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Issue 53, February 2009

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends. # 53, February 2009.

Economic Reality

The economies of all major states are shrinking because the banks have stopped lending money and people have stopped wasting it. Instead of buying new cars they are keeping their old models, and instead of trading up to new and bigger houses they are staying put and trying to cope with mortgage repayments, increased insurance premiums and fuel bills.

Britain abandoned coal in the “dash for gas.” There were plenty of uneconomic pits but the coalmining industry was a valuable national asset that should have been protected and modernized. The Tories blamed the NUM leader Arthur Scargill for the Miner’s Strike of 1984/5. But he was trying to defend 180,000 jobs and he was right when he said that the Thatcher government wanted to shut down the entire industry.

We will have to open new coal-fired power plants that will burn coal produced by our remaining 6000 miners. Our nuclear power industry is at the end of its useful life but a new generation of nuclear plants will take years to build and commission. Wind turbines and wave power are experimental technologies that will never generate enough power to justify their expense.

The recession is destroying jobs and pensions buy if it ends the “free trade” racket it will be no bad thing. We will have to live within our means and use our own industrial resources instead of importing goods and services. Cheap shirts made in China are not so cheap when they destroy our own garment industry and put British workers on the dole. And cheap imported labour is not so cheap when we have to feed, house and educate its dependants.

The age of arrogant capitalism ignoring national and social responsibilities is over. Throughout the boom cheap labour was imported from all over the world. It didn’t matter to the capitalists that Afro-Asian immigration was causing social problems so long as it was cheap and plentiful. The wheeler-dealers thought nothing of shutting down British factories and moving them to the Far East. But now imported labour is on the dole and overseas factories can no longer sell to cash strapped Britain.

Idealists like to think that William Wilberforce ended slavery. But it was actually more cost effective to employ white labour than to feed and house slaves. The same economic reality will force us to abandon Third World labour in favour of our own workforce.

Can we trust anyone?

Years ago the professional classes were respected. Doctors, lawyers, bank managers, school teachers, ministers of religion, local councilors, members of parliament, social workers, undertakers and even estate agents were upright citizens who were authorised to countersign our passport applications. Their integrity was rewarded by their status in society.

But today most of them have fallen from grace; doctors are little more than drug pushers, lawyers are professional liars, bank managers are hucksters, school teachers have abandoned their authority, the clergy no longer believe in anything, local councilors are at best incompetent, members of parliament are entirely distrusted, social workers are despised and estate agents are detested. Only undertakers have kept their position in society.

We can’t expect the rank and file to work hard and obey the law when their officers have gone to pot. Reform must start at the top. A few corrupt politicians sentenced to ten years imprisonment would encourage the others. Bent bankers and dodgy dealers would think twice if they faced stiff sentences instead of a gentle ticking-off.

Punishment should be proportionate not only to the crime but also to the status of the offender. Those who use their position for criminal ends should face harsher penalties than ordinary criminals. That includes policemen and lawyers who knowingly send down innocent men, doctors who dispatch their wealthy patients for a share of the family fortune, and local politicians who evict pensioners so that they can take over their houses. All of these things have been done and are being done on a regular basis.

Of course there are still decent and honest professionals who have not joined the rat race. They will keep things going when we finally come to our senses and sort out the crooks in high places.

The recession is a great auditor that has uncovered swindlers like Bernie Madoff who can only survive by taking money during an economic boom. But the entire banking system is based on the same deception. None of the international banks could repay their depositors if they all demanded their money back. They simply rob Peter to pay Paul.

Bankers and brokers provide legitimate services but they need to be controlled by law along with all the other professionals who handle our affairs. People who enjoy the advantages of education and position must be held accountable and those who take bribes must be dealt with as enemies of society. We have tried letting the professionals police themselves but they have proved that they cannot be trusted.

Freedom of speech

Simon Sheppard and Luke O’Farrell have unfashionable opinions but their freedom of speech is enshrined in the American Constitution and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The Heretical website was no worst that many on the Internet. Their conviction is a blow against natural justice and honest debate. We have moved away from rigid artistic censorship but we are stuck in a politically correct mindset when it comes to the taboo subjects of race and identity. The twenty first century is supposed to be the age of open access and information technology. As Mosley said “let all things be discussed.”

This letter first appeared in Nationalist Week bppadmin@aryanunity,com


Dear Nationalist,

I am writing to you with regard to the plight of the Heretical Two - Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle (Luke O'Farrell) who were convicted at Leeds Crown Court last July on eleven counts and five counts respectively of so called 'speech crime'.

