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Issue 20, December 2006

Nation Revisited

An occasional email to friends, # 20, December 2006

The Cost of Trident

According to CND we could pay every nurse in Britain an extra thousand a year for the next 26 years with the money we plan to spend on an updated Trident system.
“The reality is that it will cost a lot more to keep Trident in service than it cost to build it. The ongoing cost will be over 1 billion pounds every year. The government plans to keep the submarines in service for another 26 years, which would cost over 26 billion pounds – a small sum to Mr Robertson. This is more than double the official cost of building Trident – 12 billion pounds.”

It’s difficult to imagine a situation in which Britain would use such a weapon. We would presumably use it as a defence, but against whom? Russia is no longer a threat; in fact we now look to Russia for oil and gas. We haven’t got a quarrel with China, India or Pakistan. Hopefully we will be talking to each of them about taking back their nationals, but nuclear weapons will hardly form part of the negotiations.

It is surely unthinkable that a liberal democracy like Britain would ever confront the USA, France or Israel. Iran and North Korea are thought to be developing nuclear weapons but despite Tony Blair’s empty rhetoric we have no quarrel with either state.   Terrorism remains a threat but we could not annihilate Bradford or Southall in order to knock out small groups of plotters.

The justification for nuclear weapons was to counter a perceived threat from a Soviet Union that no longer exists, but the current threat to our survival is not from Russia but from imported cheap labour and exported jobs. Nuclear missiles can’t be used against asylum seekers, Indian textile factories or Chinese car plants.

In any case the Trident system is not an independent British deterrent. It is designed and built in America and the firing codes would only be released to Britain under NATO command. In other words we could only use it with American permission.

Replacing our Vanguard class submarines and commissioning a new fleet of aircraft carriers will cost billions more than the official estimates. Trident will be another intolerable burden on the British taxpayer. We do not have an empire to defend; these ships and missiles are part of our commitment to NATO – an instrument of American foreign policy. The Second World War has been over for more than 60 years and the cold war for nearly 20 years. It’s time that we structured our forces for the defence of the homeland and stopped helping America to conquer the world.

From “Action” August 1980                                                                                      

Since this article was first published communism has collapsed in Russia and China. They no longer sponsor colonial wars but America is waging war on Afghanistan and Iraq, threatening Iran and Syria, supporting Israel against Lebanon and Palestine, and supporting rebel armies in Central Africa. Refugees are pouring into Europe and North America, where they undercut wages and strain social services.  In response to this mass migration right-wing parties are making advances all over Europe and the Americans are planning a fence along the Mexican border. Recent non-white riots and demonstrations in Paris, Birmingham and Los Angeles have tipped the balance in favour of immigration control. The teeming millions of the Third World are still desperate to get into the West and greedy employers are eager to accept them. Cheap labour exploitation has taken over from communism as the destroyer of nations.

Communism and Hunger March Together

The Soviet-directed war in East Africa has produced a staggering human problem. Over half a million refugees have fled the Red terror in Ethiopia to freedom and near-starvation in neighbouring Somalia, where they subsist on handouts from the United Nations and European governments.

A similar tragedy exists in Indochina where the wretched Cambodians are plagued with two warring communist armies and overwhelming famine.

In the Caribbean thousands are prepared to risk crossing shark-infested waters on flimsy craft to escape from Fidel Castro’s bankrupt Cuba. These Cuban boat-people have been pouring into the United States together with Vietnamese and ethnic Chinese from Vietnam, who have risked everything in quitting the Hanoi regime.

Adding to the sum of human misery are the Soviet Jews who continue to face the relentless persecution of the KGB. To appease “world opinion” the Soviet quota system lets out some to join relatives in the free world, but most remain virtual captives in the USSR.

All over the world men, women and children are voting with their feet against the twin evils of communism and poverty, which despite the good intentions of Karl Marx always seem to go together.

In the West we have the temporary problem of over-production, butter mountains, wine lakes and the rest, but surely this is better than living under a communist system which cannot guarantee adequate food supplies?

Communists and their sympathizers can no longer point the finger at “capitalism” as the prime cause of want. The Reds have had over sixty years to construct their dream of a worker’s paradise. Instead they have spread a path of hunger and despair round the world.

What the papers say
Here are three more websites of interest to the open-minded.

Lee Barnes…Clown or Evil Influence? – Julian Graeme -

Over the past few weeks, there appears to have been more controversy over Lee Barnes than anyone else in the hierarchy of the BNP for a long time.
Many long-serving BNP members are seriously worried about his views and are questioning his right to air them on a public platform. Little wonder then, that Barnes is being criticized from all quarters. Did I say “all quarters?” Apparently not, as far as the leadership is concerned, because he was sitting next to Nick Griffin on the speaker’s platform at a recent RWB rally.
What then is it about Barnes that alienates him from so many of his comrades? Let us have a closer look at what he said.
“The world may have forgotten March 19, 1988 when two British soldiers, corporals Derek Wood and David Howes were dragged from their car by a republican mob, beaten and then taken to a remote area near Belfast’s Miltown Cemetery and shot dead.”
Does Barnes remember the two British sergeants who were foully murdered and mutilated by a Jewish terrorist gang and hanged by piano-wire in an orange grove?

