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Issue 19, December 2006

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends, No 19, December 2006 

A State of Denial

Sharon Ebanks who won a seat in the 2006 Birmingham Council election has left the BNP and founded yet another group, the New Nationalist Party. There are now more than a dozen nationalist parties competing for membership. They all oppose multiculturalism but differ on points of policy and presentation. Small differences but big enough to stop them coming together in a united front.

The BNP, by far the biggest and best-organized party, has broken ranks by adopting a pro-Zionist policy and accepting American military bases in Britain. Like all of the nationalist parties they call for Britain’s withdrawal from international alliances including NATO, the UN and the EU. They advocate immigration control and some degree of repatriation but never explain how an isolated Britain without international friends of alliances could manage it.

They believe in a “folk state” – a state-controlled subsistence economy that would struggle to feed 60 million people with a currency rendered worthless by withdrawal from the world monetary system.

The BNP’s acceptance of Britain as an American dependency is a strange policy for a party that talks about “sovereignty” but more realistic than the impossible goal of national independence pursued by most of the nationalists.

None of them have made the mental leap necessary to embrace the concept of European Union. A united Europe under a single elected government would be able to feed and defend itself and be powerful enough to tackle Third World immigration. Only by pooling our sovereignty and resources can we survive in the cutthroat world of outsourced industry and imported cheap labour.

The nationalists are in a state of denial. Britain is no longer an imperial power with a huge navy and access to immense natural resources. We are a post-imperial European country that has enjoyed over thirty years of prosperity as a member of the EU, without becoming any less British. The threat to our national survival is not from our membership of the EU but from American-dominated global capitalism.

Those patriots fighting to preserve our race and nation must realize that Europe is not the enemy. Insular prewar economic policies are unworkable in the modern world and the Atlantic option would eventually mean total integration with the multiracial North American Free Trade Association and the destruction of the white race in this country. It’s time to look beyond narrow nationalism and back European solidarity.

Simple Minds                                                                                                                  

The BNP claim to be neutral on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but they are: “moderately and prudently more sympathetic to the Israeli side.” One wonders if they have ever spoken to old soldiers or Palestine Policemen who fought Haganah during the late Forties. Their simple minds equate Muslim immigration in the UK with the Middle East, and they see both situations as conflicts between black and white – between them and us.

The truth is rather more complicated. Both Palestinians and Israelis are whites with strains of Asian and African blood. They both speak related Semitic languages and practice religions based upon Mosaic tradition.

Israeli culture comes from the countries of origin of a mostly immigrant nation but it has been consolidated by more than fifty years of common citizenship and shared experience.
Palestinian culture is Arab but influenced by the Christian and Jewish traditions of the Holy Land. Under the Ottoman Empire all nationalities managed to live together.

Despite the hard-line attitudes of the extremists Israel will be influenced by economic necessity, demographic changes and the inevitability of compromise. There is no parallel in history of neighbouring states not intermixing with each other, and there are plenty of Israelis and Palestinians prepared to give peace a chance.

Israel can’t evict the Arabs from what they regard as their territory – even with unlimited American support they could not dislodge Hezbollah from the Lebanese border or crush the resistance in Gaza. The Palestinians are reproducing faster than the Israelis can kill them. The Arabs know that they will never recover all of their lost lands but they have won international backing for a Palestinian state.

The problem will only be solved by implementation of UN Resolution 242. Israeli and Palestinian states must be guaranteed by the major powers. Israel could not wage constant war without American support and the aggressive pro-Zionist faction has been badly shaken by the mid-term electoral disaster in the USA. The incoming administration is not likely to give unqualified support to the IDF.

The Camp David Accords of 1978 and 2000 were not fair and the Palestinians cannot be blamed for rejecting them. The American-brokered plans would have left Palestine occupied by Israeli military bases, criss-crossed by Israeli military roads and cut off from water supplies. An equitable agreement is possible, so long as both sides face up to reality and look to the future, instead of living in the past.

Only the most extreme Zionists or Jihadists think that they can bomb their way to security. Most Israelis and Palestinians want the chance to live in peace and develop the region for the benefit of their children. With goodwill and the help of Europe, America and Russia it can be done.

Liberal Nationalist Party                                                                                                

Another party has appeared on the scene. The Liberal Nationalist Party describes itself as a left wing nationalist movement that believes in non-fundamentalist nationalism. They post a quotation attributed to Nick Griffin: “I actually agree with most of what the Liberal BNP is about but my only concern is a possible counter-argument from mainstream members.”

They list their policies as follows;

We do not condemn homosexuality and find it irrelevant in nationalist politics.
Saving British sterling and heritage from the Euro whilst maintaining good trade and relations with the continent.
Support for a united Ireland without being aligned to Sinn Fein.
No connection with conservatives.
Equal but separate allowing ethnic minorities to return to their kinship.
Resisting devolution and the break up of the United Kingdom.
The importance of differentiating between racialism instead of racism.
A definite opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine but NOT Jews. We are not and never will be part of the Holocaust denying nationalists.
Against populism and the mindless elements behind it.

It seems that every difference of opinion among nationalists spawns a new party. The old gang parties all contain various factions but they manage to maintain party unity and do not split on every point of policy. Tony Benn represents the Marxist wing of the Labour Party and Tony Blair stands for unrestrained global capitalism. Ken Clarke leads the progressives of the Tory Party and John Redwood leads the anti-European fanatics. Even the Liberals have differences among themselves.

