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Issue 66, April 2010

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.
Nation Revisited
# 66, April 2010.  

The free trade racket
One in three young people leaving school in the UK will not find a job. We will probably claw our way out of recession and restore our national credit rating by paying back some of the billions that we owe. But that will be too late for Gordon Brown’s lost generation.
The boys can always join the army and get blown to bits by roadside bombs. And the girls can prostitute themselves in the seedy clubs that are sprouting in every town. These are the choices offered by the ‘democratic’ system; they can dance around poles in nightclubs or dance around mines on the dusty roads of Afghanistan.
The fact is that the Money Power has no conscience and couldn’t care less what happens to our kids so long as their profits keep coming. When money is the only consideration human beings do not matter. It’s of no interest to them if British workers are unemployed because their jobs have been exported to Asia. All that matters is that they can make their products cheaply.
Of course there are decent firms where employees are properly trained, represented and rewarded. They are generally old established businesses with loyal workers. But far too many Bosses pay the guaranteed minimum wage and prefer to employ cheap labour immigrants.
Labour and Tory governments keep out of industrial matters because they believe in the free market. They bailed out the banks but they refuse to get involved when Indian bosses shut down steelworks or American bosses shut down chocolate factories. They have presided over the decline of coalmining, steel making, shipbuilding, car making, confectionary and the domestic appliance industry.
These are the industries that used to employ school leavers. The Old Gang let them go abroad and imported cheap labour from around the world to work in the service industries that were supposed to take their place. But now even the burger bars and call centres are closing down as the recession takes hold.
We have been betrayed by the established parties. They either export the jobs or import the labour to avoid paying decent wages to British workers. This cheats our young people out of employment and makes them feel worthless at the start of their working lives.
With an election on the way the punters are beginning to ask themselves who they should vote for. After thirteen years of Labour government many people think that Dave Cameron might do a better job. But the Tories are every bit as bad as the Labour Party. Both parties have exploited Britons and Third World immigrants alike in a shameless pursuit of profits disguised as a crusade for brotherly love and world peace. 
The Liberal Democrats have been sidelined for almost a century but they spout the same hypocritical nonsense as the other parties. You can vote for one of the minor parties but they have no hope of coming to power. The best option is not to vote unless you have a candidate that you really respect. Show you contempt for the whole rotten system by refusing to take part in it.
Nothing lasts forever; plutocracy will be replaced just as feudalism was before it. We will build a fair and equitable system without grasping politicians and racketeers. The worldwide capitalist system is breaking down and will not survive the rise of China, India and Brazil as economic powers. Communism has been tried and found wanting. But a sustainable geopolitical system will emerge based on self sufficiency. Then instead of sending greedy and unprincipled politicians to Westminster we will send them to prison. In the mean time all we can do is read, write and organise.

The money racket
Banks make a profit by lending money and charging interest. If the borrower repays the loan everybody is happy. The bank is rewarded for taking a risk and the customer uses the money to buy a car, or a house or whatever. And so long as the banks have enough paying customers they can take on more.
It’s true that banks have financed slavery, wars and revolutions for centuries. These are merchant banks that lend money to governments; the Rothschilds, Ansbachers and Goldman Sachs. The high street banks usually lend money to Jones the Butcher or Bob the Builder. They handle our salaries and pay our bills on time; they are part of the global capitalist system but they are not as powerful or greedy as their international cousins.  
Recently the banks got it horribly wrong when they lent out more money than they had coming in. They granted mortgages to American borrowers who couldn’t afford the repayments and then sold the debt to banks around the world. As a result they defaulted on both sides of the Atlantic. The British and American governments had to intervene to stop the whole system from collapsing. If they hadn’t acted pension and savings would have been wiped out and they would have been voted out of office.
Zimbabwe is a living example of what happens when money is printed without justification. The Zimbabwe dollar is completely worthless. Citizens of Mugabe’s mad republic use American dollars or South African rands. The country is kept going by Chinese entrepreneurs who are buying up tobacco farms and scouring the country for minerals.
A nation’s wealth depends on its productivity and natural resources. And the value of its currency depends on the confidence of the international community. The United States owes an incredible $12.4 trillion but it doesn’t matter so long as her trading partners think that she is good bet.
Governments borrow from the international banks because they cannot collect enough money by taxation. Instead of living within their means every British government for two hundred years has practiced deficit spending – borrowing against next year’s expected earnings. Since the Rothschilds lent us the money to fight Napoleon we have got into the habit of living beyond our means.
But we can’t blame the banks for the criminal incompetence of successive governments. Our political system survives by bribing the population with services that the country can’t afford. It has created an unemployable underclass that lives on benefits and imported millions of immigrants who have to be fed and housed.
 And not content with wasting money at home it deploys armed forces around the world fifty years after we abandoned the Empire. Everybody knows that we can’t go on living on borrowed money. Real wealth depends on financial responsibility and cannot be achieved by borrowing. We should stop trying to feed and defend half the world and put our own house in order. Our politicians would lose some of their swagger if we pulled our troops out of Afghanistan but it would save billions of pounds and hundreds of lives.

