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Issue 4, March 2006

Nation Revisited

March 2006, # 4

Despite the steady decline in British manufacturing the economy continues to thrive

We have become a service economy and make a living by selling things like banking, insurance and advice. The culture of workers pouring out of factory gates has almost gone. The industries that used to employ thousands of men and women have been outsourced to cheaper parts of the world. At present this system is working and most people have never had it so good, but a feeling persists that the whole thing is artificial and that it will fall apart. When we made ships there was something to see. Thousands of tonnes of steel in a shipyard was visible evidence of industry, but banking and insurance are invisible things. Nobody cheers when a loan is made as they did when a great ship slipped into the water.
As long as it lasts we will enjoy our high standard of living. We will put out of out minds the idea that we are dependent on others for our food and manufactured goods. We will accept that our electricity is generated from imported gas and oil and paid for out of what we earn by selling insurance or advertising. We will not mind that our armed forces are not capable of operating independently. Eventually we might forget that we were once a mighty industrial and military power.

The towns and villages of England grew up over hundreds of years as the population slowly increased and the economy developed. The location of these settlements was chosen carefully to take advantage of natural features. Villages were built near to water supplies and houses were built above the water table and with access to roads. Care was taken not to destroy good agricultural land and to maintain a balance between town and country. Now with an immigration-driven surge in population we are building new towns on flood plains and far away from available roads and reservoirs. Massive developments are being built with no clear plan for supplying them with water or coping with the additional sewage and refuse. Big settlements need adequate services. Lots of houses mean lots of roads, drains, power and all the requirements of modern living.

Local authorities must look at the overall plan before granting permission.

Pensions are seldom adequate to sustain people into old age. Successive governments have failed to make the necessary arrangements to look after a longer-living population.

Pensions are simply savings. The Chancellor should take savings out of taxation to encourage people to make provision for their retirement. The revenue lost to the Exchequer would be made up by the reduction in welfare benefits paid to needy pensioners.

By plundering savings set aside for pensions the government is going for short-term gain and trying to postpone the inevitable. This fast buck mentality motivates government policy on industrial planning, housing, immigration and pensions. They have no strategy for the future and think no further than the next election. The old gang politicians value their own fortunes ahead of posterity.

What The Papers Say                                                                                                   
A Recipe For Resentment: League Sentinel. Winter 2005/6.

Flooding a country with people from a different ethnic or cultural background is one certain way of generating resentment from the native population towards the newcomers. Giving them free housing, healthcare, food and other benefits only serves to exacerbate the situation. But when a government discriminates against its own people in favour of asylum seekers and other benefit claimants then trouble is sure to occur.

Such an example is that of the government benefits agency that made a mistake with its tax credit system and overpaid many claimants by a total of four billion pounds. In an effort to recover the money the agency have cut the benefit to British claimants who are the most vulnerable in our society. Single parents, and the elderly are facing reductions in their monthly income by up to ninety pounds a month. Yet the politicians have decided not to pursue foreigners who have been wrongly paid “as it would be too difficult”.

Coincidently, just after this decision became public, the Home Office reported that “race-hate” attacks had increased dramatically. Is it any wonder?

War in Iraq, Bombs in London, Riots in France: Final Conflict, Spring 2006.

There are a lot of terrible things happening. There is no doubt that at gut-instinct level many of these events are slowly turning people against immigration and multi-culturalism. Certainly the man-on-the-street is feeling equally uncomfortable about Muslims, wider immigration, government lies and the Neo-Con agenda.

As Nationalists we must always be able to see the news behind the news. The big question behind all this is who benefits?

Who created Al Qaeda, who really organized 9/11, who was behind the push for war?

The answers to these questions are already seeing the light of day. The trail leads back to the usual suspects. The upfront bogeyman, in this case militant Islam, is being promoted way beyond its means by a power desperate to use this huge terrorist agent provocateur to push its own agenda; even when those it seeks to bring down, like Iraq and Libya, are in fact secular Arab states on the hit list of the same militant Moslems.