The BNP should be more inclusive and try to embrace the various strains of opinion within the movement. We do not need so many parties fighting to stop non-European immigration and dismantle the multicultural state.

People should not feel that they have to join another party because of their convictions or sexuality. They should be free to choose their own lifestyle so long as they are committed to the fight against cheap labour and unregulated global capitalism.

Rigid doctrinaire policies are an impediment to progress. It is self-defeating for parties comprised of fallible human beings to impose cast iron rules and regulations. The established parties do not ban people who do not agree with every point of policy and nor should we. Even the sacred cow of hostility to the European Union should be abandoned as divisive and unnecessary. If the parliamentary parties that are destroying Britain can embrace pro and anti-European factions then so should those parties fighting for the preservation of our race and nation.

Views on the News                                                                                               

Success in the Netherlands                                                                                                        

Congratulations to Geert Wilders and the Netherlands Freedom Party who increased their parliamentary representation from one to nine seats in the general election of Wednesday 22nd November. The PVV calls for a total end to immigration and asylum and the deportation of foreign criminals and benefit scroungers. They are a middle-class party with Thatcherite views on welfare but they are winning support throughout the Netherlands for their stand against the multicultural society.

The Dutch people are still reacting to the assassinations of populist politician Pim Fortuyn in 2002 and controversial filmmaker and cocaine addict Theo van Gogh in 2004. Both were enthusiastic supporters of the “war on terror” and specifically anti-Muslim rather than anti-immigration. The outgoing Christian Democrat government under Jan Balkenende has drafted tough immigration laws but many voters now favour a total ban.

The Netherlands has been colonised by North African and Indonesian immigrants as well as by “Dutch Citizens” from the West Indies. A mass migration supported by the established parties and the churches. Race relations have plummeted since last year’s immigrant riots that copied those in Paris. Now the old gang parties are trying to cling to power by pretending to care about the situation.

It’s a pity that the PVV follows neo-conservative policies but at least they are trying to stem the tide and save the nation - just like the little Dutch boy who famously stuck his finger in the dyke.

Chaos in the Middle East

In the week in which junior foreign minister Kim Howells said that British troops are ready to hand over to Iraqi security forces, the body count broke all records with over two hundred slaughtered in one day. The anarchy and violence is getting increasingly worse and the presence of British and American troops is doing nothing to stop it.

Tony Blair is now the only man, apart from George Bush, who thinks that the invasion was a good idea. So far the war has cost the lives of 126 British military personnel and an unknown number of contractors and security guards. It has wasted seven billion pounds of our money and set back Anglo-Arab relations for a century.

The promised construction contracts never materialized and our share of the captured oil revenue has been diverted into the pockets of corrupt officials in the collaborationist government. There has been no benefit to Britain or Iraq from this illegal war. It was fought on the evidence of Blair’s dodgy dossier in pursuit of non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Iraq will eventually be rebuilt but the reputations of George Bush and Tony Blair lie in tatters and will never recover.

Lady Jane 
Jane Pollock Graham was born in Winnipeg, Canada on May 18th 1913. She married Christopher Birdwood, the 2nd Baron Birdwood in 1954. After his death in 1962 she took up the struggle for race and nation. She became a prominent member of the Monday Club in the Sixties and a speaker for the National Front in the Seventies.
In 1983 she stood as an independent anti-immigration candidate in the Bermondsey by-election and for the BNP in the 1992 general election in Dewsbury. Her publication “Choice” campaigned against non-European immigration and she was often prosecuted for distributing banned propaganda, but she never gave up the fight.
In 1994 Judge Henry Pownall convicted her but said: “I accept that you are not a wicked old woman in that sense.” She was unsuccessfully prosecuted in 1998 for publishing “The Longest Hatred,” an expose of international finance.
Lady Jane died of cancer in June 2000. Chris Jackson of the BNP said: “she put to shame some of our younger members.” The American nationalist writer Richard Barrett said:
“I feel so honoured and humble to have been touched by her life.” And Nigel Fountain of the “Guardian” used all of his political expletives to write: “ Birdwood delved, erratically into anti-Semitism, imperial racism and British fascism.”
Foreword to “The Longest Hatred” by Lady Jane Birdwood. July 1991

It is not a very commendable truism that in the Christian West today, we live in a materialistic society. But was it always so? There must be enlightenment somewhere if only we knew where to look for it.

A good starting point is undoubtedly The Bible where, for instance, in the New Testament we find St Matthew’s warning in chapter 6, verse 24 of his Gospel: “Ye cannot serve God and mammon” – i.e. worldliness, riches and greed. These six words of caution immediately suggest Christian soundness and common sense. We should remember that it was Christ himself that drove the moneylenders out of the temple.

Left to their own devices and their somewhat unusual ideas of a contented, rewarding life, native Britons in the past instinctively shunned great wealth, preferring simple tastes, pastimes and possessions, free from massive financial entanglements which bear so heavily on us as we approach the 21st Century. So what has gone wrong? How can we start to give money its proper place in “the daily round and common task” of life, without the burdens of insatiable borrowing which bestow a crippling legacy of interest-bearing debt upon our hapless children?

Try taking a close look at what this little book has to say about the problems confronting all of us. It makes a lot of sense, as you will see for yourself, and “serving mammon” really has so little going for it. “Serving God.” On the other hand, could quickly remind us that the “power without responsibility” wielded by those who largely underpin and manipulate our day-to-day lives through money-mania, is no substitute for honest-to-goodness living.

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