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Issue 79, May 2011

Nation Revisited
# 79, May 2011,

Law and order
Britain has been shocked by the teenage gang shooting of 5 year-old Thusha Kamaleswaran and 35 year-old Roshan Selvakumar in south London. This is less than a year after the murder of 16 year old Agnes Sina-Inakoju who was shot dead in east London by a boy on a bike armed with a machine gun. There have been plenty of gang members shot or stabbed by rivals but these deaths, and others, were of innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire.

The white middle class are escaping to the countryside where they only encounter ethnic minorities when they go shopping in the local town. Murderous gangs of black youths are not a problem in the shires. These metropolitan refugees are not necessarily racists but they are afraid of violent crime. They read about terrible things happening in the big cities but all is well in Beaver-Cleaverville – to quote Harold Covington.

But all is not well. A combination of wishful thinking, political dogmatism and stupidity has created ghettos ruled by criminal gangs who have no fear of the law 

Most people of Afro-Caribbean origin would welcome police action to disarm the gunmen. The main victims of black crime are black people. But the police are controlled by politicians who only talk about immigration-related problems at election time when they are looking for votes. At other times they ignore the besieged residents of the inner cities who are victims of an experiment in social engineering that has gone disastrously wrong.

In order to tackle the problems of drugs, gun crime, people smuggling and benefit fraud we must stop making excuses for criminals. Gangsters do not carry firearms and knives because they are socially deprived but because they have no fear of the law. They terrorise housing estates with vicious dogs, knives and guns because they are allowed to. 

If the police acted against the criminal gangs the majority of blacks would support them. The usual alliance of black agitators and white liberals would scream “racism” but the majority of people would welcome police action to protect their children from the pimps, drug pushers and gunmen that make their lives a misery.

Traditional police methods have failed to eradicate gang crime. It would take a coordinated national operation involving thousands of cops and costing millions of pounds to make our cities safe. But it would be justified by the restoration of law and order and offset by savings on benefits claimed by dole-scroungers, illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers. 

Dave Cameron didn’t hesitate to use our armed forces to help Libyans oppressed by Colonel Gaddafi. He should show the same determination to liberate Britain’s no-go-areas from the thugs and gangsters. Let’s see if the cowardly gunmen who target children and shopkeepers are any match for the professionals.
Federal Support
Portugal has joined Greece, Ireland and Iceland as a recipient of federal funds. The smaller states of Europe borrowed too much money during the boom and were caught out by the credit crunch. They will now have to impose austerity budgets and stop living beyond their means.

Britain also borrowed too much money but our economy is just about big enough to make the repayments. Even so we have been forced to slash public spending.

Across the Atlantic the same thing is happening. California is virtually bankrupt. The state government has closed dozens of hospitals and sacked thousands of schoolteachers in an effort to cut a budget deficit that is expected to reach $37 billion. The property market has collapsed and one in four Californians under the age of 65 has no health insurance. 

California is not alone. Several states have crippling deficits and can only survive with federal help. This is why the individual states joined the United States in the first place. A hundred years ago California was a sovereign republic with a booming economy. People poured into California from all over America and the rest of the world to seek their fortune in the Gold Rush. The state was blessed with fertile soil, natural resources and a wonderful climate. But far-sighted Californians saw the necessity of union and the folly of trying to go-it-alone. If the state of California had her own currency it would now be worthless. And if she was on her own, outside of the USA, her people would be starving.

The devaluation fanatics of the Daily Telegraph maintain that if Portugal still had her own currency she could simply devalue. But how would a depleted escudo help them to pay back loans made in euros or pay for oil in dollars? Devaluation is only a temporary expedient. Britain devalued the pound in almost every decade since the war but it didn’t stop us from running up the biggest deficit in Europe.

Somalia is a proud and independent sovereign state with no political connections to the rest of Africa. She is also starving, backward, lawless and bankrupt. 

Nations came together out of necessity; a process driven by economics, culture and proximity. Outbreaks of separatism by discontented minorities have only succeeded when funded and encouraged by hostile powers. Napoleon backed Polish and Italian independence to counter Prussian and Austrian ambitions. Britain and France stirred up nationalism in the Balkans to counter Austria and Russia. America dismembered Yugoslavia to display the formidable power of NATO. And Libya backed the IRA in revenge for Britain’s complicity in America’s bombing of Gaddafi’s compound.

But international interference cannot prevent geo-political unity. The United States still has an abundance of skilled labour and raw materials. She will soon recover when she stops printing money and balances the books. The sovereign debt crisis is a blessing in disguise; it has highlighted the dangers of unrestrained borrowing and economic isolation.

