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Issue 41, February 2008

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends
# 41, February 2008


In ancient times outsiders were seen as a threat to the tribe. They competed for food and carried unfamiliar pathogens. The tribal instinct was to drive them away or kill them. This fear and hatred of foreigners is the basis of the “civic nationalism” that motivates UKIP and the would-be respectable far right. It has nothing to do with race; it is based on language and culture. Outsiders are identified by their accent and behaviour. Only genuine members of the tribe talk the talk and walk the walk.

A recent posting on Stormfront by “Purging The Droid” summed it up:
“Our mission is to preserve our culture, when all is said and done race is not the issue, only culture and nationality. If you don’t like it, frankly – sod off!

This puerile nonsense is the guiding principle of the far right, and that is why they are so paranoid about Polish workers. If they believed in European solidarity they would welcome the Poles as fellow Saxons who migrated east instead of west. They hate Poles because they speak a foreign language and practice the “alien” Catholic religion. But British-born children wholly or partly of African and Caribbean stock who support Manchester United, drink gallons of Lager and speak with a Cockney or Brummie accent are accepted as true Brits. This also applies to Asians, unless they cling to their religion.

It is illegal to promote racial hatred and so it should be. Nobody can help their ethnicity and it is unfair to pick on people because they are different. But we have got every right to conserve our racial identity; Nation states come and go but DNA and not politics determine race. England has been part of a Celtic confederation, a province of the Roman Empire, part of Denmark, in union with Normandy, a sovereign state, in federation with Scotland, Ireland and Wales and part of a mighty world empire. We are now part of an emerging superstate.

Throughout this turbulent history we remained Europeans closely related to all our neighbours. Only since the last war have we been inundated with people completely unrelated to us. It’s ironic that the chauvinistic defenders of all things British have little or no respect for genetics. UKIP – also known as the BNP in blazers - would make us an impoverished mulatto nation dependant on America and obsessed with waving Union Jacks and singing Land of Hope and Glory.

This Daily Mail tribalism appeals to the basic instincts of the mob. It is both illogical and unsustainable. Britain is Britain because of the unique character of its people. And that is determined by blood not language.

Living in the past

UKIP is calling for a Commonwealth Free Trade Area. “We support what is called globalisation in its true sense – that is, the growing inter-dependence of developed, developing and underdeveloped economies on the basis of free co-operation.” They want to form the 53 states of the multiracial Commonwealth into a trading bloc. They ignore free movement of labour that is part and parcel of such agreements. Perhaps they think that we can have free trade with people who are excluded from our labour market? They also fail to mention that customs unions often evolve into new states; just like the European Union.

They want to renegotiate with the European Union on a trade only basis. But the EFTA states; Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are much closer to Brussels than UKIP would like. Every state in Europe, including Russia, complies with EU specifications. UKIP’s dismissal of these “protectionist policies” would result in a flood of cheap products that would destroy what remains of British industry.

UKIP and their far-right allies are living in the past. They think that we are still buying raw materials from a grateful empire in return for British manufactured goods. But that system was destroyed by two world wars and cannot be reconstructed.

India is not just a supplier of raw materials; she is a nuclear power and an industrial giant with a plentiful supply of labour. Not just agricultural and industrial workers but scientists, engineers, doctors and teachers. Indian universities are churning out graduates who are willing and able to compete with the West.

In UKIP’s proposed Commonwealth Free Trade Area we would not be competing on a level playing field as we do in the European Union. Apart from the sparsely populated White Dominions the Commonwealth consists of two billion underdeveloped Afro-Asians. There is no way that we could compete with them on equal terms. 

Far from relaxing protectionist policies Europe should reinforce its quota system to defend European jobs and living standards. There may be a recession coming from America but our membership of the EU will enable us to ride out the storm. Most Commonwealth states have limited reserves and would suffer badly in a recession. 

Instead of opening the floodgates UKIP should be thinking of ways to protect us from the Third World’s unlimited supply of cheap goods and labour. The last thing we need is a closer relationship with the Commonwealth leading to yet more immigration. They should also be campaigning for an educational system that would provide the skilled workers that we need to compete in the twenty-first century. If we really need immigrants we should call upon our fellow Europeans

Changing circumstances
The Euro-sceptics are issuing dire warnings that the EU is about to take over our immigration policy. This suggests that we have rigid border controls and that it’s almost impossible for aliens to enter Britain. In fact we have imported millions of Third World workers to feed an economic boom that has lasted for fifty years. It’s difficult to imagine that Brussels could make it any worse.

