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Issue 6, April 2006

Nation Revisited

April 2006. #6
An occasional email to friends

Surviving Westminster

Parties of the so-called far Right have been campaigning for over eighty years without returning a single Member of Parliament. The prewar Blackshirts were a mass movement with a charismatic leader, thousands of members, regional offices and scores of paid officials. The National Front of the Seventies was also a nationwide party that dominated the headlines with their volatile marches and meetings. But although these parties achieved a high level of support and a great deal of publicity, they never managed to get a candidate elected to parliament.

The Reds used to say that it didn’t matter if they had no MPs because there were enough far Left Labour members to promote their cause; but the nationalist movement has had very few friends in Parliament.
John Beckett was very much a socialist during his time as an Independent Labour MP before he left to join Mosley’s BUF.

Captain Ramsey was opposed to the war and the warmongers but he was a Tory and a traditionalist rather than a fascist.

Enoch Powell was famously opposed to immigration but he believed in parliamentary democracy and was opposed to authoritarianism.

There have been several MPs who have said all the right things but none of them have been nationalists in the sense that they believed in race and nation. Now, for the first time, we may be close to getting a decent candidate elected to what Jack Lelieve used to call “that once august establishment the House of Commons.”

The ethnic riots in Birmingham and the terrorist bombings in London can only help the BNP. People are afraid and for the future and sick of the sleaze associated with the old gang parties.

Although the first past the post electoral system favours the status quo, a good nationalist candidate in the right area could just make it.

It is important that such a candidate is not seduced by the culture of Westminster and its ancient tradition of bribery and corruption..

Most MPs are only interested in their own careers; party differences do not stop them from being mates who drink in the same bars with middlemen and fixers.

These amoral degenerates do not support the New World Order out of conviction but because they are handsomely paid to do so.

A weak-minded character exposed to this atmosphere of overwhelming corruption would soon become infected with parliamentary paralysis of the personality.

The people we send to Westminster must be imbued with the highest principles of our movement if they are to keep their integrity. They must remember that they are there to represent the British people; not to take bribes, enjoy free holidays and accept letterhead directorships.

Marvin Dag                                                                                                 
The incredible career of Marvin Dag began in 1916 when he was born in the foothills of the Himalayas to his Indian Army parents. The young Marvin was sent to Scotland for a Spartan education at McSnotties before going to Oxford. He quit his studies in 1936 to fight in the Spanish Civil War as a volunteer with General Eoin O’Duffy’s Irish Brigade.

He lost an eye at Ciempozuelos and was mentioned in dispatches.

In 1938 he arrived in London and immersed himself in fascist activities. In 1939 he split with Mosley, Leese, Joyce and Beckett and founded the short-lived and little-known National Socialist Direct Action Party. This small but dynamic movement specialized in attacking other people’s meetings and by the outbreak of war most of its members were serving prison sentences for assault. Dag was interned under Regulation 18B until 1944.

He used his time in Brixton Prison to write his first book ‘Fighting for Peace.’ In 1946 he was charged with causing an affray and remanded in custody until 1948 when the case was dropped for lack of evidence. He tried to sue the Attorney General for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment but with no success.

In 1949 Marvin Dag became disillusioned with life in Britain. He decamped to Argentina and secured a position with the General Confederation of Labour. He became a confidant of President Juan and Evita Peron and worked tirelessly for the Peronist movement until the CIA sponsored coup of 1955. He then spent five years in Paraguay doing welfare work amongst distressed German immigrants.

He returned to the UK in time for the great fascist revival of the early Sixties and progressed through the rosary of the Right from Empire Loyalist to National Front.

Marvin Dag became so depressed by the faction fighting of the late Seventies that he suffered a nervous breakdown. This was aggravated by immoderate drinking and resulted in him spending two years recovering in an American clinic. 

He founded a new movement the New Social Distributist Alliance Party in 1984.