Selective Compassion
NATO has decided that Colonel Gaddafi of Libya is a tyrant who has to be deposed. He has replaced Osama Bin Laden as the worst man in the world. Gaddafi has been in power for more than forty years but we have just realised how bad he is. Britain has plenty of reasons to dislike him. He provided the IRA with explosives and ammunition that were used to commit atrocities throughout the UK.  A member of his diplomatic staff shot dead WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside their London embassy in 1984. And Libyan agent Abdelbaset al-Magrahi was found guilty of causing the Lockerby air disaster in December 1988.

But Gaddafi had his reasons; he helped the IRA in revenge for the American bombing raid in 1986 that killed his daughter. The planes that bombed Libya flew from bases in the UK and President Ronald Regan was given carte blanche by his loyal ally Margaret Thatcher.
The Lockerby plane bombing is thought to have been in retaliation for the deaths of 290 passengers and crew aboard the Iran Air Flight 655 that was shot down by the US Navy cruiser USS Vincennes over the Straits of Hormuz in July 1988. The giant Airbus was apparently mistaken for a jet fighter!

There is no doubt that Gaddafi sponsored terrorism but it’s equally certain that he was the victim of Western intrigue and violence. Following Tony Blair’s affectionate meeting with the Libyan leader in 2004 he abandoned his nuclear ambitions and scrapped his chemical weapons. He was promised trade deals with Europe and America if he behaved himself. But the West has double-crossed him by supporting revolutions in all the Arab states; except, of course, in occupied Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

Muammar Gaddafi may have become a tyrant but he set out with good intentions. In his Green Book – once endorsed by Nick Griffin – he outlines a democratic system based on local participation. Libya boasted the highest GDP in Africa and had a growing economy. Libyans enjoyed free electricity, low-interest loans from the state bank and free education. Nevertheless we have taken sides in their civil war and are using tribal animosities, ‘military advisors’ and airstrikes to tear the country apart.

Dave Cameron supports democracy in Libya, and now Syria, but ignores Robert Mugabe’s ruthless dictatorship in Zimbabwe and the genocidal Israeli occupation of Palestine. He needs to explain this selective compassion; tell us why we are bombing Libya but trading with oppressive regimes all over the world and selling arms to the bloodstained despots of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. 

American foreign policy is unfathomable and Europe’s blind obedience to it is unforgivable. Having destroyed Iraq and fought ourselves to a standstill in Afghanistan we are now involved in another war for no apparent reason and with no escape plan. When we were fighting colonial wars all over the world we thought that we were defending the British Empire. But now we are better informed and not so gullible. Everybody, except the government knows that this latest intervention is a complete waste of lives and money; all that we will get out of it is refugees.
The meeting
After months of careful planning a meeting was arranged between the various factions of the far right to form a united party. Every branch of nationalist thinking was represented, these included; Aryan mystics, British Israelites, conspiracy freaks, dole scroungers, English nationalists, flat earthers, Griffinites, head measurers, isolationists, Jew-haters, Ku Klux Klanners, Luddites, monarchists, neurotics, occultists, pyromaniacs, quitters, revisionists, sociopaths, troglodytes, unfrocked vicars, vacillators, wasters, xenophobes, yahoos and Zionists.

In order to avoid trouble the following were banned from the meeting; aesthetes, Bonapartists, chartists, distributists, esoterics, futurists, green campaigners, humanitarians, integralists, Jacobins, Kemalists, levellers, Mosleyites, Nietzscheans, objectivists, patriots, quasi-fascists, revolutionaries, Strasserites, totalitarians, utopians, visionaries, Wagnerians, xanthocroi, Yockeyites and Zarathustrians.

The meeting was called to order by Major General Algernon Fruit-Cake, hero of the Mandingo emergency of the 1960s. He introduced the Reverend Milo Culper, who had been his padre in the dark days of the jungle campaign. Rev Culper tried to recite the Lord’s Prayer but he was rudely shouted down by the Druids, led by Arthur Merlin of the Native British Liberation Front and the Odinists led by Sven Skullcrusher of the Nordic Alliance. After a fierce battle resulting in several fatalities order was restored by a paramilitary security squad from the Heritage Association helped by volunteers from the Militant Jesuit Society.

The meeting adjourned to a neighbouring pub called the Jolly Hedge Fund Manager. But half way through lunch hostilities were resumed when the real ale lovers of the UK Party clashed with the lager louts of the English League. As beer glasses and pool cues flew in all directions Major General Fruit-Cake beat an orderly retreat back to the meeting hall with only minimal losses.

The reassembled patriots debated a motion banning the Druids, the Odinists, the UK Party and the English League from membership of the new party. This was opposed by the National Party, the Reformed National Party, the Real National Party and the Kosher National Party. The dissenters began to march out of the hall in protest but they started fighting amongst themselves before they reached the doors.

