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Issue 90, April 2012

Nation Revisited

# 90, April 2012
Short-sighted Politicians
After six British soldiers were killed in Afghanistan an opinion poll by ITN showed that 73% of people want to bring our troops home. But Dave Cameron insists that they stay for another two years to comply with the NATO timetable. In the past month we have seen pictures of American troops urinating on dead Taliban soldiers. We have had the Koran burning episode. And now a US Army staff sergeant has gone on a shooting spree resulting in the deaths of 16 innocent women and children. But Dave Cameron says that we must stay until “we finish the job.” 

After fifty years of mass immigration our politicians have began to notice a lot of dark faces on the streets. Very few MPs ever objected to immigration and most of them thought that it was a good thing. But now, with breathtaking hypocrisy, the Labour Party is accusing the Tories of not doing enough to control it.

For many years industrialists have warned that lack of apprenticeships would cause skill shortages. Now that we are short of engineers the government has started to address the problem. But why did it take so long?

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown borrowed as much money as they could for 13 years with hardly a squeak out of the Tories. They just went along with the insane borrowing and spending until the whole thing collapsed.

Our short-sighted politicians never noticed millions of immigrants pouring into the country or billions of pounds being wasted. A few of them dared to point out imminent dangers but most of them keep their heads down and their mouths shut. They were careful not to rock the boat and their only ambition was survival.

The electorate is never allowed to decide important issues. We were not asked if we wanted to go to war in 1914 or 1939. Nobody asked us if we wanted millions of Afro-Asian immigrants. And Tony Blair showed his contempt for public opinion when he made war on Iraq despite massive demonstrations for peace.  Our MPs serve their parties rather than their constituents and our cabinet ministers rely on their senior civil servants. We might as well appoint a government of technocrats as they have done in Greece and Italy. We should look to the world of commerce and industry for legislators rather than taking them from the ranks of MPs. There are a few honest and capable parliamentarians but far too many of them are drunks, cocaine addicts and wasters who would struggle to hold down a proper job.

Eating Grass
A British diplomat attending an Allied conference in Russia in 1941 wrote home that Stalin was planning the future division of Europe when Nazi gunfire could clearly be heard in Moscow. It seemed to our young emissary that Russia was already beaten but Joseph Stalin had other ideas. He had commissioned his scientist and statisticians to work out what materials were necessary to sustain the German war effort. They had calculated how much oil, coal, iron ore, food, nitrates and every other vital resource Adolf Hitler had at his disposal and how much he would need to win the war. Their conclusion was that Germany would run out of materials by the winter of 1944. Joseph Stalin was not a gambler or a blind optimist. He relied on scientific calculations rather than the empty rhetoric of the Nazis who put their faith in “blood and soil.”

Benito Mussolini’s invasion of Egypt was an attempt to seize the Suez Canal and starve Britain of fuel from the BP oilfields in Iraq. It was defeated at El Alemein by Allied forces under General Bernard Montgomery in November 1942. 

The surrender of Axis forces at Stalingrad three months later in February 1943 marked the end of their campaign to seize the Azerbaijani oilfields.  Millions of lives could have been spared if Adolf Hitler had ended his mad adventure following the annihilation of his forces by the Red Army. But he ignored the advice of his general staff and carried on until most of Europe lay in ruins.

On the other side of the world the Japanese had early successes against the Americans in the Philippines, against the Dutch in Indonesia and the British at Hong Kong and Singapore. But following their defeat at the Battle of Midway in 1942 the Japanese Imperial Navy was denied access to the Shell oilfields in Indonesia. They fought on for another three years but they could not match the awesome power of American manufacturing industry. 

Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Hideki Tojo were defeated by economic reality. This is not something that can be shouted from balconies or used to inspire soldiers but those that ignore it are doomed to failure. The bravery and endurance of the Axis military forces counted for nothing when the oil ran out. WW2, just like WW1, was won by those who controlled the oil.

When I asked a young BNP supporter how an isolated Britain protected by tariffs would feed herself he said: “We don’t care; we will eat grass if necessary.” If only these people would read their history they would know that brave words and noble intentions are not enough. Bravado did not impress the Allied leaders during the war and it will not feed hungry Britons shut out of international trade by retaliatory sanctions and embargoes. Patriotism and leadership are vital assets but national survival in war or peace is a matter of economics. 

