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Issue 43, April 2008

Nation Revisited

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# 43, April 2008

National Security

In the March issue of Identity John Bean looked at National Security.  Few would disagree with his contention that Third World immigration threatens to overwhelm us.  But his claim that there’s a plot to merge Europe with North Africa and the Middle East supported by “most of the EU elite,” is hard to believe. France, Germany Austria and the Netherlands have all blocked Turkey’s application.

This idea originated in Londonistan the 2006 catastrophist epic from the poisoned pen of Melanie Phillips. A Zionist fanatic who believes that: “the churches in Britain are not only silent about the genocidal ravings emanating from Iran but are themselves helping pave the way for a second Holocaust.”

JB states that resisting united Europe has been: “the single greatest theme in the entire history of British foreign policy, without which nothing else we have done would have been possible. We repelled efforts by the dominant (or would be dominant) Continental powers to take over Britain under Phillip II of Spain, Louis XIV of France, Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.”

But surely our scientific achievements were imprinted in the DNA of men such as James Watt, George Stevenson, Richard Arkwright, Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, John Logie Baird, William Shockley, Alan Turing and Tim Berners-Lee? Their passports played no part in their genius.

Sir Francis Drake saved us from the Spanish Armada but the great maritime expansion of Europe was pioneered by the Genoese navigators Christopher Columbus in the service of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, and John Cabot in the service of Henry VIII of England. Seamen served the highest bidder right up to the 19th century. Apart from the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh, 18 different nationalities were represented on the Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar.

As for the arts, it’s likely that William Shakespeare would have been just as productive under Phillip II, JMW Turner would have painted with the same unique vision under Napoleon Bonaparte and Edward Elgar might have dedicated his Pomp and Circumstance March to Kaiser Bill.

The great champions of the nation state all disregarded nationality when it suited them. Napoleon’s Grande Armee included German, Italian, Croatian, Swiss and Spanish regiments. Hitler’s armies in Russia were comprised of almost every European nationality, as well as dissident Armenians, Ukrainians and Russians. And Joseph Stalin had all the states of the Soviet Union at his disposal.

We can only speculate about what might have been but we know that we were bankrupt in 1941 and had to borrow money and materiel from the USA and Canada to survive. Since then we have been a de facto American colony. Our
Armed forces have been structured to support America and our foreign policy has been dictated from Washington. And that is precisely why our servicemen are fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite the unpopularity of these wars and the massive demonstrations against them.

Anybody who doubts that we are controlled by America should study the humiliating Suez fiasco of 1956. That was the last time that we attempted to act as an independent sovereign state. Even though it was in alliance with France and Israel. The Falklands War does not count because Margaret Thatcher had already received president Reagan’s consent.

Whilst rejecting the current EU John Bean acknowledges that: “Full co-operation with fellow European national states, facing common enemies and common problems (or even a confederation of European states as far as this writer is concerned), is a different matter.” This is what John Major might have called “a not insignificant statement’ from the editor of a Euro-sceptic magazine.

He suggests that we allow the Americans to keep their military bases in the UK because we would need their permission to launch a repatriation programme for Third World immigrants: “Crudely put, if they can’t plausibly convince American voters we are fascists they can’t attack us.”

If a global redistribution of population is ever made it will be by United Europe, with Russia and America in full agreement.  Within a generation Europe will be the dominant world power and the USA will be rebuilding its shattered economy after the disastrous recession of the Bush era.

Far from threatening us the Americans will be seeking extended credit from the European Bank and negotiating for access to our markets. When Ariane V blasted into space to deliver the latest section of the international space station it did more than demonstrate Europe’s awesome economic power and advanced missile technology. It also reminded the world that we could retaliate against any attack with pinpoint accuracy.

JB rightly calls for British withdrawal from NATO. But it’s difficult to see how American forces could remain here if we quit the Alliance. The dilemma will be resolved by the current economic crisis. America can no longer afford to keep military bases all over the world. They have subsidised defence spending by selling US Treasury Bonds but that market is fast receding. Their days as an expansionist superpower will soon be over.

 Political labels

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the already inadequate political labels   ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ have become meaningless. They were invented to describe the division of the French Legislative Assembly of 1791. But now the situation is more confusing. We used to know what to expect of people according to their political designation but not any more.