That boom has run its course and we are now entering a recession. According to Nikolai Kondratiev the capitalist system is a self-regenerating cycle. In 1922 he identified the first cycle 1789 – 1844 (55 years) and the second cycle 1845 – 1896 (51 years). He concluded that the world was in the third cycle, which proved to be 1897 – 1948 (51 years). We have since entered the fourth cycle 1948 to today (59 years so far).

Kondratiev linked these 50-60 year cycles to new technologies. The first cycle was the industrial revolution, the second was the railway boom, the third was electricity, cars, chemistry, and the fourth has been plastics, electronics and the IT revolution.

Britain has long been a global capitalist power. The East India Company dominated world trade in the 17th and 18th centuries and founded a great colonial empire that exploited half the world. They always took the Bible with them but they were inspired by gold rather than God.

Slavery was not abolished because of Wilberforce but by changing economic circumstances. The Africans imported into the Americas reproduced at such a startling rate that it was not worth shipping them from Africa. There was also an unlimited supply of desperately poor Europeans who would work for wages so low that they effectively competed with slaves who had to be fed and housed.

The non-Europeans imported since the last war are in a similar position to the black slaves who found themselves free but unemployed at the end of the American Civil War. The economic forces that brought them here will now be instrumental in keeping them out. And our deceitful politicians will be just as convinced about immigration control as they were about the open door policy.

They presided over the demographic transformation of our country without giving a thought for the consequences. Some of them might have been dedicated race mixers but the majority saw immigration as an unlimited supply of cheap labour. If their seats in parliament become threatened they will soon call a halt to it.

They imported millions of blacks and Asians years before we ever joined the European Union. In those days they used to say that we had to take them because they are from the Commonwealth. They have always had excuses for their own greed and stupidity.

What ‘s in a name?
To our enemies we are “ fascists.” A word so steeped in negative connotations that it instantly evokes images of organised violence. It has been used as a political swearword for the last 86 years. To the brainwashed general public a fascist is somebody who likes nothing better than beating up his audience.

There’s little point in protesting that we have only been trying to defend ourselves against the Reds. The perception is still that we are somehow responsible. The police take a similar line with victims of crime. People who are robbed are accused of flaunting their wealth and if young girls get raped it’s because they are “asking for it” by being attractive. The victim is guilty and the criminals are not to be blamed.

Since the last war the Euro-sceptic wing of the patriotic movement has encouraged the use of the word “nationalist.” But if you ask the average person what a nationalist is he would probably think of Jerry Adams or Alex Salmond. Nationalists in the public’s imagination are separatists who want to live apart from the rest of humanity. For once the public have got it right.

So fascists are violent bullies and nationalists are latter day Bravehearts lost in the Celtic twilight. What about “right-wing,” isn’t that what we are? Again it’s a matter of usage and understanding. Gordon Brown is right-wing because he believes in NATO and American supremacy. Right-wing really means that you support the status quo. At the moment that is the pro-Zionist, pro-American, multiracial Establishment. .

But if we are patriots why not use that title? Because it has been abused by generations of unscrupulous politician from Benjamin Disraeli to Tony Blair. And it’s forever linked with obsolete pageantry. The Royal Family is obsessed with multi-culturalism and supports that collection of bankrupt black and brown dictatorships known as the Commonwealth. It’s not surprising that our national anthem commemorates a family and not a country.

So if we are not fascists, nationalists, right-wingers or patriots what are we?
Those of us who support European solidarity call ourselves National Europeans; the Euro-sceptics can call themselves what they like. But to the popular press anyone who calls for a halt to Third World immigration is a  “racist” and anyone who dares to criticize the expansionist state of Israel is dismissed as a “fascist.”

The Murdoch-dominated media shouts loudly about “British independence” but they cravenly accept American domination whilst fighting every move towards European unity. They virtually encouraged non-European immigration but they have reacted hysterically to the arrival of Poles and other European workers. Those who subscribe to these divisive and reactionary policies should really be called Murdochites.

