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Issue 33, July 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends. # 33, July 2007

Criminal Reporting

The Daily Mail report of 29-05-07 that foreign criminals cannot be deported because of EU regulations was a complete distortion of the facts.  Serious criminals can still be deported. The directive states that non-violent offenders from EU member states should be allowed to remain provided that they have served their sentences and are not a threat to society.

There are only 2,103 non-British EU citizens in UK Prisons and almost a third of them are Irish nationals who have always had the right to settle in the UK. Our prison population of over 81,000 is overwhelmingly British but includes 15% non-Europeans, mostly Jamaicans and Nigerians, according to the Black Britain website: -

The Daily Mail made no mention of this but gave the impression that our prisons are packed with continental criminals. The Home Secretary has always had the right to deport undesirable aliens from Britain. The fact that he seldom uses this power is due to internal politics that have nothing to do with the EU.

This is typical of the hypocrisy of the Eurosceptic press. They are paranoid about the EU and its labour force but dare not criticize “New Commonwealth” criminals who are protected by law. It’s disgraceful that this UKIP propaganda is repeated by far-right websites that claim to support ethnic solidarity.

All foreign criminals should be deported to their countries of origin. We should tie foreign aid to repatriation agreements and send back any undesirables. We could even arrange for them to serve their sentences in their homelands. We already have such agreements with several countries and it would be cheaper than keeping them in prison in the UK.

The majority of black settlers in the UK are law abiding but there is a dangerous lawless element amongst the younger generation. It is not being racist to recognize this fact. The police and the courts are doing their best but they are restricted by unnecessary legislation and political interference.

The Daily Mail is more worried about a tiny minority of mainland miscreants than machine gun gangsters running riot in our major cities. This political consensus by the media forbids mention of the black crime wave and the raging drugs wars.
We only read about “positive” Third World immigrants who make a contribution to Britain, any “negative” reporting is considered to be racist and discriminatory. But the innate chauvinism of the British public can still be exploited by running scare-mongering stories about our fellow Europeans. 

The Twin Towers by MKOT – an American perspective

As Tony Benn always says (rightly) let us discuss the issues not conspiracies entertaining as they may be.

Here’s a little reaction to the conspiracy aspects of the Twin Towers. Some are fond of saying that as perceived “extremists” we are not permitted the luxury of too many divergent opinions. You can’t for example, be viewed by the average person as credible if you are a racist who thinks that the earth is visited regularly by little green men. Those who want to reject the racist will talk about the little green men theories in order to discredit you.

Let’s look at 9/11. What is the big issue? America’s pro-Zionist foreign policy has gotten us hopelessly immeshed in this war for Israel in the Middle East. The popular perception (not without some evidence) is that Arabs took down the Twin Towers plus Building 7 (collateral damage). Now to take the most extreme view, I have had it painstakingly explained to me that the Twin Towers were built with pre-positioned explosives some 30 years earlier waiting for the wonderful day when it could be demolished to maximum political effect. (This is the most extreme I have heard. Others are less forthcoming when the demolition was planned.)

We have been unable to get to the bottom of many controversial political issues with the present state of the media and the historical establishment. Consider: who killed Lincoln? Who was behind the sinking of the Lusitania? What about Pearl Harbor? What did FDR know and when did he know it? Who killed JFK and why? RFK? MLK? etc., etc.

Bottom line on these issues is that we have been unable to gain political traction on any of these issues and the popular mind views “conspiracy” as the sure sign of an unhinged mind.

I have come to the conclusion that these issues are very, very secondary to our survival. Interesting, but very unimportant in the end. We can easily accept after, say, Vietnam, that our masters ascribe little value to their minions whether civilian or military. 3,000 dead in order to get a nice war going? No problemo.

But what is the better and more successful direction of discussion?

We should direct our energies at the true causes regardless of the mechanism. The popular image of 9/11 can be helpful toward restoration of an American foreign policy rather than a surrogate policy.

Here’s how the convention should go: America was attacked by Arabs, Muslim terrorists, Al-Queda, whatever because of American foreign policy. The real culprit for the attack is Israel and our mindless support for their terrorism. What is really happening here is terrorism fighting terrorism. etc.

It’s a much more productive line of reasoning and discussion because we discuss real, root causes that require no specialized knowledge. It’s a policy discussion, not a scientific discussion. It gets to the root of things instead of spinning politically unpalatable mechanistic theories.

I can’t help wonder which the enemy would fear more: discussion of our Israeli-dominated political structure or the tensile strength of steel.

The Economy – Stupid

Britain continues to enjoy the longest running economic boom in living memory. The unemployed are unemployable because of an inability to work or an aversion to it. But most workers, including the millions of immigrants to the UK, have found jobs and do not rely on benefits.

House prices keep rising but people still want to buy property. High interest rates have not killed the property boom because cheap labour in China and India and Third World immigration to the UK have reduced the costs of goods and services and enabled the home buyers to repay their mortgages to the banks.

In 1971 Spearhead warned of life under the Common Market: “The average British family will be reduced to a wartime diet – beef a luxury, margarine instead of butter and potatoes eking out bread.” Consider that dire prediction next time you are in your local supermarket surrounded by an abundance of cheap and nourishing food.