By now the only participants still standing were delegates from the British Empire Party, the Heritage Association and the Militant Jesuits. BEP spokesman Mohammed Goldstein proposed a motion condemning the actions of the National Party’s various factions but it was vociferously opposed by the HA and the MJs. Heated debate led to another riot resulting in the total destruction of the Nelson Mandela Memorial Hall and the untimely demise of the Rev Milo Culper.

Eventually the worst of the violence abated but as the bedraggled ranks of walking wounded staggered out of the smoking ruins they were charged by a column of sabre-wielding mounted police commanded by Detective Sergeant Jock Fiddler of the elite Special Branch Cavalry.

Only a handful of patriots lived to bear witness to the ensuing carnage. The exact number of deaths is still being calculated. But following an intensive enquiry by the authorities it was announced that the multiple fatalities sustained were not caused by DS Fiddler’s “measured and restrained police action.” The enquiry was led by his cousin Lord Justice Whitewash.
A file has been passed to the Department of Public Prosecutions for possible action against Major General Fruit-Cake. But legal experts doubt that the much-loved 94 year-old jungle fighter will be charged.

In the House of Commons up and coming Labour frontbencher Cindy Slack demanded the banning of all parties to the right of the Tories. Dave Cameron said that he agreed with her in principle but would be seeking legal advice. Nick Clegg said that he agreed with the prime minister. A spokesperson for a leading charity called for increased funding for anti-fascist groups. And Major General Fruit-Cake said “bloody good show.”

The Banker and the Nazi
Professor David Bowen, the forensic pathologist died on March 31st aged 87. In his extensive career he investigated the horrific Denis Nielsen murders and conducted autopsies on Ross McWhirter who was shot dead by the IRA in 1975, Blair Peach who died during an anti-National Front demonstration in 1979, and PC Keith Blakelock who was hacked to death during the Broadwater Farm riot of 1985.

He also reported on the deaths of Roberto Calvi the banker found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in 1982 and on 93 year-old Rudolf Hess who was found dead with an electrical cable around his neck at Spandau prison in 1987. 

Professor Bowen did not believe that Calvi or Hess had committed suicide. This opinion went against the official verdicts and encouraged the many doubters who believe that both men were murdered.

Anybody with information on these matters is welcome to submit an article. It’s easy to jump to conclusions but what we need is evidence.  Perhaps the key question is Quo Bono? Who would benefit from the deaths of an Italian banker or Hitler’s former deputy? If anybody knows the answers please tell us. In the mean time we will have to accept the official version of events.

Time to Move On From Traditional Nationalism
By John Bean
Today’s BNP and the various splinter groups that have decided to break away from the Nick Griffin dictatorship share a common nationalist outlook that has not changed since the formation of the National Front – or even the earlier MK1 BNP. Even the English Democrats concept of nationalism has many similarities.

With Britain’s relegation to a secondary power in both its economy and its influence in world politics, a nationalism which was founded on the early post-war belief that the UK could rely on both economic and military support of the White Dominions, plus some remnants of Empire, needs drastic revision. That means in particular our approach to the white world and our neighbours in Europe in particular. This does not, of course, mean that we should now support the European Union, which is Marxist inspired in origin, although mainly administered by its liberal “useful idiots,” and has as its final objective the formation of a One World government.

In the May 2010 BNP Manifesto, Section 27, it rightly says that: “The suggestion that membership of the EU is necessary for our prosperity is nonsense.” It then says we would enjoy the higher standards of prosperity of Norway and Switzerland if, like them, we were outside the EU. This is a non-starter as it ignores the fact that Norway has less than 5 million people (and does well on substantial exports of oil and gas to its neighbours) and Switzerland less than 8 million. This is against our 61 million -including the 15 million of non-European stock.

The Manifesto then suggests we “would be free to negotiate trade agreements which are exclusively in our favour.” This is typical Griffinesque comment, based on pure optimism. In the real world a nation would have to be very indebted to us to offer trade deals “exclusively in our favour.”

The BNP Manifesto is right when it supports trade agreements with the Old Commonwealth, i.e. Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as outside of the EU we can scrap the EU-imposed tariffs on agricultural goods which put as much as £1,000 p.a. on the family food bill. This clause is probably a left over from John Tyndall’s day, when a prominent part of BNP policy was to form ever stronger links, to the point of a single union, with the Old Commonwealth countries. Aussie nationalists in particular thought this rather patronising and suggested that we could not back the EU on one hand and try and resurrect a colonial empire on the other. But at least Tyndall did think of Britain’s relationships with other countries (even if secretly he thought that “all wogs begin at Calais – with the exception of the Germans”), which does not seem to be the case with the BNP today.