Conviction for these "speech crimes" is always very likely, as it is no longer necessary to prove intent to 'stir up racial hatred', as it is described in the emotive, insulting and deliberately misleading and imprecise language of these laws.  Simon and Steve sought political asylum in the USA before they could be sentenced and are currently being held in prison.  Subsequently Simon has been convicted in his absence on Thursday January 8, 2009 on a further six counts of 'speech crime'. Further details are available at

The asylum hearings for the Heretical Two will be heard in Los Angeles in March 10, 12 and 24, 2009. It is critically important that both he, and Steve, should be professionally represented at the hearings.  Through Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review, they have found an excellent American attorney, Bruce Leichty (who previously represented Ernst Zundel), but funds are needed to meet his fees.

The sum of $30,000 will be required.  Half that sum has already been pledged on a 'dollar for dollar' basis by a supporter, so it is up to revisionists and nationalists in England, Europe and America to raise the balance.

I wish to make the importance of this case abundantly clear. It is not limited to the particular case of these two men, who face long terms of imprisonment for 'speech crime' if ever they are sent back to England.

Sheppard and Whittle have been convicted by an English court for publications on a web server in Torrance, California, on the basis that an English court is entitled to assert jurisdiction over writings on the internet if they can be downloaded in England (and not, I should emphasise, on the basis of their nationality, so this case is even worse than Ernst Zundel's.  The basis of the German court's assertion of jurisdiction in his case was that he is a German citizen.  The courts of most countries whose legal systems derive from the Roman or Civil Law, such as Germany, assert worldwide  jurisdiction over their own citizens).

Presumably, therefore the courts of any country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe enjoy the same universal, long arm jurisdiction against dissidents who publish on the Internet, so rendering the protection of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America effectively illusory for any writer with the temerity to leave that country.
The asylum hearing in the case of the Heretical Two will set a precedent for dissidents all over Europe and in other lands whose benighted laws criminalise speech that outrages the selective sensibilities of their repressive political establishments.  If it fails, there will be nowhere for such people to flee.  If it succeeds, it will create a safe haven for dissidents and heretics, and profoundly humiliate the British authorities.

The question is not whether you like Sheppard and Whittle, or agree with their writings, or the other material posted on the Heretical site.  It is, quite simply, whether you are prepared to help ensure the effective representation of two men seeking to set a vital precedent for genuine asylum seekers from oppressive, liberticidal regimes, seeking refuge in the world's last true free speech zone.

Please give what you can in this crucial case in order to help win the battle against state oppression and to halt the slide into tyranny.

All Cheques, Postal Orders / Money Orders, etc. for the appeal fund to be made payable to:

The Croydon Preservation Society - details as follows: -
Lloyds-TSB - Sort code 77: 3003 - Account No 86187860
All donations can be posted to the address below.

P.O. Box 301
For further details of the campaign, or other ways to donate, contact or

Global War – part three

This concludes the article that first appeared on Sharon Ebank’s website in 2007.

In Europe the Kosovo Liberation Army, the Basque ETA and the Provisional IRA are all fighting to change the political map. There are many political movements wanting home rule for various provinces from Cornwall to Corsica. In fact there is hardly a country in Europe without a regional breakaway movement but the military groups are a much greater menace than the political.

To be effective an army needs weapons and ammunition. These can be bought on the open market or smuggled across borders. Shiploads of arms were intercepted on their way to Northern Ireland but we could never stop the majority of arms shipments from getting through. American supporters financed the IRA and it was not until the 9-11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington that the donations dried up. The Irish Republicans are now close to achieving their aims by political participation and have signed a cease-fire. They have destroyed weapons under the terms of the cease-fire but they could easily rearm and muster if the political process broke down.

Tony Blair has made a big issue out of fighting terrorism at home and abroad but he signed the peace deal with the IRA that triggered the release of multiple killers from prison. He is currently waging a campaign against the Scottish and Welsh nationalists and stressing the importance of the unity of the UK but he didn’t worry about the Northern Ireland Unionists when he signed his deal with the IRA terrorists.

At their peak the IRA was capable of mounting bombings anywhere in the UK. They struck at military and civilian targets and caused thousands of deaths. But their real breakthrough was when President Bill Clinton forced Tony Blair to the conference table. The American appointed Mitchell Commission arranged the cease-fire and spelled out the terms of the political settlement.

In response to the IRA the Protestants rallied to the Ulster Volunteer Force and its many offshoots. But these paramilitary forces that were inspired by patriotism and loyalty degenerated into criminal gangs almost totally devoted to drugs and racketeering. Britain used the paramilitaries as “friendly terrorists” with devastating effect on the IRA but MI5 found that they could not trust of control them. Eventually Britain was beaten not by the IRA but by American manipulation.

Spain has been afflicted by a similar movement to the IRA; the Basque separatist ETA who mounted a thirty year terrorist war against the Spanish state. The ETA and the IRA shared explosives technology and cooperated with arms smuggling. They have also agreed to a cease-fire and are participating in the Spanish federalist arrangements that have granted autonomy to the regions.

