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Issue 26, March 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends, March 2007. # 26

Practical Policies

There is no point in having policies that are unachievable. Some of the cherished policies of the nationalist parties are impossible dreams. But their most important objectives are achievable. We can rescue Britain as a European nation and secure a future for our children. We can have a representative government and we can avoid the harmful and unjust effects of capitalism.

The British National Party clings to the old Empire Loyalist policy of uniting with the white commonwealth. But Canada is inextricably tied to the USA and will never be separated. Australia and New Zealand are part of the Japanese sphere of influence and rely on the East Asian market. South Africa is a black-ruled state that will inevitably fall into chaos as the whites depart.

The BNP wants to quit Europe – at least they say that they do - but the leaders of the party must know that Britain would have a desperate time on her own. This policy might be to attract UKIP supporters who are trekking to the right like a band of Afrikaners looking for the Promised Land.

The British People’s Party refuses to recognize Israel, but a nation of 7 million that is armed to the teeth and supported by the USA is not about to go away. The future of Israel and Palestine lies in the creation of two states guaranteed by international agreement. The paperwork has already been done and despite the current tension a political solution will be found.

The National Front has not changed one iota since it was put together forty years ago; they are still defending the Empire and dreaming of ruling the waves. Some of the other parties have kept pace with events. The Freedom Party calls for reform of the European Union, as does Third Way.

The well-meaning and patriotic people of the far right must accept that the world has changed since the Sixties. It’s time to throw away unworkable and obsolete policies and embrace the future. Paper policies that are just for show are dishonest and should be left to the old gang.

UKIP say that we will never control immigration until we quit Europe. Exactly the opposite is the truth. The only hope of resettling our Third World population is through the political and economic power of United Europe.

Another Attack on Iran

The American campaign against Iran predates the present regime. They have been trying to control Iran since William Knox D’Arcy and Calouste Gulbenkian founded the Anglo Persian Oil Company in 1909.

In the First World War British and Arab Legion troops captured the Iraqi oilfields from the Turks and the Russians occupied Iran. But by 1918 Britain was effectively bankrupt and the Americans were able to buy into Middle East oil.

Britain fought a colonial war from 1918 until 1932 to hang onto Iraq and only achieved a partial victory by using poison gas and bombing civilian targets. In 1941 we were back again to put down the pro-nazi regime of Rashid Ali. We also invaded Iran together with the Red Army, followed a year later by the USA.

In 1953 CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt organized a coup d’etat that deposed Mohammed Mossadegh and replaced him with the young Shah Reza Pahlavi.
After 44 years America finally took possession of Iran’s oil, but in 1979 the royalist regime was overthrown by the Ayotollah Khomeini revolution, and the oilfields were nationalized.

A year later Donald Rumsfeld persuaded Saddam Hussein to attack Iran. The ensuing war lasted from 1980 until 1988 and cost at least a million lives. By the end of the war Iraq was in debt to Kuwait to the tune of $14 billion. This was another reason for Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 that led to the first Gulf war and ten years of crippling sanctions.

For nearly one hundred years America has initiated wars and revolutions in pursuit of Middle East oil. They have deposed elected governments and killed and maimed countless numbers of people. When they deposed Mohammad Mossadegh they claimed that he was a communist and covered their aggression with cold war propaganda. But Mossadegh was an anti-communist Iranian nationalist who only wanted justice for his people.

Now that the Soviet Union has disappeared off the map – to use President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad’s famous phrase – they can no longer use the communist bogey, so they have invented the nuclear threat to justify another attack on Iran.

Iran is a Muslim state but they practice freedom of religion and have reserved seats in the Majles for Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians. They have not started a war for centuries but America’s best friend Israel has attacked every bordering state and is still occupying Palestine and parts of Lebanon and Syria.

The Price of Freedom – reprinted from “Action” June 1975

The cost-cutting minority Labour government has cut Britain’s defences to the point where we are vulnerable not just to the superpowers but to almost any enemy.

Our ultimate defence remains the American-made Polaris system, which depends on imported spares. These vital parts could be withheld by a neutral America leaving us at the mercy of any of the ten nations now capable of producing atomic weapons. Of course there’s always NATO.

According to a House of Representatives Committee (London Evening Standard 07-05-75) there are up to 9,000 heroin or other hard drug addicts among American troops in Europe.

France, the only European nuclear power in her own right, has virtually quit NATO.

Portugal, which commands the vital Atlantic seaboard, is at best neutral and potentially hostile.

