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Issue 37, October 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends, # 37, October 2007


When Gordon Brown’s team of psephologists and fortune-tellers decide that the time is right he will call a general election. The choice will be between the new inclusive Tory Party and the super patriotic Labour Party. And only half of the electorate will go through the meaningless exercise of voting.

Over the years a standard pattern has emerged in English big city constituencies. The winning party, be it Labour or Tory, gets 40% of the votes cast, the second party gets 30%, the Lib Dems get 20% and the other 10% goes to the minority parties. This is the general pattern except where there is a big immigrant population or a particularly popular candidate.

This all too predictable charade has little effect on government policy. There was massive public opposition to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq but both main parties supported Tony Blair’s fanatical determination to wage war.

The Daily Telegraph is running a campaign for a referendum on the Euro Treaty. They like to pretend that we are a sovereign state and fear that we will lose our identity in a European federation. But they have never suggested that we have our say about the influx of Third World economic refugees.

The old gang took it upon themselves to import millions of non-white immigrants. They decided that it was a good idea to import cheap labour and cared nothing about destroying the make up, character and culture of our country. Now these destroyers of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Britain are worried about our “sovereignty” and demanding a referendum.

Our first-past-the-post electoral system is unfair and unrepresentative. In the 2005 general election the Labour Party and the Tories each spent more than 18 million pounds but the Lib Dems could only afford 4.32 million pounds. The party with the most money and the best copywriters usually wins. Smaller parties can only act as pressure groups.

Any party seeking power must have the 19.38 million pounds that they are allowed to spend on a general election. They also need the support of the press. The Sun boasts that it has decided the last four general elections. Many people vote Labour or Tory out of tribal loyalty but elections are decided by the growing number of floating voters who are influenced by newspapers and television. The British democratic process therefore rests with Rupert Murdoch and his foreign policy advisor Irwin Stelzer.

Blackshirt (Stephen Dorril, Penguin 2007)

More than 25 years after the death of Sir Oswald Mosley a new biography might have looked objectively at the man and his ideas. Instead Stephen Dorril has rehashed the propaganda of Richard Thurlow’s Fascism in Britain 1998, without the sensitivity of Robert Skidelsky’s Oswald Mosley 1990, or the readability of Mosley’s autobiography My Life 1968.

The chapters dealing with Mosley’s parliamentary career describe the frustration of the First World War generation who were determined to overcome the poverty of the Thirties and admired the dynamic regimes of Italy and Germany.

But when he comes to the BUF period Dorril slips predictably into political correctness. Cable Street and Olympia are given the official treatment. Both events were apparently arranged to give the Blackshirts the opportunity of beating up their audience. And yet: “The log entry at Hammersmith police station stated the meeting passed off without serious violence.”

The detention without trial of over a thousand fascists is documented dispassionately but Dorril does convey something of the hysteria surrounding the event. “Fascists claimed internment was carried out indiscriminately. Individuals were detained on unsubstantiated allegations, local gossip, the use of agents provocateurs, and whatever dubious insinuations could be hastily cobbled together. The arrests Leonard Wise wrote, were carried out in such a haphazard way that I have never had any faith in the Intelligence Services since.”

The account of the post-war period relies heavily on hearsay and intimates that Union Movement was implicated in the death of Kelso Cochrane, an Antiguan immigrant who was variously described as a decent workingman or a petty gangster. This was the event that sparked the infamous Notting Hill Race Riots. Dorril offers no evidence to support this allegation.

The emergence of the National Front is accurately described as having little to do with Union Movement. The NF agreed with UM on the need to stop immigration but totally disagreed with them about European Union.  Mosley was scathing about Enoch Powell who had recruited Caribbean workers as the Tory Minister of Health. He described him as “a middle-class Alf Garnett,” and dismissed his anti- Common Market rhetoric as: “the last spasm of Little England.”

There are several mistakes in the 736 pages of Blackshirt. The nursery school established by Cynthia Mosley was in Kennington not Kensington. Only a few miles as the crow flies but Kensington High Street is a world away from the Oval.  And Adolf Hitler did not force through an Enabling Act in 1933, he merely invoked Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution that already provided for emergency powers. These are small details but little mistakes suggest bigger mistakes.

UKIP’s gone bananas

According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office the UK’s contribution to the EU was 3.6 billion pounds in 2005. But according to UKIP it was 60.1 billion pounds. To put these figures into perspective government spending is running at 674 billion pounds.