Boycott their newspapers
There’s no doubt that we are ruled by capitalists who seek to maximize profits but the conspiracy theorists go too far with their accusations. The British Empire was undermined by the rise of Japan and the USA but they blame its collapse on Jews and Freemasons who actually helped to create it. Immigration is about cheap labour but they think that it’s a plot to destroy the white race. And the banks crashed because they overtraded not because of a conspiracy by bankers.

These ideas came from The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a blueprint for Jewish world domination that originated in Tsarist Russia. Its message was taken up by Arnold Leese author of The Jewish War of Survival who considered the mass murder of the Jews before the war. It was continued by AK Chesterton founder of the National Front who wrote a glowing biography of Oswald Mosley called Portrait of a Leader; only to denounce him two years later. And finally by BNP founder John Tyndall who stuck to the same policies from The Authoritarian State in 1962 to The Eleventh Hour in 1988.

According to the conspiracy theorists the Jews are responsible for most of the great crimes of history. They are supposed to have killed prominent people from JFK to Princess Diana. They are accused of causing the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11. And they are blamed for manipulating the markets and wrecking national economies. But the Jews are not all powerful. They are influential in the UK and the USA but less so in the emerging economies of Asia. 

Newspapers like The Guardian and The Independent regularly carry objective reports on the Middle East. The Israelis have lost Turkey and Egypt as allies as a result of their brutal occupation of Palestine. And demographic changes in the United States mean that Israel will not be as important to an increasingly Mexican electorate as it was to white America.

It’s not surprising that many conspiracy theorists also believe in astrology. Both systems are an attempt to bring order to the chaos of life. They explain the inexplicable and conform to the binary logic of good and evil. What the far-right calls the “liberal elite” are the bogey men who frighten children and the ghosts of popular imagination.

But the world is not run by conspirators meeting behind closed doors. It is governed by elected politicians meeting in democratic assemblies and influenced by media moguls openly promoting global capitalism; men such as Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere, Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay and Richard Desmond. We should boycott their newspapers and TV stations but many people depend on a daily dose of globalist propaganda with their breakfast. Voltaire said: “It is difficult to free fools from the chains that they revere.” Bad habits can only be broken if there is a genuine desire to change. People manage to give up addictive drugs like nicotine, alcohol and heroine; it must be possible to give up newspapers.

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…
The UK Independence Party belongs to the Freedom and Democracy Group in the EU Parliament. This includes an independent from Belgium, the Danish Peoples' Party, True Finns, Movement for France, People’s Orthodox Rally from Greece, Lega Nord from Italy, Order & Justice from Lithuania, Netherlands Reform Party, the Slovak People’s Party, and United Poland.

The BNP belongs to the Alliance of European National Movements. This includes the Front National from France, Democratie Nationale from Belgium, Fiamma Tricolore from Italy, Jobbik from Hungary, Partido Nacional Renovador from Portugal, Moviemento Social Republicano from Spain and Nationaldemokraterna from Sweden. 

A third group of nationalists and separatists called the European Free Alliance is comprised of the Scottish Nationalists, Plaid Cymru, New Flemish Alliance, Corsican Nation, Galician National Bloc, and Human Rights for Latvia.

One of the strangest parties is Jobbik of Hungary. They hate the EU but instead of retreating into a national redoubt they want to form an alliance with the Turks and the peoples of central Asia. They have revived the Turanist movement that inspired the Turkish Republic of 1923. Strange bedfellows indeed for parties like the BNP that are implacably opposed to Turkey’s application to join the EU.

Gabor Vona has called for Hungary to quit the EU to form a Turanic alliance. He posted on his website: “As Jobbik party president I am now taking the first step by declaring here in Hungary, and before the whole world: I am Hungarian, grandson of Attila! Come what may, I am ready!”

Hungary’s link with Asia is tenuous but Gabor Voda and his followers have constructed a political movement around the myth. The American historian and anthropologist Lothrop Stoddard wrote about Pan-Turanism: “In practical politics the vital thing is not what men really are, but what they think they are. This simple truth, so often overlooked, is actually of tremendous import. It gives to many a riddle otherwise insoluble.”

Jobbik and the BNP are equally deluded about their national identities. Stephen Oppenheim has shown in his book The Origins of the British that our ancestors came from mainland Europe much earlier that we thought but that doesn’t alter the fact that we are closely related to our neighbours.  And although their language came from Asia the Hungarians are more closely related to the Austrians than to the Mongols. We were driven into our respective territories by climate change and migration but we have never been isolated. Attempts to rewrite European history to a nationalistic agenda will not succeed. Blood and culture determine who we are and those who look and act like Europeans are Europeans.

