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Issue 28, April 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends. # 28, April 2007

Take My Advice

As religion continues to decline the need for priests is diminishing but there is no need for the nonproductive to panic; there are still plenty of pointless jobs to do. Health & Safety is still expanding and Race Relations is positively booming. There has never been a better time for people incapable of doing a proper job. Now a brand new industry has emerged in the form of Environmentalism. Companies large and small are appointing environmental managers and local government is once again leading the field and setting the benchmark in a highly competitive field of recruitment.

People trying to earn a living must first undergo induction training to stop them from falling out of windows or down stairs. They then have to listen to toolbox talks in case they develop repetitive strain injury from mouse clicking. Once they have done a risk assessment and written a method statement they can then set about the hazardous business of making a phone call. If they are black they can call their race relations officer and if they are homosexual they can talk to their lesbian, gay and bisexual advisor. If they are feeling suicidal a visit to the human resources departmental stress councilor might make them feel better. But if they are still depressed the Padre can be found sharing an office with the Rabbi on the tenth floor.

The advice industry is now the fastest growing section of the economy. The acute shortage of skilled advisors is being overcome by importing trained personnel from all over the world. Some of the African environmental experts are linguistically challenged but their enthusiasm is abounding. Nigeria has a growing reputation for producing carbon footprint coordinating officers and Ghana has cornered the market in carbon neutral outreach workers.

As industry collapses and the advice culture expands it is only a matter of time before we are all employed as full time busybodies. Combined workshops will be set up where all the disciplines can be accessed; one-stop resources that will provide health & safety training, racial awareness, gender reassignment and environmental information. These workshops will be part of the National Health Service and will work with the state psychiatric service and the Labour Party.

Those who are unable to deal with reality will be helped by the compassionate state. They will be assessed by trained care workers and assigned to re-education facilities where they will be given specialized treatment to overcome their personality disorders and equip them to function as citizens of the New Jerusalem. Persistent recidivists will be offered voluntary euthanasia.

Getting Results

A valued correspondent has pointed out that the BNP are getting better results in parliamentary elections than those achieved by patriotic parties in the past. There have been some very good results but the averages have only slightly improved since the first influx of blacks came to Britain in the Fifties.

Nick Griffin got 429 votes, 1.2% standing for the NF in Croydon North West in 1981. He stood in the same seat in 1983 and his vote went down to 336, 0.9%.
In 2001 he stood for the BNP in Oldham and Royton soon after the local riots and got an excellent 6,552 votes, 16.4%. But his vote went down to 4,240, 9.25% in Keighley in 2005. His 6.9% average over the four elections is similar to the results achieved by anti-immigration parties between 1959 and 1979.

Nick Griffin’s former NF colleague Martin Webster got 4,789 votes, 16% in 1973 in West Bromwich. In West Bromwich East in 1974 he got 2,907 votes, 7%. In 1979 he got 1,740 votes, 6.1% in Bethnal Green and Bow. And in 1982 he got 874 votes, 3.9 in Peckham. An average of 8.2% achieved 25 years ago.

Colin Jordan contested Birmingham, Aston in 1970 only eight years after the notorious Trafalgar Square “Hitler Was Right” meeting that ended in a bloody riot. He was infamous for the Spearhead Trial, his marriage to Francoise Dior and his imprisonment under the 1965 Race Relations Act for distributing a pamphlet called “The Coloured Invasion.” He stood for British Movement as an unashamed National Socialist but still managed to attract 704 votes, 2.5%.

By winning more than fifty council seats throughout the country the BNP has shown that they are a nationwide party that is attracting support. A good candidate standing in the right area, at the right time, might just get elected to Parliament. But they should not get carried away with a few good results. Their task remains one of recruitment and propaganda.

Their core policy of opposition to non-European immigration is winning support and forcing the government to listen. Their economic policy is irrelevant so long as the current worldwide boom lasts and their defence policy is a contradictory mixture of armed neutrality and American military occupation. But every faction is opposed to the Third World invasion.

BNP candidates averaged 4.3% in the 2005 general election. That’s almost the 5% deposit-saving threshold that would trigger parliamentary representation in some European countries. An EU proposal to introduce proportional representation throughout Europe would give the BNP twenty to thirty MPs. Let’s hope that the ITS bloc in Brussels will use their influence to bring about electoral reform. There’s even a chance that the BNP would support this particular European initiative.

Sputnik and 9/11

The devastating 9/11 attacks on America are often compared to Pearl Harbour. Without warning America was violated and her people left feeling vulnerable and betrayed. But the launch of the Soviet Union’s first satellite in 1957 was almost as frightening. The Soviets became the first to build a rocket capable of reaching space and capable of reaching America.

The Americans immediately poured billions of dollars into space research and intensified the Cold War. The fact that the Soviets were capable of launching a nuclear attack on America from the USSR fuelled an arms race that lasted for over thirty years and was only decided when the Soviets ran out of money.

Britain tried to build her own ballistic missile with “Blue Streak” but we could not afford the massive development costs and were forced to buy the American Polaris. France would probably have done the same except for President Charles de Gaulle who insisted on continuing the research that has resulted in France becoming a world leader in aerospace technology.

The Americans can now police their empire with a formidable navy and from military bases around the world. They have sufficient firepower to subdue almost any army and enough allies to pour troops into any region. They are easily the most powerful nation in the world. But modern wars are not fought by aircraft carriers like the epic naval engagements of the Pacific War. Nor are they fought with heavy armour like the battles of El Alemein or Kursk, but by mobile infantry.

