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Issue 21, January 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends. # 21, January 2007

British Democracy

The collapse of standards continues as Britain sinks further into the mire of graft and corruption. The sale of seats in the House of Lords is being investigated and the police have questioned the Prime Minister and his friends. This scandal and the barefaced lies leading to the invasion of Iraq are accepted as par for the course by a nation that has come to expect politicians to be unprincipled charlatans.

Cabinet ministers are caught with their pants down or their hands in the till but they no longer tender their resignations. The profession of politician has never been held in high regard but it is now synonymous with living off immoral earnings; pimp and politician are now exchangeable trades. It’s no wonder that the electorate stay away from the polls in droves. Elections have become meaningless as an increasing number of people refuse to get involved in the pointless pantomime of parliamentary democracy. We end up with a government returned by a minority and owned by big business.

The greedy, lying, shameless, bribe-taking hypocrites are happy drinking in subsidized bars and romping with whores and rent boys in their lavish apartments. They are untroubled by any feelings of duty or obligation. During parliamentary sittings these booze-raddled, coke-snorting, poxed-up deputies bray like donkeys and pass legislation that they do not understand or care about. The superannuated sots of Westminster are in it for the money and nothing else. They sell their country as easily as they would sell their wives and daughters, but when it suits their nefarious purposes they wave Union Jacks, sing Jerusalem and talk about “our brave boys in Iraq” as though they really mean it.

They write articles in the Tory press full of patriotic verbiage and stirring calls to arms. They cry convincing tears and play the patriot with the well-rehearsed ease of accomplished actors. But the truth is that they have sent our soldiers to die in a senseless war that has nothing to do with us. They couldn’t care less how many soldiers are killed or maimed. If they cared they would not have sent them in the first place.

In times past there were always a few decent MPs who could be trusted, but the current mob are almost totally corrupt. In a just society they would be brought before a people’s court and dealt with, but until that happy day we will have to endure their asinine grunting and drunken buffoonery. What we don’t have to do is vote for them. Voting for an old gang candidate is an act of unmitigated folly. If you feel an unnatural compulsion to put illiterate crosses on ballot papers then at least confine yourself to untainted candidates from the minority parties.

Detention Without Trial                                                                                            

Under cover of terrorist hysteria the government is launching a new wave of security measures that will enable the police to detain suspects without trial. This is a throwback to Defence Regulation 18B. Under this catchall legislation Oswald and Diana Mosley and over 1,000 Blackshirts were imprisoned without charge during the last war. Now the Blair regime is determined to turn the clock back in its last desperate period of office.

Many people, including some right-wingers who should know better, are supporting the new security measures. They think that they will be used to control Muslim extremists who threaten public safety. But the recent retrial of the BNP leaders and the current prosecutions of Simon Sheppard and Luke O’Farrell show that the real target is the resistance movement against the multicultural state.

Our enemies are motivated by hate and we know exactly what to expect from them. When BUF organizer John Charnley was locked up in Walton Goal a well-known anti-fascist prison warder entered his cell to scream abuse: “ Now we’ve got you, you Fascist bastard, we’ll put you up against a wall and shoot you any day now. All bloody traitors should be shot. We are only waiting for our orders. It might even be tomorrow. I hope I get the chance of shooting you.” (Blackshirts and Roses)

This exercise in democracy was repeated in all the detention camps and prisons where British political dissidents and people of German and Italian origin were held without charge. William Joyce and John Amery were not detained under 18B, they were charged with treason after the war, quickly found guilty and executed.

Jeffrey Hamm was arrested in the Falkland Islands and detained in a prison ship together with an ethnic German: “We had so little to do except talk. There were no rules. We got up when we liked and went to bed when we liked. We ate whenever we could summon up the enthusiasm to cook some of our meager and unappetizing rations, which were brought to us from the shore once a week. We were allowed on deck by day, but frequent rain and high winds soon drove us below again. Once a week we were taken ashore to the public baths, marched there and back between armed guards.” (Action Replay)

Jeffrey Hamm was a schoolteacher who had never broken the law and who was never charged or tried, but he was kept in a rusting hulk for daring to oppose the war. The establishment politicians of today are no different to those of 1940. They will not hesitate to abuse the law in pursuit of their vendetta against us.