The Eastern sector of NATO is divided by Greek and Turkish animosity.

Britain’s depleted forces are committed to police action in Ulster.

This is the alliance on which we depend.

With the disaster of Indo-China fresh in our minds we must look again at our defence policy. America cannot be relied upon to defend Britain and the rest of Europe.

But projects like Concorde and the Jaguar fighter-bomber prove that in co-operation with other Europeans we can produce the sophisticated machinery of modern defence.

Defence is a very expensive item but it’s a lot cheaper than the price of our freedom.

(That’s how I saw things 32 years ago. NATO has now incorporated the Eastern European states and the Warsaw Pact has collapsed. But Britain is still tied to America and our overstretched forces are fighting alongside US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Polaris has been replaced by Trident and that is due to be replaced by Trident II.)

The Communications Revolution

In the age of information technology it’s getting harder for governments to keep the people in the dark. During the Battle of Britain we claimed to have shot down more planes than the Germans possessed. And when Field Marshal Paulus surrendered at Stalingrad the newspapers of the Fatherland remained silent. Such was the power of wartime censorship.

Today we can access news from all over the world. We can watch battles in progress and ignore government propaganda. The Americans have tried to control news coverage by embedding war correspondents with the military, but there are too many independent reporters for them to get away with it.

The popular press prints lies and disinformation for readers who couldn’t find a trouble spot on a map of the world. Their main function is to cover football matches and sex scandals, and their success is a sad commentary on our culture.

Unfortunately the dimwits who read this rubbish have got the vote. People so gullible that they think we invaded Iraq to bring democracy can help to chose the government and decide how much tax we pay.

This combination of public ignorance and state duplicity almost silenced all opposition but the coming of the Internet has changed everything. People are better informed and they dismissed Tony Blair’s dodgy dossier from day one.
Only the Tories believed his absurd claim that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction.”

The latest hysteria over Iran’s nuclear research is just as unconvincing. Despite the ravings of Zionist fanatics like Melanie Phillips the general public does not want war with Iran. They do not believe Tony Blair any more than they did last time, and they do not want to sacrifice their sons in another American war.

The communications revolution has only just begun. It has already killed off communism in Europe and is having the same effect throughout the world. States with starving populations and collapsing economies can no longer hide the truth. For better or worse global capitalism is sweeping away the last remnants of Marxism.

In the West it is not food or freedom that people crave but entertainment. Science has provided such abundance that we are becoming unfit and lazy.
But on the plus side we no longer listen to government lies with the same enthusiasm as before. Open access to information has revealed politicians to be the posturing clowns that they are.

Views on the News

Lord Taylor of Warwick is the only black Tory in the House of Lords, part of that ancient and revered institution that rules over the lower orders. The noble lord has congratulated his leader Dave Cameron for sacking Patrick Mercer for saying that being called a “black bastard” is part of army life. Taylor’s support for enforced political correctness will further endear him to the Tory hierarchy and ensure that he heads the list of peers to be elected under the new proposals. He famously failed to get elected to the lower house.

Flushed with self-importance Dave Cameron has lectured Scottish Tories on the need for blind obedience. As the UK threatens to fall apart and the Scots Nats prepare for power, the Tory leader has reminded his solitary Scottish MP that he is the boss. The collapse of the Tory Party in Scotland should be a warning to Dave Cameron that his reformist policies are anathema to the Tory faithful. Every Tory leader since John Major could have won power by standing on a stop immigration platform; instead they have gone in exactly the opposite direction towards multi-racism.

The success of the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Fein in the Northern Ireland Assembly election shows the dilemma of “nationalism.” Both parties represent the division between Catholic and Protestant, and between British and Irish allegiance. The events of the 17th century were more about freeing Holland from France than establishing dominion over Ireland. These ancient quarrels have no relevance in a modern Europe plagued by Third World immigration. The teeming masses of Africa, Asia and South America don’t care what happened three centuries ago. It’s time for all of us to think and act like Europeans.

The BBC World Service asked more than 28,000 people to rate 12 countries. Israel was seen as the most negative by 56%. Canada was voted the most positive by 54%. When asked their view on the European Union 54% of respondents saw it as positive. Steven Kull director of the University of Maryland who conducted the research said: “people around the world tend to look negatively on countries whose profile is marked by the pursuit of military power.”
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros wrote on the Israeli Haaretz website: “Why is everyone so shocked? It says in the Talmud that Esau hates Yakov. The EU always takes the Arab side not because they love Arabs but since they hate Jews.”

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