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Issue 71, September 2010

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.
Nation Revisited

# 71 September 2010.

Blair’s blood money
Tony Blair’s attempt to placate his critics by donating the money from the sales of his memoirs to mutilated soldiers will not succeed. He took Britain into an unnecessary war in defiance of the United Nations and the two million Britons that marched against the war. He should be brought before the International Court of Justice and tried as a war criminal. His friend George Bush is probably unfit to plead due to advanced insanity but Tony Blair is not mad; he is wicked, deceitful, vainglorious and greedy but he is not mad.

He knew that the ‘dodgy dossier’ was a tissue of lies. He knew that Iraq had no air force, no navy, and an army with few tanks and a desperate shortage of equipment. He knew that there were no ‘weapons of mass destruction’ or ‘missiles that could strike British targets in fifteen minutes.’ And he knew that America’s ‘shock and awe’ bombing of civilian targets would cause maximum casualties.

He may not have known that the Americans planned to use fragmentation bombs, white phosphorus and depleted uranium. But he did nothing about it when reports of hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths became known. Instead he strutted around the world stage with the criminal lunatic George Bush and ignored the slaughter of the innocent.

Even now that we know the full extent of the carnage he still refuses to apologise. He maintains that the slaughter of thousands of allied troops and a million Iraqis was worth it to depose Saddam Hussein. The broken minds and bodies of the survivors are testament to the arrogance of this posturing clown who fancied himself as a great war leader. 

Tony Blair will not be remembered as a Winston Churchill or a Margaret Thatcher; they were warmongers who had the support of the people but he promoted a war that clearly had no British interest. It was an illegal war in defence of Israel and the international oil companies. As a result of it Iraq has been all but destroyed and its people will suffer from radiation problems for years to come. Birth defects and cancers in children have been documented by the World Health Authority but nobody has been charged with war crimes.

Saddam Hussein was dragged before a kangaroo court and lynched for his part in the war. But George Bush and Tony Blair enjoy the comforts of a millionaire lifestyle while children suffer from injuries caused by real weapons of mass destruction.

As a Catholic Tony Blair expects to be judged, but the British people will not be taken in by false contrition and nor will God. This shallow, unprincipled deceiver should heed the words of Jesus. Matthew, Chapter 6.

Beware of practising your piety before men in order to be seen by them; for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. Thus, when you give alms, sound no trumpet as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by men. Truly, I say to you, they have their reward. But when you give alms, do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing, so that your alms may be in secret; and you Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Make your mind up time
With inflation at 3.5% and interest rates at a rock bottom there is no way for people to protect their savings. Inflation discourages saving, reduces spending, shrinks the economy and increases unemployment. We are trapped in a spiral of recession with no way out. We hope that the recession will soon be over but it has lasted a generation in Japan. Their economy is barely improving but China with a population of 1.2 billion is growing at 10% per annum.
As a trade dependant nation with half the population of Japan we are powerless to control the price of the basic necessities that we import. The far-right fantasises about Britain breaking away from international capitalism but that’s impossible when we import 40% of our food and 60% of our gas and oil. We should have united with the White Dominions to form a viable economic union but we missed that chance half a century ago. Instead we are locked into a World Trade Agreement dictated by an aggressive American foreign policy backed up by a formidable navy.

Just as the British Empire made war on China for trying to ban British opium so America will make war on any state that tries to break away from dollar imperialism. There is nothing new about imperialism. The lion is the king of the jungle because he is the fiercest and most vicious predator. Men bully women and children simply because they can. And big states bully small states in the same way. This is immoral and indefensible but it’s the way of the world.
The idea that America and her allies are interested in democracy is absurd. NATO was not founded to spread democracy but to enforce American foreign policy. US troops based in Europe and Asia are there to protect American commercial interests. The public relations department of the Pentagon puts out propaganda about spreading freedom and democracy but few outside of America believe it.

Countries with nuclear weapons like Russia, China and North Korea have resisted American domination. But Britain, France, India and Pakistan remain subservient colonies because their nuclear weapons are at the service of their masters. Israel is a nuclear power but she is a unique case because of the disproportionate influence of the international Jewish lobby.
Vietnam fought a bitter war of independence for over thirty years. But now she is overwhelmed by the commercial partnership between America and China. Her long struggle against Japan, France and America has been in vain.

The nation state is no longer a viable proposition. Like it or not the nations of the world are evolving into geopolitical super states. Our choice lies between the North American Free Trade Agreement and the European Union. At present the EU is part of the Pax Americana but it has the industrial, agricultural and military potential to develop into an independent power. 