The Warmongers
Tony Blair didn’t hesitate to support the Americans when they attacked Afghanistan in 2001. He sold the idea to the British people that denying al-Qaeda terrorists the use of bases in Afghanistan would protect us from attack. But far from saving us it resulted in terrorist atrocities in London. Undeterred he lied to parliament and the nation in order to go to war with Iraq. He compiled his infamous “dodgy dossier” of misinformation about Iraq’s possession of missiles that could threaten Britain. In fact Iraq had no such missiles. As a result of the first Gulf War and ten years of crippling sanctions they had no air force and their army was desperately short of equipment. But with the Tories backing him all the way Tony Blair sent our soldiers to fight and die for the madman George W Bush.

The homicidal Blair/Brown regime sank in a sea of debt in 2010 but it was replaced by a coalition of Tories and Liberal Democrats that is just as bloodthirsty. Dave Cameron sent the RAF to support the rebels in Libya who are now desecrating the graves of our war dead. This was another American production designed to enforce the Pax Americana on a formerly independent country. We were treated to the ridiculous spectacle of William Hague strutting about the world stage. It must be remembered that he led his party to a landslide defeat in the 2001 general election. He is a proven failure with Napoleonic pretentions of military strategy.

Fresh from the carnage of Libya the little Tory warmonger now threatens Syria and Iran.  David Cameron has revived Tony Blair’s fictitious weapons of mass destruction; now said to be aimed at us from Damascus and Tehran. And once again we are being led into war through a fog of deceitful propaganda. Syria and Iran are no threat to Britain. We are simply following American foreign policy. President Barack Obama is carrying on where the Republicans left off. US policy remains the same; they seek total hegemony and will not settle for anything else. Any state that hesitates to obey American orders will be invaded and Britain will automatically join in the slaughter. 

The Tories are famous for their flag waving; they like singing “Land of Hope and Glory” and standing theatrically to attention for the national anthem. But their patriotism is an act to disguise their craven submission to America. Our young men and women are not dying in Afghanistan for any British interest but in defence of American foreign policy. The guests on the UK television programme Question Time were recently asked if we should pull out of Afghanistan after the deaths of six of our soldiers. The Tory MP Eric Pickles said that we must stay until 2014 to “finish the job.” Will Self said that we should pull out now. The rest of the panel waffled about supporting our troops – as though we don’t support them. But nobody admitted that it was not our decision; that our troops are there under NATO command and will only be withdrawn with American permission. It’s time that we started telling the truth.

League Sentinel
The front page of the Winter 2011 issue of League Sentinel carries a picture of a Santa Claus figure called the Holly King wishing us “A Merry Yule, and a Wish Fulfilled New Year.” League Sentinel is published quarterly by the League of St George, a lobby group founded in 1974 by former members of Mosley’s Union Movement.

The editorial criticizes the Home Secretary for banning the Muslims against Crusades group. The editor rightly points out that “anti-terror” legislation can be used against any perceived enemy of the state. He says: “We remember 18B.” He also supports the bailing of the Croydon tram ranter Emma West so that she could be with her children at Christmas. Finally he remembers comrades who are in the armed forces or in prison over Christmas. Like all the articles in this magazine the editorial is unsigned.

An article entitled “Britons in Poverty” compares hardships at home with the foreign aid that we give to India. This was written before the ungrateful Indian finance minister Pranab Mukherjee dismissed our donation as “peanuts”. The writer comments:

“Incredibly, Britain will continue to pay £1.4 billion in aid to India, which itself can afford to donate £3.5 billion in aid to Africa! India also has its own nuclear programme and a space project costing £2 billion a year.” 

“News around Britain” features the BNP conference in Liverpool; the clandestine visit of former NDP leader Gunter Deckert to London, and Kellogg’s announcement that their cornflakes are Halal and therefore suitable for Muslims.

A double page article covers “The Middle East” and questions the democratic credentials of the new rulers thrown up by the Arab Spring.

“Look Back at History” tells the story of the New Party and the founding of the BUF.
“Overseas News” reports on the progress of the Greek LAOS party, the German NDP and the Belgian Vlaams Belang. Unfortunately these are petty nationalist parties that are strangely out of place in a publication supporting “Europe a Nation.”

Finally a nostalgic article entitled “Yuletide and The Winter Solstice” recalls the good old days around the pagan campfire. 