UKIP is exaggerating the official government figure by 56.5 billion pounds. It’s hardly surprising that members, and former members, of UKIP have fallen foul of the authorities over matters of accountancy.

When the EU slashed the cost of international mobile phone calls UKIP reported it as a scam to reduce bills for Brussels fat cats at the expense of UK callers. But local call rates have also been reduced and cross border roaming is only possible because of the GSM standard agreed at Copenhagen in 1987.

Regulations on bananas and cucumbers have been denounced as a Euro conspiracy. But years after the banner headlines the supermarkets are still full of traditional fruit and vegetables. The evil foreign plot to ban “British” bananas turned out to be more UKIP scare mongering.

The average UK citizen’s standard of living has improved since we joined the EU thirty-four years ago. People own more houses, drive more cars and enjoy more holidays that they have ever done before. As a nation we are spending more on health, social security, education and almost everything else.

The Euro-sceptic propaganda simply isn’t true. We have not been forced to conduct our affairs in French and German. We have not been overrun by millions of Italians bent on establishing Mafia rackets. And we have not been made to do away with the monarchy, the Times, the Church of England or trial by jury. None of these things have happened.

On the other hand we have enjoyed the benefits of belonging to the world’s biggest trading bloc. In the field of scientific research we can take advantage of EU funding for projects such as the latest breakthrough in nuclear fusion that has been backed by an initial grant of half a billion pounds.

Our participation in the European aerospace industry has saved British jobs and kept our scientists and engineers at the forefront of technology. And because we are EU members the Japanese have established car plants all over the UK to gain access to the European market.

These improvements are all threatened by Third World immigration. We were importing cheap labour from the Commonwealth in the Fifties and Sixties, long before we applied to join the old Common Market. The European Union did not create the problem of mass migration but its mighty economic and political power might well be the means of solving it.

Tomorrow’s world

For over half a century Britain has been importing cheap labour from all over the world. For the most part the immigrants have settled into self-contained areas and have not been assimilated into the general population. They have kept their own languages, music, food and religions. The liberal dream of a consensual multi-racial colonisation has completely failed at almost every level.

Research published by scientist Craig Venter shows that the races of mankind may have developed separately. This is rejected by the politically correct who think that ethnology is a taboo subject, and it’s seized upon by racists to justify their beliefs. Understanding our origins may help us to understand a world of collapsing empires, shifting populations and constantly advancing technology.

Rhodesia was a prosperous colony until British protégé Robert Mugabe drove out the European farmers and replacing them with unskilled Africans. The country is now ruined but the great exploiters of Africa like Anglo American, De Beers, Rio Tinto, Union Miniere and North China Grid will protect their interests by installing a new and more pragmatic regime.

As Europeans we were outraged to see our kinsmen lose their dominion over Zimbabwe and to see their numbers reduced from 300,000 to only 30,000. But we knew that this would happen when Ian Smith’s brave rebellion was forced into surrender by American pressure on neighbouring South Africa.

Those of us who oppose the destruction of Europeans in Africa and Third World immigration into Europe are not necessarily driven by racism or hostility. We simply want to maintain our culture and ethnicity; a right enshrined in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. If Native Americans and First Australians are entitled to survival then so are we.

 It is perfectly reasonable to believe in Europe for the Europeans whilst acknowledging the cultural and scientific achievements of other races. We share the same planet and must jointly find solutions to population growth, climate change and diminishing resources. We must have a forum for debate and treaties limiting nuclear weapons. And we must promote an equitable distribution of wealth. This is not wishful thinking but commonsense. The only alternative to cooperation is world domination. We know all about running a world empire but America will have to learn that cheap oil and cheap coffee are paid for in blood.

But there is no need for Europe and European-settled territories to be overrun by the teeming masses of humanity. People can be resettled and international problems can be resolved using the enormous economic power unleashed by modern science. Tomorrow’s world will be based on equality and mutual respect but no state can be permitted to claim that it has been chosen by God to dominate all others. The age of supremacist imperialism is over.

The end does not justify the means

Without a guiding principle all political ideologies become corrupted. When Adolf Hitler crushed the socialist element within the NSDAP he embarked on a strategy that resulted in the destruction of Europe. In support of capitalism he embraced imperialism and justified it with psuedo-scientific master race theories. These racist ideas were promoted despite the fact that his polyglot armies included volunteers from any nation that was prepared to fight with the Germans against their colonial masters.

