malta, along with China, now censors the internet. We now have ' thought crimes’. We now have ' thought police'. This is a Government run by a nephew of an archbishop who, in the sixties, condemned Maltese to eternal damnation and hellfire for reading a newspaper. His nephew, a fervent Catholic, now throws patriots in prison for thinking, writing, expressing their concern on immigration. This is a return to the inquisition. A return to barbarism, to the Dark Ages.

Freedom of speech is not free, it bares a heavy price for which Maltese have paid many times over. We intend on upholding that tradition.
Conquered Nations

According to Maori legend they invaded New Zealand from Hawaiki and wiped out the Moriori who were already there. Nobody knows where Hawaiki is but there’s no doubt that the Maoris are Polynesians related by blood and culture to the Pacific islanders of Tahiti, Tonga and Hawaii. The Moriori were another Pacific people, probably related to the Papuans. The Maoris come in every shade from black to white. This suggests that they did not wipe out the original inhabitants but interbred with them. They certainly defeated them in battle and took possession of their islands but they obviously did not exterminate them.

The idea that conquerors destroy entire populations is suspect. The Romans are supposed to have smashed up ancient Israel and scattered the Jews all over the world. But it’s more likely that they destroyed Israel as a political entity and drove out thousands of refugees. The remaining population converted to Christianity for a few centuries and eventually became Muslims. So when the Likudniks talk about driving out the Palestinians and replacing them with Jews, they are really proposing to exchange racial Jews who have become Muslims and Christians with Ashkenazim from Europe and America.

In reality invasions do not wipe out whole populations. The Native Americans survived a determined attempt at extermination. They once held dominion from Canada to Argentina until European and African settlers overran them. Today they still exist but they are a shadow of the warrior nations that were defeated by superior technology.

The Anglo-Saxons invaded the Britain and supposedly drove the Romano-British into Scotland, Wales and Cornwall. This takes no account of small numbers of invaders and their desperate need of manpower. It’s more likely that they defeated the Celts in battle and interbred with them to produce the British nation. Perhaps it’s not so strange that the English Democrat candidate in the London Mayoral election is called Matt O’Connor.

DNA tests can trace bloodlines back thousands of years. But you don’t need to be a scientist to see that the Maoris are all different colours, or that the Sudanese Arabs are nearly as dark as black Africans. The Falashas are Jews who were rescued from poverty and war in Ethiopia and taken to Israel. They are Jews by religion, culture and tradition but they are black. Races do not wipe each other out but they frequently intermix.

When intermixture occurs between related peoples it’s often difficult to see the result. You might not be able to tell a Saxon from a Celt but you can certainly see when nonwhites are involved. The white race will not be wiped out in Britain but unlimited immigration from outside Europe will leave its mark. We must decide what sort of people we want to be.

A rage in Dalston

The BBC Radio 4 programme broadcast on 19th April, “A Rage in Dalston” was disappointing. A handful of surviving members of the 43 Group boasted about attacking members of Jeffrey Hamm’s British League of Ex-Servicemen in 1947. They spoke fondly of their knives and knuckledusters but they couldn’t get their story straight. They claimed to be friendly with the police and said that they were feeding them information on the Mosleyites. But at the same time they claimed that they had to wear cricket boxes to protect themselves from the well-aimed knees of the law.

The knuckleduster boys were apparently spoilt for choice in 1948. They had to choose between fighting Mosley’s Union Movement on the streets of East London or going to Palestine to join the fledgling Israel Defence Force. This, they explained, was in response to British fascists who were going to Jordan to join the Arab legion! Not one shred of evidence was offered for this extraordinary claim. Hairdresser Vidal Sasoon did volunteer for service in Israel and probably helped to change history.

Convicted criminal Harry Bidney was mentioned as a lovable rouge along with Jack “Spot” Comer, the “hero of Cable Street.” Comer attacked Albert “Italian Al” Dimes in Frith Street in 1955. But Dimes disarmed Comer and left him badly injured.  At his subsequent trial at the Old Bailey all charges were thrown out. This story has been widely misreported but “Mad” Frankie Fraser puts the record straight: “Albert Dimes was one of life’s gentlemen. He probably selflessly helped more people down on their luck or with personal problems than any other individual person known to many others and I. His generosity is legend.”

The “anti-fascist” writer professor Colin Holmes thought that the 43 Group were right to use violence against their opponents. He is the editor of “Immigrants and Minorities,” a magazine described as “influential.” Trevor Grundy the author of “Memoir of a Fascist Childhood” described his colourful upbringing and took the opportunity to denigrate both his Jewish mother and his Blackshirt father. As Grundy was just a babe in arms at the time of these events he can hardly be regarded as a reliable witness.

The programme was interspersed with contrived sound effects of street corner meetings and genuine recordings of Oswald Mosley. The programme’s makers couldn’t find anything anti-Semitic by Mosley but they managed to box him in between accounts of Belsen being liberated.

The BBC has been accused of bias in its reporting of the Middle East. This programme may have been an attempt to restore the balance. But Alan Dein’s production was unconvincing. As an historical documentary it was inadequate and as a piece of theatre it was lamentable.

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