Freedom and Democracy – by Melanie Hitchens-Littlejohn 
As our brave boys fight fanatical Muslim extremists in Afghanistan our gallant allies of the Israeli secret service have dealt a crushing blow to the enemies of freedom and democracy in Dubai. 
By killing the Hamas official Mahmoud Habhouh Israel has shown the world that she backs the Anglo-American War on Terror and will not be deterred by the pacifists and surrender monkeys that undermine our brave boys at the front.
Innocent children in London and Tel Aviv can sleep soundly in their beds because British and Israeli troops are bulldozing farmhouses and terrorising civilians in Palestine and Afghanistan. It’s tough and dirty work but we owe it to our children to inflict the maximum pain and suffering on potential suicide bombers and their fellow travellers.
We must never succumb to the tear-jerking propaganda of the liberal left who would have us believe that Muslims are entitled to live in peace in their own countries. 9/11 proved that we are all threatened by Islamic fascists and their sympathisers. So-called civilians are sheltering terrorists and allegedly innocent children grow up to shoot at British and Israeli soldiers.  Churchill was right to fight appeasement in 1939 and Gordon Brown is right to fight it now.
Catherine Ashton the unelected foreign policy chief of the hated European Union has called for moderation in Gaza. But there can be no moderation with dedicated anti-Semites who are determined to revive the Third Reich and complete Hitler’s work. Hamas are the descendants of Mufti Amin al-Husseini who recruited Muslim volunteers to fight against freedom and democracy in the Handschar and Skanderbeg divisions of the Waffen SS.  The Nazi leaders were hanged at Nuremberg but their modern counterparts are being protected by the crypto-fascist Brussels dictatorship.
Nobody wants to see the flag-draped coffins at Wootton Bassett but no sacrifice is too great to protect Israel. Widows and mothers of fallen British soldiers should be proud that their sons and husbands died defending freedom and democracy.  And the families of the heroic Israeli assassination squads should be proud that their loved ones are fighting the same enemy.
Together we defeated the Nazis and together we will eradicate the threat of Islam. The opening of a new front in Iran will give the Quislings of the hated European Union another chance to peddle their familiar collaborationist propaganda but we must stand firm for freedom and democracy.
With rising unemployment in Britain the government should seize the initiative and bring back conscription. We will need thousands more troops for the liberation of Iran and our brave boys would be better off defending freedom and democracy in the army than hanging around street corners where they could be corrupted by the BNP.

