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Issue 22, February 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends. # 22. February 2007

Reasons to be Cheerful

Tony Blair sends the British Army to help the American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan with the support of the gutless Tories. Third world immigrants pour into Europe and everywhere the white birthrate is falling. Our kids are out of control and their politically correct schoolteachers encourage them to embrace alien lifestyles. Not much joy there, but there are clear signs of an end to the liberal-democratic nightmare.

Patriotic parties in the Euro parliament have now formed a coalition under the leadership of French MEP Bruno Gollnisch. The Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty group have 20 members from 7 states and will qualify for generous European Union funding. They consists of the Front National of France, the FPO of Austria, Vlaams Belang of Belgium, PRM of Romania, National Union (Attack) of Bulgaria, Alessandra Mussolini’s Alternativa Sociale and Fiamma Tricolore of Italy and former UKIP representative Ashley Mote of the UK.

Bruno Gollnisch - who was recently convicted of Holocaust denial - stated the ITS position: “Europe needs a new policy aimed at reversing the migration flows of immigrants from outside Europe.” This goes significantly further than simply stopping non-European immigration and goes against the whole gospel of multiculturalism. Some delegates like Ashley Mote are little more than disgruntled Tories but by coming together they have made the first tentative steps towards European solidarity.

Washington is rushing reinforcements to Iraq but it will probably make no difference. In Afghanistan the situation goes from bad to worse and it is clear that the Taliban enjoys the support of the population. If America, or Israel, attacks Iran they can look forward to a long and deadly war with little hope of victory. The idea that the Iranians are a subjected people waiting to be liberated is nothing but propaganda. The Americans have alienated most of the world by the undisciplined behavior of their forces and the brutal and inhuman conditions of their military prisons.

As America discoverers the cost of imperialism Europe consolidates her position as the world’s most successful trading block. Our standard of living continues to rise and the Euro is fast replacing the Dollar as the international reserve currency. The reactionary Right has been proven wrong, we have not forsaken our nationality by belonging to Europe; the Germans are still German, the French are still French and we are still British. We have not been bitten by rabid dogs running through the channel tunnel or forced to eat salami for breakfast. A new European consciousness is emerging that will save our race and nation from being overwhelmed by politically correct American capitalism.
These are all good reasons to be cheerful.

Our Partisan Police                                                                                                      

The sinister manoeuvrings of the Labour Party continue to undermine British democracy. Now plans are afoot to give the police powers to control suspects by denying them the use of a phone or forbidding them from associating with friends and neighbours. These measures are necessary we are told to fight terrorism and crime, but we suspect that once the police are given such powers they will immediately abuse them by intimidating anyone who they imagine to be an enemy of the state.

Keen officers fresh from political indoctrination at Hendon Police College will be looking for enemies of the state. These could be committed Christians wearing crucifixes – clearly insulting behaviour in our multi faith society. Or they could be Muslims who have attended the same Mosque as an extremist. Members of nationalistic parties are clearly enemies of the state because they want to stop immigration – the fundamental motive of modern liberalism.

The full range of enemies of the state includes everyone who does not actively support the Labour Party policy of undermining Britain as a European nation. Right-wingers are automatically suspect because they dare to oppose immigration and Left-wingers are suspect because they are against American wars. People who specifically oppose non-European immigration and call for Britain to quit NATO are doubly suspect and liable to be arrested on site by our partisan police force.

Promotion in the police is linked to political correctness and only the most zealous enforcers of government policy can expect to advance their careers. It used to be thought that all senior officers were Freemasons, but today it is necessary for them to be active supporters of the multicultural state. Any policeman who does not satisfy his political superiors that he is a supporter of the regime will be sidelined or dismissed. Those who frequent anti-fascist rallies and immigrant gatherings will go straight to the top.

The politicization of the police did not start with this government. Margaret Thatcher used the police to smash the Miners’ Strike of 1984-85. The very same cops who stood and watched as Brixton burned in the immigrant riots of 1981 used maximum violence against British workers trying to defend their industry. With deliberate mischief the Tories used London policemen in Sheffield and Nottingham and gave them carte blanche to use terror tactics. And when Arthur Scargill suggested that Thatcher wanted to close down the coal industry he was dismissed as a troublemaker.

We are told that the perception of rising crime is an illusion. The police regularly publish figures to show that crime if falling and they reject any suggestion that they are massaging the figures to support their highly political initiatives. But people know that crime is spiraling out of control. They have been robbed or threatened or they know someone who has. It may be that less crime is reported because there is little point in reporting it to a police force that has given up law and order and has lost the respect of the general public.

Britain and America                                                                                                 

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the United States has become a global empire with military bases in every continent and a colossal navy to impose its will on every nation.
Considerations of legality are not part of American thinking. After 9-11 George Bush issued the following statement: “To forestall or prevent hostile acts by our adversaries the United States will, if necessary, act pre-emptively. The United States cannot remain idle while dangers gather.” Note that America will decide what constitutes a hostile act or a potential threat. The President went on: “If we wait for threats to fully materialize, we will have waited too long.”

To enforce her global authority America has divided the world into military commands, as described in the official website American Military Bases Around the World: “US European Command, in Stuttgart-Valhingen, Germany, is responsible for 13 million square miles in 89 countries and territories. This area of responsibility begins at the North Cape of Norway and extends through the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas, through most of Europe and parts of the Middle East, to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. The Command’s mission is to support and advance American interests and policies throughout the region and to provide combat-ready land, maritime and air forces to Allied Command Europe or to US Unified Command.”

This is a clear statement of intent; it’s not necessary to read between the lines or subscribe to conspiracy theories to understand that America is determined to dominate the world and will not tolerate any opposition.