Just as the IRA benefits from sympathizers in North America so the ETA rely on the Basque Diaspora of South America to fund their terrorist campaign. When General Franco rescued Spain from communism he dealt harshly with the Basque nationalists who sided with the Red Republic. The ETA attempt to justify their mass murder by the events of the Civil War, aided and abetted by the usual suspects amongst the liberal democrats. Ireland and Spain are peaceful at present and it is hoped that political agreements will be successful.

In the Serbian province of Kosovo the Americans intervened on the side of the Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army. The KLA was financed by heroin trafficking and fielded 50,000 guerrillas against the Serbian Army; but they had limited success until the Americans intervened on their behalf in 1999 with crippling air strikes on Belgrade. The Serbs were forced to withdraw and President Slobodan Milosevic was forced out of office and eventually hounded to his death. An ex-Yugoslav Brigadier General of Albanian stock called Agim Ceku who is wanted in Serbia for war crimes and drug running now runs the province of Kosovo. It is policed by NATO forces and subsidized by the EU.

Soon after bombing the capital city of an historic European nation in order to impose a Muslim regime on Kosovo, the Americans began their war on terror against the Muslim states of Afghanistan and Iraq. Various theories have been advanced to explain America’s strange policy of sponsoring a terrorist movement with no apparent benefit to the USA. But nothing can adequately explain their behaviour; it’s looking increasingly likely that their foreign policy is based on total ignorance of history and culture. Maybe they were still in Ronald Regan mode – supporting Muslim freedom fighters against those Godforsaken communists just as they had in Afghanistan. Milosevic had been a communist for many years and a stalwart of the Yugoslav Federal Republic, perhaps that was reason enough to bomb Belgrade and carve up a sovereign state that had never been any threat to the United States or their interests.

Whatever their reasons they committed the crime, with the customary assistance of Tony Blair and our armed forces. They have made similar miscalculations throughout the world. They have directly attacked Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Sudan. They have waged proxy wars in Colombia, El Salvador, Liberia, Congo and Chad. And they have financed and supported Israeli aggression against Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and Syria. Currently they are threatening Iran and compiling the same dodgy dossiers that they used to justify the attack on Iraq.

Apart from Chechnya and the tribal uprising in Bougainville every conflict is something to do with America. They are financing, arming or fighting in all the wars in the world. There are CIA advisors with the Contras in Central America and they are certain to take an interest in the regime of Hugo Chavez in oil-rich Venezuela and the newly elected government of the socialist native leader Evo Morales in Bolivia.

They are training Iranian dissidents in Iraq and they risk alienating their NATO ally Turkey by supporting the Kurdish separatist movement. Once again America has stirred up a hornet’s nest by backing the Kurds against the Iraqi central government. The Kurdish Peshmerga guerrilla army threatens Iran, Syria and Turkey from the safe haven of Iraqi Kurdistan. The Turks are now fighting Kurdish insurgents in the south and suffering a terrorist bombing campaign in their holiday resorts and major cities.

So long as Britain maintains her special relationship with America we will be part of their military empire and our armed forces will be committed to it. Britain and all the nations of the world must insist on collective security and impose sanctions on states that use aggression in pursuit of policy. The capitalists that rule America would not like to be shut out of world markets and would restrain the warmongers in Washington from annihilating entire nations.

Russian, Japanese and Chinese diplomatic pressure has forced America and North Korea to reach an agreement over nuclear weapons. Europe and Russia acting together would have a similar sobering effect on American foreign policy. As Europe and Russia grow in industrial and economic power American strategists will be forced to reconsider their objectives. The New American Century might be one of retreat instead of expansion.

The final countdown

The full extend of Britain’s national debt is so bad that some economists fear a total collapse of the economy. When Argentina went bankrupt as a result of the Falklands conflict in 1982 she was in a better position than we are today. Forty million Argentines share a country almost as big as India that is self-sufficient in food and oil. When the peso collapsed it didn’t matter so much as it would here but it nevertheless brought down the military government. We are not self-sufficient and rely heavily on imported fuel and food.

The shortsighted buffoons who managed our economy have done nothing to protect us from economic meltdown. We have pitiful reserves compared to most of our contemporaries and our decision to stay out of the euro has condemned us to a sinking pound. The petty nationalists’ dream of “independence” will suffer a reality check when the supermarket shelves are empty and the power is cut off.

When Chancellor Denis Healey went cap in hand to the International Monetary Fund in 1976 we had plenty of gas and oil as collateral. But this time it’s unlikely that the IMF will bail us out. According to the American investment guru Jim Rogers Britain is on the verge of bankruptcy. All we can do is work and save just as the Japanese have since their economic collapse of 1989.