BNP policy
John Bean the editor of the BNP magazine Identity has taken me to task for stating that their policy depends on trading with the Commonwealth. He points out that since John Tyndall was deposed the party has based its policy on trading with Europe and the wider world. They want Britain to quit the European Union to join the European Free Trade Association with Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
The EFTA states still have to comply with EU specifications and directives. They bear the costs involved but have no say in their creation. Norway is accommodated because she is a major oil producer. Switzerland is valued for her secure banking system and little Liechtenstein is virtually part of Switzerland.  Iceland has formally applied for membership of the EU. 
The total population of the EFTA states is under 13 million. They are not members of the EU but they are so closely tied to it that they might as well be. They are all signatories to the Schenegen Agreement on border controls.
Britain with a population of over 60 million is a major European country with an economy comparable to France and Germany. We are expected to be full members of the EU and would not get away with associated status. We are destined to be a major player in the European project.
Economic necessity led to the formation of the nations of Europe. Customs unions grew into political unions that eventually became mighty empires. It didn’t matter if these amalgamations were called federations, confederations or leagues; they inevitably evolved into political and economic union.
Britain outside of the EU but tied to it economically would still be part of an emerging European superpower. The BNP should accept this and aim to reform the EU instead of trying to destroy it. Like all human institutions the EU is far from perfect. The BNP could keep their hardliners onside without sinking to the level of Nigel Farage. Ukip’s former leader made a complete fool of himself when he made a personal and spiteful attack on EU President Hermann van Rumpoy. And he repeated his cringe-making performance on the TV programme Question Time.
It must be obvious even to the most dedicated Euro-sceptics that their dire predictions have not come to pass. We are still resolutely British after nearly forty years of EU membership.
 Many members of the BNP joined to stop Third World immigration and are not convinced by narrow nationalism. For their sake, and for the sake of sanity, the party should adopt a pragmatic approach to Europe. If the BNP supports an agreement with the EU they must realise that the majority of our trade is with Europe and that we cannot survive in isolation.
John Bean has always been a nationalist with European sympathies. In 1955 he wrote in National Unity:
With the possible exception of the harnessing of nuclear energy for weapons of war, the political awakening of the coloured races of Asia and Africa is transcending all other socio-political problems of this age. Accompanying this awakening is the gradual infiltration of Europe – Britain and France in particular – by coloured people.
Should Western opinion continue to face this problem with the old concept of ‘equality of man,’ it will not be long before Europe as a racial entity ceases to exist, and with it the highly developed civilisation that Europe has given to the world.
Here in Britain we are made daily aware of the increasing resistance that this coloured influx is meeting whether it be from busmen or hospital workers who are striking because they fear that the standards their Trade Unions have obtained for them will be undermined by coloured labour, or from hotel landlords who reserve rooms for their White customers only as the writer has seen done in reverse in hotels and clubs in India.
Whilst this paper opposes the belief that all men are equal, we do not on the other hand contend that biologically any one race is superior to another. The fact is we are all different!
If we are to conserve our country as a European nation, all further coloured immigration except for the genuine student must be halted now before it is too late. There is little point in creating a race problem where one does not exist. 
And before he founded his own movement in 1958 he wrote to AK Chesterton the pre-war BUF organiser who led the League of Empire Loyalists. He recalls in Many Shades of Black:
Our Nationalism must transcend the narrow and outdated nineteenth century Nationalism that says “Wogs begin at Calais”... But our Nationalism must halt at Mosley’s utopian European Nationalism of “Europe a Nation.”...By political, economic and military pacts and treaties between sovereign states, Western Europe must present a united front to our common enemies: Asiatic Communism and American finance capitalism.
But when he took the original BNP into the National Front in 1967 his European policy was rejected by its first chairman AK Chesterton. Since then Euro-scepticism has prevailed despite the collapse of British manufacturing industry and the changing patterns of world trade. The white dominions have found new markets but some Euro-sceptics still think that we can make a living selling Morris Minors to grateful Australians.
 Again from Many Shades of Black:
With the possible exception of the point on the Commonwealth and, in my view, the unfortunate dropping of the BNP proposal of a European Confederation of nation states, NF policy is basically the same as that of the BNP.
Since those days the current British National Party has broken away from the National Front but they have kept their 1960s worldview and see the EU as a threat to British sovereignty. They don’t seem to realise that our armed forces are under NATO command and that our trade is controlled by the American-dominated World Trade Association.
John Bean does not embrace Mosley’s vision of Europe a Nation but he has tried to remind his readers that they are Europeans. That’s not easy when they include dedicated Euro-sceptics who think that we are a lost tribe of Israel. The BNP still competes with Ukip but they are moving ever so slowly into the twenty first century.
The concept of European Union is open to interpretation but the states of Europe will unite with or without the consent of the BNP. Their shift towards commonsense is a step in the right direction. But Europe is only one of their problems. They have been forced to change their membership rules to admit non-whites and they are still being threatened by the race relations industry.
Nick Griffin has adopted Sir Winston Churchill as his spiritual leader and stated that he hates fascism. As a good democrat he should therefore accept legislation introduced by an elected government and heartily endorsed by the Tories. After all they share his support for Zionism and his hatred of fascism.
So long as the BNP stay within the law they can campaign against immigration. The Front National polled 17% in the 12 regions that they contested in the French regional elections, with the same policies and under similar constraints.
Despite half a century of government brainwashing many people are opposed to immigration and prepared to vote against it. The Old Gang parties have long been contemptuous of the white working class. They thought that their docile flock would never stray. But now the victims of mass migration are ditching their tribal loyalties and voting for the BNP.
Nick Griffin is wrong about Europe and he is wrong about the Middle East. He is deluded about Islam and he is often evasive and disingenuous. But he is right about immigration. We did not ask for it, we do not need it and we have every right to oppose it.

