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Issue 48, September 2008

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends, September 2008, # 48. 

No Point in NATO

Robert Schuman and the founding fathers of the European Union created the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951 to make war between France and Germany impossible. Their vision was to unite Europe and their immediate objective was recovery from the devastation of World War II. When British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan applied to join the union in 1963 Charles de Gaulle vetoed him on the grounds that Britain was “a Trojan Horse for America.” The general had a point. All of Europe had benefited from American financial aid but Britain seemed to be psychologically dependent. It took another ten years of negotiation before Ted Heath took Britain into the European Economic Community in 1973.

Few people imagined that the Soviet Union would collapse and the eastern states of Europe would be liberated. And few dared to think that the EU would overtake America as the world’s largest economy in terms of GDP. Under Jacques Chirac and Helmut Kohl Europe was developing an independent foreign policy and only Britain and Poland clung to America. But the old guard has gone and the new leaders of France and Germany are subservient to Wall Street. Now Sarkozy has sent French troops to die in Afghanistan and Angela Merkel has condemned Russia for daring to intervene in a war on their doorstep.

The right wing sees the EU as a step towards world government and the left wing think that it’s insular and protectionist. In reality it’s an economic bloc in search of political unity and in danger of being hijacked by America. Far from being a world power America is a commercial empire backed by a formidable navy. They do not control Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria or Iran and they are not having much success with Iraq and Afghanistan.

We must return to the vision of Robert Schuman who saw Europe as a third force between America and Russia. Since the demise of the Soviet Union there is no justification for NATO. We should disband it just as the Russians have disbanded the Warsaw Pact. The proximity of Russian gas to European industry will be the basis of a lasting understanding. We need each other and there is no point in reviving the Cold War.

Selective immigration

The far right are not just opposed to nonwhite immigration they are also against workers from mainland Europe. They have to accept Scottish, Irish and Welsh workers but they object to Poles and other mainland Europeans coming to the UK. Considering our declining white population they should be welcoming them as friends and breeding stock. They will only be foreigners for a generation but being white and Christian they are easily assimilated.

The petty nationalists show a lack of ideology and an ignorance of history. They do not seem to know where we came from or where they stand on matters of race, culture and identity. It’s difficult to tell if this is because they hate the European Union or just because they do not like foreigners. They used to dream about uniting with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. But these countries are made up of European immigrants as well as Britons. If they accept French Canadians, Italian Australians, German New Zealanders and Dutch South Africans it is illogical that they can’t embrace fellow Europeans.

Many of them are happy to be protected by American forces and to be part of the “special relationship.” They relate to Americans because they speak English. It doesn’t worry them that Americans are drawn from all races including all the nations of Europe. They identify with language rather than ethnicity and their dislike of foreigners does not apply if they speak English.

The children of economic migrants who decide to stay in the UK will grow up speaking English. This will presumably make them acceptable to the linguistic nationalists.  It will not matter if they are of Polish or Nigerian ancestry so long as they do not speak with foreign accents.

A worldview based on language is shortsighted. We did not conquer space by speaking any particular language but by using advanced mathematics. The German Wernher von Braun and the Russian Sergei Korolev developed the theories of the American Robert H Goddard and the Peruvian-French scientist Pedro Paulet. Their perseverance resulted in the modern generation of space launchers that include the American Atlas, the Russian Soyuz and the European Space Agency Ariane 5.These are the rockets that will take us into space and into the future.

Language is just one part of the jigsaw of identity. Race, culture and tradition have all played their part in forming the nations of Europe. Nations that have evolved over the centuries and been modified by war and constant internal migration. Britain greatly benefited from the arrival of the Flemish weavers and the French Huguenots. They brought new skills that contributed to British industry and their fellow Europeans of Anglo-Saxon Celtic stock quickly absorbed them. The Polish contribution will prove to be just as valuable. Immigration is not always a bad thing but we must be more selective.
Who runs the world?

The exact nature of the forces running the world is a matter of speculation. There’s no doubt that the Jews figure prominently, particularly in the USA and the UK, but Muslim Arabs, Iranians, Indonesians and Nigerians dominate oil production and invest their enormous profits all over the world.

The original neoconservatives were nearly all American Jews; Irving Kristol, John Podhoretz, Elliott Abrahms, Paul Wolfowitz and many others. Of course George Bush, John McCain, Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton are not Jewish; in fact they are all Christians of the “born again” variety but they are committed Zionist who believe in “Israel first.”

According to one American website most of the warmongers in the Pentagon are Jesuits of Irish extraction who plan to start World War III in order to convert the nations of the world to Catholicism under threat of nuclear annihilation. Not a lot of people know that.

Other conspiracy theorists point to George Bush’s membership of the Skull and Bones fraternity, a student organization that goes in for blood-curdling oaths and bizarre initiation ceremonies. They link this theatrical nonsense to the Freemasons and the Illuminati who are supposed to control the world with demonic powers. Your local grocer, butcher and bank manager meeting in the back room of a local hotel are running the world with their trouser legs rolled up.