If we adopted protectionist measures the rest of the world would retaliate against British exports. Faced with a trade deficit we would struggle to feed ourselves and generate enough power to keep going. We are not in the happy position of Norway with huge reserves of gas and oil and a tiny population. We are a nation of over 60 million that’s fast running out of energy. 

We are half-hearted Europeans who have negotiated so many opt-outs that we hardly belong to the EU at all. Our armed forces belong to NATO and our economy is dominated by Wall Street.  Soon we will have to decide where our future lies.         A revived Commonwealth is not likely to happen while Canada is economically tied to America and Australia to China. And a go-it-alone Britain would be economic madness.

Cheap imports and unrestricted immigration are destroying British industry and holding down wages. We must close our borders to the teeming masses of the Third World and construct a genuine European Common Market. We must also ignore America’s Cold War hostility and form a strong alliance with oil-rich Russia. These are the choices facing Britain today; we can remain as an American dependency, try to survive on our own, or face reality and become positive participants in United Europe.

Churchill the War Criminal
Abridged from Colin Jordan’s Gothic Ripples No 19
In 1940 it was the curse of Britain in the guise of salvation to have at hand to take the helm this monstrous charlatan uniquely capable of summoning forth the utmost of patriotic endeavour in the unwitting service of the negation of British nationalism which has resulted.
In mid 1940, when the exigency of war provided warmonger Churchill with his opportunity to come to the fore as warlord, Hitler was offering most generous terms for peace with Britain (Reichstag speech 19th July 1940) with whom he had long and passionately sought friendship as a pivot of his foreign policy. So far, on his personal order, not a single German bomb had been dropped on a single British town. Fighting, otherwise, had moreover so far only lightly occurred between the two countries. Much of Britain, including Churchill’s own colleagues, were then inclined to favour peace. According to biographer Gilbert (broadcasting on the 28th June 1983) but for Churchill Britain probably would have made peace.

All this was anathema to the new Prime Minister, threatening his relegation to the rear. Something had to be done about it, and that something was to bring about an intensification of hostilities so as to oust the peace spirit, and to replace it with the will for war to the bitter end. The answer, he saw, lay in bombing. This he confided to the American Ambassador in London, Joseph P Kennedy, telling him (according to historian David Irving in a lecture in Vancouver, Canada, 31st march 1986) “I want the Germans to start bombing London as early as possible because this will bring the Americans into the war... and above all it will put an end to this awkward and inconvenient peace movement that’s afoot in my own Cabinet and amongst the British population.” What he did not confide to Kennedy was that he intended to provoke that bombing of London.

Churchill, even then, knew the German military plans in advance, including all of Goering’s operational plans for the Luftwaffe even down to the detailed orders for the next day’s raids: this because of Britain’s development of the code-cracking Ultra machine based on Germany’s Enigma machine, one of which had been stolen and smuggled to Britain shortly after the war broke out, and its secrets unravelled       (FW Winterbotham article in the Sunday Telegraph, 21st July 1974; also Martin Gilbert in the book The Finest Hour).  It was thus that he knew that the bombs which fell on the inner city of London and on residential districts in north and east London on August 24th 1940 were a prohibited mistake. None of the 200 German bombers had London on its bombing order. About a dozen were directed to air factories and oil instillations on the extreme perimeter of London, and it was these few aircraft which missed their target and thus were responsible.

Churchill was delighted at the pretext provided, and, puffed up with the synthetic emotion he could readily switch on as the deceitful showman he was, he lost no time in ordering the RAF to bomb Berlin the very next night for the very first time, and again on August 28th and September 6th before Hitler responded with a raid on London on September 7th; and the escalation of serial bloodshed thenceforth on which he counted for the continuance of his position and purpose followed.

It was the tragic irony of those times that his very victims hailed this master criminal as their hero when he passed their battered homes, cigar in mouth, fingers in a V sign, and brandy in the belly; and it is an explanation of the stricken condition of Britain today, as the direct outcome of Churchill’s war, that the bulk of her people have still not cast out this foul idle of their devastating delusion.

