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Issue 39, December 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends, # 39, December 2007

The way forward

Britain has started the military evacuation of Iraq but has been forced to rush reinforcements to Afghanistan. The government claims that we have won in Iraq but that Afghanistan will take another ten years. Only Sir Jock Stirrup, Chief of the Defence Staff, believes this incredibly optimistic nonsense.

Britain’s annual defence budget is running at 33 billion pounds but General Sir Mike Jackson is demanding more money to care for wounded soldiers and bereaved families. Both wars are massively unpopular and few people believe that we are achieving anything by continuing to squander the lives of our soldiers. Forty years after quitting Aden we are fighting another colonial war.

We are involved in these conflicts because of our “special relationship” with America, and we will probably get dragged into their next war against Iran.
In 1945 our war-weary country was bankrupt and we were grateful for American loans and protection. But today we are a successful member of the world’s greatest trading bloc and no longer need handouts.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was set up to counter the armed might of the Soviet Union. But the communist regime has gone and oil-rich Russia is our natural ally. It’s time we thanked the Americans for their help of 60 years ago and moved on. There is no longer any justification for NATO and the invasion of Afghanistan has nothing to do with defending Europe from communism.

NATO bombed Belgrade in 1999 killing thousands of innocent civilians because President Slobodan Milosevic refused to surrender the Serbian province of Kosovo. It has seduced the east European states and now threatens to target missiles at Russia. This is a repeat of the 1962 crisis when America sited missiles in Turkey and the Soviets responded by sending missiles to Cuba.

That was frightening and so is Britain’s immigrant driven population explosion. It has soared to over 60 millions and could reach 70 millions in the next twenty years. We can argue about whether this was a deliberate conspiracy or the result of greed and stupidity. But the fact is that it has happened with the help and encouragement of all of the mainstream parties. They have participated in the ethnic transformation of Britain.

William Joyce and John Amery were executed because they sided with Germany against Britain during the war. Neither of them did any damage to Britain. Joyce did not kill anyone with his propaganda broadcasts and Amery’s attempts to recruit British prisoners of war to fight the Russians came to nothing. But both men were hanged for treason. What would be a suitable sentence for those who destroyed the Britain we knew by importing millions of racial aliens?

If Germany had of won the war their revolutionary regime would have burnt itself out just like every other revolution. Hitler and his homicidal entourage would be long dead and any amount of interbreeding with Germans would have gone unnoticed. The Germans are practically identical to the British and their genetic contribution would have been entirely benign.

The ancient invasions of the British Isles were all by white tribes from the mainland. Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Danes and Normans became the British nation. But the latest invasion has brought people from all over the world and destroyed the traditional homogeneity of our islands. This was the result of  Clement Attlee’s infamous British Nationalities Act of 1948 that opened the floodgates to Commonwealth immigration.
The old gang politicians know that they have made a mistake but they do not know what to do about it. They are afraid even to think about repatriation in case they are accused of “racism.” We should start by deporting criminals and illegal immigrants. Then set up a government-funded repatriation agency to help people return to their countries of origin. This could be financed by diverting foreign aid and by the money we would save on health and social security.

It’s still possible to restore demographic order by emulating the Swiss and taking a stand against unlimited Third World colonization. There is no limit to what we can achieve if we harness the political, economic and logistic power of Europe.  There’s more than enough room for everyone in the vast open spaces of Africa and Asia but they can’t all live in overcrowded Europe.

We are told that we need immigrants to do our dirty work, replace our ageing population and compensate for a generation lost to contraception and abortion. This may be so but it would surely be better to chose fellow Europeans who can easily be assimilated. There are many non-whites who are highly gifted and progressive but some races are less equipped for modern society. We should be entitled to make these observations without feeling guilty or “racist.”

We must encourage European consciousness at every level and never accept that unlimited immigration is inevitable or unstoppable. Some immigration has been beneficial but the violent crime that dominates the black ghettoes of Britain, France, the Netherlands and the USA cannot be tolerated. There are many reasons for the breakdown of law and order including poverty, racial prejudice and cultural dislocation.

But the main reason is because the police are frightened to do their job. They are restricted by government interference and can no longer function in no-go areas. They protect their pensions and promotions by slavishly observing “ political correctness”. But the popularity of independent black and Asian schools shows that many immigrants believe in discipline and would support proper policing.