This position is approved by the established political parties of the UK and even by the far right. UKIP talks a lot about national independence but they go on to say: “Since NATO has served Britain well in the past, we shall continue this alliance….” The BNP would withdraw from NATO but they would keep American bases in the UK because: 
“We still need the USA as a counterweight against a European super state.”

Such parties are really Atlanticists rather than nationalists. They associate English-speaking America with all the benefits of capitalism and they are prepared to trade their independence for the comfort and security that America appears to offer. This is a perfectly respectable opinion that is widely held but it would be more honest of them to campaign as Atlantic federalists rather than to masquerade as British nationalists.

But not everyone is happy to be part of the American Empire. All over the world people who value their own traditions, languages and cultures are motivated every time that America bombs or threatens another country. The old divisions of left and right are obsolete but the world is still divided between those who cherish their race and nation and those who do not. We must decide between the comfortable oblivion of American capitalism or our own social and political order in Europe. Those who imagine that there is a third choice are sadly deluded. British independence died on the fields of Flanders during the first of two disastrous internecine wars.

Taking Politicians Seriously                                                                                           

There have been many changes over the years that have not been an improvement but at least we have lost the habit of automatically taking politicians seriously. Today most people rank politicians along with estate agents and snake oil salesmen but in the Fifties they thought that they were officers and gentlemen. The early TV presenter MacDonald Hobley may have started the ball rolling when he introduced the first party political telecast by announcing “Sir Stifford Craps.”

Since then the reputations of politicians have been exposed to an ever-curious public. We have learned about their sexual and financial antics with interest. We have marveled at the personal stupidity of men and women who legislate over us, take us to war and steal most of our money in taxation. We have listened to lectures by John Major about “family values” when he was screwing Edwina Currie, and now we have the warmonger Tony Blair trying to convince us that he did the right thing by killing thousands of innocent civilians in Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

An unbroken succession of liars, drunks, adulterers, drug-addicts, hypocrites and moral imbeciles has occupied the highest offices of state. It is hardly surprising that they have legalized every form of human folly from casinos to pubs open all hours. As the churches have declined people have looked in vain for moral guidance from our members of parliament. But they are for the most part completely amoral and motivated by greed and lust in equal measure. Apart from a few noble exceptions our MPs have set new standards of low-life behaviour. Our Lord socialized with publicans and sinners but this lot would have tested his patience.

Politicians argue that because they are of the people they are therefore subject to all the usual human frailties. But the common people are not paid out of the public purse and they do not preach and pontificate about manners and morals. Those who enjoy the immense privileges of public office should set an example and when they are caught out they should be dealt with much more severely than ordinary mortals. A statutory death sentence for breaching the parliamentary code of conduct might concentrate their minds.

They could hardly object to the death penalty when so few of them raised a serious objection to the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Tessa Jowell said that Saddam had been “held to account,” a strange statement from a woman who claims not to understand accounts. In the modern manner parliamentary executions could be recorded on camera and people could download video clips of their elected representatives dangling from a noose. This would be democracy in action for the first time since the French Revolution.

This reform may be some time away; for the present we must content ourselves with exposing all their dirty tricks. This is the age of communications and it is much harder for the Establishment to control information or cover up scandals. Recent investigations by the police will hopefully go right to the black heart of the Labour regime. Those who have broken the law may find that they cannot lie and bribe their way out of trouble.

Views on the News                                                                                                         

Left-wing teachers are describing the British as mongrels because they are sprung from different tribes from mainland Europe. They neglect to mention that most of these tribes were related and that all of them were white. It is only supporters of multiculturalism that have trouble telling a Nigerian from an Englishmen, everyone else knows the difference between black and white. Europeans are essentially the same people and there is even a national look to some of them. In our own islands it is often possible to tell an Irishman, a Scot or a Welshman by a certain indefinable look – the product of centuries of selective breeding. The English and the Scandinavians are closely related but one can usually tell an Englishman from a Swede or Norwegian. The race-mixers will not succeed in this wicked plan to confuse and disorientate our children.

The row about children being adopted by same sex couples has put Tony Blair on the spot. He is a practicing Christian who claims that God told him to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. He has also gone to great lengths to explain to Muslims that there is nothing personal about slaughtering thousands of their coreligionists. His deep friendship and respect for Judaism is well documented. How embarrassing then when the leaders of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Muslim and Jewish faiths are all implacably opposed to his plans to grant adoption rights to homosexuals. Will he defy the united front of organized religion or be true to the atheistic Marxism of militant Labour? Changes to the adoption laws have got more to do with obsessive political conformity than any concern for children or prospective parents.

In just five years the Euro has eclipsed the American Dollar in value and is competing with it as the world’s reserve currency. When it was launched the Jeremiahs predicted failure and hardly a week went past without “The Daily Mail” or “The Telegraph” running stories about its imminent collapse and a return to national currencies. But instead of collapsing the Euro has flourished and is now a solid currency with a waiting list of countries wanting to join the club. The euro-bashers were wrong about the Euro, they were wrong about us losing our identity and they were wrong to cling to America and turn their backs on Europe. The anti-European movement from Jimmy Goldsmith to Nigel Farage has wasted millions of pounds but has completely failed to appeal to the British public

The television show Big Brother has caused an international incident between Britain and India over the allegedly racist treatment of the Indian actress Shilpa Shetty by the mixed-race TV performer Jade Goody. Gordon brown was given a hard time when he visited India and questions have been asked in Parliament. Every newspaper has carried the story and pundits have debated the matter with deadly seriousness. This is the unbelievable level of triviality that typifies our mass media. As the police get closer to the cash for honours affair and George Bush faces total humiliation from Congress, our papers are concentrating on a spat between showgirls. If George Bush is carried away screaming to the madhouse and Tony Blair is sent down for bribery and corruption, look out for another outbreak of pointless trivia from the press.

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