From then on War Criminal Winston Churchill advanced to deliberate mass murder of German civilians from the air. He had an adviser a Dr Lindermann, later made Viscount Cherwell, who advised his master to endeavour to destroy German morale by the unrestricted saturation bombing of the residential areas of 58 of the largest German cities. Churchill responded by causing the issue of an Air Ministry directive of February 14th, 1942, to this effect, and the new head of Bomber Command, Air Chief Marshall Sir Arthur Harris, enthusiastically approved and implemented it, earning the title, even among his own personnel, of “The Butcher.”  The achievement of this bloodthirsty trio of Murder Incorporated was the massacre of at least 500,000 German civilians in German cities 41 of which suffered 50% or more destruction; 

In Berlin alone at least 50,000 were crushed, torn apart or roasted in the British brand of holocaust; some say more. In Hamburg things were better still: approximately 40,000 were exterminated in less than a fortnight (Martin Middlebrook in The Battle of Hamburg. P 232). Said one eye-witness “The smallest children lay like fried eels on the pavement. Even in death they showed signs of how they must have suffered – their hands and arms stretched out as if to protect themselves from the pitiless heat.” P 236

The Jew Theodore N Kaufman in his book Germany Must Perish, published in 1941, had advocated the sterilization of the whole German nation after Democratic victory, but as a measure of genocide Churchill’s solution was at least proving more immediate, and there was more, bigger and better to come. There was Dresden and the plans for gas and germ.
Hitler had declared Dresden, celebrated for its beauty, an open city. There was not a single factory working on war supplies. There were no military installations or offices or military operations involving it. In early 1945 it was swollen with refugees, and crowded with hospitals, and the war was obviously nearing its end. This did not, however, prevent it being made an Anglo-American showpiece of mass murder and destruction.

Hell came to Dresden, courtesy of Churchill and Roosevelt, a couple of hours before midnight on February 13th 1945, when the first British bombers arrived. A second British attack followed some 3 hours later, early on the 14th, and an American attack followed in the middle of that day with American fighters afterwards flying low over the ruins to machine-gun anything which moved – survivors, rescue workers, and even hospital patients dragged to the banks of the river Elbe and their doctors and nurses. After the carnage had ceased, the death toll ranged between the 135,000 the Allies finally accepted and the 250,000 or even 350-400,000 which German and other sources have claimed. In addition 750,000 are said to have been wounded.

The dead had to be stacked and burned in the streets and squares in piles of 400-500. Auschwitz, even in the most lurid of unsubstantiated Jewish claims, was never like this. Thousands of men, women and children including babes in arms, hiding in air raid shelters were melted into pools of liquid by the heat which reduced 6-foot persons to 3-foot corpses. Such were the conditions that 2 weeks after the raids a Swiss resident had this to say of an attempt to move in the death city of Dresden: - “For this reason I turned back and headed for the Grosser Garten. But here it was even more appalling: walking through the grounds, I could see torn-off arms and legs, mutilated corpses, and heads which had been wrenched off their bodies and rolled away. In places the corpses were still lying so densely that I had to clear a path through them in order not to tread on arms and legs.” For further information see Der Tod Von Dresden by Axel Rodenberger, and The Destruction of Dresden by David Irving.


When half starved migrants went to the New World in the nineteenth and early twentieth century they bought one way tickets. Transport was expensive and there was no point in returning to countries ravished by war and poverty. As a result the US, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand have been populated by Europeans who might have perished at home.

In those days Australia was at least six weeks away on a fast clipper. Even New York was three weeks away for the desperate souls escaping from a life of hardship. Immigrants seldom went home and millions of parents never saw their children again after they waved them goodbye at the quayside. Today the terrible finality of emigration has been replaced by international commuting. People move around to find work but keep their contacts at home. Cheap and available flights make it easy to travel the world. The traditional patterns of human settlement have been rendered obsolete by modern technology.

Thirteen million ethnic Germans came home at the end of the Second World War.  Twenty million Indians and Pakistanis were exchanged following the partition of India. Israel has taken in six million Jews from around the world.  One million Europeans fled Algeria after independence; followed by a million Portuguese from Angola and Mozambique and over a million whites from Zimbabwe and South Africa. They had been in Africa for hundreds of years but changing political and economic circumstances forced them to return to Europe.
We are told that the Third World immigrants are here to stay, and that nothing can be done about it. But modern history shows that it’s possible to relocate entire populations. Immigrants who came here in the boom years are no longer required. Instead of giving foreign aid to ungrateful dictators we should use the money to help millions of non-Europeans to go home. 

Myths and legends
Most right-wingers are motivated by patriotism and natural conservatism but to the hardliners nothing is what it seems. Traditionalist Tories like Margaret Thatcher and John Major are champions of capitalism who distrust change. But to the lunatic fringe they are clandestine communists.  In the tortured mythology of the far right almost everyone is part of a conspiracy. This explains why Bob Crow, the militant union leader, and Digby Jones the boss’s spokesman, both favour an amnesty for illegal immigrants. In fact Bob Crow wants to help exploited workers and Digby Jones wants plenty of cheap labour for industry. But to the tormented souls of the far-right Bob and Digby are sworn enemies of the white race who are plotting the destruction of all things British.