Party time
General election time is here again. About half of those eligible will vote for a member of parliament to represent them.  Most of those voting will be working for an average wage and many will be unemployed or doing temporary work. But their relative poverty will not stop them from installing an MP who will pocket three times the average wage, claim expenses and look for backhanders.
Now that the parties are indistinguishable from each other it’s difficult to make a decision. It was easier when the Tories stood for grinding the faces of the poor and the Labour Party stood for the dignity of labour. Now they all stand for free trade and open borders; parliamentary doublespeak that translates as cheap labour, cheap imports and unlimited immigration. Our politicians are united by greed and globalism. .As the journalist Will Self said: “you could not get an anorexic cigarette paper between them.”
The outgoing parliament presided over a crippling recession and produced a record crop of cheats and fraudsters. The Speaker was sacked and several ‘honourable members’ are facing trial for theft. The prime minister has been accused of bullying, senior members of both main parties have been exposed as UK tax dodgers and former cabinet ministers are accused of taking bribes to promote business interests. There has never been a British parliament so mired in bribery and corruption. The electorate should be burning their voting cards in disgust but many of them still intend to put illiterate crosses against the names of hopeful nonentities.
International corporations influence governments by paying so-called ‘consultancy’ fees to ministers. We know that the warmonger Tony Blair was on the payroll of a South Korean UI Energy Corporation (Daily Mail 19-03-10). If the rest of the Labour government have similar arrangements with big business it’s possible that the Minister for Defence takes his orders from General Dynamics, the Minister for Food takes his orders from Kraft and the Minister for Energy is answerable to Powergen.
That would explain why our armed forces are being equipped with Chinook helicopters and Ascot personnel carriers. And why the Royal Navy will fly Lockheed Martin F35 Joint Strike aircraft from our new aircraft carriers. There are many reasons for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; oil and Israel among them. But another reason is the continual expansion of the American defence industry.
It would be better if our ministers were sponsored like Formula One racing drivers. If their pin stripe suits were adorned with the logos of the international companies they represent we could see who is sending our soldiers to fight for oil wells in Iraq and gas fields in central Asia.
But although the established parties are impotent at international level they have a near monopoly on local government and the allocation of jobs and contracts. In the inner cities the Labour Party controls a multi billion pound housing portfolio that provides vastly overpaid employment for its members. And in more affluent areas Tory councillors grant planning permission to Tory builders and developers. The parties have become racketeers who exist entirely for their own benefit.
China and America are commercially interdependent but Chinese wages are rising and Americans are running out of money. When China’s production costs reach the same level as Japan she will suffer a recession. And when American consumers lose their jobs they will stop buying Chinese imports. Then the Sino-American marriage will collapse and the world will reorganise itself into sustainable economic blocs. Until then we will have to put up with plutocracy masquerading as democracy and political parties founded on dishonesty and sustained by corruption.

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