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Issue 58, August 2009

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends, # 58, August 2009

Defending our interests

The BNP have over a hundred councilors at parish, borough and county level, one member of the Greater London Assembly and two seats in the European Parliament. The UK Independence Party has a similar number of councilors, two members of the House of Lords and thirteen MEPs.

These look-alike parties hate each other but they have identical policies on immigration, Zionism and world trade. They rely on trading arrangements that were destroyed by six years of bloody fratricide that left us with bombed out factories and empty coffers. But we lost our imperial markets at Bretton Woods in 1944 when we were forced to tie the pound to the dollar in return for vital American loans. That’s why we joined the EU in the first place.

They advocate “free trade,” a system based on cheap labour, unprotected markets, open borders and an American-style “flexible” workforce that can be dismissed at will. Our current working conditions are guaranteed by our membership of the EU, the world’s largest trading bloc with half a billion people and the potential for self-sufficiency. Unfortunately it’s still cursed with petty nationalism and liberalism but these conditions can be cured.

Britain’s industrial decline predates our membership of the EU. The importation of cheap labour goes back to the infamous British Nationality Act of 1948, and cheap imports are the result of World Trade Organization treaties drafted by the USA; the current Doha round dates from 2001.

The far right are worried about losing our identity but their fears are groundless.
After 36 years in the EU we are still British and the Irish are still Irish. Nobody has lost his or her nationality by belonging to the EU. But if we don’t stop the Third World invasion we will disappear as a European nation. If we quit the EU tomorrow we would still have 6 million Afro-Asian immigrants. This is a problem that can only be solved by international agreement.

BNP/ UKIP can’t turn the clock back. If they really want to preserve our identity they must reconsider their policies. It’s not a matter of abandoning principles but of accepting reality. There is nothing unpatriotic about European solidarity and there is no future in clinging to obsolete economic policies. Third World immigration and global capitalism threaten all the countries of Europe. As individual states we lack the money and political clout to solve these problems but together we can do almost anything.

Keeping within the law

Legislation forcing political parties to accept members of all races is being used to embarrass those campaigning against immigration. This should not be a problem if people keep their heads. When asked how many black and Jewish members were in Union Movement Jeffrey Hamm used to say that he had no idea because he didn’t ask people their race or religion. It’s not necessary to formally exclude minorities. We can defend our culture and identity without falling foul of the Race Relations Act.

The Heretical Two, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle, were refused political asylum in America and sent back to the UK to serve long prison sentences. Sheppard got 4 years 10 months and Whittle got 2 years 4 months for “inciting racial hatred.”  But if they had chosen their words more carefully they could have got their message across and remained at liberty.

Some of our laws are unjust and unnecessary but so long as they are on the statute book we must abide by them. The far-right parties will not be inundated with immigrants if they relax their membership rules. They might get a few exotic members but there have always been a few dedicated National Socialists of non-European origin. Some of the hardliners will probably keep their membership restrictions and risk going to prison. But they will achieve nothing by sticking their necks out.

Sir Oswald Mosley explained his views on race and many other subjects in his 1961 book Mosley Right or Wrong?

Question 120. What are the practical effects of your views on race?
Answer. It is right to be proud of your race and to want to preserve it, just as it is right to be proud of your family and to want to preserve it. Race exists just as much as family exists and in much the same way. It is simply a wider form of relationship.” Of course, a lot of nonsense is talked about race as about most of the great truths in nature. It is exaggerated nonsense both ways.

I am a practical man and was brought up originally in the very practical trade of agriculture, in which my family was engaged for many generations. Therefore, I know the difference between the Ayrshire breed which specializes in milk production, and the Aberdeen Angus breed which specializes in beef production. If you tell us that there is no such thing as difference in breed and that all these animals are just the same, all farmers will begin to laugh at you. And we should equally laugh at you if you spent a lot of time fiddling about in dusty alcoves to prove that they were both descended from some buffalo in central Europe centuries ago, which had little beef on it and yielded even less milk because it was busy escaping from the wild animals which were chasing it around.

What matters is that over a long period of time and for a variety of reasons animals developed in this world with very different characteristics, animals which above all, can do different things. And still more is this the position in the case of human beings, who for a very long time have had very different environments and experience from one another in addition to being different breeds. The great third factor of education is added to heredity and environment in human affairs, and the consequent evolution of a culture increases rather than diminishes difference. It is unnecessary to remind ourselves of the vital fact that men have human intelligence and will, which have enabled them to progress much faster in their different directions – differentiation and diversity as the scientist call it.

Of course human beings are different from one another and have different capacities and so have different races. If you don’t agree with that get into the ring with a professional boxer if you are a university professor, and get into the laboratory and try to do the professor’s work if you are a boxer. All these nonsensical theories about everything being the same are quickly exploded by a little practice. Races are different from each other. That is the first basic fact to recognize.