The unfolding economic disaster will mean the end of the dangerous delusion that most Britons have been living under. We will have to face the fact that we are not a great military power that can afford to fight colonial wars all over the world; or have fleets of aircraft carriers showing the flag in foreign parts. We will be forced to abandon our obsession with America and her “war on terror.” We will have to grow up and start living like 21st century Europeans instead of 19th century imperialists.

We will have to stop encouraging an idle underclass to live on drugs and benefits. And we will have to dismantle the ridiculous race relations industry. If people want to study “black history’ let them go to Africa for an authentic education. We could save millions by returning the police to policing instead of them being enforcers for the Labour Party and part-time social workers. Every level of local and national government thrives on a culture of waste and overpayment. We must decimate the civil service and local government.

We will be forced to keep our politicians at home instead of letting them jet around the world on pointless missions. It’s insane that nearly bankrupt Britain is still doling out foreign aid to oil-rich countries like Nigeria. And Gordon Brown’s suggestion that Britain should use the Royal Navy to police the Palestine border must rank as his most fatuous statement to date. If bankruptcy brings hunger we can at least be consoled by the knowledge that the corrupt and vainglorious criminals of Westminster are facing the final countdown.

Views on the news

The many brave Jews who have spoken out against Israeli aggression have put silent politicians of all parties to shame. Gerald Kaufman MP condemned the destruction of Gaza and called for sanctions against Israel. And leading Jews in Britain, France, America and Israel supported him. The blanket accusation of “anti-Semitism” is not so easily leveled at Jewish critics of Israel. The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon has described the situation in Gaza as “heartbreaking” and the UN has used the words “war crimes” for the first time. The International Red Cross has stated that there was no reason to shell a building full of women and children. Israel’s blitz on Gaza was indefensible and those who excused it will not be forgiven. The entire world has been outraged by three weeks of carnage. Gideon Levy writing in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on 26-01-09 summed up the situation: “We have gained nothing in this war save hundreds of graves, some of them very small, thousands of maimed people, much destruction and a besmirching of Israel’s image.” 

When the Brown government runs out of money and credit it will be forced to cut public spending. Their defence programme will have to be reviewed. We cannot afford to update Trident and build a new fleet of submarines and aircraft carriers. We are not running a worldwide empire on which the sun never sets and we should not divert funds needed for health and education to the military. The only reason to for us to enlarge the navy is to help America to rule the world. The Brown-Cameron acceptance of American hegemony is also entrenched in the minds of our top brass. They don’t mind being auxiliaries to the Americans as long as they get new ships and missiles to play with. But there is a vital role for the military. We must bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and deploy them as border guards. Britain and all of Europe is under the constant threat of Third World invasion. We should use our armed forces for their original purpose, to defend the homeland and resist invasion.

The BBC is another colossal waste of money. We should keep a state-owned broadcasting service but it must be trimmed down to an acceptable size. There is no need for so many BBC radio stations and television channels. And there is certainly no need to pay Jonathan Ross six million pounds a year to talk like a dirty schoolboy. The corporation is a bloated monstrosity that is increasingly out of touch with reality. It should be reorganised from top to bottom and replaced with a basic public service facility with one radio station and one TV channel.

The euphoria surrounding the inauguration of President Barack Obama was the same that greeted Tony Blair in 1997. The same gushing words were used to extol his youth and good looks, and the same hopes were entrusted to a media promoted spokesman for big business. Tony Blair turned out to be a useless prime minister who led us into two bloody wars, threw open the floodgates of immigration and ruined the economy. Barack Obama will be no different because he belongs to the same political consensus that dominates the so-called democracies. It’s no wonder that such leaders give billions to the banks that own them body and soul. Barack Obama will obey the orders of the great corporations that dominate America.  He enjoys the support of black Americans and poor whites that see him as a champion of the dispossessed. But it will not take long for them to realize that he is just another disappointment.

As the recession gets worst the possibility of a “government of national unity” is being discussed. The Labour Party faces annihilation at the next election and the Tories are clearly unable to offer any viable alternative. The return of Kenneth Clarke to the opposition front bench would give a national coalition at least one man who knows what he is talking about. But the Euro-sceptic Tories are still parroting Daily Telegraph editorials about the demise of the euro as the pound sinks to new lows against the dollar.  The Old Gang politicians are rearranging the deckchairs as the SS Great Britain steams into the icebergs. They will probably only wake up when the icy waters of economic ruin sweep over them. The public is beginning to realize that the bipolar parliamentary system offers no hope for the future. The Tories are still fighting “dirty foreigners” at Agincourt and the Labour Party is hopelessly stuck in the cloth cap era of the Thirties. We live in interesting times.

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