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Issue 12, July 2006

Nation Revisited

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# 12, July, 2006   

What then do they believe in?

The logical position of the anti-EU parties is at last becoming clear. John Tyndall always stuck to his Empire Loyalist-inspired “Six principles of Nationalism.” This called for a union of Britain and the Commonwealth and was basically the pre-war policy of the BUF. In 1966 it was already looking a bit dated but by the time he founded the modern BNP in 1982 it was completely obsolete. Canada is inextricably tied to the United States and Australia and New Zealand are economic dependencies of Japan. South Africa is now an African-run state that will probably follow Zimbabwe on the road to ruin. The insular nationalists rarely mention the Commonwealth so we take it that the old Empire Loyalist policy has been quietly buried; what then do they believe in?

Dr Richard North is a close associate of Nigel Farage, the perpetual UKIP candidate and self-publicist. The good doctor once described the Spanish people as “rag-arsed dagoes.” The Bruges group website recently carried the following observations by Dr North:

“The choice of a European supplier for British Army trucks may be a politically driven decision that will put the whole of the US special relationship at risk, with untold political consequences.” He goes on: “The EU has ambitions to harness the key military technology of our age – the ability to use satellite-positioning technology, which has revolutionized military operations, making possible the development of high-accuracy all-weather weapons targeting and enhanced command and control systems. This will give the EU a greater role on the world stage but at what price to the Trans-Atlantic Alliance?”

Some eurosceptics are clearly motivated by devotion to America. They know that Britain could barely survive on her own but instead of seeking an alliance with our near neighbours they are drawn across the Atlantic to the English-speaking USA. They admire all-American heroes like David Eisenhower, Donald Rumsfeld, Rudolph Giuliani and Jack Kennedy but would have dismissed their ancestors as damned foreigners. At present 67% of Americans are still of European descent, mostly German, Irish and British, but this percentage is constantly reducing as Mexicans, Central Americans, Asians and Africans continue to pour in. Mass migration from the Third World is transforming the nation that we all know from films and television.

The real choice is not between European Union and some kind of splendid isolation, but between European Union and being absorbed into the North American Free Trade Area. Ironically the ever-increasing disparity between white and non-white world populations may eventually drive America, Europe and Russia together.
The nation state as we know it may give way to a world empire, but for the time being we must do what is best for Britain in a changing world. China and India are modernizing and developing industrial power at a frightening rate. The native birthrates of the white nations are plummeting and mass migration is changing populations beyond recognition. The only hope of survival in this chaotic scenario is European solidarity. At least we now know that the flag-waving jingoists are not really fighting for United Kingdom independence but for the New World Order of dollar imperialism. That is their prerogative but it would be more honest to campaign for incorporation into the USA.

Former British Prime Minister Arthur Balfour wrote to President Theodore Roosevelt in 1909 suggested that Britain and America, “should federate to be a more than equal counterpoise to the other great nations of the future and also partly in order to secure for them the undisputed possession and development of the still thinly populated areas of the world.” In 1992 former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote: “the issue of the Cold War was never in doubt and that also it was not an opportunist response to the challenge of the Cold War which led to the US becoming a world power.  Rather, the US, from at least the time of President Franklyn D Roosevelt, had always intended to take over the British Empire and become the dominant or ‘preponderant’ world power.”

Being part of the American Empire would commit us to all their wars. At present the “special relationship” has involved us in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and North Korea are all on the hit list. In Iraq the Americans have given up trying to take the Sunni triangle and have declared it a “green zone.” This means that coalition forces will only defend themselves in this region. In Afghanistan the old regime is on the offensive and we are losing men at a steady rate. During ten years of fighting the Russians lost 15,000 men trying to bring Afghanistan into the modern age, and killed a million Afghans in the process, but still they were forced to withdraw.

The BNP competes with UKIP in asserting British independence but they seem to have mixed feelings about America. In their manifesto they state: “Therefore however much we may dislike the present American regime, and see the need to resist American cultural imperialism, we will still need the USA as a counter against a European super state. Therefore, while we should politely but firmly refuse to fight America’s wars, we would give serious consideration to allowing the Americans to keep their bases in the UK so long as they refrain from interfering with our nationalist political agenda along the lines of what they (and others) did recently in Ukraine.”