Reich Minister for the Occupied Territories Alfred Rosenberg was a disciple of the Anglo-German scientist and historian Houston Stewart Chamberlain. He knew that the Russians were of European stock and was outraged by their inhuman treatment. But Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler decreed that they were an inferior race in order to justify German aggression. No lie was too fantastic for a regime that believed that the end justifies the means.

But in departing from the straight and narrow the Nazis lost their way. Having abandoned the truth they descended into the same cynical brutality that they had fought to overthrow. The Weimar regime was only concerned with rebuilding Germany’s shattered economy. They saw mass unemployment as a necessary brake on inflation and were not bothered that returned ex-servicemen were starving. To them the dispossessed were just statistics.

Ten years later the Fuhrer was taking exactly the same attitude. The beaten, starving soldiers of the Wehrmarcht were left to freeze to death in the snow. They had failed to establish his thousand-year empire and were of no further interest. Hitler squandered millions of lives fighting a war that he could not win. After the debacle of Kursk he was beaten and he must have known it. But instead of suing for peace he continued to issue insane orders to fight to the death.

History is littered with the bones of political movements that have sacrificed their principles for the sake of expediency. Today the established parties have given up pretending to represent the interests for which they were founded. The Labour Party has abandoned socialism and the working class to preside over an economy fuelled by Chinese cheap labour and the virtual theft of Third World resources. While the Tories have ditched the landed aristocracy and the middle-class in pursuit of the classless, raceless, faceless thirty somethings that feature in their focus groups.

People distrust parties that have become indistinguishable from each other. They have lost their integrity and become distorters of the truth who do not know when to stop. They are hooked on deception and incapable of honesty. Tony Blair is the most obvious example of a politician addicted to subterfuge but he is by no means on his own. Politician who depends on smoke and mirrors are salesmen who no longer believe in their own products. They fail to convince themselves let alone the public. The truth has found them out. 

Views on the news

The Northern Rock crisis was inevitable. Any bank that borrows most of the money that it lends is bound to fail. There are supposed to be strict rules governing banks and mortgage lenders but the regulators did not intervene. It’s good for the customers of Northern Rock that the Bank of England is picking up the pieces. But banks must not be allowed to overtrade in the knowledge that the state will bail them out. Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling has called for a return to old-fashioned banking. Horatio Bottomley MP was an old fashioned banker who was sent to prison for seven years and thrown out of Parliament for breaking the rules. They knew how to treat incompetent bankers in those days.

The attack by riot police on the leaders of the Vlaams Belang in Brussels was unjustified. VB have every right to protest against immigration, even though they are pro-Zionists, separatists and Sinn Fein supporters. The Flemish people welcomed the creation of Belgium to protect them from the Protestant Netherlands in 1830. Now some of them want to split from their French-speaking co-religionists. British sympathisers should remember that the United Kingdom is a federation of four distinct nations, each with its own language and culture. They should heed the words of Dr Tomislav Sunic:
“In hindsight, inter-European nationalism has done irreparable harm to all peoples of European extraction, starting with civil war in America in 1861 and then during the Great Civil War, WW1 and WW11. Petty provincial nationalism at the expense of next-door similar looking European neighbours is self-defeating. It serves the purpose of non-Europeans and other alien phenotypes.” 
Read this article in full –

Alan Greenspan presided over an expanding American economy as chief of the Federal Reserve from 1988 to 2006. He has now published his long-awaited memoirs The Age of Turbulence. He says: “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everybody knows. The Iraq war is largely about oil.” The veteran economist also blasts George Bush’s handling of the US economy: “Little value was placed on rigorous economic policy debate or the weighing of long-term consequences.” Alan Greenspan might have spoken sooner but as America prepares to attack Iran they should consider the economic and political risks of yet another illegal war.

Congratulations to Georgios Karatzaferis and the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) for winning 10 parliamentary seats in the Greek general election. LAOS is fighting against non-European immigration and the American domination of Europe. They reject the old labels of Left and Right as obsolete and insist that the real division is between those who accept globalism and those who reject it. The old gang have seized upon their criticism of Israel as proof that they are “Nazis” who threaten the Greek Constitution. But they are a lawful political party with their own newspaper and TV station. With 10 MPs, plus Georgios’ existing Euro seat, they will be a strong influence on the popular conservative government of Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis.

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