Call the ones pulling the strings what you want; Neo-Cons, Zionists, Freemasons; it seems that the more things change the more they stay the same.
Saving Our Identities:  European Action, Jan/Feb 2006.

The reason we declare a European political faith is that we value national identities as of right. Our enemies regard this as “racism” and want all expressions of regional patriotism to be outlawed. Never confuse us with the cosmopolitan culture-destroyers of the EU bureaucracy who have no regard for true national expression. European Action stands for the protection of all the peoples of Europe… their traditions, customs, history and above all, their right to ethnic solidarity. We are National Europeans opposed to globalist dominance of our continent. Europe for the Europeans.

John Beckett                                                                                                                   

John Beckett was born in Thurlwood, Cheshire in 1894; he died in 1964. After a state school education he started work as a shop assistant aged fifteen. He served in the British Army and was disabled in World War I. He founded the National Union of Ex-Servicemen to look after the wives and children of returned servicemen and the widows of the fallen. This charitable movement was later taken over by the British Legion.

He served as a member of Hackney Borough Council from 1919 to 1922 during which time he shared a flat with the future Prime Minister Clement Atlee.

He became the youngest Labour MP when he was returned for Gateshead in 1924.

In 1927 in a heated exchange with the Tory Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin he called him a liar. For this breach of the rules he was suspended from Parliament.

In 1929 he was elected Labour MP for Peckham but by 1930 he was in trouble again for protesting against the government’s unemployment policy by stealing the mace and assaulting fellow MP James Maxton and a parliamentary attendant.
In 1934 John Beckett abandoned the Labour Party to join Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists. He rose to become Director of Publications and editor of ‘Action.’

In 1937 the three leading BUF propagandists John Beckett, William Joyce and Angus Macnab broke away to found the National Socialist League. They were helped by another ex-blackshirt AK Chesterton. In 1939 William Joyce made his fateful decision to go to Germany; Angus Macnab closed down the NSL and John Becket founded the British People’s Party.  In 1940 he was interned under Defence Regulation 18B together with over a thousand other nationalists.  None of them were ever charged or tried and no appeal was possible. Many of them like Mosley and Beckett had served with distinction in the First World War.

Soon after his release from prison he reactivated the British People’s Party in 1945. This was a courageous venture in the immediate postwar era when his friend William Joyce and his contemporary John Amery were tried and executed. This was also the time of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal with a political climate of guilt by association and hysterical anti-fascist propaganda.
The British People’s Party faced organized violence from the militant 43 Group who were given vital support and intelligence by the Police and the Security Services.

John Beckett invited a gifted young Cambridge student called Colin Jordan to join the BPP National Council; but Jordan was already in contact with Arnold Leese the prewar leader of the Imperial Fascist League who founded his short-lived National Workers Party in 1948. The British People’s Party was wound up when their patron Hastings Russell the Duke of Bedford was killed in a mysterious shooting accident in 1953.

John Beckett’s old BUF comrade AK Chesterton invited him to join his new movement The League of Empire Loyalists in 1954, but after a lifetime of service to his country he decided to retire.
Europe for The Europeans – by Bill Baillie                                                                

This abridged article first appeared in ‘Action’ in August 1975. In the 31 years since it was written the European Union has grown much bigger but it has abandoned economic nationalism for world trade. The ethnic invasion has got even worse and the predicted inter-racial strife is happening all the time. But there are now encouraging signs that public opinion is at last turning against the liberal consensus. Nationalist parties are making gains throughout Europe against the multicultural agenda.

Political union will solve divided Europe’s economic problems. A self-contained economy will outlaw the speculation that has caused steep rises in world prices under the present system. Sweated imports from the East will be excluded and the massive bargaining power of 300 million European customers will ensure fair prices for imports that might still be required. But Europe will still be doomed to collapse and failure unless the growing problem of non-European immigration is tackled. There are now millions of African, Asian and Caribbean migrants in Britain, France, Germany, Holland and other European countries.