So they would allow the Americans to occupy us but politely refuse to fight for them. But in a recent article by Nick Griffin explaining the need for common-sense, he frankly states that his policies are limited by American power: “Much though many people would rather see a totally all-white Britain, this less than perfect arrangement is the price our children will have to pay for the treason of our Masters and the fact that the United States of America is under the control of multi-racist fanatics who would bomb us back to the Stone Age if we gave them the excuse by evicting the last non-whites at gunpoint.”
So some of the eurosceptics are in love with America, some are frightened of her and many see our common language as a deciding factor. The Eurovision Song Contest shows that nations vote for neighbouring states that usually speak a related language.

Because of the British Empire, and the rise of the United States, English has become the world language. Our ties of blood and culture with America may be more recent but are no less than our links to mainland Europe. All our ancestors came from the mainland, from the builders of Stonehenge to the Celts, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Danes, Vikings and Normans. By blood, culture and religion we are Europeans. The postwar mass migration of non-Europeans into Europe is part of the multi-cultural agenda that the United States has promoted throughout the world. Washington is currently preaching racial tolerance to the Russians who are trying to defend their borders.
An “independent” United Kingdom would have no choice but to allow America to maintain her military bases. We would similarly have little clout when it came to agreeing trade deals with the huge trade blocs of NAFTA and the EU. At 60 million people we would still be an important market but we cannot compare to 400 million Europeans or 436 million North Americans. Such independence would be illusionary.

A truly independent nation must be able to defend and feed itself. Britain has been a net importer of food for over a hundred years and our so-called independent nuclear deterrent depends on an American missile system that requires their permission for us to use it. We could just about survive on what we can grow but we would face tariffs against our exports and inflated prices for our imports.
Norway is often given as an example of a European country that survives and maintains a high standard of living outside of the EU. But Norway’s population is only 4.6 million and she is the world’s third largest exporter of oil after Saudi Arabia and Russia. In fact Norway together with Iceland and Liechtenstein belong to the EU via the European Economic Area Agreement. The EEA Treaty gives member states full access to the EU. Switzerland, the only other western state outside the EU, has 7.25 million people and was a founding member of European Free Trade Association. They voted against EU membership in 2001 but in 2005 they voted to accept the Shengen and Dublin agreements that will tie them closer to the EU.  Switzerland has concluded bilateral trade agreements with the EU and a report from their Department of Foreign Affairs is expected to recommend full membership.
The British people have become used to a life of plenty and would never accept a siege economy. Britain enjoys a booming standard of living and none of the dire predictions of John Major’s “bastards” have come to pass. We have not had our nationality taken away, we still drink tea and play cricket and most of us get baptised, married and buried by the Church of England. These ideas, like rabid dogs running through the Channel Tunnel, are just paranoid fantasies. It’s time for the eurosceptics to wake up to reality. Our membership of the European Union has been the best thing that has happened to us since the war. John Tyndall clung to his 1966 policy all his life but there is no need for modern nationalists to become fossilized. It is never too late to reform and Heaven rejoices at the conversion of even a single sinner.

Views on the News                                                                                                  

Dave Cameron has launched his “hug a hoodie” campaign, saying that all they need is love. John Lennon wrote a song along these lines in 1967 and sang it right up to 1980 when he met Mark Chapman. The work-shy youths who hang around in gangs with their faces covered are deliberately intimidating to ordinary, decent people. The police cannot or will not do anything about them, but leaseholders of shops and shopping malls can ban them from their premises. Cameron’s latest liberal outburst will further alienate him from both traditional Tories and Labour voters. The Labour party is immersed in sleaze allegations and British troops are dying in two wars that have nothing to do with us. There has never been a better opportunity for the Tories but they have chosen a leader with a liberal death wish and a smile that would curdle milk.

Britain is sending more soldiers and equipment to Afghanistan to counter the latest Taliban offensive. The continuing success of the Mujahidin is a tribute to the excellent ordinance supplied to them by the Americans to fight the Russians in the Eighties.