There are no ifs or buts in the black and white world of conspiracy theory. All conventional politicians are suspect and so are most of the leaders of the far-right. Anyone who breaks away from ‘the party’ is dismissed as a red mole, a Searchlight spy, a state asset, a thief or a liar; sometimes all five levels of infamy are achieved.  The far-right is a roundabout where people come and go, and parties merge and split, with bewildering regularity. Those accused of treason in the past now hold high office and those currently accused will no doubt pop up as senior figures in the future.

The hallmark of the far-right is paranoia. Everyone is against them from the Establishment to the far-left. Their websites and publications scream persecution and their rhetoric is full of wild accusations against their perceived enemies. When they break up they blame everyone but themselves. When they lose elections they blame the system, never the calibre of their candidates. And when they break the law they blame the police and the judiciary but never themselves.

Britain’s problems have not changed since before the war. We are victims of a capitalist system that seeks to make goods as cheap as possible. There’s nothing sinister about this, it’s just good business. An ethical government would put people before profit but we can’t expect capitalists to have a conscience. Since the Margaret Thatcher era international capitalism has run riot. 

Race is another subject much misunderstood by the far-right. They conflate, race culture, language, nationality and religion to ‘prove’ that civilisation is the exclusive preserve of the ‘British’ race. Some of them grudgingly concede that related northwest Europeans are capable of great things but they despise most whites. They talk about Aryans as if they were a race but an Aryan is simply someone who speaks an Indo-European language. West Indians who speak English and Congolese who speak French could be described as Aryans. In the same way they use the world Semitic to describe Jews but it’s a linguistic group that includes Arabs and Maltese. They accept the Croats as members of the master race because they became westernised and Catholic under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But they dismiss Kosovars and Bosniaks, who are related to the Croats, because they became Muslims under the Turks.

By obsessing about superficial differences they divide Europeans and encourage discord. Francis Parker Yockey called this ‘outworn nonsense’ in his lost book The Enemy of Europe now translated from the German and available from Liberty Bell Press.
In this century the idea of vertical race is dead. We can now view race only in horizontal terms - the race one feels in oneself is everything, the anatomic-geographic group to which one belongs means nothing. In this stage of our Cultural development, the principle of individuality reasserts itself, as it asserted itself in the earliest days of the Gothic. 

During the dark age of Materialism, it was believed that heredity and environment were everything; with the decline of Materialism the human Soul regains its former dignity. Everyone must now openly admit that the engrafting of the outworn nonsense of the vertical race notion onto the glorious European Resurgence of Authority brought about by the European Revolution of 1933 was an enormous tragedy - all the more so since the coupling of these two ideas was in no way necessary or even logical. In the Classical Culture, any man who was ethically equal to the Inner Imperative of Roman spirituality could rightly say: “Ciuis Romanus sum.“ In this, our Western Culture is somewhat akin to the Classical. Our touchstone of comradeship and belonging is spiritual-ethical, not the old one of birth-place, cephalic-index, eye-colour. In the 20th century, the century of elective affinities, materialistic tests are pure stupidity.

They are wrong about the achievements and potential of the human race in general and Europe in particular. The Germanic nations have excelled in the arts and sciences but so have the Celtic, Latin and Slavic nations. The master race theory is based on discredited nineteenth century pseudo-science that divided Europeans into countless sub races. But modern DNA research shows that Europeans are more closely related than we thought.

Dr Steven Oppenheimer contends in The Origins of the British that two thirds of the British population are related to the Basques of Spain and France.
The far right used to blame the Jews for everything but now they have gone from one extreme to the other and defend them against all charges. The Jews certainly use their financial muscle to influence governments but many Jews in Israel and around the world are opposed to the brutal occupation of Palestine. And there are capitalists of all races and religions who drive down wages to maximise profits.

They are also wrong about basic economics.  North Korea is a living example of economic nationalism. The ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong-il, son of the ‘Great leader Kim IL Sung, rules over a bankrupt dictatorship that spends every penny on defence while her people starve. North Korea produces missiles and nuclear warheads but struggles to provide basic services. This is the mad model that our super patriots aspire to.
The latest populist movement of the far right is currently having a nervous breakdown. When a new party emerges from the wreckage it should ditch the propaganda of the past. The British people want to stop unrestricted Third World immigration. They also want to see our interests defended in Europe. But they do not need a party that measures heads, supports state terrorism and lives in a world of fantasy.

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