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Issue 55, April 2009

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends, # 55, April 2009


The British National Party is using the image of Sir Winston Churchill in their Euro election campaign. They claim Churchill as their champion but he was a strong advocate of United Europe who outlined his vision for the future in a speech to Zurich University in September 1946.

I wish to speak to you today about the tragedy of Europe. This noble continent, comprising on the whole the fairest and the most cultivated regions of the earth, enjoying a temperate and equable climate, is the home of the great parent races of the western world. It is the fountain of Christian faith and Christian ethics. It is the origin of most of the culture, the arts, philosophy and science both of ancient and modern time. If Europe were once united in the sharing of its common inheritance, there would be no limit to the happiness, to the prosperity and the glory which its three or four hundred million people would enjoy. Yet it is from Europe that have sprung that series of frightful nationalistic quarrels, originated by the Teutonic nations in their rise to power, which we have seen in this twentieth century and even in our own lifetime, wreck the peace and mar the prospects of all mankind.

And what is the plight to which Europe has been reduced? Some of the smaller States have indeed made a good recovery, but over wide areas a vast quivering mass of tormented, hungry, care-worn and bewildered human beings gape at the ruins of their cities and their homes, and scan the dark horizons for the approach of some new peril, tyranny or terror. Among the victors there is a babel of voices; among the vanquished the sullen silence of despair. That is all that Europeans, grouped in so many ancient states and nations, that is all that the Germanic races have got by tearing each other to pieces and spreading havoc far and wide. Indeed but for the fact that the great Republic across the Atlantic Ocean has at length realized that the ruin or enslavement of Europe would involve their own fate as well, and has stretched out hands of succour and of guidance, but for that the Dark Ages would have returned in all their cruelty and squalor. Gentlemen, they may still return.

Yet all the while there is a remedy which, if it were generally and spontaneously adopted by the great majority of people in many lands, would as if by magic transform the whole scene, and would in a few years make all Europe, or the greater part of it, as free and as happy as Switzerland is today. What is this sovereign remedy? It is to recreate the European Family, or as much of it as we can, and to provide it with a structure under which it can dwell in peace, in safety and in freedom. We must build a kind of United States of Europe. In this way only will hundreds of millions of toilers be able to regain the simple joys and hopes which make life worth living. The process is simple. All that is needed is the resolve of hundreds of millions of man and women to do right instead of wrong and to gain as their reward blessing instead of cursing.

Churchill was an imperialist and a strong believer in the Atlantic Alliance. Like most of his generation he thought that Europeans should rule Africa and Asia.
He believed in the “European Family” and would not have agreed with those who want to stand alone against the world. Churchill’s call for a “United States of Europe” could not have been clearer. The Euro-sceptics argue that he did not include Britain in his European vision but in 1940 he had offered French Prime Minister Paul Reynaud Franco-British union. This remarkable plan envisaged the complete merger of Britain and France into one political entity. But the French Chief of State Marshal Philippe Petain rebuffed it.

His opinions were sometimes contradictory; he supported the creation of the state of Israel and he was generally sympathetic to the Jews but he also believed in a Jewish conspiracy. In 1920 he wrote in The Illustrated Sunday Herald:

“This movement amongst the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kuhn (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.”

These sentiments would not be welcome in the party that has chosen him as a mascot but many of his views would have been acceptable. In 1952 he asked a Cabinet meeting if “the Post Office was employing large numbers of coloured workers. If so, there was some risk that difficult social problems would be created.” And in 1955 he told Ian Gilmour the editor of The Spectator: “I think that it (immigration) is the most important subject facing this country, but I cannot get any of my ministers to take any notice.”

Like many politicians before him Winston Churchill had seen through the myths of liberal democracy. He was suspicious of international finance and worried about mass migration. But he was very much part of the Establishment and committed to its survival. He was certainly a gifted orator an inspired leader during the Second World War but his Conservative Party was controlled by big business and welcomed cheap labour. He has gone down in history as the man who led Britain to victory but he presided over the postwar influx of Commonwealth immigrants that he had the power to stop. He helped to prevent a German invasion but allowed a Third World invasion that will prove to be even more dangerous.


