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Issue 38, November 2007

Nation Revisited

An occasional e-mail to friends, # 38, November 2007

Issues of importance

The Labour Party has upset the Tories by stealing some of their policies. They have lowered inheritance tax and are tinkering with capital gains tax. These are the issues that the old gang concern themselves with as our immigrant-fuelled population spirals out of control. Labour agrees with Dave Cameron’s aim to “significantly reduce immigration from outside the EU.” But they don’t say how they will achieve this objective and they have no plans for deporting illegal entrants, bogus asylum seekers and convicted criminals.

We all know that the government needs to collect enough money to pay for health and social security, education, defence, the police and the rest of their commitments. Exactly how they collect the tax to pay for it all makes little difference to most people. One way or the other we will pay.

But as black gangsters fight gun battles on the streets of London and Manchester  our politicians are discussing the relative merits of direct or indirect taxation. And as a bumper crop of Afghan heroin hits the streets they are boasting about who was first to call for tax cuts.

Our armed forces are engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan and they will soon be fighting America’s next war in Iran. These military adventures serve no British interest and only serve to attract terrorist reprisals. There was massive public opposition to the Iraq war but when parliament eventually discussed it Tony Blair didn’t bother to attend.  No doubt Gordon Brown will be just as contemptuous of public opinion and just as obedient to his masters.

Terrorist suspects cannot be deported because they claim that they would be persecuted at home. We admit people who are wanted by the police in their own countries and we are surprised when they turn on us and try to blow us to bits. And when we catch them our spineless government worries about the reaction of the immigrant community if they are prosecuted.

The utter uselessness of our parliamentary system cannot be overstated. MPs who take an interest in their constituents and try to do their best are a minority in all parties. Most of them are lawyers who tell lies with practiced fluency, toe the party line and hope for advancement. Those with a conscience usually quit after one term and leave the rest to scream abuse at each other like a mob of demented football hooligans. Such are the men and women that we elect to decide issues of importance.

Grim self-sufficiency

After 34 years membership of the European Union the Euro-sceptics still dream of Britain leaving to stand alone against the world; some of them even suggest that we should introduce tariffs on imported goods to protect our industries.

They do not explain how we would get out of our commitment to the World Trade Organisation, the successor to the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade. America only trades with signatory nations and they are pushing for the world to adopt the Doha Round that would effectively ban selective tariffs.

If we quit the WTO and the EU we would lose $300 billion of European trade and most of our vital external markets. The pound sterling would still be an international currency but its value would shrink along with our exports.

In 2006 we sold goods and services worth $53.4 billion to America and took exports from them worth $45.4 billion. This trade balance in our favour of $8 billion would be thrown away if we tried to keep out American imports by erecting a tariff wall against them.

Cut off from easy access to European and American markets our exports would face quotas and restrictions. With intensive farming we might just about feed ourselves but we would soon spend our foreign currency reserves importing gas and oil. And we would struggle to sell goods and services to countries that retaliated against our tariffs by introducing their own.

Britain would be reduced to a siege economy and our comfortable lifestyle would be replaced by a regime of make do and mend. We might be “independent” but we would suffer fuel shortages and power-cuts. We have still got plenty of coal but reopening the coalmines would take time and our ageing nuclear power plants would be useless without uranium.

Those who would condemn us to grim self-sufficiency also talk about repatriating illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers. But they would have to find fuel and spares for their planes and deal with African, Asian and Caribbean countries that no longer received our financial assistance. Hostile states would simply refuse to take back their people

The only hope of restoring demographic equilibrium is through the economic and diplomatic power of a European superstate. The EU is the biggest contributor to foreign aid projects and backs the CFA currency used in much of Africa. The Third World depends on Europe and would have to co-operate.

If Britain is to remain ethnically and culturally European it must be economically European; we must return MEPs that will fight for our indigenous population. The present EU is far from perfect but a united and motivated Europe is our only realistic chance to preserve our civilization.

Jews against Zionism

A movement is growing amongst Jews opposed to the extreme racist and supremacist nationalism known as Zionism. Religious and secular groups are campaigning against the occupation of Palestine and for a lasting peace. Many Israelis and their kinsmen in Europe and America have grown sick of war and instability in the Middle East and are making their voices heard.