Most people throughout the world condemn the brutal occupation of Palestine and support UN Resolution 242 calling for Israeli withdrawal.  But the old gang parties do not reflect the views of their constituents. The governments of almost every white country are firmly in the Zionist camp and few of them will allow any criticism of Israel.

This is hardly surprising when parliamentary parties depend on donations from wealthy businessmen and Zionist sympathisers like Paul Dacre and Rupert Murdoch dominate the international media. There are a few outspoken politicians such as George Galloway but the majority will not bite the hand that feeds them. Even the far Right parties in France, Belgium and Britain are now supporting Israel in a futile attempt to gain respectability.

The Conservatives have lurched to the Right since Ted Heath took the UK into the Common Market in 1973. They have lost three general elections in succession campaigning on a Euro-sceptic ticket to a reformed Labour Party that has come to terms with Europe. Only the reactionary Right and the loony Left are still hostile to the European Union.

The monarchy is the Establishment. The Queen represents the landed aristocracy, the Church of England and hundreds of years of bowing and scraping. Nothing could be further Right. But the Windsor family are totally politically correct. Queen Elizabeth is a passionate supporter of the multi-racial Commonwealth and delights at being photographed surrounded by her gang of black and brown tyrants at their annual conference.

The authorities are determined to enforce multi-racialism on the British and American people, and so is the government of Nicolas Sarkozy. He won the last election, and scuttled the Front National, by promising to do something about immigration, but all he has done is pour more money into immigrant areas.

Right-wing governments support genocide in Palestine, the mass importation of nonwhites into Europe and the US, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the perpetuation of the class system. The Left opposes the occupation of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, the exploitation of Third World immigrants and social inequality. On all of the major issues there has been a major shift in political attitudes.  Where does it leave you dear reader?

The GLA election

The election for the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority will be a rehearsal for the next general election. Ken Livingston has been in power since the start of the GLA.  And like Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair he has stayed too long for his own good. He has given generous grants to various black groups on the advice of his senior aide Lee Jasper, who is suspended pending police inquiries. “Red Ken” has been accused of anti-Semitism because of his support for the Palestinians. The Tories are currently hinting that he drinks too much but he says that he only drinks whisky to relieve his bronchitis.

Tory candidate Boris Johnson is the great grandson of Ali Kemal, Minister of the Interior in the Ottoman Empire. He was at Eton with Dave Cameron. He said of Tony Blair’s well-publicized trips to Africa; “The tribal warriors will all break out in watermelon smiles to see the big white chief.” And he caused further controversy by saying; “It is said that the Queen has come to love the Commonwealth, partly because it supplies her with regular cheering crowds of flag-waving piccanines.” The opinion polls are giving Boris a twelve-point lead.

The Liberal Democrat candidate is Brian Paddick a former Metropolitan Police Commander who pioneered the softly-softly drugs policy. He has little chance in the Mayoral race but the Lib Dems are expected to increase their five Assembly Members.

Apart from the Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrats there are eleven other candidates; Sian Berry - Green Party, Lindsey German - Respect, Gerald Battern  - UKIP, Matt O’Connor - English Democrats, Damian Hockney - One London, Alan Craig - Christian Choice, Chris Prior - Stop the Congestion Charge, John Flunder – Senior Citizen’s Party, Winston Mackenzie - Independent, Michael Hodges - Independent and Richard Barnbrook - BNP.

The BNP only need a slight improvement on their 2004 result to win seats on the GLA. Their candidate for Mayor of London is Richard Barnbrook a 47-year-old lecturer who is leader of the opposition on Barking and Dagenham Council. He is engaged to the BNP ballerina Simone Clarke who has a daughter from a previous relationship with Yat-Sen Chang, a fellow principle dancer with the English National Ballet.

Nick Griffin deposed party founder John Tyndall in 1999 and repackaged the BNP as a white working class protest party against immigration. He has thrown out the old guard and softened some of their policies. His leadership has been controversial but the BNP has won more than fifty council seats. It they do as well as expected it will put them in a good position to fight next year’s Euro election and general election. They face the usual negative publicity but the London Evening Standard has, so far, reported fairly.