Ersatz Nationalism –

The claims of the Euro-sceptics to represent resurgent patriotism do not stand up to even cursory analysis. The politics of Bill Cash, Teresa Gorman, Norman Tebbit, or Alan Sked are founded upon unregulated markets, free trade, uncontrolled “economic growth” (whatever the human or ecological cost) unchecked exploitation of people and resources at home and abroad, and the unchallenged dominance of American-inspired junk culture.
Such ideas are diametrically opposed to everything Third Way is trying to achieve, as well as profoundly destructive in themselves.
Euro-sceptic “nationalism” is not nationalism at all, but a form of false consciousness. 
It bases its patriotic appeal not on the protection of the environment and the countryside, or on the rights of the British worker, but on the Westminster Parliament, the Pound and the supremacy of the City - - whose institutions are far more alien and parasitic than even the least representative bodies in Brussels.

Health Care / Social Care – New National Party –

All Doctors and Nurses who receive their training in Britain should remain in Britain for seven years after qualifying, or they should pay for their education if choosing to work abroad once qualified.
All Doctors and Nurses should receive a wage in keeping with their vocation and dedication to the service of saving life and they should work no more than forty hours per week. By providing a decent wage and working conditions, we would be able to provide a more stable working environment and staff retention will be easier.

Father Brocard Sewell                                                                                                      

Michael Seymour Sewell was born on July 30th 1912 in Bangkok, where his father, a prominent Anglican, was a teacher at the Royal Thai College. Following the death of his mother he was sent to live with his maternal grandmother in Cornwall and was educated at Weymouth College. He left school at sixteen to work for GK Chesterton on his distributist newspaper “GK’s Weekly.” There he developed the skills that he later used as a cartographer, editor, publisher, printer and writer. He converted to Roman Catholicism in 1931 and briefly joined the Dominican Order, but he continued to campaign against the excesses of both communism and capitalism.

Although he was a kind and gentle man he volunteered for the Royal Air Force and served his country during the war as a mapmaker. In 1952 he revived his interest in the monastic life and was ordained as a Carmelite friar. He adopted the religious name “Brocard” after a 13th Century saint and for the rest of life he lived and worked amongst the Carmelite communities in Cheltenham, Faversham and North London.

In 1954 he founded the literary magazine “The Aylesford Review” and became friends with many of the literary, artistic and political prominenti of the day, including Henry Williamson, Diana and Oswald Mosley and Jeffrey Hamm. He was a familiar figure at Union Movement social gatherings for many years and gave the Henry Williamson Lecture to Action Society in May 1981.

His friend Fiona MacCarthy, the biographer and columnist, described him as:
“A small, owlish man in his brown habit, with a quizzical but imperturbable expression, he was an unforgettable figure on the fringes of English literary life – he had the strange mix of innocence and sharp intelligence that seems to flourish more creatively in a religious order than in the outside world.”

He was never afraid to speak his mind or stand by his friends. These included the showgirl Christine Keeler who was at the centre of the Profumo Affair of 1963 that brought down the Tory government of Harold Macmillan. Father Brocard Sewell described her as: “a beautiful and well-mannered young woman.”

In 1968 he upset the Vatican when he wrote a letter to “The Times” calling for Pope Paul VI to resign because of his ruling against contraception. He was suspended from preaching by the Church from 1969 to 1972. He spent this time in Canada but came back a devout, if sometimes disobedient catholic.

His numerous works include the biographies of Eric Gill, GK and Cecil Chesterton and the BUF writer and naturalist Henry Williamson. He wrote a history of the Distributist Movement and helped Jeffrey Hamm with the production of his 1983 autobiography “Action Replay.” Father Brocard Sewell died in London on April 2nd 2000 and is buried in the cemetery of Aylesford Priory.

Major General JFC Fuller CB, CBE, DSO.                                                                                       

John Frederick Charles (Boney) Fuller was born in Chichester in 1878. He was commissioned in the British Army in 1899 and fought with distinction in the South African War.
As a Staff Officer he developed the idea of “blitzkrieg” and launched the Cambrai offensive of 1917 – the first use of the tank. He wrote the standard textbook on tank warfare that was studied by future generals Heinz Guderian, Georgi Zhukov and Charles de Gaulle.
In 1934 he joined the British Union of Fascists and was appointed to the Policy Directorate. He wrote for “Action” and “The Fascist Quarterly,” as well as the mainstream press.
In 1939 he was invited to Hitler’s 50th birthday parade in Berlin. As a modern mechanized army drove by Hitler said: “I hope that you are pleased with your children?” Fuller replied: “Your Excellency, they have grown up so quickly that I hardly recognized them.”
It is said that he was saved from internment under 18B by the personal intervention of Winston Churchill. After the war he continued to write and lecture on military and political matters in Britain and The United States.
He died in 1966.

Preface to "Generalship: Its Diseases and their Cures."                                                                          

I the summer of 1921 I was lunching at the Restaurant la Rue with the deputy chief of the French General Staff when he told me the following story:

At the battle of Waterloo, Colonel Clement, an infantry commander, fought with the most conspicuous bravery; but unfortunately was shot through the head. Napoleon hearing of his gallantry and misfortune, gave instructions for him to be carried into a farm where Larrey the surgeon-general was operating.
One glance convinced Larrey that his case was desperate, so taking up a saw he removed the top of his skull and placed his brains on the table. Just as he had finished, in rushed an aide-de-camp shouting – “is General Clement here?”
Clement hearing him sat up and exclaimed: “No but Colonel Clement is.”
“Oh mon general” cried the aide-de-camp embracing him, “the Emperor was overwhelmed when he heard of your gallantry, and has promoted you on the field of battle to the rank of general.”
Clement rubbed his eyes, got off the table, clapped the top of his skull on his head and was about to leave the farm, when Larrey shouted after him: “Mon general – you brains!”
To which the gallant Frenchman, increasing his speed, shouted back: “Now that I am a general I shall no longer require them!”

In this modest study my object is to prove, that though Clement was wrong about his brains, without his courage there can be no true generalship.

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