The NSDAP refuses to take part in the democratic process but still functions from Dag’s remote highland retreat at Dounraey. The party issues an occasional bulletin called “The People’s Observer,” edited by their nonagenarian leader.

Marvin dag has always inspired loyalty or loathing. Mosley dismissed him as a dreamer,

Leese was convinced that he was working for the State; Chesterton said that he was mad.

But Tyndall admired his positive attitude; Bean thought him a likable chap and hundreds of followers are still loyal to the grand old man of the extreme Right.

His works include:
Fighting for Peace: an account of the anti-war campaign. 1946
Justice Denied: the story of his legal action against the government. 1949
Peron in Perspective: a tribute to the Argentine President. 1955
March of The Right: the British nationalist scene in the Sixties. 1967
Getting it Wrong: the decline of the British nationalist movement. 1983
Life on The Front Line: his autobiography. 1995

These books are available from the usual sources or direct from NSDAP Publications
PO Box 88, Princedale Road, London W11.
Keep it Simple                                                                                                         

Political parties without MPs do not need to publish detailed manifestos. They should stick to general principles and avoid unnecessary arguments about policy. The Tories need a manifesto that covers every issue because they could be called upon to form a government, but the nationalist movement is not in this position and should keep it simple.

Benito Mussolini came to power in 1922 as leader of a movement of ex-servicemen, unemployed workers and ruined members of the middle-class. Their revolution was a reaction to economic collapse. Mussolini proclaimed – “Those who form the productive class must know that Fascism wants to impose nothing more than order and discipline upon the Nation and to help raise the strength with which to renew progress and prosperity.” In the next twenty years the movement’s political policies were developed but when the Blackshirts marched on Rome they were concerned only with taking power.

The British National Party is well known because of the race hate trials and the National Front is remembered for their marches and demonstrations. Many people, and most newspapers, confuse the two parties or think that they are one and the same. But people vote against immigration and do not care what the party is called or exactly what its policies are. The 5 – 10% vote for nationalist candidates in parliamentary elections and the 10 – 30% in local elections have been consistent since the war.

With more than twenty councilors throughout the country the BNP is poised to make the breakthrough to parliamentary representation. When we achieve this it will be time to start thinking about detailed policies but until then we should concentrate on the main issue. Existing and proposed legislation will severely limit what parties can print in their manifestos. There is no point in publishing policies that will lead to imprisonment.

It is sufficient to state that we believe in Britain for the British; getting involved in arguments about exactly who is British, or who goes or stays is unnecessary for a party that has no MPs and no authority.

In 1922 the problem throughout Europe was unemployment and recession; today it’s the threat to our culture and ethnic survival. This core issue unites all factions and it is perfectly legal to call for an end to non-European immigration. As members of the EU we are obliged to accept fellow Europeans but we can legally object to non-Europeans on ‘political’ rather than racial grounds.  People know what we stand for and there is no need to get involved in heated debates or legal actions.

The 2005 General Election produced some good results but in a couple of areas there were competing nationalist candidates. The nationalist parties must agree on an electoral pact. If a particular party has got a good chance in a constituency that they have long cultivated it is only common sense to support them. This may be difficult for the party leaders but they must do it.

Views on The News                                                                                 

The steady increase in temperature threatens to melt the polar icecaps and raise sea levels. This would flood low-lying territories and cause meteorological problems throughout the world. It is thought that this phenomenon is due to the pollution from power generation, heavy industry and motor traffic.

We can reduce industrial pollution by using cleaner fuels and by treating emissions, but cars can only be controlled by political action. Buses and trains must be made available and the use of motor vehicles limited. Of course, no democratic government is going to commit political suicide by proposing such measures. When Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas he taxed car use to pay for road improvements. But the angry motorists reacted so violently that he had to scrap the taxes and apologize. This taught Bill never to mess with motorists and that you can always get out of trouble by apologizing.