Change is inevitable but the rate of change has been overwhelming. Our old money changed in 1971 from pounds, shillings and pence to decimal. We used to think that 80 degrees was hot but now we are sweltering at 40 degrees. We didn’t even notice that gallons of petrol had turned into litres or that supermarket vegetables had gone from pounds to kilos, We were used to having pubs in every district but now they are few and far between and are more like restaurants than pubs. Cinemas have vanished along with dog racing tracks, post offices and telephone boxes. Nearly everything that we took for granted has been changed.

We have always had plenty of foreigners especially in the great port cities of London, Bristol and Liverpool, but the influx of millions upon millions of blacks and Asians has changed our population beyond recognition.

With no reference points we are lost in a desert of perpetual change. Everything familiar has gone to be replaced by alien things that we neither want nor understand. The friendly local policeman who used to know everyone in the area has been replaced by frightening paramilitaries armed to the teeth and looking for trouble. We are spied on by CCTV cameras on ever corner and monitored by our use of credit cards, pre-pay cards and mobile phones. The state knows where everyone is but it doesn’t seem to care who is coming into the country.

Our churches, newspapers and political parties all observe political correctness and go along with every imposition. We have been silenced by a system that screams “racism” if we dare to stand up for ourselves.

The question is, just how much change can society take before it has a nervous breakdown? Up to now the economy has been booming and the Bill Clinton effect meant that people ignored everything but their life of plenty. But now that the bubble has burst they are starting to notice that their country has been turned into a gigantic refugee camp.

Families evolved into tribes and tribes into nations out of necessity. When identity is lost the result is social upheaval and general anarchy. The constraints of mutual respect and common allegiance are the basis of civilization. The only way to keep a fundamentally dissimilar and disunited population under control is by armed might. And the lesson of history is that brutal dictatorships are neither progressive nor productive.

It is never to late to take action against injustice. The deliberate importation of cheap labour must be stopped and reversed, and the collective suicide of Britain must be prevented. What we have built by thousands of years of effort must not be thrown away. Tradition is more than ornamental; it’s the social DNA that tells us who we are and where we are going.

Justifying murder

At a remarkable press conference former IRA chief Martin McGuinness joined with Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde and First Minister Peter Robinson to condemn the campaign of violence by renegade IRA units. Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams know that their jobs depend on the peace process but to the hardliners they are Michael Collins figures that are targets for assassination.

Most Irish people speak English but the Irish language and culture is thriving on both sides of the border. The “Celtic Tiger” economy may have run out of steam but it has created a generation of achievers. The Belfast government ensures equality but the terrorists are fighting injustices that no longer exist. Ironically Irish troops are serving all over the world as UN peacekeepers and being shot at by locals who see them as foreign occupiers.

The British Army consists of English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh regiments. Our major cities have significant Irish populations and people of Irish descent are found in all walks of life. We are related peoples who are inextricably linked.
British governments have been trying to disengage from Ireland ever since 1918 when the Dublin-born lawyer Edward Carson threatened to seize power. Neville Chamberlain almost succeeded in 1940 but Eamon de Valera rejected his proposals.

It’s natural to be proud of ones country but when nationalism is used to justify murder it becomes a “cruel and wicked religion” that has no place in modern society. Jeffrey Hamm put things in perspective in his column “Their World and Ours” in Action, July 1981.

From time to time we draw attention to the flaws in the EEC, in grave danger of failure and collapse because it put the cart before the horse, seeking to create a common market before a common government.
A truly common market is of vital importance, with the industries and agriculture of our continent dedicated to maximum production, not for export but for consumption by our European peoples.
There is a vast market within Europe for all that Europe can produce, and it should be insulated against the undercutting of Asia and the communist bloc.
But Europe needs more, much more, than an economic policy. It needs faith, a profound belief in the cause of European unity.
Europe needs a European government for its defence and the leadership of its economy, with national governments for all internal affairs, and regional administration for local matters and for the preservation of the ancient languages and cultures of our continent.
Within that concept there is no clash between a healthy nationalism and patriotism on the one hand, and a devotion to the Europe of which our respective nations are a part.

The federal concept

(This letter first appeared in European Action in March 2009.