These people have been cruelly exploited as cheap labour without regard for their long-term welfare or that of the native Europeans. Already the inevitable tensions of this multiracial situation have resulted in violence and death. Only the warped theoreticians of the race relations industry would deny that the assimilation of these immigrants is impossible. Britons and other Europeans who have been victims of large-scale immigration know that this policy is socially destructive and bound to end in disaster.

The apologetic politicians of the old parties claim that there are too many here to reverse the flood, but there are plenty of recent historical precedents for mass repatriation.

Thirteen million refugees were taken in by West Germany after the last world war.

More than half a million Asians have been exchanged by India, Pakistan and Bangladesh after their mutual conflict. Over a million pieds noirs were repatriated to France after her withdrawal from Algeria. Nearly one million Portuguese have flown home from Africa, and as I write are arriving in Lisbon at the rate of two thousand a day.

Israel has become the homeland of over three million Jews from Europe and the Arab states. This has been hailed as an historic achievement and Russia is universally condemned for limiting emigration. If it is considered a very good thing that millions of Jews should go to Israel the same standard must apply to the repatriation of Europe’s immigrants. This is both possible and essential now that they are unwanted in a Europe facing unemployment and depression.

Europe has the technological and financial capacity to launch a great programme of repatriation, coupled with aid to the developing nations that would benefit from the return of their skilled workers. If this is not done they will remain as an unwanted alien minority and we shall experience the same inter-racial strife that now threatens to tear the United States apart.

Views on The News                                                                                                 

The trial of Nick Griffin and Mark Collett of the BNP for inciting racial hatred went against the government so they are trying them again. In Austria the State is appealing against the sentence of 67 year old David Irving for questioning the holocaust because they think that three years is too lenient. In Germany the show-trials of Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf are under way. In Belgium Daniel Feret the leader of the Front National and his assistant George-Pierre Tonnalier are on trial for writing ‘racist’ propaganda. All over Europe the so-called democratic regimes are using legislation to crush dissent. The irony of the situation could hardly be sweeter, people are being thrown into prison to defend civil rights and silenced to protect freedom of speech.

The Americans and their camp followers have destroyed Iraq with indiscriminate bombing and have killed unknown numbers of civilians in the cause of democracy.

In order to depose a dictator they have destroyed waterways, pumping stations, power plants, roads, bridges, airports, hospitals, schools, orphanages and old people’s homes.

To bring freedom to the Iraqis they have tortured, raped and brutalized them. It is no accident that these atrocities have been filmed and shown around the world. The message is that the New World Order must be obeyed.

This system of democracy that is so important to the West is all about repression.

Freedom of expression is achieved by spying on communications and the will of the people is guaranteed by buying electoral success with millions of dollars. Racial equality is enforced with positive discrimination and cheap labour immigration is glorified as ethnic diversity. This circus of deceit operates in an atmosphere of breathtaking hypocrisy. The super-capitalists control the governments, resources, industrial output and manpower of most of the world. They have the commercial power to organize wars, invasions, revolutions and assassinations. Their real motive is profit but they disguise this with democracy, progress and all sorts of good intentions.

Iran has emerged from fifty years of American interference. First the nationalist regime of Mohammed Mossadegh was overturned by the Central Intelligence Agency with Operation Ajax in 1953. This installed the pro-American Shah Pahlavi who was deposed in 1979 by the Ayotollah Khomeini revolution. From 1980 until 1988 the country was at war with the American-sponsored Iraqis. A war that cost both sides 1 million lives and $1.9 trillion. Now Iran once more has a popular government under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But America will not rest until Iran’s vast mineral wealth is back under their control. Iran has not initiated a war against a neighbouring state since the 16th Century but she is still demonized by the West. We are told that Iran’s nuclear programme cannot be allowed. China, Pakistan, India, Russia, North Korea and Israel are tolerated but Iran must be stopped. America does not explain why the military dictatorship of General Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan is preferable to the freely elected government of President Ahmadinejad in Iran.

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