The Bilderbergers are supposed to be a secret society but their meetings are covered by the world’s press and their members are photographed coming and going. They are the leaders of nations and industries meeting to make plans for the future. If the Bilderbergers didn’t exist somebody would soon invent them. It’s only natural that leading politicians, industrialists and bankers meet to discuss the future. It would be stranger if they didn’t.

China is a commercial and military giant that is propping up the American economy. The Chinese have a natural flair for capitalism but they are still officially a communist state with the Marxist objective of world domination. So we appear to be confronted by a complicated Jewish-Muslim-Christian-Freemasonic-Communist-Capitalist conspiracy.

The simple answer is that money makes the world go round. The capitalists will cooperate with each other or go to war as their interests dictate. They are of all faiths and none but united by greed.  America tries to dominate the world because they are the strongest military power and have the political muscle to dictate to client states like the UK. Since the demise of the Soviet Union the American capitalists have been out of control but their greed will prove to be their undoing. In pursuit of oil and gas they have started wars that they cannot win.

Changing times.

The death of another Scottish Labour MP has set the scene for a new disaster for Gordon Brown. Already the bookmakers are making the Scottish Nationalists favourites to take the seat. The lingering death of the Labour government is a grotesque spectacle, rather like watching a wounded animal pursued by a pack of hyenas.

Gordon Brown is hanging on and praying for something to turn up. But with a recession coming and unemployment rising It’s difficult to imagine what could save him. If Dave Cameron went mad and set fire to parliament it might give Gordon a fighting chance. But that scene will never be played out and we face the prospect of another two years of terminal decline.

In fact Dave Cameron and Gordon Brown are following exactly the same policies. They are both committed to NATO and sending our troops to fight and die in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both have endorsed George Bush’s sickeningly hypocritical condemnation of Russia. And both have pledged support for Israel and the brutal occupation of Palestine.

The western democracies operate on a regular parliamentary cycle. After two or three terms of office the opposition becomes the government and the new leader makes a speech about the need for change. Of course nothing changes except the faces of the ministers. The policies remain the same, unlimited immigration, free trade, foreign wars and oppressive legislation.

There is no real difference between the established political parties. All of them are committed to the status quo and determined to snuff out any sign of rebellion. Protest movements are tolerated but if they start to challenge the system, like the BUF in 1939 or the NF in 1979, they get closed down. The state will legislate, infiltrate and intimidate as it sees fit.

If a party existed with adequate funds, a viable economic policy and a charismatic leader the establishment would take notice. But they will not worry about parties that make a noise about immigration but accept free trade and American leadership. Our future depends on self-sufficiency and sustainable consumption. There will be no independence until we break free of the global capitalist racket that exports jobs and imports cheap labour.

The modern Conservative Party resulted from the Reform Act of 1832 and the Labour Party was born out of poverty and disadvantage at the beginning of the twentieth century. Prevailing economic forces create political parties. As Britain and the whole world sinks into recession a new movement must emerge to fight for our survival. The old order is passing and their worn out policies have no place in the future. There is no such party or leader at the moment but history usually produces the right man at the right time.

Since World War II Britain has fought guerilla armies all over the world. We have battled insurgents in Palestine, Malaya, Kenya, Cyprus, Aden, Northern Ireland and Sierra Leone. We have fought full-scale wars against Egypt for the Suez Canal and Argentina for the Falkland Islands. And we have joined American-led coalitions against North Korea, Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan. In all these wars we have not hesitated to bomb cities, blockade ports, sink ships, kill combatants and take whatever measures necessary to defeat the enemy. Such is the reality of war.

The legality of these conflicts will be debated for years to come. But the bravery of the servicemen obeying the orders of elected politicians is not in doubt. Britons were not greatly upset by allegations of torture in Kenya, reprisals in Cyprus or the sinking of the Argentine cruiser ARA General Belgrano in the Falklands War. These things were seen as an inevitable consequence of war. Most people accept that war always involves wanton cruelty and mass murder despite international agreements like the Geneva Convention.

Our American allies have been even busier fighting a string of wars in defence of “freedom and democracy.” Few parts of the planet have escaped their attention and most countries have been occupied by American forces, bombed by their planes or targeted by their missiles. Their total devastation of Vietnam and Iraq has set a new benchmark for the mass killing of civilians.

America has condemned Russia for defending her ethnic enclaves in the Caucasus against attack by Mikheil Saakashvili’s Georgia. George Bush has demanded that Russia respects “national sovereignty” and called her response “disproportionate.” This is from the criminal lunatic who dropped “daisy cutter” bombs on Baghdad and white phosphorus on Faluja. Naturally his pathetic British lackey Gordon Brown has rushed to offer his support.

Russian Premier Vladimir Putin was spot-on when he accused the West of hypocrisy. Israeli journalist Arie Egozi has revealed that the Georgians were trained by Israel at the invitation of Georgian defence minister Davit Kezerashvili who is an Israeli citizen. The BP pipeline from Azerbaijan to the Turkish port of Cehyhen crosses Georgian territory and competes with the established Russian network. Georgia’s attack has revived the hostility so beloved of the US top brass who have never accepted the end of the Cold War and constantly seek to provoke Russia by inviting former Warsaw Pact states to join NATO.

