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Issue 34, July 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends. # 34, July 2007
Restoring the balance

It makes you wonder what sort of country we are when you read that the Yorkshire flood victims have had their houses looted while they slept in emergency centers. We are rightly proud of our culture and we have been sending missionaries around the world for centuries to civilize the heathens.
But all the time we have been harbouring the kind of savages that steal their neighbour’s possessions when they are defenceless.

There are a lot of factors at work here. Discipline has collapsed in schools and at home. People who were dragged up on sink estates by booze and drug addled parents are repeating the process with their own children. And the police spend most of their time raising revenue by persecuting motorists.

Some people would point to the decline of religion but countries like Brazil and South Africa are totally immersed in religion but they are still plagued with crime and violence, whereas Cuba is a secular state with a modest standard of living but virtually no crime.

To maintain civilization it is necessary to instill a code of conduct based on common sense and mutual respect; we do not have to live in fear of priests or sink into superstition, or live in a police state, but we do need leadership and guidance.

Mussolini united a fractured country and conquered unemployment with an unprecedented campaign of national revival. Kemal Ataturk did the same for Turkey and liberated his country from foreign occupation and ignorance. But what’s the chance of Dave Cameron saving us from of social disintegration, or Gordon brown inspiring us to greatness?

Their answer would be to spend more of our money. They would commission reports and surveys conducted by professional spenders who would recommend new schools, hospitals and social centers. Grants would be made, funding would be made available and demented architects would design hideous structures guaranteed to offend the artistic sensibilities of generations of users.

But none of this would stop selfish louts from stealing other people’s property when they think they are entitled to take anything that is not screwed down. Society does exist, despite Margaret Thatcher’s opinion, and it has to be protected from antisocial thieves and bullies. We must restore the balance in favour of the law-abiding majority

Managing eccentrics

All political movements attract oddballs and the fringes of the spectrum have always been blessed with odd characters. When John Bean left the Empire Loyalists in 1958 to form his own party, A K Chesterton wrote to him and concluded: “Of course I would not wish to hide from you my recognition of your penchant for associating with people of markedly eccentric views whose membership of any movement would infallibly damn it.” Bean states that he had met most of them: “on League activities where he too – Chesterton - had tried to use them.” (John Bean, Many Shades of Black, New Millennium 1999)

Keeping a nationalist movement together has never been easy. Nellie Driver of the prewar British Union described the difficulties of running a branch:
“Some of our sympathizers were well known Tory businessmen and Nelson would have been astonished if they had known who they were. Our members were a mixed crowd, and when I looked at some of them I almost regretted my enterprise. They brought home to me the old saying; ‘There’s nowt as queer as Fowk.’ For every good normal member we got several who were cranks – and worse.”

“We had several other cranks and faddists with waste paper basket ideas. We seemed to attract them. Somehow, and two members ended in such chaos that London officials came up to straighten out the mess . . . How could we possibly get on with the cause when Mormon clashed with Pacifist, Catholic with ex-Communist, Methodist with C of E and anti-vivisectionist with Christadelphian?
It was almost like a comic opera. One side would demand more social events – another side would insist on more street meetings, and still another side would want to include rules of their own, till my head hummed and I tried in vain to restore order. The District leader also was at his wits end. We could not get our member to salute us publicly or privately, and they were frightened to death of selling papers at Nelson Centre, or of taking part in most of the activities that National Headquarters insisted on.”
(Lunn and Thurlow, British Fascism, Croom Helm 1980)

Keeping dissident members under control is one of the many skills needed to run a party. Recruits come from all backgrounds and bring various prejudices with them. The officers of the party need to handle their charges with tact and firmness and try to instill discipline and comradeship without driving them away.

The established parties have got their fair share of fruitcakes but they are more adept at camouflaging them. It would be nice if all members were gainfully employed and married with two children and a mortgage.  But the world is full of individuals who are out of step with society, and some of them are honest souls who stand for Britain for the British. Harold Wilson’s government valued George Brown for all his foibles and the Tories might come to depend on the mercurial Boris Johnson. Eccentrics are an inevitable part of politics who are usually a nuisance but sometimes they can make a worthwhile contribution.

How mad are they?

The reaction of sane people when confronted with a hopeless situation is to get the hell out of it. But the neocons running America are not sane people – the question is just how mad are they?

If America or Israel launch an attack on Iran the war will probably spread to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan; the Middle East will be in flames from Palestine to Pakistan and America will be forced to bring back the draft to find an extra 250,000 soldiers. British and NATO forces would then be dragooned into joining yet another front in the “war on terror.”

The American-controlled states of Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Pakistan would be at risk from local Al Qaeda revolutionaries and the price of oil would spiral out of control as it did in the Seventies.

Far from helping the American economy this strategy would severely damage it. But the neocons are not primarily concerned with America or the price of oil – they are obsessed with the survival and expansion of Israel. Nothing else matters – this is not a secret known only to a conspiratorial elite but a well-known fact.

The failure of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon has changed the balance of power in the Middle East and caused panic amongst the warmongers in Washington.
There are only two choices available to Israel. They can negotiate with Hamas and withdraw to their 1967 borders, in compliance with UN Resolution 242, or they can attack Iran and hope to consolidate their position in a new and terrible bloodbath involving American-led NATO forces.

The fact that Israel pulled out of Gaza is proof that they cannot hold it. They have never given away a square centimeter of land that they did not have to. The most powerful army in the Middle East cannot control Palestine and was unable to evict Hezbollah from Lebanon; despite their overwhelming military superiority they have no future as a belligerent expansionist state.