The fads and fashions of the world are transitory. Political systems come and go and what seems unimaginable to one generation is entirely normal to another.
The white race will survive and mankind will reach its full potential. Our long journey from the caves to the stars has been driven by necessity and commonsense. We can overcome our demographic and ecological problems by applying the same logic and by rejecting defeatist propaganda.

Europeans at home and abroad have contributed to every branch of human achievement.  We gave the world the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and the tragedy of nuclear mass murder. We spearheaded the revolution in science and technology before sinking into the terrible fratricide of two world wars. America took up the challenge of the conquest of space. And now Russia is transformed into one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

We are unravelling the secrets of DNA and it’s probable that we will eradicate most of the diseases that plague mankind. We are increasing agricultural production and starting to limit industrial pollution. Scientifically we have made great strides but politically we are still living in the dark ages. Britain has had some measure of representative government since the Reform Act of 1832 but our elected representatives are owned body and soul by big business.

We must construct a sustainable economic system. The dream of reviving the White Dominions as a trading bloc is economic necrophilia. South Africa is going the same way as Zimbabwe, Canada is inextricably tied to the USA by NAFTA and Australia and New Zealand depend on Asian markets. We have lost the captive market of the Commonwealth and “free trade” is really a license to ship goods, labour and credit around the world with no thought for the consequences.

The British parliament is becoming increasingly sidelined as decisions are made in Brussels and power is devolved to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It’s almost impossible for a minority party to get elected to Westminster under the first-past-the-post system but the Euro elections are conducted by proportional representation. We must return MEPs to fight for our interests, not negative wreckers but people with the courage and vision to embrace Europe.

The old gang parties are in decline and the rise of the SNP and Plaid Cymru is forcing the far-Right to flirt with English Nationalism. The British people are worried about immigration and war but all that they are offered is the dismal prospect of a truncated England hiding behind tariffs under American military occupation. Such ideas are not worthy of the nation that ruled the waves. Only a motivated and united Europe can solve these problems by quitting NATO and achieving a collective but genuine independence.

Bukovsky and Friends

Vladimir Bukovsky is still peddling the ridiculous idea that Mikhail Gorbachev invented the European Union in the 1980s. He has apparently never heard of Aristide Briand, Jean Monnet, Alterio Spinelli or Robert Schuman. He ignores the Treaty of Rome and the history of Europe and attempts to prove that the EU is a communist conspiracy by regurgitating old Soviet intelligence reports.

The Russian dissident’s “secret history” of the European Union has been extensively reported in the Brussels Journal, a weblog linked to the Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang; the editor’s wife Alexandra Colen is a VB deputy. Writing in The Wall Street Journal on 27th August 2006 Brett Stevens accurately described the Brussels Journal and its policy.

Then there is the amazing case of journalist Paul Belien, who edits the Brussels Journal, a pro-American, Euroskeptic, anti Islamist blog. In February, the blog was one of the few news sources to republish the notorious Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammad, thereby attracting some two million unique visits. It also attracted extraordinary scrutiny from the Flemish newsweekly Knack. Noting that Mr Belien’s blog had been cited by Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes, Knack described the link as “no coincidence,” but rather a “deliberate provocation by the neocons,” the ultimate aim of which was to make Americans and Europeans believe “that all Muslims are violent and dangerous, after which the clash in Palestine, Iran and Syria can really kick off.”

The Wall Street Journal is linked to the Brussels Journal by their membership of the Opinion Journal Federation. But an objective writer like Brett Stevens can see that Vladimir Bukovsky’s friend and publicist Paul Belien is a Zionist apologist with his own agenda.

Vladimir Bukovsky spent most of his life campaigning against the Soviet Union but when it fell he transferred his hatred to the Russian Federation. Now based in Cambridge he hangs out with UKIP and the neocon movement. He is part of the right-wing circus that includes Melanie Phillips, Richard Littlejohn and most of the populist writers of the Daily Mail and The Sun.

This vociferous gang of “patriotic” agitators believe in a far-Right trinity of subservience to America, total support for Israel and hostility to Europe. They supported the Iraq war when it started but now they blame Tony Blair for misinforming them about “weapons of mass destruction.” They constantly demonise Europe and Russia and are trying to revive the Cold War.

They use catchphrases like “Islamo-fascism” to make Europeans and Americans think that they are fighting Hitler. They deride the EU as “Eurabia” or the “EUSSR” and Russia as the “evil empire.” They excuse every act of Israeli aggression and they even supported the bombing of undefended civilian targets in Lebanon.