Tony Blair recently replied to a questioner who asked him what good we had done in Afghanistan, he said: “girls can now go to school.” This is exactly what the deeply conservative Afghans are trying to stop. They never minded the Russians building roads, hospitals, power plants and airports, but they objected to having their tribal culture dismantled in favour of a European lifestyle. As far as the Afghans are concerned there is no difference between the British, Soviet or American empires. If America wants to modernize the Afghans they should have backed the Russian occupation instead of spending billions of dollars opposing it.

Italy won the 18th World Cup Final 5-3 in a penalty shootout, to the bitter disappointment of the renegades who had backed majority black teams like Brazil and France to win. England’s under-achieving team was multiracial and the German, Swedish and Portuguese teams all included black players. But not only did a white team win but French captain Zinadine Zidane was red carded for head-butting Italian defender Marco Matterazzi. Zizou is a white Berber of Algerian parents but he is a hero to the multi-cultural fanatics despite having been sent off 14 times in his career. Now the anti-racists are excusing his behaviour on the grounds that he must have been provoked by Marco’s allegedly racist comments. This exhibition spoilt the game for the politically correct television commentators who had cheered every move from les Bleus.

The terrible bombing of the Mumbai commuter railway system follows similar attacks on Madrid and London. High profile police operations using helicopters and fast cars have not caught many terrorists, but lots of policeman checking bags and keeping vigilant can deter them. Suicide bombers want to go out in a blaze of glory they do not want to be detected by stop and search tactics. The money spent on the botched police operations in south and east London would have paid for a lot of coppers on the beat, as would the inevitable compensation payments to the victims and families. Community cops are better than nothing but they are no substitute for properly trained police officers. The political restrictions on stop and search must be abandoned.

Crisis in the Middle East                                                                                               

Israel has again invaded Gaza and is bombing Lebanon in response to increasingly successful guerilla operations against the IDF. Predictably America has sided with Israel against the Palestinians and the Lebanese and blamed Syria and Iran. In the 22 years that Israel occupied Lebanon they could not control Hezbollah, even with the help of the Christian South Lebanese Army. When Israel was forced to withdraw in 2000, Hezbollah was just a Shia militia but today it is part of the Lebanese government with 23 seats in the 128 seat Lebanese Parliament, including Sunni and Christian members. They have formed an alliance with their former enemies and are supporting the 2007 Presidential campaign of Michel Aoun the Christian leader of the Free Patriotic Movement.

America dismisses Hezbollah as a terrorist movement but, just like Hamas in Palestine, they have created a welfare infrastructure including hospitals and schools. Israelis should know all about terrorist movements evolving into governments; that’s exactly what happened to them. With American support Israel can attack Palestine and Lebanon, and continue to occupy Syrian territory. But public opinion in Israel would not support a prolonged war and President George Bush has got enough trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan without getting involved in yet another conflict. The American people are sympathetic to Israel but they have grown wary of foreign wars and react very badly to fuel price rises and increased casualties.

Israel will never withdraw from occupied territory so long as America gives them unquestioned support. The Bill Clinton “road map” was an unfair plan that would have left Palestine fragmented and deprived of water, but at least it was an attempt to make peace. Israel has nuclear warheads and the very latest planes and missiles but these weapons are little use against determined paramilitaries. The only answer is two states with security guaranteed by the major powers. The politicians in Israel and the Arab countries will continue to sound belligerent but the ordinary people want peace. So long as Israel detains thousands of Palestinian prisoners and occupies Arab territory she will be at war. The first step must be for Israel to release all prisoners of war and conform to UN resolutions. In return the EU could offer favourable trade agreements; the USA could maintain their financial assistance and Russia could help with migration.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has talked about wiping Israel off of the map and first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion talked about Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. Politicians are given to colourful language but the reality is that Israel exists as a nation of over 7 million with overwhelming international support. Egypt and Jordan have come to terms with Israel and Syria has offered to sign a peace treaty in return for the Golan. If Germany and Russia can forget the past so can Israel and the Arabs. Israel has always relied on the support of powerful Zionists in America and Europe but international influence is shifting to China and India, and there are not nearly as many Zionists in Delhi and Peking as there are in Washington or Brussels. The demographics of the Middle East are not in Israel’s favour and an increasing number of Israelis would support a new peace initiative that gives them a long-term chance of survival.

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