The Russians are no angels. They had to fight with total ferocity to defeat the invading armies of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. They know how to defend themselves but they are no more homicidal than the destroyers of Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fallujah. The general public will surely see through the one-sided propaganda put out by London and Washington.
Parliamentary reform

In the good old days votes were bought with beer and women and poor men had no say. The roads were primitive and MPs would spend days traveling to London by stagecoach. They had to have a house in London as well as their home in their constituency. The “elected” representatives of the people would meet at Westminster where debates were fuelled by drink and the Master-at-Arms and his staff would intervene when the honourable members came to blows. Most of the MPs were farmers so they always took August and September off to get the harvest in. We’ve got combine harvesters today but they still take an extended holiday from 23rd July to 6th October.

Then as now honours were bought and sold by a corrupt government. The upper chamber, the House of Lords, represented inherited privilege and the Church. If the House of Commons managed to pass any progressive legislation the Lords would veto it. And despite years of reform this is still the basis of our antiquated parliamentary system.

Today we are better organized but most elections attract only half of the electorate and in many constituencies immigrants outvote native Britons. A white person living in a “culturally enriched” area will be offered a choice of old gang candidates drawn from the immigrant community or pledged to support their interests. There might be a far right candidate but if you don’t believe in pro-Zionist, anti-European, antediluvian policies you are effectively disenfranchised.

Votes are no longer traded for beer but the system has found new opportunities for corruption. The political parties need millions of pounds to operate and are therefore the kept whores of vested interest; be it the unions or big business. Every government since the war has been involved in financial scandals. And every guilty party has accused the opposition of corruption. Every political donation should be made public and all loans must be properly contracted. So-called informal arrangements should be strictly outlawed.

Parliament is in urgent need of reform. With modern roads, high speed trains and domestic flights it’s easier to travel. And Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own parliaments. It’s no longer necessary for MPs to have two houses and generous expenses. And we do not need 646 of them polishing the benches of the House of Commons with their ample backsides.

We should use an Internet based voting system to elect MPs under a party list system that would represent all shades of opinion. They should meet at Westminster for the Queen’s speech and for important debates. The rest of the year they should work from their constituencies and deal with their constituent’s problems. Away from the theatrical atmosphere of parliament and the influence of the party enforcers they might even justify their annual salary of 61,820 pounds.
Views on the news

China must be congratulated for hosting a successful Olympic Games. They are reckoned to have spent $43 billion on the event. That is not the kind of money that Britain can afford. We are expecting to spend a third of that amount but most of the spectacular construction projects in recent years have gone way over budget. With billions of pounds involved it’s likely that millions, at least, will go missing. East London’s exotic combination of businessmen and local councilors will milk the funds for every penny. We will be lucky if anything actually gets built. The Chinese have got corrupt officials as well but at least they shoot them occasionally. Our highly political police force is too busy attending diversity classes to catch racketeers. And if such offenders ever reached the courts our senile old judges would not know what to do with them. They would probably give them community service painting the Olympic Stadium.

Robert Mugabe has been jeered and catcalled by the opposition in the Zimbabwe Parliament. His critics accuse him of engaging in unnecessary conflicts and ruining the economy by printing baseless money. In Washington George Bush is coming to the end of his term of office. Both leaders will now be available for the lucrative lecture circuit. As their careers have been in parallel it would be a good idea for them to tour together as a double act. Both of them have killed thousands of people, deceived their parliaments, presided over the ruination of their countries and displayed a prejudice against white people. And both of them wear lapel badges bearing their national flags. Gordon Brown could join them after the next election but George and Robert might not want to be associated with such a hopeless failure.

Bill and Hilary Clinton have endorsed Barack Obama as the Democratic Party presidential candidate. The son of a Kenyan father and an American mother is described as an “African-American.” He is of course as white as he is black. But he is classed as black and is therefore supported by white liberals and black racists. If somebody stood as a “white” candidate they would be arrested and charged with hate-crime but in the mad world of multiracialism black is good and white is bad. The inverted white bigots and self-righteous blacks cannot see how closely they resemble the redneck racists. Barack Obama supports all the approved causes of the New World Order; Israeli expansion, hostility to Russia, war in Iraq and Afghanistan, free trade and open borders. The choice is between Barack Obama and John McCain. God bless America.

A genealogist with the unlikely name of Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak has discovered that Barack Obama can trace his mother’s family to Moneygall in County Offaly. His running mate Joe Biden is descended from immigrants from Carlingford in County Louth. But despite their Irish roots both men support the Hart-Cellar Act of 1965 that restricts Irish immigration. In 1950 sixty percent of immigrants to the US were Europeans, by 2000 that figure was down to fifteen percent. Today the majority of immigrants to the US are non-Europeans.

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