Those “nationalists” who subscribe to European Action have already embraced the concept of federalism. They are loyal to a union of four distinct nations with different languages and traditions. But there are Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and even English nationalists that want to break up the United Kingdom.

Since the recession it’s even harder to take these people seriously. The SNP was shocked when their celebrated banks ran out of money. Their leader Alex Salmond described an “arc of prosperity” spanning Scotland, Ireland and Iceland. But now Iceland is broke and Ireland is feeling the effects of the recession.

The Flemish separatists were also proud of their financial institutions. The Flanders based Fortis consortium was seen as the future national bank of an independent Flanders. Now the governments of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg have had to rescue Fortis.

The worldwide recession has uncovered scams like the Bernie Madoff affair and the ridiculous Icelandic banking boom that turned a tiny Atlantic island into a global financial power. A nation with nothing but fish and sagas suddenly started taking deposits from greedy but naïve investors who believed forecasts that were always too good to be true.

The credit crunch has revealed the vulnerability of small nations. The UK was forced to bailout the banks and let the pound slide. There has been talk of Britain adopting the Euro but William Hague, the baseball-capped Euro-sceptic who led the Tories to a landslide defeat in 2001, has vowed that we will never join the single currency.

Even the most blinkered isolationists must accept that we have not been militarily independent since we desperately accepted American help in 1917. We have not been financially independent since we tied the pound to the dollar at Bretton Woods in 1944. And we have not fed ourselves since the eighteenth century. We have long depended on the economic benefits of union, first with the British Isles, then with the British Empire and lately with America.

But the British Empire has passed into history and America is going the same way.  We must extend the federal concept to Europe. We are related to the continental nations just as we are to Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It is illogical for the descendent of Iberians, Celts, Romans, Anglo –Saxons, Normans and Vikings to be anti-European. The current regime in Brussels is not set in stone; it is just a government that can be removed by the vote of the people.

The reality of power

The established political parties in the United Kingdom used to represent class interests. The Conservative Party stood for the landed aristocracy, the Liberal Party – now the Liberal Democrats – stood for reform and wanted to help the middle class. The Labour Party was a working class movement funded by the trade unions and devoted to socialist principles. The Scottish and Welsh nationalists were only interested in their own backyards and the Northern Irish were divided by national allegiance. Of course there were some Tories with a social conscience and there were a lot of Labour Party supporters who hated atheistic communism.

This system survived two world wars and half a dozen recessions but now the political parties have met in the middle; the Tory Party supports the National Health Service and pension reform and the Labour Party has promised tougher immigration laws and talks about “British jobs for British workers.” Both major parties depend on corporate funding and both have suffered a massive decline in membership.

Britain has fallen into a two or three term political cycle. We change governments every twelve years regardless of performance. Our prime ministers follow orders from big business so doesn’t matter if they are Labour or Tory.

From time to time protest movements catch the imagination of the electorate.
British Union’s popularity peaked in the peace campaign of 1939 when Mosley addressed the largest indoor meeting ever held in Britain.  But the government put him and his supporters behind bars and plunged Britain into a fratricidal and ruinous European conflict.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament boasted 100,000 members in the 1960s and their annual Aldermaston march stretched for miles. But fifty years later we still rely on American missiles to deliver our “independent” nuclear warheads.

In the October 1974 general election the National Front poled an impressive 113,000 votes but Margaret Thatcher undermined their 1979 campaign when she said that she understood people’s fears of being swamped by immigration.

The Countryside Alliance came from nowhere to stage one of the biggest demonstrations ever seen in London. In 1997 they paraded nearly half a million supporters thought the streets of the capital. But this great upsurge of protest has apparently come to nothing.

In the 2004 Euro election the UK Independence Party made a spectacular breakthrough when they got 12 MEPs elected with 16.8% of the poll. They benefited from the publicity surrounding Robert Kiroy-Silk and the backing of the popular press. But a year later the only managed 2.38% in the general election and in the coming Euro election they could be wiped out.

Radical parties can change things but only when conditions are right. The British economy is collapsing but the government is still in control. When they start locking up dissidents we will know that they are getting rattled. But all the time that people are allowed to organize and have their say we can be sure that they are wasting their time.