In Section 63 on “Foreign Policy”, we can fully support the view where it says in regard to realigning this policy we should put our nation’s interests first and not interfere with the sovereignty of any other nation – and certainly ending the use of our armed forces in conflicts that do not cause problems for Britain’s general interests. About the only other subject covered in this section is the swindle of Foreign Aid. I would suggest that we reduce this to a £1 billion holding fund from which we would supply emergency aid to nations suffering calamities such as major droughts, floods, earthquakes, etc. However, the overall tenor of BNP ‘foreign’ policy (as also that of nationalist fleas that have sprung from the old BNP dog) at present is that of a minor state that has buried its head in the sands of the UK’s confines rather than taking action to ward off the global threats from the world banking system and colonisation by Afro-Asia. To “strive for the best possible relationship with our European neighbours” is a good start but that is all the Manifesto has to say after we have withdrawn from the EU.

Confederation of Europe
I would suggest that the BNP, or a new radical right party if the BNP is beyond saving, should campaign for a European Confederation of national sovereign states. As well as the economic co-prosperity sphere that was promised us under the original idea of a European Common Market it should give priority to defending our common European culture and its people. The principle enemy of such a European Confederation will be, of course, the one world Marxist-inspired multiculturalists of the EU. Incidentally, Marine Le Pen has said that if France’s Front National continues its new dramatic growth it would leave the EU. A European Confederation would welcome the presence of a new France, as well as Britain and other European states that are currently represented in the EU by what were misleadingly termed ‘nationalist’ parties.

There is also the issue that we have to face of the now established parliaments for local affairs in Scotland, Wales and soon to be Northern Ireland – and England also if the English Democrats had their way. This was not an issue in the early days of British nationalism. To maintain its integrity and mutual prosperity the UK must now look to a United Kingdom Confederation.
Editor’s comment – The Swiss Confederation is a perfect model for European union; autonomous regions with their own languages within a single state with one army, one flag, one constitution and one currency. The Swiss are German, French and Italian by blood but totally united under the slogan; “one for all, all for one.”

Robert Schuman, the father of European Union, was a devout Catholic of French and German ancestry who fought in the German Army in the First World War and the French Resistance in the Second World War. He was not a Marxist and nor were Konrad Adenaur, Oswald Mosley or George Orwell - all supporters of united Europe.

You accuse the administrators of the EU of being ‘useful idiots’. But who are they useful to? Communism collapsed in Russia twenty years ago and the Chinese have embraced capitalism with a vengeance. The liberalism that you object to is a Western phenomenon epitomised by President Barack Obama. Marxism may have been a spectre but it’s now just a phantom. The political complexion of the EU reflects that of its member states; it’s up to us to change it.

“The European spirit signifies being conscious of belonging to a cultural family and to have a willingness to serve that community in the spirit of total mutuality, without any hidden motives of hegemony or the selfish exploitation of others.

The 19th century saw feudal ideas being opposed and, with the rise of a national spirit, nationalities asserting themselves. Our century, that has witnessed the catastrophes resulting in the unending clash of nationalities and nationalisms, must attempt and succeed in reconciling nations in a supranational association. This would safeguard the diversities and aspirations of each nation while coordinating them in the same manner as the regions are coordinated within the unity of the nation.” Robert Schuman, Strasbourg 16th May 1949.

Fantasy and Reality
Some things are credible and some are not. We can make society fairer by improving education and redistributing wealth but we cannot wipe out differences in intelligence or ability. The first proposition is possible but the second is a fantasy.

We can control immigration into the UK but there is no way that we can round up all the immigrants and send them back. We haven’t got the manpower, the logistics or the international clout to do it. A joint European initiative tied to trade deals and foreign aid could organise a great programme of resettlement. But the idea that Britain acting alone could reverse immigration is a fantasy.

Britain is an equal partner in the European Union. We are represented in the EU parliament, the Council of Ministers at every level of government. We have negotiated opt-outs and exclusions on a number of issues but we will never quit the EU because it accounts for 70% of our trade. South Africa and Rhodesia have been taken over by the blacks and have ceased to be White Dominions. Canada is tied to the USA and Australia and New Zealand are commercially tied to China and Japan. A resurrected Commonwealth is therefore a fantasy.

The ultimate fantasy is that the world is run by a secret gang of plotters who meet regularly to organise wars and revolutions, famines and droughts, and even earthquakes. Some say they are Jewish, others believe they are Freemasons and David Icke and his followers think that they are lizards! These conspirators are supposed to be responsible for all our troubles. But it’s difficult to believe that a collection of Rabbis and Rotarians are running the world. 

These delusions are propagated by hundreds of magazines and websites and believed by thousands of people. Some think that the Moon landing was staged in the Nevada desert and that the 9/11 atrocity was a false flag operation by the CIA. An e-mail doing the rounds even suggests that the Fukushima earthquake was caused by electrical pulses generated in Alaska. These people are victims of a paranoid mindset that dominates the far right. 

Governments often tell lies and do stupid things but the world has not been hijacked. It’s time for the conspiracy junkies to wake up and smell the coffee. 

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