America was able to flatten the cities of Afghanistan and Iraq with “daisy cutter” bombs and cruise missiles. But they have failed to control the road from Baghdad to the airport after four years of trying. They routed the Taleban with “bunker buster” bombs but the Afghans have regrouped and are now on the offensive. Well-fed Westerners far from the comforts of home are finding it difficult to beat an enemy raised on suffering and fighting for their own country.

In the Middle East America’s staunch ally Israel is still reeling from the shock of losing the war with Lebanon. Despite using their state of the art Defence Force they were unable to dislodge a Hezbollah infantry brigade from the border. They bombed and shelled civilian targets at will but after a month of fighting they were forced to withdraw as losses of men and tanks became unacceptable.

The world has changed since Sputnik beamed its lonely signal through space in 1957. The Pax Americana is a military and economic fact but it has not made the world a safer place. It has spawned terrorism and violence and restricted the liberty of every nation. All empires run their course but until injustices are resolved by international consensus we must live with the threat of terrorism and the prospect of unending conflict.

Murdoch’s Muddled Messages

Rupert Murdoch publishes a range of newspapers and magazines that cater for all levels of mental development. “The Times” is an up market paper aimed at the leaders of industry and professional people. “The Sun” is aimed at the working class and the unemployed. “The Wall Street Journal” is primarily a financial paper read by bankers and insurers. Each paper matches its content to its readership but all of Murdoch publications stick to a rigid neocon-Zionist agenda.

Murdoch supports America and Israel and he hates Muslims and the European Union with equal passion. One of the sinister tactics of the Neocons is their habit of mixing different and unrelated themes into one argument. They deliberately confuse, or conflate separate entities to make them appear to be part of the same thing.

The leading exponent of this intellectual trickery is “The Brussels Journal” a Murdoch propaganda sheet from the heart of the EU. Its writers manage to link Muslim terrorism with the European Constitution and arrive at the conclusion that anti-Americanism equals anti-Semitism and that pro-Europeans are probably pro-Muslim and by implication anti-Semitic.

This convoluted nonsense is repeated page after page until the bemused reader thinks that he is unpatriotic for not supporting the bombing of refugee camps in Palestine or Lebanon. Murdoch’s newspapers have always supported multiracism and he is married to a Chinese woman Deng Wen Di. But although they have promoted the Third World invasion of Britain, America and Australia they are now embarked on an anti-Muslim campaign that is barely within the law.

“The Sun” recently ran a report about the Pakistani gang charged with attempting to repeat the 7/7 bombing in London. They managed to mention in the same report that Iran was developing nuclear weapons that could threaten Israel and that the European Union was doing very little about it.

This propaganda is almost certainly wasted on readers of “The Sun” who couldn’t manage two themes let alone four. They will probably settle for hating Pakistanis who they see as another bunch of foreigners just like the French and the Germans who are catching our fish and trying to make us drink litres of lager and drive on the wrong side of the road.

It’s more difficult to tell how “The Times” readers might react to Rupert’s rubbish.
Most British people have an affinity with the Americans but few want to be dominated by a functional moron like George Bush. Again most Britons are not anti-Semitic but the majority deplores Israel’s brutal treatment of her neighbours. On the question of Europe people are still divided but very few subscribe to the paranoid hysteria of the Murdoch press.

Views on The News

Rosneft the state-owned Russian oil giant has taken over the troubled Yukos oil company. Mikhail Khodorovsky is serving a nine-year sentence for tax evasion and the state has auctioned his assets to recover $22 billion in unpaid taxes. President Vladimir Putin has vowed to recover infrastructure companies from the oligarchs who bought up state assets during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Khodorovsky’s bank Menatep defaulted in 1998 taking the Russian Rouble with it. He is a friend of Condoleeza Rice and was a frequent visitor to the United States. His partner in crime Leonid Nevzlin escaped arrest and is hiding from justice in Israel. US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said: “The continued prosecution of Mikhail Khodorovsky and the dismantlement of Yukos raise serious questions about the rule of law in Russia.”

The latest hit tune in Israel is called “ bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran,” to the tune of the Beach Boys’ hit Barbara Anne. The born-again Christians in America are also playing it. The song hasn’t been aired in Britain but as we slide into war with Iran we can expect to hear it played by Melanie Phillips groupies.

Iran has further upset America by refusing to accept US Dollars from the ChineseZhuhai Zhenrung Corporation that imports 240,000 barrels of crude every day. All future payments are to be made in Euros. A similar move by Saddam Hussein preceded the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The seizure of fifteen British marines and sailors by the Iranians is clearly a tit for tat operation in response to America’s detention of five Iranian diplomats. We will never know if the Royal Navy personnel were in Iraqi or Iranian waters. At least they are not cowering in cages, wearing orange jumpsuits, with bags over their heads and in handcuffs like the captives of Guantanamo. This is just another result of getting involved in an American war that has got nothing to do with us. British lives are put at risk and the price of oil has risen 3% to $66 a barrel.

83 year-old Robert Mugabe has been asked by his ZANU-PF party to stand for another term. The Zimbabwe economy has collapsed and the Zim Dollar is now unconvertible. The country is living on food aid from South Africa and poverty is widespread. This has prompted British pundits to speculate that the tyrant is about to fall or that Thabo Mbeke may intervene. They forget that to Africans Robert Mugabe is a hero who took on the white-run government of Ian Smith and won. They will forgive him for being a dictator who has ruined the country. The British race-traitors who lionized Mugabe are strangely silent. Lord Peter Carrington thought that majority rule in Rhodesia would protect the 300,000 whites when he succumbed to American pressure and signed the Lancaster House Agreement of 1979 on behalf of Margaret Thatcher’s government. Now there are less than 30,000 whites and soon they will be gone and the Africans can have the starving country to themselves. 

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