Britain and America

European defence contractor EADS has infuriated Boeing and the American public by winning a $35 billion contract to supply tankers to the US Air Force.  Americans have been suspicious of Britain since they rebelled against the British Empire in 1775. And they have forgotten that the Marquis de Lafayette and the French Fleet helped to free them from George III. They denounce imperialism and will not admit that they have become the world’s greatest empire.

Britain fought the South African War for gold and diamonds and entered World War 1 to steal the Iraqi oilfields from the Turks. We quickly annexed Germany’s overseas possessions but when we became hopelessly bogged-down on the Western Front we inveigled the United States into war with the Balfour Declaration promising Palestine as a homeland for the Jews. 

British readers might protest but we cannot rewrite history or deny that our armed forces have helped to enforce global capitalism since the days of the East India Company. This is no fault of our servicemen who have fought bravely in deserts, jungles and city streets. They were only obeying orders given to them by politicians. And that goes every war in history.

There’s a similar vein of anti-Americanism in Britain. We blame America for their invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan but the British government backed these wars from the start and did nothing to stop them. We can hardly criticize the Americans for electing a homicidal halfwit as President when we have just replaced his pathetic lapdog Tony Blair with the dithering Gordon Brown. 

Big business is an international racket. Companies like Microsoft, Sony, BP, EADS and Shell are not specifically American, Japanese, British, French or Dutch. They have production, marketing and distribution facilities all over the world, their dividends are paid to shareholders worldwide and they distort the economies of almost every nation.

In pursuit of commerce American forces bomb civilians and violate the Geneva Convention. But just like our boys they are only obeying orders. We must always remember that global capitalism is comprised of all faiths; Zionists and born-again Christians supported by the Muslim states of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Pakistan. They are allied to the communist Chinese, the capitalist Japanese and the major states of Europe and Africa.

The great empires perished when they ceased to be cost effective and lost the support of their citizens. The present system will follow them into extinction. We must start producing for consumption instead of profit. Global capitalism has failed and will be replaced by a sustainable geopolitical system that respects human rights.

It’s the economy, stupid

Bill Clinton defeated George Bush Senior in the 1992 presidential election with the slogan “it’s the economy, stupid.”  American suffered a recession after the first Gulf War and the Clinton campaign played on the people’s fears of losing their homes and jobs. Now they are in an even worst situation. The dollar is falling fast, the banks are threatened with collapse, jobs are disappearing and homes are being repossessed as America enters another recession.

This time it’s Bill’s long-suffering wife Hillary who is poised for power. After half a century of enforced integration and “positive discrimination” America is still divided between white and black. But there are more whites than blacks on the electoral roll. Some whites will vote for the mixed-race candidate Barack Obama but most will go for Hilary Clinton, especially the women. She doesn’t have the sexual magnetism of her philandering husband but she is white and the American people vote along tribal lines.

In fact the same commercial interests as the Republicans control the Democrats. There will be no real policy changes so long as defence contractors and the oil companies dominate America. But by being a little less belligerent Hilary can reduce the military budget and avoid an unwinnable war against Iran.

The “War on Terror” has reduced the world’s most vibrant economy to chaos. Pension plans and insurance policies that were supposed to keep the baby boomer generation in retirement are failing. In a country with inadequate social provisions people rely on their investments. But it turns out that all the money has been spent trying to conquer the world.

George Bush has secured his place as the worst president in history. He has thrown away the promise of good relations with Russia by reviving the Cold War. He has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq against the advice of senior military advisors and wasted trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives. And he has opened the floodgates to Mexican immigration and made his country dependent on Chinese imports.

Hillary Clinton basks in her husband’s popularity. But John McCain’s reputation is tarnished by association with the rambling, incoherent George Bush. Even a nation bamboozled by Fox News and Time Warner can see that the Republicans stand for war, inequality and economic disaster.

And because Britain is so close to America we can only benefit by a change of regime in Washington. By clinging to the Atlantic Alliance Tony Blair has threatened us with recession. Those who talk about “British Independence” must concede that the sharp increase in fuel, food and construction materials is entirely beyond our control under the present system.