The following is from The International Herald Tribune:
“Jews opposed to settlement.  Regarding the news article “Saudi asks Israel to halt work on security barrier” (Sept 28): Friends of Israel, especially Jews around the world, should welcome the call be Prince Saud al-Faisal, the Saudi foreign minister, for Israel to halt all settlement activity. Many Jews, like myself, have long argued that the occupation is inimical to Israel’s own security, as well as violating Jewish ethics that mandate justice and mercy. The Saudi initiative, which offers Israel full diplomatic recognition and regional integration may be one of the final chances for Israel to achieve a lasting peace”. Jacob Bender.

Mr Bender is not alone: “Jews against Zionism is an organization of Jews opposed to the Zionist movement and ideology, and to its impact on both Palestinians and Jews. We believe that the conflict in Palestine cannot be resolved without a return of Palestinian refugees and dismantlement of the Zionist structure of the state of Israel; and that this is impossible in the context of “two states” and a re-partition of Palestine. We advocate the only approach which can lead to peace with justice in the region; we call for a unitary, secular and democratic Palestine, the return of Palestinian refugees, and full and equal rights for Palestinians, Israeli Jews and all other people living in the whole of Palestine.”

The reactionary-Right and the born-again Christians are supporting the Zionist drive to make war on Iran. The ill-fated Israeli invasion of Lebanon has caused a major strategic rethink but the Likudniks are still determined to create an empire from the Nile to the Euphrates. The American people are being brainwashed into supporting this madness by a media campaign focused on Iran’s nuclear energy programme.

But Anglo-Saxon America is fast disappearing under a tsunami of Mexican immigration. A president dependent on immigrant votes will not necessarily follow in the footsteps of George Bush. He might decide that the desperately poor folk south of the Rio Grande are more deserving of the $3 billion a year that America gives to the state of Israel.

The withdrawal of this annual subsidy would force Israel to seek peace with her neighbours and would be supported by fair-minded Jews all over the world.
Israel will not always be the only nuclear power in the Middle East. The alternative to a peace agreement could be a new conflict that would engulf the whole region and threaten the security of Europe and America. The Saudi peace proposal must be taken seriously.

Israel and the EU

Critics of the European Union who think that it’s a racket run by the Rothschilds should read Stephen Pollards article on the subject: “ Israel, the Jews and the EU,” Institute for Jewish Policy Research -

Far from being enthusiastic about the EU many Israelis and their supporters see it as a friend of the Palestinians and a potential enemy of their great friend and benefactor the United States. The ingrained attitudes of Europeans are seen as anti-Semitic and anti-American. When Wim Duisenberg was president of the European Bank his controversial wife Gretta organized a petition against Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. When asked how many signatures she hoped to collect she replied: “six million.”

Veteran Christian Democrat MEP Otto von Hapsburg said: “If we consider America’s internal politics, then we find that it is split into two halves. On the one hand, the Defence Department, in which key positions are held by Jews: the Pentagon is today a Jewish institution. On the other hand the blacks are in the State Department: for instance, Colin Powell or especially Condoleeza Rice It is the internal conflict between hawks and doves. Currently, the Anglo-Saxons, that’s to say the white Americans, are playing a relatively minor role.”

And French foreign minister Dominic de Villepin was overheard criticizing the Zionist lobby of Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams and Richard Perle in Washington. He said: “Those scheming Jews: they really do run everything.”

Pollard quotes Holocaust expert Professor Alvin H. Rosenfeld.
 “ Anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism reveal certain structural similarities and often take recourse to a common vocabulary of defamation and denunciation. While their developmental histories may differ, the hostilities they release may converge, driven as they are by the same negative energies of fear, anger, envy and resentment.”

An economic superpower with a GDP of $14,518 billion is bound to attract capitalists of all persuasions. It would be strange if Jewish businessmen did not figure in the world’s largest trading bloc. But there is no distinctive Jewish opinion on the EU and the fact that so many Zionists are against it indicates that the matter is not as clear-cut as the far-Right likes to think.

Staunch friends of Israel such as Rupert Murdoch, Conrad Black, Peter Hitchens, Melanie Phillips and Richard Littlejohn would surely support the European Union if it were a Zionist empire; instead they are amongst its fiercest critics. And nobody is more passionately anti-EU and pro-Israel than Michael Maclaire-Hiller treasurer of the UKIP Friends of Israel.

Europe is a work in progress comprised of states that have long been part of global capitalism; it will take time and effort to develop a separate identity.