The majority of Israelis would support a peace plan if it gave them genuine security. There is a growing internal opposition to the occupation of the West Bank and the siege of the Gaza Strip. But the Likudniks in Jerusalem and their supporters in Washington are pushing the beleaguered government of Ehud Olmert into annexing and colonizing Palestinian territory.

Despite their blood-curdling rhetoric most Palestinian factions are now prepared to accept a settlement based on UN Resolution 242. A new initiative fronted by the unlikely peacemaker Tony Blair and guaranteed by the international “Quartet” will be made. But a fair settlement is a remote possibility so long as America backs Israel with money, arms and diplomatic protection. They could insist on a peace deal but first they would have to defy the powerful Zionist lobby that dominates their foreign policy.

Sorokin and the decline of the West

This article was written in response to Tim Heydon’s review of “Holding up a Mirror: How Civilizations Collapse” by Anne Glyn-Jones in the BNP magazine “Identity.”

The decline of the West, as described by the Russian-born sociologist Pitrim Sorokin, has been blamed on a lack of religion.  But a closer look at history shows that when the churches were packed the workers of Europe and America were living in dire poverty. When the British Empire straddled the world and the Royal Navy ruled the waves discipline was enforced, criminals faced severe sentences, hanging punished murder and everybody lived in fear of the law.

The government ignored the suffering of the common people but spent millions of pounds fighting for King George V against his cousin Kaiser Wilhelm II. This desperate situation changed when the First World War labour shortage allowed men and women to earn good money.

In those days apprentices were abused if they made a mistake and workingmen sacked for being sick. Soldiers suffering from battle fatigue were shot for cowardice and unmarried mothers were thrown on the streets. Before we bring back “the good old days” we should thank God for the freedom and prosperity that most of us now take for granted.

Tim Heydon writes that Sorokin’s thinking was “the antithesis of the materialistic Marxism so fashionable in various guises in academic sociology departments.” But Sorokin was no born-again Christian. He disowned communism after breaking with Lenin in 1922 but remained a scathing critic of Christianity:

During the past few centuries the most belligerent, the most aggressive, the most power-drunk section of humanity has been precisely, the Christian Western world. During these centuries western Christendom had invaded all other continents; its armies followed by priests and merchants have subjugated, robbed or pillaged most of the non-Christians. Native Americans, African, Australian, Asiatic populations have been subjected to this peculiar brand of Christian “love” which has generally manifested itself by pitiless destruction, enslavement, coercion, destruction of the cultural values, institutions, the way of life of the victims and the spread of alcoholism, venereal disease, commercial cynicism and the like.

The importation of cheap labour is the greatest threat to the West. But we are collectively more than capable of resettling migrants and providing a market for their products that would revive their economies and provide employment at home.  Instead of bemoaning the passing of the old regime we should be celebrating the triumph of technology that has given us a decent life. Our problems can be solved scientifically without recourse to superstition or cruelty.

Views on the news

The terrorist outrages in London and Glasgow have produced the usual blustering nonsense from our politicians about “never giving in to terrorism.”
The trouble is that we have given in to every terrorist movement since the war. We quit Palestine after the Stern Gang assassinated Lord Moyne, blew up the King David Hotel and hung sergeants Paice and Martin in the orange grove. We gave Kenya to the Mau Mau insurgents led by Jomo Kenyatta. We like to boast that we beat the Chinese communist uprising in Malaya but we did it with the help of the Malays who so discriminated against the Chinese that Singapore was forced to secede. We left Aden after a long and bloody colonial war and released Archbishop Makarios from detention to become President of Cyprus. And we put Sinn Fein/IRA in joint control of Northern Ireland. Any terrorist hoping to influence British foreign policy would think that he had every chance of success.

Zheng Xiaoyo the former head of the State Food & Drug Administration was executed on July 10, 2007 after being convicted of taking bribes totaling $850,000. The Chinese are trying to combat corruption within their thriving economy. China is not a “rouge state” or part of an “axis of evil,” it’s America’s principle trade partner and a respected equal. This execution cannot therefore be seen as a repressive measure but as due process of law. It is in fact an example of criminal justice that should be copied by Britain. Bribe-taking politicians should be properly tried and executed in defence of the democratic system.

The Daily Telegraph (13/12/06) proclaimed the imminent collapse of the Euro. But far from collapsing it has climbed to $1.37 and will be adopted by another six European states, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Malta and Cyprus on Jan 1st 2008. They will join the eighteen countries that already use the common currency. That only leaves Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, who are linked to the EU by the EFTA treaty, the former communist states, who have already applied, the UK awaiting prudent Gordon’s decision on when to join and Denmark that is already tied to the Euro. The Euro is yet another thing that the Euro-sceptics got wrong. The economy of the EU is booming, the Euro is the world’s second reserve currency and now rivals the Dollar. There is no significant opposition to membership and no country is one iota less French, or German, or Italian, or whatever for belonging to the world’s biggest trading bloc.

For years the multiracists have been going on about the “vibrant mix” that has enriched all our lives. At last we have discovered that it’s a vibrant mix of chapati flour and hydrogen peroxide. The 7/7 bombers were born in Leeds and Bradford of immigrant parents, except for Abdullah Shaheed Jamal who was born in Jamaica. The 21/7 gang were all African asylum seekers or illegal immigrants and the latest batch of suspects come from Iraq and India. It seems that suicide bombing is one of the many jobs that Britons do not want to do, another vital part of our economy for which we depend on Third World labour. We can thank the old gang politicians for importing these homicidal maniacs and for all the death and chaos that they have caused.

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