Question 121. Do you think some races are superior to others?

Answer. Superior is a term I never use. Different is the word I use. What is superiority? It is a loose and generally ridiculous term. All men may be equal in the sight of God. But when it comes to hammering in a nail, mending a broken motor or doing a sum in higher mathematics, a lot of men can do the job much better than I can. On the other hand there may be some things I can do better than they can. Our capacities are different, that is the long and short of it. Therefore, who can judge what is superiority? – even if such a thing exists in any absolute sense?

So let us face the fact that men are different, and not muddle ourselves with silly talk about superiority. Such attitudes lead in turn to the opposite error of pretending that all men and races are just the same.

I do not know in this matter which type I find the more ridiculous: the albino rabbit claiming to be a Nordic superman because he looks like a Scandinavian whose family has spent some generations in the Tropic of Cancer, or the masochistic denigrator of all western values, who on the one hand tells us that Negroes are just the same as we are because they have white palms to their hands, and on the other proclaim that their primitive simplicity is so superior to us that he kisses their feet in an agony of self-abasement.

What these neurotics really mean, of course, is that they feel the primitive is preferable to their own particular brand of exhausted decadence, and in this matter, for once, they are right.


Only those who have enough money in the bank and the health and strength to look after their families can be described as independent. Most people depend on a job and the support of family and friends, and most of them are tied to mortgages, bank loans and credit cards. When the kids have grown up and the house is paid for they might enjoy a few years of relative independence but most people spend their lives under the threat of financial insecurity.

It’s exactly the same with countries. Russia is virtually independent because she can feed and defend herself. The Russian Federation stretches from the Baltic to the Pacific and has abundant natural resources. But most countries are not so fortunate. The United States has almost everything that she needs. The Americans import oil on a massive scale but they could increase domestic production and reduce demand if they really wanted to. There are still massive reserves of oil in Alaska and Canada waiting for the price to go up to make them viable. China and India are developing at an astonishing rate but their populations are increasing exponentially.

Small countries with natural resources are at the mercy of the big powers. The United States attacked Iraq in order to grab her oil and eliminate a potential threat to Israel. “Weapons of mass destruction” was a lie to mask good old-fashioned larceny. The war in Afghanistan is similarly about the Central Asian gas fields and has little to do with the “war on terror” or the opium trade. The UK is involved simply as a supplier of cannon fodder.  America has had a free hand since Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel replaced Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroeder. Oil-rich Norway would probably have been invaded but for her membership of NATO and the European Economic Area.

New nuclear warheads, missiles and submarines are needed to keep up with the latest developments in mass murder. We don’t know how these weapons would be deployed, or afforded, and it’s difficult to imagine Britain launching them without American permission. It’s also hard to see what use they would be against terrorists and insurgents. We resolved the troubles in Northern Ireland by talking to the terrorists, not by dropping atomic bombs on Belfast or Dublin. And their vast nuclear arsenals did not help America in Vietnam or the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Now that Russia and America have agreed further arms limitations it’s time for a new defence review.

In or out of the EU The British Army remains under NATO command and committed to fighting American wars; the rest of the European states are almost as servile. If America is forced by economic restraints to withdraw from her imperial mission, and if Europe can find a sense of unity, we might gain some measure of independence, but for now it remains a fantasy promoted by The Daily Mail and The Sun.

 Wishful thinking

The terminally decrepit government of Gordon Brown is clinging to power in the hope that Dave Cameron and his team are struck by a meteorite at this year’s Tory Party Conference. Only an unseen catastrophe can save the Labour Party from a humiliating defeat at the next election. There is an outside chance that the Euro-sceptic “bastards” will sabotage the Tory election campaign as they did with John Major. But it’s almost certain that we will be delivered from this awful government at the next election.

It will be good to see Gordon Brown and his contemptible cronies thrown out of office. But we mustn’t expect too much of Dave Cameron. His party is stuck in the days of “Land of Hope and Glory.” Some of the Tories have tried to keep up with events but most of them have a false image of Britain clouded by sentimentality and wishful thinking.

The Tories are overwhelmingly gung-ho. Their defence spokesman Liam Fox talks about staying in Afghanistan until “the job is done.” But he doesn’t explain what the job is, or how many men we are prepared to sacrifice. We are desperately in debt to the international loan sharks but they still support this cripplingly expensive waste of British lives. They see our engagement as a continuation of imperialism. It may not be our empire we are fighting for but by bombing villages and shooting up wedding parties we are “defending democracy” and showing the world that we can “punch above our weight.”

These are the same Tories that were responsible for the 27,927 Afrikaner women and children and the 14,154 black Africans that starved to death in their concentration camps in South Africa. They even use the same nonsensical propaganda. We are told that the mujahideen plant bombs and attack patrols instead of fighting like proper soldiers. They used to say the same thing about the Afrikaners when they resisted an equally cruel and unjust occupation.