Views on the news

Virgin TV is running a series called “Crime Invasion – Britain’s New Underworld.” They are looking at immigrant criminal gangs including Albanian sex traffickers in Hampshire, Chinese snakeheads in Norfolk, Vietnamese cannabis factories in Cambridgeshire and a Jamaican yardie crack network in rural Hertfordshire. The Euro-sceptics blame everything on The European Union but this list suggests that most of our undesirables come from outside Europe. The ongoing flood of Asian, African and Caribbean migrants is a much greater threat to Britain that the arrival of honest workers from Poland.

UKIP, the anti-European party, have appointed the half Danish, Argentine-born Spanish accountant Marta Andreasen as their treasurer. Marta left the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in 1998 after making unsubstantiated allegations about their accounts. She was then sacked as chief accountant at the European Commission after making similar claims against them in 2003. Let’s hope that this compulsive whistle-blower will turn on her latest employer in the same way.

Vice-president Dmitry Medvedev has announced a 9% increase in the Russian birthrate. 1 million Russian babies were born in 2006 making it the most productive year since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Medvedev stated that this is in line with the government’s policy of encouraging population growth. It is thought that increased fertility is linked to Russia’s growing prosperity.

The Conservative Party has been denied an 8.3 million pounds bequest by a High Court ruling that Branislav Kostic was insane when he made his will. Mr Justice Launcelot Henderson awarded the fortune to Mr Kostic’s only son Zoran. The 80 year-old Serbian entrepreneur thought that only Margaret Thatcher could save the world from satanic monsters. The Tories argued unsuccessfully that this was an honest and rational opinion. But for once justice was done.

A Qatar based oil company, Venessia Petroleum, is planning to construct a US$1.5 billion refinery in Zimbabwe. This could save the tottering regime of   President Robert Mugabe who is battling hyperinflation and western sanctions. Businessmen of all complexions are too interested in making money to worry about Zanu-PF’s bloody record of murder, theft and intimidation. The Zimbabwe dollar trades at an incredible 2 million to the US dollar but Robert Mugabe is thought to have vast deposits of hard currency in overseas accounts.

The Swiss People’s Party won 62 seats in the Swiss parliament with 29%, the best result for a single party since 1919. They campaigned against immigration and their black sheep poster has become famous around the world. The SVP leader is justice minister Christoph Blocher. He is an old-fashioned conservative and a Zionist apologist but his stand against Third World immigration has won the support of the Swiss nation. The SVP will now form a coalition government and has pledged to deport foreign lawbreakers and limit immigration.

Political confusion

The old party system based on class interest has broken down. The middle class created the Labour Party but it stood for the workers and followed a policy of nationalization and job protection. Tony Blair abandoned this in order to make Labour electable. Now the Labour Party is selling off the state-run industries and abandoning the workers to a deregulated labour market. They have moved from the Left to the centre to appeal to an electorate that is living on credit cards and bank loans.

The Conservative Party represented the landed gentry and big business. But most of the gentry have sold their land to the banks and big business has relocated to China and India. So the Tories have also moved to the centre where they compete with the Labour Party for the votes of a new aristocracy of drug dealers, estate agents and environmental advisors.

The Liberal Democrats have always been in the centre so the sudden invasion of Labour and Tory refugees from the outer limits has seriously upset them. This has driven some of them to drink.

Not to be outdone in political metamorphosis the far-Right has thrown off its anti-Zionist image and adopted a cringingly pro-Israel policy. They endorse the IDF policy of exterminating Muslims and they only turned against the war in Iraq when the body bags started coming home.

And the lunatic Left that was brought up on the unfathomable theories of Marx, Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Sverdlov and all the rest of the Jewish Bolsheviks is now committed to the overthrow of the capitalist system that is centred on New York and Israel.

This political confusion has seen a boom in psychiatric counseling. Bearded communists and shaven-headed fascists have been seen jostling with flat-capped Labourites and monocled Tories in the crowded waiting rooms of political reassignment clinics. For twenty grand you can check in as a pacifist socialist and come out a week later as born-again neo-conservative with a raging bloodlust and a timeshare in Florida.

Former Nazi Party leader and Holocaust denier Trevor Strange paid an extra fee to have his tattoos removed and was transformed into a fully paid up friend of Israel. And ex-Tory showgirl Norma Stitz, who has befriended several wealthy benefactors, emerged as a Presbyterian nun, a virginal Brown Sister of Prudence, devoted to helping the poor and praying for peace.

An overpaid senior consultant at one Harley Street clinic said that business was brisk but denied that there was an epidemic. He called for increased government funding and cautioned against self-diagnosis or do-it-yourself treatments. His advice was “leave it to the experts.”

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