League Sentinel also advertises books and pamphlets from Steven Books and allied political organizations. It’s an interesting publication but the absence of bylines is an irritation. And it could do with a letters page; letters to the editor often tell you as much about a publication as the actual articles. 

League Sentinel is available by subscription only from League Enterprises 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3XX.
The National Front
The breakup of the BNP has reinvigorated the National Front. The NF was founded in 1967 and peaked in the 1979 general election when they got 191,719 votes. Since then they have been eclipsed by the BNP but they now have a new website and they are standing in the forthcoming local elections.

They have always stood for stopping non-white immigration, starting repatriation and getting Britain out of the EU; or the Common Market as they still call it. Both factions of the BNP now support European Confederation but the NF is even opposed to that nebulous proposal. They are still dreaming of resurrecting the Commonwealth.

They intend to pay for their programme by slashing foreign aid, stopping payments to Europe, and scrapping the race relations industry. The foreign aid budget for 2012 is £8.4 billion, UK payments to the European Union are £6.4 billion, and the Equality and Human Rights Commission cost £60 million. Nobody knows what it would cost to repatriate millions of immigrants but it would certainly be more than £15 billion. To put government spending in perspective we raised £598 billion in taxation in 2011 but actually spent £711 billion. We borrowed the outstanding £113 billion.  

A National Front government would pull out of the EU and the UN but without an international forum it’s not clear how they would talk to the countries concerned. If they are thinking of invading them to enforce repatriation they would have to take on India and China with their huge populations and massive standing armies. That’s even more than the gung ho supporters of the NF would contemplate. 

An isolated Britain would not have the logistic, military, economic or political power to repatriate millions of people. The NF’s policies are contradictory and self-defeating. The only way we are ever going to achieve immigration control and voluntary resettlement is through the EU.  The major states of Europe have all strengthened immigration controls; even Sweden and the Netherlands. But President Barack Obama has attacked Arizona’s border controls as: “threatening to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and our communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe.” He also supports an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The NF was founded by misguided patriots who clung to imperialism long after its sell- by date. Insular nationalism was finished in 1948 when Mosley dumped it in favour of European Union. He realized that pre-war policies that depended on captive imperial markets were no good after the war. We can achieve a degree of independence by uniting with our European neighbours but on our own we would be swallowed up by America. They already command our armed forces in NATO and use the “special relationship” to manipulate our foreign policy; it would be a small step for them to take us over completely.

Dangerous philosophies
As the worldwide recession continues to bite the search goes on for a better political system. Many ideas have been tried but all have been found wanting.

The Conservatives want to keep things as they are. Margaret Thatcher is the best known leader of the Conservative Party but she was really a revolutionary. Her attack on the trade unions and her determination to sell off social housing went against the pragmatic tradition of her party. Most Conservatives are happy to maintain the status quo; the monarchy, the Established Church and the Atlantic Alliance.

The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats tried to give everyone equality of opportunity. To a great extent they succeeded but the gains of recent years could be lost if we do not control non-European immigration. The GDP of the UK is sufficient to look after our own population but we simply cannot feed, house, educate and medicate the surplus population of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

The Marxists are right that economic forces govern history but they are wrong to ignore mankind’s spiritual needs. We are more than economic units. Leonardo da Vinci didn’t only capture the likeness of a woman when he painted the Mona Lisa and Beethoven didn’t just write a piece of music when he composed the Choral Symphony. Such great works of art go beyond materialism; they are in themselves supernatural.

The fascists put the good of the state above personal freedom but they were in too much of a hurry. We will never know what fascism might have achieved but for the war.  Mussolini transformed Italy into a modern industrial state with the world’s first motorways and a high speed trains. Fascism was destroyed by the war but its unique combination of science and vitality remains an example of what can be done.

The Nazis saw everything in terms of race and paid the price for believing their own propaganda. Adolf Hitler paid homage at the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte before he invaded Russia. But it’s a shame that he didn’t copy the Emperor’s practice of embracing conquered nations as fellow Europeans and putting one of his cousins on the throne. Instead he allowed his psychopathic henchman Heinrich Himmler to post proclamations in Russian threatening to fill anti-tank ditches with women and children.

Nationalism based on military might is a dangerous philosophy. When German forces invaded the Ukraine they were greeted as liberators but within a short time Soviet citizens were flocking to join the partisans. The same thing happened to the Americans in Afghanistan. The Afghanis might not have liked the Taliban but after ten years of NATO occupation they liked the Americans even less. Political ideologies must be acceptable to succeed; imposed systems only last as long as conquering armies are prepared to stay.

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