Slobodan Milosevic has cheated the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague by dying in custody. He was as bad as Franjo Trudman of Croatia and Alija Izetbegovic of Bosnia but certainly no worse. The Yugoslav disaster shows what can happen when Europeans forget their common ancestry and revert to tribalism. The Yugoslavs came together because they are the same people. The Croats and Slovenes adopted Catholicism under the Austro- Hungarian Empire. The Bosniaks were influenced by the Ottoman Empire and adopted Islam. The Serbs and Macedonians looked to Russia and remained Orthodox. These nations united under a popular monarchy and later under Marshal Josip Tito, but when he died the federation was torn apart by petty nationalists.

We must ensure that sectarian division in Ireland and linguistic division in Spain and Belgium do not threaten European solidarity as in the Balkans.

The sale of seats in The House of Lords to wealthy businessmen is hardly a new development. In the old days it was the King who dished out titles for cash, now it is Tony Blair. The answer is to sell peerages on the open market. We could get one of the great auction houses to handle it. Bids could be accepted by phone from America and Japan and we could create thousands of new peerages. At a million pounds a time this would help to pay for the National Health Service or buy a few missiles to fire at Iraqi civilians. The newly noble Lords could pose in their ermine and coronets for photos to be sent home to Tokyo or Crawford, Texas.

The latest riots in France were not just by disadvantaged African and Arab immigrants but included middle-class French people. The dismantling of France’s worker protection laws is the thin end of the wedge. France is copying the UK where it is much easier to sack people. This is part of the ‘flexible’ labour market so beloved of the New World order. The next step will be to adopt the American system where workers can be sacked on the spot without compensation. The civilized conditions enjoyed by French and German workers are what being European is all about. We will never be able to compete with the teeming masses of Asia and there is no reason why we should. This systematic undermining of labour is part of the world trade racket that would put all Europeans out of work in favour of cheaper workers from the far-east.
This article first appeared in ‘Action” in November 1980. In the 26 years since it was written the Soviet Union has been replaced by the Russian Federation and the big issue is now ‘The Clash of civilizations’ between Islam and the West.

Nick Griffin’s article in the March issue of ‘Identity’ examines this conflict and the role of pressure groups in manipulating American foreign policy.

He comes to the conclusion that there are many reasons for the current situation and that anyone who claims to know all the answers is a ‘crackpot.’

Conspiracy and Commonsense

Publications of the far Right all tend to subscribe to conspiracy theories. They claim that certain minorities are bent on subversion and attempt to prove their argument by quoting from obscure tracts, such as ‘The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion’ produced by the 19th Century Russian eccentric Sergei Nilus who believed that ‘hidden forces’ were conspiring to take over the world.

The fact is that there are two real powers in the modern world each openly seeking international control; the Soviet union which follows the avowed Marxist-Leninist objective of global hegemony, and the United States of America which heads international capitalism and naturally aims to export goods and credit to every nation.

Now a third ideology has emerged, an ever growing body of men and women who reject the excesses of communism and capitalism alike and are striving to create a new order of Europe and the former Dominions, a self-sufficient bloc free of both American-led capitalism and Soviet-dominated communism, but hostile to neither.

Only Europe the true mother of both the American and Russian civilizations has the resources, manpower and native genius to correct the mistakes of the past – such as non-European immigration into Britain – and lead the world of the next century, which clearly will be divided into geopolitical entities.

Historians of the future will not attribute the political disasters of today to secret cabals meeting in dark alcoves but to elected representatives meeting in open assemblies, motivated not by duplicity but by stupidity. The old parties blame each other, or the French or the Common Market for our ills. The conspiracy freaks denounce everybody from Buddhists to Baptists. We put the blame where it belongs; on the heads of bumbling politicians who cling to the worn-out thinking of the past and reject the modern scientific solutions, which only we advocate.

‘European Action’ is the new publication edited by Robert Edwards in support of a National Party for Europe.

PO Box 415, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 9WW

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