We are about to give power to a gang of nostalgic dreamers. Deep down they know that things have changed but they are happier living in a world of make-belief. This capacity for self-deception has epitomized the Tories since they launched the ill-fated Jameson Raid of 1895 that started the Boer War. They spout jingoistic propaganda with such juvenile enthusiasm that they end up believing it themselves.

British post-war foreign policy has been a chronicle of disaster. There was no point in fighting in Palestine, Kenya, Malaya, Aden and Cyprus when we were about to abandon the empire. We were ordered out of Suez by a furious America, we facilitated the Argentine invasion of the Falklands by withdrawing the protection of the Royal Navy, and we only settled the troubles in Northern Ireland because of Bill Clinton’s intervention.


The so-called democratic system depends on our views being respected by members of parliament. Our representatives are professional politicians who are supposed to have skills of oratory and debate and the wisdom that comes from experience and education. The reality is that most of them are unprincipled charlatans who are only interested in their own careers.

Politicians promote the policies of their parties not the views of their constituents. A member of parliament for an “enriched” area must know that his white constituents are worried about the never-ending influx. But instead of asking questions about immigration most of them take the party line and pretend that all is well and that race-relations have never been better. They will probably say that immigration has been a positive benefit to society and that we couldn’t manage without them. They will tell us that we need Third World immigrants to pay taxes to support our welfare system and to have lots of children to make up for our declining birth-rate Their lying propaganda defies commonsense and shows their total contempt for our ethnicity.

Their misrepresented constituents should get rid of them at the next election but it’s not as simple as that. The established political parties have a consensus that forbids any mention of stopping, or reversing, immigration. So it’s no good voting for another party because they are just as bad. Added to this is the tribal nature of politics; the working class vote Labour, the middle class vote Tory and the “don’t knows” vote Liberal Democrat. In the end the mass of the electorate vote according to the newspapers they read and the propaganda that they ingest from radio and television.

The far-right insist that the majority of British people oppose immigration and support repatriation. But people tend to answer questions according to how they are phrased. If you ask, “do you think that we have got too many immigrants?” they will agree. But if you ask, “should we start repatriating them?” they will hesitate. The first question requires little effort but the second needs thinking about and is liable to cause offence.

In 1975 the British people were asked in a referendum, “do you think the UK should stay in the European Community?” An overwhelming 67% voted yes, probably because the major parties and most of the newspapers supported the yes campaign, Only the left wing of the Labour Party, right wing Tories and the National Front opposed the EEC. The way that the question was posed also helped; people were being asked to agree with a statement instead of having to make a decision. If there’s another referendum on the EU people are likely to go along with the current mood of Euro-scepticism promoted by Rupert Murdoch, an international newspaper and television proprietor based in the USA and committed to global capitalism and the Atlantic Alliance.

Throughout Europe there is growing opposition to immigration that most national governments are trying to ignore. Anti-immigration movements are getting good election results but the established parties remain in power because of the power of the mass media.

By controlling the media big business controls the population. They can send us to war even when there is no threat to our country. They can import millions of cheap labour workers to undercut our wages and conditions and then get us to endorse their actions by voting for them. They can devalue our currency and wipe out our pensions and savings. They can spy on us with CCTV cameras and intercept our phone calls and e-mails under the pretext of “national security.” They can do all of these things with impunity but the public will still think that putting illiterate crosses on ballot papers will make a difference,

But there is a glimmer of hope. It’s getting harder to keep people in blissful ignorance. Most people know that the war in Iraq had nothing to do with ‘weapons of mass destruction.” This was not the case in the world wars when people believed everything put out by the Ministry of Information. It’s difficult to hide the truth in the age of information technology. Royal scandals and MP’s expenses cannot be hushed up. People are better informed and should be able to form their own opinions instead of being misled by a mass media controlled by big business and dedicated to preserving the status quo.

The old duopoly of left and right is breaking down. The system is not about to collapse but the first cracks are appearing. Journalists have lost their cap-doffing respect for politicians and no longer cower under the raised eyebrows of authority. Most journalists are vague liberals with no strong opinions but they are increasingly disrespectful of career politicians and enjoy asking them embarrassing questions. This makes it harder to conceal pomposity and excuse incompetence. The unpopularity of Gordon Brown and the Labour government has more to do with TV journalism than Dave Cameron

The international capitalists couldn’t care less who forms the next government so long as they obey orders. The free market global agenda is not for discussion. Dave Cameron will be just as compliant as Gordon Brown, British troops will continue to die in Afghanistan, cheaply produced goods from China and India will still undercut British industry and Third World economic refugees will arrive with every boat and plane.