In defence of democracy the Blair government is tearing up the rulebook and creating a police state in which only the politically correct can flourish. Tony Blair is fatally damaged by accusations of corruption and for lying about “weapons of mass destruction.” He is revealed as a gutless acolyte of George Bush who is now a liability to his party. But Labour are still determined to destroy Britain as a European nation and to smash any resistance to their multiculturalist agenda.

Knowing When to Stop                                                                                                  

The BNP is a political party that contests local and parliamentary elections. They have a manifesto that covers all points of policy and they have tried to alter their image from being a “fascist” party to being a respectable party that happens to be against immigration. How successful they have been remains to be seen but they have managed to win more than fifty council seats all over the country.

Nick Griffin’s attempts to make the party more voter-friendly have resulted in them dropping some key policies. Repatriation of non-Europeans has gone and has been replaced by a policy of deporting illegal immigrants and convicted criminals. They would offer cash to persuade black and brown settlers to return to their ancestral homelands but the old policy of marching them to the nearest airport has been shelved.

It may be that the disaffected whites of Barking and Dagenham have studied the reformed policies of the BNP and decided, after careful consideration, to lend their support. Or it may be that they have simply voted BNP because they are opposed to immigration.

When so-called extremist candidates achieved 8% and 9% in the Fifties and Sixties they were perceived to be out and out fascists but their use of political symbols and quasi-military organization did not deter the voters. The perception may have been unjustified but the point is that it didn’t matter. More than forty years later Nick Griffin standing in Keighley, West Yorkshire still only managed 9%.

In their latest move the reformists have changed sides on the Israel-Palestine conflict. The writers and thinkers of the nationalist movement have always been critical of Israeli aggression and the Zionist influence on Britain and American.  But suddenly they have gone beyond “minding Britain’s business” and come out as: “Moderately and prudently more sympathetic to the Israeli side.”

This change of heart hasn’t convinced Likudnik harridan Melanie Phillips who hates the BNP with the fury of an Old Testament zealot. It is likely that potential voters couldn’t care less who wins in the Middle East. Poor whites in East London and other deprived areas are primarily concerned with the enforced colonization of their country and the continued decline in law and order, health, housing and education.

Changing policies in the light of changing circumstances is understandable. The old policy of Imperial self-sufficiency had to be abandoned after the war because the economic situation had changed. Policies must be constantly reviewed and updated but when parties discard core values it’s hard to know when to stop.

The Labour Party dropped nationalization to get elected but they are now an aggressive capitalist party totally committed to laissez-faire economics. And the Tories are so determined to imitate Labour that they have abandoned their middle class supporters.
Changing policies is all very well but the trick is knowing when to stop.
Repression Leading to Triumph                                                                                                                                                                                  
The state prosecution of Norman Lowell, leader of the cultural movement Imperium Europa and its political wing Viva Malta, collapsed when the police failed to attend court. Lowell has retaliated by suing the Maltese press for libel. The 59-year-old artist and writer is fighting against the influx of Third World refugees who are reaching the Mediterranean island from North Africa. In a recent interview, in The Times of Malta, Lowell explained his position: “Each culture should keep developing in isolation. If we allow influxes of migrants, we will end up with a monoculture. We want to protect the European race. It’s ironic that people try to save animals and plant species from extinction, but hardly anyone is speaking about saving the human race. Interbreeding between cultures will eventually lead to a monoculture. Africans should remain Africans just like Asians should remain Asians. We Europeans should remain European.”

In Belgium the Supreme Court has upheld the convictions of Daniel Feret leader of the Belgian National Front and his Webmaster Georges-Pierre Tonnelier for inciting racial hatred. Both men were sentenced to community service and banned from running for office for ten years. The party has been banned from running as Le Front National but they can still compete under their acronym FN. In the 2003 general election the party achieved 9.4% and won 1 seat in the House of Representatives and 1 seat in the Senate. The Belgian Medical Association has struck off the 62-year-old Doctor Daniel Feret for “xenophobia,” but despite professional and political persecution he has vowed to fight on.