Unrestrained capitalism has transformed the international economy but failed to address the inequalities and injustices that lead to mass migration and conflict. Africa is getting poorer despite the empty promises of the G8 nations and much of the continent is devastated by war and hunger.

War has always been used to generate profits. We fought the South African War to grab gold and diamonds from the Afrikaners and we fought the First World War partly in order to steal the Iraqi oilfields from the Turks. Such aggressive capitalism is outdated but there is no alternative to international trade. Britain has not fed herself since the 18th century and we will soon be dependent on imported gas and oil; we must be part of a self-sufficient trading bloc.

There will always be crooked bankers and politicians but we can’t go back to living in tribes and trading with cowry shells. The corrupt and the greedy must be dealt with without destroying our political and economic institutions. As Mussolini said: “There will always be rats in a granary.” Let’s get rid of the rats and leave the granary standing.

The Fight Against Third World Immigration

According to their supporters the collapse of the Front National vote in the French general election is the result of Nicolas Sarkozy stealing Jean Marie Le Pen’s clothes. Others think that the FN’s fall from 15% in 1997 to 4.3% in 2007 shows that their populist civic nationalist policy is a failure.

At least France now has an immigration control policy and has started sending back illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers. The success of parties campaigning against non-European immigration may not be measured in seats won but in legislation enacted. Renegade politicians have got used to the trappings and comforts of power; they fear rejection and are always ready to change their policies in order to survive.

They are now saying that continued immigration is not fair on established immigrants. These are the eager workers who came to fill our job vacancies and enrich us all with their vibrant culture; together with the pimps, gangsters, dope dealers and dole scroungers who came with them.

The situation has been complicated by the wave of white immigrants who are not covered by anti-racist laws and can therefore be criticized by the media. The tide is beginning to turn but the personal political ambitions of the leaders of the far right will remain unfulfilled. People in France and Britain want security and prosperity but they still trust the old gang to respond to public opinion.

What has been achieved in France can be repeated in Britain. The Establishment knows that most people are sick of immigration and threatening to vote against it.
Our stage-managed electoral system will never allow minority parties to make a breakthrough but their participation can influence government policy.

Far right parties in France, Britain, Belgium and Sweden are pursuing unworkable policies based on unachievable dreams of national independence but so long as they are campaigning against non-European immigration they are performing a valuable service.

Eventually they will realize that the flood of migrants from the Third World is a pan-European problem requiring concerted action. The EU has the logistic, economic and political muscle but it lacks the will and leadership to make it happen. The failure of the member states to support Frontex shows the urgent need for joint action to defend our borders.
European Action
A newspaper in support a National Party for Europe. Edited by Robert Edwards
PO Box 415, Ramsgate CT11 9WW, United Kingdom

Views on the News

The trauma of Palestine goes on. The Israelis spent forty-seven years killing supporters of Fatah. They besieged Yasser Arafat in his Ramallah stronghold and used assassination, air strikes and economic warfare to undermine the Palestinian Resistance. But since Hamas won the Palestinian parliamentary election the Zionists have started supporting Fatah. Hamas has emerged as the stronger resistance movement; they have driven the IDF from the Gaza Strip and have now consolidated their electoral victory of January 2006 with a military takeover. Israel now faces two implacable frontlines in Lebanon and Gaza. They can chose peace by withdrawing from occupied territory or face the prospect of unending war. Hamas is committed to fighting Israel but their leader, Khaled Mashal, told a Russian newspaper that they would cease-fire if Israel would recognize the 1967 borders, withdraw from the occupied territories and accept the Palestinian “right of return.” (Nezavisimaya Gazeta 13-02-06)

Switzerland has completed work on the Loetschberg Tunnel and the Gotthard Tunnel cutting journey times between Germany and Italy. These remarkable projects now join the Channel Tunnel, the Millau Viaduct and the Oresund Bridge as physical links uniting Europe. Roads, bridges and railways are notoriously expensive but they generate commerce long after they have been built. The proposed bridge over the Straits of Messina linking Sicily to the Italian mainland has been shelved by Romano Prodi who thinks that $8 billion is too much for the Italian taxpayer. He fears that like the Channel Tunnel it will cost so much in interest that the operating company will never repay the loan. Infrastructure schemes benefit the whole of Europe and should be financed by the European Central Bank at affordable rates.

“We will rue the day when Tony Blair is gone. Expect to hear the phrase uttered at an increasing irregularity now that the Prime Minister has confirmed the worst kept secret in politics: he will be leaving office on June 27. And mark my words, after a decade in power, how the community will miss him. Without equivocation or fear of challenge, Jews and Israel have never had a better friend in Downing Street. Devout Blair has echoed a trail of predecessors by boring Jewish audiences with platitudes about shared values, but his genuine appreciation of Judaism has been endearing. He has been strong and consistent condemning anti-Semitism, praising the Community Security Trust and worrying about the threat to Jewish students on campuses. It used to be said that Harold Wilson was a close friend, James Callaghan understood Israel, Margaret Thatcher really empathized with the community and that John Major was always available to help Israel. The only premier who could always be relied upon to be awkward was Edward Heath. But it is Tony Blair, who has been the most consistent, thorough, warm and effective. He will go down in the annals of history as the best friend of Israel who ever inhabited Number Ten. The community and Israel will rue the day when Tony Blair is gone.” (The Jewish Telegraph, May 2007) 

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