The parliamentary system perpetuates the old gang parties that support big business. The way that Barrack Obama and Gordon Brown have poured billions of pounds and dollars into the banks shows who is really in charge. Banks, oil companies and mass retailers dominate commercial activity and control governments. People think that they are influencing events by voting but the real decisions are made in corporate boardrooms.

International big business is totally ruthless and committed to maximum profit for minimum outlay. If they can make products cheaper overseas they will shut down British factories and transfer the entire operation. And if they chose to stay in Britain they can always import cheap labour from all over the world. If politicians criticize their actions they will use their power to silence them.

Capitalism has been global since the British and Dutch East India Companies dominated world trade in the 18th century. The great corporations cannot be confined to one country or one market. Boeing or Airbus could not survive within national borders but the idea of making aircraft on a small scale is a nonstarter. Electronics companies like Microsoft or Sony cannot operate as cottage industries, and oil companies like Shell, BP, Exxon and Total have budgets that dwarf nation states.

Parties that are owned and controlled by them will never challenge the power of the international giants. It would take a determined government to control international capitalism. Such a government can only come from a reformist movement that understands supply and demand.  Protest movements are a necessary part of the political process but the protesters must understand the reality of power. Big business will not be frightened off by slogans or impressed by empty-headed jingoism.

Capitalism is not an ideology it’s the way that human society has always been organized. Everybody sells something even if it’s only their labour or advice. Attempts at overriding the profit motive have not been successful. The Russians wasted 70 years trying to make communism work before abandoning the whole experiment. We will never do away with capitalism but we can legislate to protect employees against exploitation and markets against manipulation. We must regulate the banks and elect representatives who are not controlled by them. If we fail the cycle of boom and bust will be perpetuated.

Troy Southgate – from his Facebook page

(Troy Southgate is Organising Secretary of the New Right -

I support Islamic freedom fighters abroad 100%, but these people are total hypocrites and are using Islam to further their own political ends within the UK. This is a case of British colonialists being confronted by Pakistani colonialists, perhaps they should swap places and be done with it.

I will also add that the strategy of the BNP, by focusing on Islam far more than the ethnicity of the immigrants themselves, for purely opportunistic reasons, of course, is just as counter-productive. Surely a highly vociferous group of Pakistani nationalists - I refuse to categorise them in a purely religious context - is conducive to racial separatism? In other words, whilst the Establishment is ultimately seeking to 'Anglicise' these communities and ensure that their future offspring immerse themselves in the profane trappings of Western consumerism, which has happened in the case of those Black immigrants who arrived here in the 1950s and their descendants. I prefer the Pakistanis to retain their unique diversity. I'm sure most people in the BNP would agree with that, but sadly they are helping the Establishment achieve its objectives and this 'do as the Romans do' approach will inevitably result in the assimilation of English and Pakistani nationalists alike.

Newspapers like the Daily Mail are at the forefront of this nefarious strategy and those who read it need to wake up. Rather than act as a mouthpiece for those who oppose multi-racialism and its consequences, political correctness and all the rest of it, the people who shape the opinions of those on the Right are deliberately inciting anti-Muslim hysteria in order to help usher in new laws that will affect everyone. When the time comes for people to give this corrupt Establishment one last shove into the historical abyss, it is then that many people will realise how foolish they have been in calling for tougher measures against 'terrorism', 'fundamentalism' and 'extremism'. In reality, these are the clandestine mainstays of Western democracy and, instead, are used against those of us who can see through all the lies and distortions.

The 'homecoming' marches are simply a lame excuse to try to whip up support for a cause that the vast majority of people in the British Isles simply have no time for. Public attitudes certainly haven't changed since two million took to the streets before the start of the second Gulf War, in fact the opposition has grown considerably. Maybe it's time people stopped buying tabloid arse-wipe like the Daily Mail and tut-tutting about 'dole scroungers' absorbing their taxes over breakfast and waking up to the fact that the country's huge national debt is a result of decades of militarism on behalf of Imperial Zion. Their taxes are used to line the pockets of the capitalist filth who make a profit from war itself. Nothing changes, the Rothschild tradition is alive and kicking.

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