In Britain the retrial of BNP leader Nick Griffin and his assistant Mark Collett resulted in a victory for justice when both men were acquitted. But the state is still hungry for a conviction. At a hearing at Hull Crown Court on 13th December the trials of Simon Sheppard and Luke O’Farrell were set for September 2007. Both men are charged with multiple offences for allegedly inciting racial hatred with their American-based website. This is the first time that the CPS has brought a case based entirely on website evidence. Legal opinion is divided on the legality of the prosecution; there is no doubt that their website is blatantly racist but if the state succeeds in censoring the Internet they could go on to silence all political opposition.

Throughout Europe parties standing for race and nation are being elected to local, regional and national assemblies. Every immigrant riot and outrage increases our chances. People are disillusioned with the old gang and are looking for an alternative.

Recent electoral successes in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland have shaken the Establishment. They are now terrified that France will once again light the torch of liberty just as she did in 1789. The French Presidential election of 2007 could be the turning point. If Jean-Marie Le Pen achieves a respectable vote it will encourage all the euro-nationalist parties. As the various parties increase their representation they will form a working relationship – whatever they may say to the contrary. Being nationalists many of them are still restricted by the straightjacket of parochialism but their common struggle will inevitably lead them to expand their horizons and embrace unity.
Views on The News                                                                                                         

The BBC reported the death of James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, who they described as: “the most influential musician of the 20th Century.” This seems rather hard on Benjamin Britten, Bela Bartok, Claude Debussy, Manuel de Falla, Gustav Mahler, Sergei Prokofev, Giancamo Puccini, Sergei Rachmaninov, Jean Sibelius and Dimitri Shostakovic. They probably all thought that they had influenced music in the last century but none of them could compare to the towering triumph of “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” or the immortal classic “Living in America.” Wolgang Amedeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Piotr Tchaikovsky and Richard Wagner might have given James Brown more serious competition but they don’t count because they were 18th and 19th Century.

Over thirty years ago America flooded Somalia with guns and money to counter the communist regime in neighbouring Ethiopia. This resulted in a terrible war and famine in the region and ended with the humiliating American retreat from a devastated Somalia.
Now they are backing the Ethiopians against one of the factions in the Somali civil war.
It’s only a matter of time before they rearm the Iraqi insurgents to fight the Iranians. In the Seventies the enemy was communism because it denied God and nationalism; now the enemy is Islam because it upholds God and nationalism.

The murder of five women in Ipswich has reopened the debate on legalizing prostitution and drugs. It is argued that the girls would be safer and easier to manage in a red light district and that dispensing drugs would take the market away from the pushers. The trouble is that in countries where they have tried these methods the police have become pimps and the doctors have become dealers. The mandatory deportation of alien criminals involved in vice and drugs would go a long way to solving these problems.

Britain has finally paid back the $7.5 billion that we borrowed from the USA in 1945 and the $2 billion that we borrowed from Canada. That’s about $285 billion in today’s money – all at 2%. Our First World War debts were cancelled during the Great Depression of 1931 when it became obvious that we couldn’t pay. Our financial obligation to America is now over. It was good of them to lend us the money after we had defaulted on the first loan but our national interests no longer coincide as they did during the war. Time now to shake hands and go our separate ways.

The collaborationist regime of Nouri al-Maliki has executed Saddam Hussein after a show trial marked by the assassination of most of the defence team. The police force installed by the Americans is comprised of Jaish al-Mahdi gunmen who are loyal to the Shiite warlord Muqtada al-Sadre. They have been responsible for the mass murder of Iraqi civilians as well as the killing of Coalition Forces. They are so out of control that the British Army was forced to destroy their torture headquarters in Basra to stop them killing their prisoners of war. Nevertheless America gave Saddam to this bunch of psychopaths to be put to death. The death of the 69-year-old ex-president will do nothing to stop the resistance movement that is clearly winning the war. This is just one more killing to add to the indictment of Bush and Blair.

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