Raising the level of debate

Anti-Establishment websites and forums sometimes contain foul language and racist epithets that are illegal and damaging to the cause. We do ourselves no favours by using such language; it only reinforces the public perception that we are a bunch of hooligans. The inarticulate can play their part but we do not need them shouting uneducated abuse all over cyberspace.

In modern times religious bigotry in the UK was confined to parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland. We seem to have grown out that but we now have a militant anti-Muslim lobby that think Britain’s two million Muslims are about to force the other fifty-eight million to kneel towards Mecca. Islam is growing because of unrestricted immigration but there is clear evidence that second generation immigrants are losing their culture.

The similarity to the Jewish experience is striking. Ethnic religions and cultures find it very difficult to survive in the West. For good or bad our materialistic society does not promote submission and piety. The children and grandchildren of devout immigrants to Britain are likely to grow up as agnostics. The Church of England is now a minority sect and there’s no reason to suppose that other denominations will do any better in our disbelieving society.

Muslim countries on the periphery of Europe like Bosnia, Albania, Turkey and Azerbaijan are secular and their populations are only Muslim in the sense that the British are Christian. Most Brits would say that they are Christians even though they never go to Church. Many Turks and Albanians are Muslims in the same way, by tradition rather than conviction.

There is no monolithic Muslim plot to take over Britain. Evangelical Muslims want to convert mankind in exactly the same way that evangelical Christians do. Third World immigration is the threat. The drug gangs terrorizing parts of London, Birmingham and Manchester are from a variety of backgrounds. But if a violent gangster shoots you it hardly matters what religion he is.

We will not advance our cause by being disrespectful to other races or religions. People do not chose their ethnicity. If you are brought up as a Christian, Jew or Muslim that is probably what you will stay. You might have no interest in religion but you will probably observe religious holidays and uphold family traditions. Ordinary Jews are not responsible for the genocide in Palestine and the average Muslim is not a suicide bomber.

The global capitalist system does not discriminate; it exploits all races equally.  We can solve the problems of supply and demand by the appliance of science. We possess the technology to transform production and distribution. But first we must dismantle the greedy plutocracy that has taken over the world. The white nations are not alone in this fight. All of mankind is looking for justice and together we will find it.

We will survive

People of European descent are one sixth or the world’s population, half a billion in Europe and the rest throughout the world. The other races of mankind may outnumber us but we still predominate in Europe, Russia, North America and Australia. Predictions of our imminent demise are based upon demographic predictions that are unnecessarily alarmist and pessimistic

Britain’s population is about ten percent non-white.  At present they are reproducing much faster than the native population but their birthrate will decrease as their prosperity increases. The connection between high mortality rates and high birth rates is well known. Fertility is stimulated by poverty and the threat of extinction. Rabbits were nearly wiped out by myxomatosis but they survived by rapid breeding.

The Irish and the Anglo Saxons survived the terrible famines, wars and epidemics of past times by reproducing even faster than they were being slaughtered. But in Africa and the United States the black population is thought to be in decline. They are dying from AIDS, drug abuse, sickle cell anaemia, diabetes and gunshot wounds faster than they can reproduce.

The Chinese and the Indians have huge populations but they are encouraging birth control, developing a consumer economy and exporting their agricultural surpluses. Well-fed middle class Asians will not be compelled to breed for survival like their parents and grandparents. They will follow in the footsteps of the Japanese and the Europeans.

Governments do all sorts of things by juggling with our money. Taxation pays for the National Health Service, education and the armed forces. People can be discouraged from drinking and smoking by raising prices and they can be persuaded to emigrate or relocate by financial inducements. They could also be encouraged to reproduce. At present the state is obsessed with contraception and abortion but times change. Under proper guidance Europe could double its native population.

Britons outnumbered by Third World immigrants feel frightened and threatened. But the coming recession may prove to be a blessing in disguise. America got the whole world to pay for the Vietnam War and they will do the same with their current doomed adventures in the Middle East. The result will be an economic downturn and an end to the mass importation of Third World labour.

Already the same politicians that were recently “celebrating diversity” are now talking about “British jobs for British Workers.” Nothing moves faster than a politician on the make. Having no moral impediments they are uniquely equipped to turn political somersaults. Old gang politicians who have been at the forefront of multiracism will outperform the far-right in bigotry to stay in power. The situation may be grim but we will survive.