Keeping our distance
The American mortgage crisis has damaged banks around the world and sent the dollar plunging against the major currencies. Various “experts” are predicting the total collapse of the American economy and one serious tipster has recommended buying physical gold and burying it in the garden.

There’s no doubt that America is spending too much to maintain its world empire.
If the Americans actually conquered the entire world they would probably recover their investment by “liberating” all the oil and precious metals. But at the moment they can’t even occupy Baghdad let alone the world.

We must remember that the United States is almost self-sufficient and has enormous industrial potential. A country that can put a man on the moon is not likely to collapse because speculators are selling dollars and buying euros. America is still in good shape despite an $800 billion trade deficit. And China shows no sign of dumping the dollar. It’s the profligate neocon government that is threatening to destroy the economy by spending trillions of dollars on never ending military expansion.

It took America a generation to recover from the disaster of Vietnam. When General Van Tien Dung took Saigon in 1975 it signaled a period of American retrenchment. But 32 years later the deaths of 50,000 American servicemen have been forgotten. The neocons imagine that they are winning in Iraq and Afghanistan and are determined to launch a new war on Iran.

To most Europeans the Americans are cousins. We have friends and relations across the Atlantic and remember their help in two world wars. We have nothing against the American people and wish them well. But the neocon cabal that has seized power in Washington is entirely evil and a threat to all humanity.

All regimes eventually pass into history. Even the mighty Soviet Union has disappeared without trace and the Russian Orthodox Church has emerged from 74 years of oppression as though nothing had happened. The red flag has gone; the tricolour proudly flies over the Kremlin and the Russian people are enjoying an unprecedented economic, national and spiritual revival.

Neo-conservatism will suffer the same fate as its alter ego communism. Both ideologies are based on aggression and can only be sustained by constant war. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and most of the leading warmongers are closely connected to the defence industry and they don’t want to see “their” money wasted on health, education or social security.

One day the American people will return to sanity and establish a representative government. But until such time we must keep our distance from an avaricious and expansionist power that is trying to dominate the world.

Views on the news

Gordon Brown’s speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet reminded us that the post-Blair Labour Party remains committed to American foreign policy. He pledged his loyalty to America and called upon the European Union to be less inward looking and to become a “global Europe.” The fall of Jacques Chirac in France and Gerhard Schroeder in Germany has shifted the European consensus towards America. Their replacements, Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel are Atlantacists who are afraid of upsetting the neocon regime in Washington. Ironically they could all be blown away by the coming financial storm that is brewing in America. We need leaders with the conviction of Charles de Gaulle to stand up for Europe.

Dave Cameron has again overtaken Gordon Brown in the opinion polls. His strange version of Toryism appeals to middle England and his genial and youthful appearance is preferred to Gordon Brown’s dour Scottish Presbyterian scowl. Dave assures us that his immigration policy has got nothing to do with race. Absolutely Dave; we didn’t think for one minute that it had. Gordon is calling for “British jobs for British workers.” But that too is totally non racial. When he says “ British” he means anybody who is in the country regardless of origin. It’s all about documentation. A Zulu or an Eskimo with the right paperwork is British. But a white South African or Canadian of British descent might need a visa to enter the country and be subjected to spiteful state bureaucracy.

Nobel prize winning scientist James Watson has outraged international opinion by suggesting that blacks are generally less intelligent than whites. This invokes the memory of Dr Magnus Pyke who was a food advisor to the wartime British government. He proposed to kill all the dogs in Britain and turn them into sausages. This would have helped the food shortage and reduced imports. But Winston Churchill had more than enough to worry about without upsetting his dog loving countrymen. Scientists are sometimes on a different wavelength to the rest of us and do not consider people’s feelings.

President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan has declared martial law in order to deal with political violence. The CIA was undoubtedly behind the coup that brought the general to power in 1999, so George Bush’s call for free and fair elections is not to be taken seriously. Pakistan is an American-controlled state and her armed forces are fighting and dying on the Afghan border against the Pushtan Resistance.  General Musharraf is right not to trust squabbling politicians with the nation’s defence force and nuclear arsenal. Democracy in Pakistan is even more corrupt that in Britain or America. In a country where votes are sold to the highest bidder only the army can be trusted.

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