Abraham Lincoln

American Renaissance reports the discovery of letters written by President Abraham Lincoln to Illinois Senator James A McDougall in 1862. They were discovered in the University of Rochester NY archives and can be seen on their website. One letter tells of Lincoln’s plan to pay compensation of $400 for each freed slave. Lincoln calculated that the cost of freeing nearly half a million slaves in Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri and Washington DC would equal the $174 million needed to wage war for 87 days.

The American Colonization Society began settling freed slaves in West Africa in 1822. By 1847 the settlers were sufficiently established to declare the new nation of Liberia. Lincoln’s plan was to return all of America’s blacks to Africa but the greedy capitalists of North and South were solidly opposed to the idea.

Starved of investment and threatened by Britain and France the infant state struggled to survive. Relations between indigenous Africans and freed slaves were not easy and the original American-style constitution soon turned to dictatorship. In 1926 the Firestone Rubber Company opened one of the world largest plantations and America made further investments during the last war. But in 1980 Master Sergeant Sam Doe overthrew the authoritarian regime of William Tolbert and started a bloody civil war that devastated the country.

Most African-Americans have a better standard of living than their cousins across the Atlantic. But there is still an interest in returning to Africa amongst followers of the Jamaican national hero Marcus Garvey, supporters of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the Rastafarian movement.

People are entitled to more than convenience food and sub prime mortgages. The blacks in America might be better off materially but they are denied the dignity that native Africans take for granted. The fact that Barack Obama is running for the White House proves nothing. Big business is so contemptuous of public opinion that they made George Bush their spokesman; a man who one said, “most of our imports come form abroad.”

We will never know what might have happened if Abraham Lincoln had not been assassinated.  Exploitation and racial strife has dominated American history and is being repeated throughout the world. We need another Lincoln with the vision and courage to fight for genuine equality, as opposed to forced racial integration and multiculturalism in the service of global capitalism.

Men can be assassinated but their ideas live on. We have evolved beyond slavery and now have the technology to fairly allocate the territory and resources of this planet. But first we must reject supremacist notions of being a master race, or God’s chosen people.

Views on the news
The violent unrest in Tibet and Xinjiang has been timed to upset the Beijing Olympics. The underlying problem is the usual combination of race, culture and religion. The Tibetans remain loyal to their exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. They have resisted Chinese rule since the People’s Liberation Army invaded in 1950. Their gentle Buddhist faith has not stopped them from attacking the police with bricks and petrol bombs. The Uyghurs of Xinjiang are descended from the Caucasian tribes that ravaged Eurasia with the army of Genghis Khan. They were the original “ogres” who were infamous for their bravery and cruelty in the 13th century. They speak Turkish, write in Arabic script and profess Islam. The Uyghurs are inspired by the insurgents of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Chinese communists spent years lecturing the world on the evils of colonialism and racism. Now they are torn between exercising restraint for the sake of the news cameras or using their usual brutality.

In the Sixties the British public were sympathetic to Israel. Everybody knew that the Jews had been shamefully mistreated during the war and most people thought that they deserved a country of their own. In the imperialist atmosphere of those days scant attention was paid to the Palestinians. People did not want to believe that the new state would inevitably lead to war. But nobody changed their policies to suit public opinion. Now half a century later the leading far right party seems to have forbidden any criticism of Israel. The general public is sympathetic to the Palestinians. They have seen television coverage of Israeli Defence Force atrocities in Lebanon and Gaza and they do not like it. Every dead or injured Arab child has damaged the Zionist cause.  And objective journalists like Robert Fiske and Seumas Milne have dared to tell the truth. As Margaret Thatcher said on the day that she was fired: “It’s a funny old world.”

Sarah Sands interviewed climate change expert James Lovelock in the Daily Mail  (22-03-08). He is a distinguished scientist who believes that the Gulf Stream will soon switch off, turning the British Isles into an Arctic wasteland. He warns that there is nothing that we can do about it. He thinks the coming Ice Age will kill billions of people and wipe out civilization. If Lovelock is right it rather puts the GLA election into perspective. The Brixton-born scientist estimates that the Earth is 3.5 billion years old. We can only hope that he has miscalculated by a few million years. In the meantime we will go on trying to build a better world and worry about those things that we can change. The Jehovah’s Witnesses used to preach that the world would end in 1914. When Malcolm Muggeridge pointed this out to a leading member of that religion he replied that although the world had not ended, it had been a very bad year.
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