The greatest empire in the world

By the Rev ES Revill – first published in The Standard of St George, June 1965.       

In a war speech at the Albert Hall, London, the late Sir Winston Churchill said
“I sometimes have a feeling – in fact I have it very strongly – a feeling of interference. I want to stress that. I have a feeling that some guiding hand has interfered. I have the feeling that we have a Guardian because we serve a great cause faithfully.”

There have been many great nations in the world, but only one of them has become a “multitude of nations” spread across the globe; free and equal nations that for forty years have been known as “The British Commonwealth of Nations.”

Percy Waddell in his “Phoenician origin of Britons, Scots and Anglo-Saxons” says, “the ancient Britons far from being painted savages roaming wild in the woods, are shown to have been a highly civilized and literate race, pioneers of civilization.” That remains true today. Yeatman’s Early English History says, “Centuries before the Romans gained a footing in this country, the inhabitants were a polished and intellectual people with a system of jurisprudence of their own superior even to the laws of Rome.”

The late Lord Chief Justice Coke claimed, “The original laws of this land were composed of such elements as Brutus first selected from ancient Greece and Trojan institutions,” and again in his “Common Law of England” he says “ the Mulmutius laws, laid down by King Mulmutius 450 BC, have always been regarded as the foundation and bulwark of British liberties.”

Finally came the trek of Angles, Saxons and Jutes to our land to form the English nation.

Prof Huxley missed no opportunity of pointing out that the people who flowed into Britain were of the same stock with different names. Prof Freeman says,
“Tribe after tribe poured across the sea to make new homes in the Isle of Britain. This grew into the British nation – a nation formed by the union of various tribes of the same stock.”

Sir Arthur Keith stated “We may rightly look upon the British as the least mongrel, the most uniform to be found in any country in Europe.”

We have been the greatest empire in the world, and are now the greatest Commonwealth of Nations; Christian in our administration and policy, although far from what we should be. We have been missioners to the world, from the days of Iona and Holy Isle to today. Can you conceive of civilization without England? Who has spread throughout the world the law of justice?  The authority of right, and the credit of the spoken word? Who but the English.

We have been and remain a sanctuary for persecuted people – our doors are wide open for refugees from all kinds of persecution. Sir Oliver Lodge once said, “We are a chosen people. It was blasphemy to deny our birthright and responsibility. Our destiny in the world is no small one.” Lord Baldwin at Ottawa in 1932 said, “The British Commonwealth is an instrument of the Divine Purpose.”

The late King George VI said on the evening of D Day 1944 “We shall not ask that God will do our will, but that we may be enabled to do his; and we dare to believe that God has used our nation and Empire as an instrument for fulfilling His high purpose.”

No one can reflect on the past history, the growth and preservation of the Commonwealth of Nations without seeing in it a mighty instrument, which God can use to heal the Nations. If we dare to use the words “chosen people” all boasting is excluded when we remember in the language of true religion “chosen” means chosen for service, perhaps suffering, never for favouritism. God grant that such vision may spread, our national blindness be removed, and we may, under God, grasp the opportunities He is giving our Nation to once more take the leadership and guide the nations in righteousness and peace.

Blessings and peace to all. God Bless England.

The Rev Revill wrote this over forty years ago. He was deluded to think that we could hang on to the Empire. We had suffered the crushing humiliation of Suez and America had decided that our empire must be disbanded as soon as possible. Since the Second World War we had fought in Palestine, Malaya, Kenya and Cyprus and were still fighting in Aden, but few Britons really believed in imperialism. As he was enthusing about our Divine Purpose Britain was discovering sex, drugs and rock & roll.

The Rev Revill meant well but he just didn’t grasp the reality of Britain’s situation twenty years after the war. The real tragedy is that such ideas are still doing the rounds amongst nostalgic conservatives who seriously believe that we can return to the lost world of imperialism.

It’s hard to see God’s Divine Purpose in swamping our country with millions of racial aliens. Or allowing international financiers to dominate our government and tie us to a system based on debt and usury.

But it’s interesting to note that our early history was being revised in the Sixties. Recent discoveries have thrown new light on the prehistory of Britain and the image of painted savages might owe something to Roman propaganda. The race that built Stonehenge understood engineering and logistics; who knows what else they might have been capable of?

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