British plutocracy has survived the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the First World War, the Russian Revolution, the General Strike, the Great Depression, the rise of fascism, the Second World War and the Cold War. They are very good at surviving but eventually they must run out of luck. The next time that a cyclical wave of revolution crosses the English Channel the so-called “free traders” and exploiters must be brought to justice.

Trouble ahead

Romanian gypsies have fled Belfast after being attacked by local youths in retaliation for a crime wave. Politicians of all parties have condemned the attacks but few of them have questioned the importation of unemployable immigrants. Whoever decided that Belfast needed an infusion of itinerates could have found plenty of them nearer home. There are 25,000 tinkers in Ireland and 120.000 assorted gypsies and travellers in the UK. They are probably not related to   Romanian gypsies but they have similar lifestyles.

Our politicians are lying when they say that we are forced to accept immigrants by the EU. France and Germany imposed strict controls on Romanian and Bulgarian workers when they joined the EU. And the Italians are deporting illegal immigrants and refusing asylum seekers. We have an undisputed right to turn anyone away from our borders if we think them undesirable. We may have a shortage of dentists and engineers but we have got plenty of beggars, lucky heather sellers and fortune tellers.

Social services should be for those who have contributed; they should not be available to the work shy and feckless. We have got enough problems with our own dysfunctional underclass without scouring the Balkans for new recruits. People without employment prospects should not be accepted as immigrants.

The condition of itinerants will only be improved by education. They are capable of bettering themselves but their nomadic lifestyle and contempt for authority holds them back. According to the Sunday Express (21/06/09) Nick Griffin is descended from travellers but he has done pretty well for himself. If we survive the current recession we can help those who have fallen by the wayside. But we cannot look after the hungry and dispossessed of the world.

Successive governments have encouraged immigration without thinking about how many people we need or how many we can accommodate. We allowed almost unlimited immigration and anybody who questioned the open door policy was dismissed as a racist. Our politicians insisted on creating a multi-racial state despite repeated warnings of trouble ahead. They got away with this insanity because the economy was booming and most of the immigrants could find jobs

But now that we are in a recession it’s all going wrong. British soldiers fighting NATO’s unwinnable war in Afghanistan have monitored Yorkshire and Midlands accents on Taliban radio broadcasts. Instead of integrating into British society some immigrants are prepared to fight against us. It’s not surprising that people originating from Pakistan and Kashmir sympathise with the Afghan Resistance. But this is not the happy image of mass migration promoted by the race-relations industry. The rose-tinted spectacles of liberalism can no longer obscure the fact that the multi-racial experiment has failed.

Forming alliances

The BNP has failed to find allies in the European Parliament and will have to sit with the 27 unaligned “Non-Inscrits.” BNP leader Nick Griffin is against Polish and Lithuanian immigration and has called for Italian and Portuguese workers to be sacked from British construction sites. Having offended half of Europe he is now trying to make friends with them.

UKIP’s Nigel Farage leads the “respectable” Europe of Freedom and Democracy group. They have 32 members from 10 countries. Denmark - Dansk Folkeparti 2, Finland - True Finns 1, France - Mouvement pour la France 1, Greece – LAOS 2, Italy - Lega Nord 9, Lithuania - Order and Justice 2, Netherlands - Reformed Party 1, Slovakia - Slovak National Party 1, UK - UKIP 13.

Vlaams Belang lost one seat but still have 2. They want an independent Flanders within the European Union. “Vlaams Belang will continue to strive for a European Union that actually listens to the needs and demands of the people, for example by way of referenda.” They will not form an alliance with the BNP.

The Dansk Folkeparti has 25 seats in the Danish Parliament. Like most of the EFD parties they are fiercely pro-Zionist and anti-fascist.

The Italian Lega Nord belongs to EFD but that doesn’t stop them from supporting the Lisbon Treaty and being part of the pro-European government of the hugely popular Silvio Berlusconi.

In France the Front National lost 4 seats but still have 3. They would be suitable allies for the BNP but in order to form a pan-European group they need 25 MEPs from 7 different countries.

The Partij voor de Vrijheid in the Netherlands has 4 seats. Their leader Geert Wilders hates Islam and “fascism” but welcomes black Christians. He wants to annex Flanders and strengthen ties with Israel. He models himself on Margaret Thatcher, including the blond bouffant.  

The eastern states have returned a clutch of far-right deputies that are more interested in ancient quarrels than European solidarity, The Hungarians want to carve Transylvania from Romania, the Romanians want to absorb neighbouring Moldova and the Bulgarians want to expel their Turkish-speaking minority.

Alessandra Mussolini scuttled the previous far-right group by upsetting the Romanians. The mainstream parties have all formed successful alliances but the far-right parties are essentially provincial. If they want to be taken seriously they must drop the border disputes and language rows of the last century and start thinking as Europeans.

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